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  2. :pokes head in: Are there any women in here? Oh hi, Zabz. Let me get caught up and I'll dive in too.
  3. Highly speculative. Because they are not zombies, wights are corpses reanimated by ice magic.Wights don't "see" things; they are very likely controlled by WW. They aren't decomposing because magic. Also, the wights are in a frozen wasteland where the decomposition process is slowed and there are no flies or rodents in temperatures that low. The Others are not human and we don't know what rules apply to them to say that they aren't playing by any. GRRM is not giving WW too much power. They were definitely defeated once so obviously humans do have some power. We don't know if the Others have absolute command over magic. We don't even know how they do magic. You are jumping into a lot of premature conclusions about the Others and the power balance here. The Others have ice magic, the humans have fire magic. It seems like the Others are powerful because most humans have forgotten their history and all the stuff about fire magic. But with Dany and her dragons it's returning. We'll see how that works in the major battles to come. You are also forgetting that corpses can be reanimated with fire magic too.
  4. I assume your initial sentence meant to refer to cavalry, not infantry. Regardless, you say that heavy cavalry only wins when light cavalry makes mistakes, and then use examples of light cavalry winning when the heavy cavalry makes mistakes.
  5. A Stark reunion that lasted all of five seconds, stretched plausibility, and was only SATISFYING™ in the bare basic 'a Stark met another Stark' way. Speaking of which, have you guys noticed how freaking hollow the Stark reunions have been? It's not helped by the fact nobody brings up Rickon's death. Like, at all. It makes the family dynamics feel as hollow as D & D's skulls.
  6. Are you sure about that? I just re-watched the scene and he doesn't seem to be breathing after Theon get's up (and he certainly ain't moving), and the rest of the ironborn go to their boats and prepare to leave and seem intent on leaving him where he lies. The last punch Theon threw seemed aimed to kill, since the guy was already knocked out. I might be wrong though, we'll find out next season.
  7. They did release the letter where Jon calls himself Warden of the North. Sansa didn't bring up to the lords at least on screen. And Arya and Sansa were in friendly terms so I don't think Sansa is planning a coup against Jon. Arya would kill her if she went against Jon. He's part of the pack. I think the Stark family will stick together and eventually accept Dany because she is Jon's aunt (future wife?)
  8. I know Braavos is well ahead of anywhere in Westeros. They are still 5000 miles away, have to ship the wood in from central Essos, and don't have an unlimited supply of money and men. A few ships might travel together but coordinating huge fleets is damn near impossible. Both the IB and Volantis fleets get completely scattered by one storm, and they both end up at half strength with piecemeal strength elsewhere. If Braavos could dominate the seas thousands of miles from home, they'd have done it already. And you're still ignoring how many ships just straight up disappear when sailing around the continents. I don't know how to put it any more bluntly, but the logistics are damn near impossible to achieve AND the south part of Dorne lets the Westerosi defend straits and narrow portions of the sea. Raiding the eastern part of Westeros, yes the Braavosi and FCs could easily do a lot of damage. I don't see them easily burning the White Harbor, KL, or others. Too easy for the military forces of Westeros to hold high walls and supply the cities from inland while denying it to the Essosi military forces.
  9. Agreed, it does look like his backing of Aegon will turn out to be Varys's blunder, but it's at least a blunder that is plausible for a smart person to make; he assumes Daenerys will be swamped unto perpetuity in Slaver's Bay and need Aegon's help. Then this plan backfires. That's actually plausible for the fall of a smart character. Not 'he abandons his spy network of fucking children, leaving a random disgraced Citadel student to bribe them with candied plums and then passively wondering why he's not receiving spy mail'.
  10. A lawyer correcting an accountant's math. I'm concerned.
  11. That just shows Jon is selfless. And the group respects him enough not ask for his sword. Plus we really needed another Stark reunion so Jon had to stay on the ground.
  12. Perhaps.... But you must understand my incredulous position that strong perfume = a different gender? Perfume does tell us something about Varys. He's hiding his true smell. We know almost for sure that Varys has various identities which would most likely leave him smelling like whatever he just did. Ever been camping and lit a bon fire? Even standing too close to a cheap BBQ will leave you wreaking of smoke. Covering his smell is essentially covering his tracks. If anything, it's a basic piece of information that disables the readers abilities to suss out Varys' movements. And, for me, that's a very satisfying explanation. For clarity, Varys is suspected of also being the gaoler in the black cells. Can you even imagine the smell? It's a dark, windowless place of suffering and to top it off this gaoler named Rugen sleeps on hay covered in mildew and next to an overflowing chamber pot! Perfume is a textbook move here.
  13. There are a few Meereenese Knots in the series where several arcs get really bogged down for a while. The story seemed to get away from Jordan a bit towards the end(the same complaints lodged at GRRM with AFFC and ADWD) and, sadly, he died prior to finishing the last three novels and story. Sanderson was both a blessing and a curse. He breathed fresh air into the series and got the arcs moving again, but he never captured the magic of the series, so to speak, in regards to characterization and the world. I was happy he took up the task of finishing the series for Jordan, but I can't help to think, what if Jordan had been able to finish his work. Characterization was my main complaint with his handling of the end of the series.
  14. Quotes from this include: "God damn it, we want that freakin' wight polar bear." "At some point, you've got to start wondering... what the hell is this plot?" "Creatively it made sense, because we wanted it to happen." Then there's David Benioff's response to criticism that they're drifting from the themes of the novels with "Themes are for eighth-grade book reports." And this is a man who has an MA in creative writing. No wonder the world over looks down on the American education system outside of Harvard
  16. Making fun of the commissioner's math failures is a Jaxomable offense. I might be safe yet! Updated: Week 2 Power Rankings 1) Mya: 14-4 2) Pyro: 14-4 3) Whiskeyjack: 13-5 4) Dunknegg: 11-7 5) Bronn: 10-8 6) POTN: 9-9 7) JJ Lannister: 8-10 7) Week: 8-10 9) Mudguard: 2-16 10) Jaime: 1-17
  17. I lost all faith that D & D was interested in being faithful the moment they put in 'You want a good girl, but you need a bad pussy'. As far as I can tell, D & D read up to the end of Storm of Swords, saw the Red Wedding, and thought 'This'll make great SHOCK AND AWE™ television'. Fuck, they even said in early interviews after Season One that 'the good stuff will probably only come three seasons in'. They were only interested in luring people in with SHOCKING TWISTS™ and DARK AND GRITTY™ environments to make the show FANTASY, BUT FOR ADULTS™. They're just typical TV Network hacks like any other, all they care about is luring in as many idiots (who want to feel smart/faux-geeky) as possible and basking in the monetary returns.
  18. I shudder to think what some NW members would turn to if there were strict rules preventing them from seeking out whores in Mole's Town.
  19. He's not dead. He was still moving/breathing after his fight with Theon. He's just unconsciousness. Maybe has a concussion, several broken teeth, black eye and broken nose, but otherwise he wasn't seriously injured, at least not to extent that it may be a threat to his life. But I also thought that he may be the Snitch. It will be played out as a great dramatic reveal, when Theon will arrive to save Yara, he will be captured by Euron's people, and among them will be the same guy that Theon has beat previously. And he will mock Theon for his stupidity, and pay him back for his beating. What further evidence do you need? - Each time when Yara's fleet was involved, Dany's plan failed. Thus the traitor is in Yara's fleet.
  20. Probably best to leave math off your list of skills. 14 > 13
  21. 1. A reasonable response. I could have been more precise in my earlier post. I wouldn't maintain that the decline in quality has been linear. Perhaps 7 is better than 5. I'm not sufficiently motivated to go back and do a point-by-point analysis of the two seasons. I don't think 7 is comparable in quality to the earlier material. See my response to Beardy. 2 Oh, there's an explanation. It just isn't worth much. The betrayal is wildly implausible, especially since it appears that just about all the Tyrell bannermen (or at least all of them between Olenna and KL) participated. The Queen of Thorns has plenty of reason to get away. She has been intent on revenge for some time now. She wouldn't want her enemies to acquire all her gold. She wouldn't trust the Lannisters to give her an easy death. Finally, that "Did we fight well?" line is still a howler. It's like the coach asking if his boys played well in the big game. I understand your point of view. I agree about the first few seasons. I'd be more positive in my grading of them than you are. It appears that we are on the same page when it comes to a desire to see well-constructed universes, with interesting characters who act in accord with the laws of said universes. I haven't watched "Inside the Episode." maybe I'll take a look.
  22. That time of the year was on Sunday and the best of the TV has been awarded. The winners are here What do you think? Which of the TV shows deserved the praise and which one was snubbed? @HelenaExMachina, there you are...
  23. Agree. He was useless. But I wrote something else after I edited that I actually don't know how much smarter book Varys will turn out to be than show Varys. Have to see how it plays out. But at the moment, it seems being aligned with Aegon versus Daenerys is going to be a huge costly blunder for book Varys. While tactically he is acting smart by not distancing himself physically from the little birds, strategically I think show Varys is making the better bet. Once those Dragons were born, the smart play was to instantly mark all your plans to market and realize you are betting on the wrong horse. Allowing a mission as important as Aegon's to go win Dany's favor to play out with you so distant and unable to influence it could very well be his undoing. In a way, being away from the action seems to be harming both show and book Varys. but for book Varys the mistake might be fatal whereas for show Varys its recoverable if he can re-establish control of his network.
  24. That's why I said I hate bringing up the books, but it just goes to show what an actually smart Varys would do; ensure his control over KL information is as tight as ever. Also, completely failing to do any spywork outside of reading over Jon's emails for 'anything good' is not just a regular misjudgment a smart person is capable of making from time to time. It's a complete failure to do one's supposed job. As someone else here put it, he brought no actionable information to the table. Show!Varys received a lobotomy with the teleportation device he used to get from Meereen to Dorne to Meereen so fast.
  25. Recently i have developed an incredibly taste for charred brassica's, i've been trying to shoehorn them into as many meals as possible.
  26. Week 2 Power Rankings 1) Mya: 14-4 2) Whiskeyjack: 13-5 3) Pyro: 14-4 4) Dunknegg: 11-7 5) Bronn: 10-8 6) POTN: 9-9 7) JJ Lannister: 8-10 7) Week: 8-10 9) Mudguard: 2-16 10) Jaime: 1-17 Working on my resume now.
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