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  2. I don't get why someone who spent the first year of his term pointing at how great the stock market was doing would tank it by starting a trade war. It was pretty much the only thing that was going well for him. Maybe he shorted the market first?
  3. I'm wondering whether if we send all the posts like this to GRRM he'll take pity on us and get Winds out faster. Or just mercy kill us.
  4. Havent seen the contract figures for Gore. If its modest enough no problem. No real upside but consistent.
  5. Dare I say it? I will be rooting for the... underdog.
  6. I don't understand. Why does he need to pretend to be injured for that? If they were pretending to have captured Dragonstone, surely he could just send a note to Cersei saying "Dear Nutcase. Captured Dragonstone for you. Now going to fight the Ironborn as we agreed. Thanks. Bye." Absolutely.
  7. Boros Blount will eat Tommen. To OP: it wouldn't matter, had sex
  8. And he's obligated to protect his sister, so he life still has purpose.
  9. There's no point quibbling, GRRM specifically points to the Westerland infantry as being notoriously well-disciplined. They wouldn't be notorious for it if others were better or the same. It's a minor point though so lets not get bogged down in it. Like I said, Harrenhall's convenient, but I don't think he'd be vulnerable to attack simply by camping outside. There are plenty of ways to establish a strong defensive position.
  10. I'm agreeing with most of your points Suburbs, but I wouldn't overstate this particular point. It really depends on the region and the era, and isn't a general truth. Most internal trade in the Middle Ages would have been conducted by road, as rivers weren't always very navigable or reliable. They would vary in depth and width at various points, making it hard to know what sort of craft to use, they would often be clogged with all sorts of debris, and so forth. There would be no real infrastructure to maintain the waterways, so it would be dependent on whoever owned the land through which the river ran to upkeep his bit, which would be unreliable at best. There were exceptions to this, but it would be dodgy to make a general statement like rivers were "a primary means of moving goods". Not that it really matters, we know that the rivers in the Riverlands are a means of moving goods, and were navigable by boat, so a debate about how important they were in this regard in our history is a dead end.
  11. I was astonished the first time I went there to see how many comments they get on articles. I assume some are bots???
  12. Interesting. The reason why I asked is because I used to love fishing, but after spending several weeks in the Caribbean swimming with the most beautiful fish I've ever seen, I've lost a lot of interest in it (or at least skinning and deboning the fish myself). You'd love my parents backyard then. They've got six feeders that draw in a ton of birds and squirrels, and it's pretty common to see some big hawks swoop in and nab one. It's crazy when they get them while they're in flight. Sometimes you see a poof of feathers and you know exactly what just happened.
  13. The SSM does not say anything about the Westerland infantry being any better then the Riverland infantry. As for Tywin holing up somewhere else , where would he go ? If he camps outside of the castle he is vulnerable to attack by Robb and the Riverlords , in Harrenhall he is protected from any attack and he can direct his campaign from a safe place.
  14. Nice dude! Good luck with it! Yeah I get what you're saying. Here it was more like at 9 PM there was plenty of snow on the ground, but by 10 am the next morning it had more or less melted. We could have probably had a couple hours of decent conditions, but I'm not paying $90 for that.
  15. What the hell is going on? Weird, weirder, weirdest, and the Old Gods alone know what else is in store for us.
  16. I should have qualified, the "Injury" if it is false would be a ruse to get loras and troops loyal to him on the Redwyne fleet to confront the Ironborn. Cersei feels the need to punish the Tyrells because she is insane. She seems to feel that if they are weakened, it will help her hold on to power
  17. What a horrible existence you must experience. Peanut butter is god. Peanut butter is life!
  18. She does seem to have that affect on people. Stop corrupting your weak plebs, @Pony Queen Jace. If you still win the day, it would have been yous. As for myself, I could write a long sappy post about why I keep coming back, but the core truth is that this is one of only a few places on the internet that's sane. Talking politics and sports elsewhere is horrifying, but here there are a lot of thoughtful individuals who can make intelligent and respectful arguments. You don't find that very often. Also the fantasy sports leagues, and my unending need to break Jace and @Jaime L. One day. One day.....
  19. And perhaps none of these lords are extremely wealthy or are terribly concerned with the impression they make. By your reckoning, Lord Walder is both of these. So if he has the money and he is desperately trying to be taken seriously by the other lords, why is he not dressing so that other people notice his wealth and power? No, I said: This is exactly what the World Book says. "And so they would remain for three centuries, though the river lords rose against Storm's End at least once each generation. A dozen pretenders from as many houses would adopt the style of River King or King of the Trident ..." and then it lists Vances, Mallisters and others. A dozen over 300 years is roughly once every 25 years. They would reign for a brief period, but this came as the result of campaigns, fighting, sieges and other forms of warfare. In between, you had the Bracken/Blackwood feud and other clashes as one lord tries to one-up his neighbor during the power vacuums that would arise amid all this rebellion against SE. Fighting produces refugees, just as it did with the War of the Five Kings. You think this was the first time that one lord invaded another's territory and burned villages and holdfasts, or that the retreating lord burned all the crops to starve the invader? Every time an army invaded from the stormlands, refugees would stream north. War produces disease, starvation, famine and death -- unpleasant things that people try to get away from. Well, you're the one who brought him up, so I assumed you were trying to make a point about something. I'm sure they did collect a river toll, but the book explicitly says that it's the crossing that is the source of the Frey's great wealth. It's why Walder is Lord of the Crossing, why their arms are two castles and a bridge. It's what the World Book says, it's what Catelyn, Tyrion et al say, it's what the index says is the very history of House Frey. You might also note that there is not a lot upriver from the Twins, so again, their river traffic could not be very heavy. If the river tolls are actually the source of their wealth, then this would not be distinguishable from any other lord who controls a river, and it would be a pittance compared to whomever controls the kingsroad bridge over the Trident. Sorry, but you are confused as to what is fixed and what is not. The tithe is fixed at 10 percent, but the actual amount collected is based on the amount of goods being shipped. Tithe is literally derived from the Old English word meaning tenth. So if in year one you bring five bushels of wheat to market, the taxman takes half a bushel. If year two produces 10 bushels, he takes one bushel. If year three only gets you one bushel, the taxman doesn't take it all, he takes one tenth. You can read all about tithes and feudal taxation here and here and here and here Notice how the only fixed taxes were applied to land (since it is a fixed asset) and individual taxes like scutage and poll taxes. Taxes on moveable goods (ie trade) and incomes were based on the amount of trade or income in question, so the actual tax collected at tolls, market towns and seaports would vary from year to year depending on the volume and value of goods being shipped and the powers the be would have scribes and officials and bureaucracies designed to assess this trade and tax it accordingly. In the books, we see multiple examples of harbor officials climbing aboard vessels, taking inventory of the hold and collecting the tax before any goods are unloaded? Are you telling me that they are smart enough to put all this in place to measure the trade coming and going by sea, but not when it moves over a bridge? Sorry, my friend, but we don't know that any of this wealth and power is due directly to the crossing. And nobody says it has gone dry, just that it is not as lucrative as in the days when it was a crucial commercial/military crosspoint. The Freys have been a leading house along with the Brackens and the Blackwoods for a long time, a situation which had arisen by the time of the Conquest but which is now diminishing given that the bridge is no longer on the key trade route in the area. Good grief, what book are you reading? We have to accept this because it's stated as so? Like it was stated that Dorne could field 50,000 spears, or Jaime and Cersei murdered Jon Arryn, or that Davos was executed at White Harbor...? I cannot believe that there is anyone on this forum who has not come to the realization that things in the book are not always as stated by the POV. Sorry, but GRRM has got this exactly right: the crossing was once a significant source of wealth for the Freys, but no longer. Sure, rivers were also very good for agriculture, but they were also the primary means of moving goods. Nobody in their right mind is going to trudge along a river road, dealing with stuck wheels and finding fodder for horses and the excruciatingly slow pace when they can move larger loads faster and cheaper downriver.
  20. Exactly so
  21. Oh I think that there was certainly a message. As to Gared, the Wolf may not have been dead for so long as implied - see above and my earlier comment - and there are two possibilities beyond blind co-incidence: One, it was simple bad luck that he delivered the package by killing the she-wolf near Winterfell and was then snaffled as he tried to escape Two, he was being controlled up the point he performed the ritual killing, and was then cast loose, lost and utterly bewildered
  22. Always a bad idea to post on the sauce. I make this mistake on FB from time to time and wake up knowing that I trashed a friend's argument, but am afraid to look at see just how far I went. The day after the election was particularly bad...
  23. Tyrion II, Storm I suppose this foreshadows the eventual showdown between the brothers Clegane. It looks like Sandor will lose, but perhaps expose Gregor for the undead monster thst he has become... And there is this where Sandor tells us about his intention to kill Gregor... Arya IX, Storm Gregor will slay Sandor because Sandor has no intention of killing his brother and thus he will lose the eventual showdown... Eddard VII, Game Sandor actively avoided trying to kill his brother at his own peril in Eddard VII, Game. He expressed an intention to kill his brother in Arya IX, Storm. But nothing changed in their relation in the interim. Sandor had no more reason to kill Gregor than when he actively avoided trying to kill his brother. Unless, of course, Sandor perceives that something has changed... Interesting, although, to play devils advocate, Sandor is the smaller dog and Gregor doesn’t have a head to cut at any more... it may be that the cleganebowl will be an upset!
  24. I not sure that's even true anymore. People are resentful of experts these days, and see them as over educated egg heads. One of the main undercurrents in both the Brexit and Trump vote was a desire to ignore and/or reject the so called experts. Also, I'm putting a fine system on you. Going forward, every time you use the word "propaganda," you need to put $2 in a jar. When it's full, donate it to a charity of your choice.
  25. A large dead animal would smell before it dried up. Bran, and maybe BR have been associated with the smell of death. I wonder if that could be related. In real life, no way a large dead animal stays around a cold climate long enough to rot without being scavenged, especially with newborn pups unharmed.
  26. I would eat the wildflowers first.
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