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  2. Jon is still a living POV, and can still reveal information. GRRM has held off on explicitly revealing RLJ, so he could still be one of the POVs that is explored and revealed through. We know he was at HH, and nothing on that yet either. So we can't dismiss just because he hasn't thought or commented on it yet.
  3. No. I relatively rarely check the book threads, because there are no new books. Although I do still glance from time to time. Am I the only one who doesn't think GRRM's critique that Tolkien neglected "Aragorn's tax policy" is very apt? The point is reasonable (Tolkien is not so big on social and economic issues, and in that sense is less realistic); but Aragorn ... well, that's essentially epiloguy material. The novel is really done at that point. So not the best example.
  4. He had two chapters so far. I'm assuming I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the World book. One the one hand, super enjoy reading it, on the other hand, it makes the waters muddier. Because this is exactly what's needed.
  5. This is par for the course. Reaching for more when a simple explanation shoots down a theory is par for the course. It's almost like this isn't a theory to be discussed, but a statement to be agreed upon, and facts be damned I know, it sucks when rational thought hits home in the middle of a theory orgy
  6. Have we ever had a corpse kept for days because people are too busy to burn it? Like the characters won t have 1 hour to burn the corpse? That doesn t make sense. specially because there is a risk that he might get wigthified. Why will they risk having to chop jon in pieces instead of giving him a burial as fast as possible? Why would anyone save jon's body until stannis gets to the Wall? They aren t even familly! There is zero relation between burying jon and stannis... Then if they freeze the body. Is jon going to return to a frozen body? Or are you sugesting that before burning him people decide to unfreeze jon? Because both make zero sense... Then if jon is in ghost it shouldn t be possible to bring him back like beric and cat. Unless you are saying that r'hllor will rip jon out of ghost and put him in his body... In adition, I don t remember about beric, but I think that people need to want to bring the dead person back to life while admistraning the ritual rites. It isn t something that just happens (but I am not certain). And what I think you don t understand is that it makes much more sense for the people that know jon is in ghost to try and heal his body as fast as possible for him to return (and it is possible that a lot of wildlings and mel know about it) than for them to keep his body somewhere for weeks because they don t want to lose time burning him. Even if nobody knows it makes absolutly no sense to keep jon's dead body for a long period of time when everybody know it can be wightified. Whatever happens to jon's body it will happen within a short period of time. Wether there is people wanting to ressurect him (mel) or healing his body for him to try to return to from ghost (several wildlings) NOBODY would keep a dead body of an important person for weeks near the Wall. It simply doesn t make sense.
  7. So if you were in Jaimes place you would let Aerys kill an entire city of people?
  8. I don't think that the Kingsguard is supposed to usually defend the king, when it suits them.
  9. That is the key there. The Kingsguard is an elite order of knights. You don't join it if you want to keep your free will. You pledge you utterly and completely to your king, and you know the consequences if you break those vows. If you want to follow other knightly ideals - ideals that do not fit will with protecting and obeying the king - then you should simply not join the Kingsguard. Nobody forces you to do so.
  10. Keep your potty mouth to yourself Ygrain. If anyone comes up with stupid shit on a regular basis, it's you.
  11. There is really only one parental mystery and that is Jon Snow. (f)Aegon really doesn't matter that much as a 5th book addition, although he will play a role. Literally everything else, Dany, Benjen, Robb and whoever the nerds will focus on next are only there because the author cannot write in a timely manner. When it takes you two decades to get halfway through a series, and you take well over half a decade to deliver books, people start digging for anything. Things that are simple and mean nothing can take on a whole new mystery meaning on your 789th reread
  12. Wow. This is so extraordinarily absurd I'm unsure on where to start. First, let's clarify that the only one making judgments "about Cuba and the Cuban way of life" is you. Moreover, I'm echoing the vast consensus of Cuban exiles in Florida that I've spent time with, "over a long period of time," which is your own ludicrous standard. Have you? So let's extrapolate that standard. Its logic dictates that since I can't have an opinion on Castro, virtually nobody reading this can have a valid opinion on, say, Saddam Hussein, or Kim Jong Un, or Vladimir Putin. Further, forget about any historical figure. After all, while I've lived in the United States all my life, I certainly did not "spend time, over a long span of time, as well as knowing well many Americans from all the strata of the society" when it comes to 1960s America - so how can I make judgments on JFK, or LBJ, or Nixon? Further yet, I've spent a long period of time in the DC area, getting to know many of from all strata of society. I'll wager you have not, so how can you make judgments on basically anyone or anything relating to national American politics? Right. Such "ilks" like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House - well known bastions of American imperialist creed - have continued to pronounce the Castro regime one of the most repressive in the world well past the 1970s and to this day. I'm unclear, are you denying that Castro ordered the killing and torture of a substantial portion of his own people? And they weren't just "imprisoned" btw, let's be clear they were sent to forced labor camps and tortured. It's people like you that don't seem to be able to "balance" or factor this in to the judgment of Castro but rather obfuscate by focusing on the greatness of the Cuban people, and now the decidedly tangential instance of Cuban intervention in Angola. But go ahead, explain how that - or the US trying to assassinate Castro literally hundreds if not thousands of times for that matter - justifies Castro killing and torturing his people. It's always good for a laugh.
  13. Okay sum of the city slickers ain’t been out in the rural areas of their country. This guest right thawg in these novels is about hospitality in the north of Westeros. The people south of the Neck dunna pay much heed in the custom. The World of Ice and Fire - The North One notable custom that the Northmen hold dearer than any other is guest right, the tradition of hospitality by which a man may offer no harm to a guest beneath his roof, nor a guest to his host. The Andals held to something like it as well, but it looms less large in southron minds. / In my opinion all Mance is saying in the below quote is that he ain’t gonna kill Jon this night BUT Mance can’t guarantee that someone in Mance’s crew ain’t gonna off Jon. A Storm of Swords - Jon I The laws of hospitality are as old as the First Men, and sacred as a heart tree." He gestured at the board between them, the broken bread and chicken bones. "Here you are the guest, and safe from harm at my hands . . . this night, at least. / Mance spoke nothing of salt and bread to Jon, they ate chicken and bread Bejebes, Lord Walder knows about the quest right tradition. He is not a northman he is a Riverlander, a southron. By the time the RW rolls around Walder has already thrown In with Tywin and Roose . A Storm of Swords - Catelyn VI Walder Frey's mouth moved in and out. "Food, heh. A loaf of bread, a bite of cheese, mayhaps a sausage." "Some wine to wash it down," Robb said. "And salt." "Bread and salt. Heh. Of course, of course." The old man clapped his hands together, and servants came into the hall, bearing flagons of wine and trays of bread, cheese, and butter. Lord Walder took a cup of red himself, and raised it high with a spotted hand. "My guests," he said. "My honored guests. Be welcome beneath my roof, and at my table." Notice in the above quote Walder says, "My honored guests. Be welcome beneath my roof, and at my table." Hospitality --- the implication is you are safe from harm from me right now/this night. Guest right as it applies to all the other frekking scenarios ---- twist it, turn it, have fun with it. I would ask ---- is providing your guest with hospility the opposite of a lord laying an unsheathed sword across his knees while sitting his chair? A Game of Thrones - Bran IV Robb was seated in Father's high seat, wearing ringmail and boiled leather and the stern face of Robb the Lord. Theon Greyjoy and Hallis Mollen stood behind him. A dozen guardsmen lined the grey stone walls beneath tall narrow windows. In the center of the room the dwarf stood with his servants, and four strangers in the black of the Night's Watch. Bran could sense the anger in the hall the moment that Hodor carried him through the doors. "Any man of the Night's Watch is welcome here at Winterfell for as long as he wishes to stay," Robb was saying with the voice of Robb the Lord. His sword was across his knees, the steel bare for all the world to see. Even Bran knew what it meant to greet a guest with an unsheathed sword. "Any man of the Night's Watch," the dwarf repeated, "but not me, do I take your meaning, boy?"
  14. Like I said above, I believe they were "close". The big question, and something that is up for debate, of course is, "how close?". For instance, I don't think he was as close as Dayne, and I definitely don't think he was one of Rhaegar's group when they "abducted" (also up for debate) Lyanna. Truth of the matter here is, we're not even sure the story about Rhaegar and a group abducting (or even meeting) Lyanna is true. Regardless, imo it doesn't make sense for someone who is in Rhaegar's inner circle to not think about anything connected to any of the events and rumours we have about R+L and the Tourney and ToJ etc etc. I acknowledge there are several possibilities and several paths left open. That said, I don't think it fits Martin's style and talent to have JonCon be one of Rhaegar's closest friends and one in the know and not give us any hints of this - we are after all inside JonCon's head. I think if it is revealed later that JonCon knew anything at all about R+L and never thought about it once it will feel very cheap and I have a lot more faith in Martin than that.
  15. He did and would have because usually the king isn't trying to kill a city full of people so he chose one vow over the other.
  16. So I watched the first episode of the current Vikings. Seriously, what happened to this show.
  17. I'm pretty sure he would have gone through with it under those circumstances. As you rightly point out, King Aenys wouldn't have gone through with the Aegon-Rhaena match if his father hadn't taught him about the importance of incestuous marriages as a Targaryen tradition. Aegon would likely have done it more competently than Aenys, realizing the opposition this would cause and thus connecting this issue with a concentrated campaign to break the power of the Faith (whether he would have succeeded at that or not is another question, but he would have tried). Part of the reason why Aenys was so oblivious to the problems the Aegon-Rhaena match would cause might have been the fact that very few people actually dared to talk openly about how the Realm felt about the incest thing due to the fact that Aenys himself was born of incest. You cannot imply in the Crown Prince's hearing that he is seen as an abomination born of incest. Another point is that King Aenys - the man who wanted to be loved by all - would likely not have insisted on the Aegon-Rhaena marriage if he hadn't been really convinced that this was necessary. And he would only have been convinced of that if his father and aunt would have taught him that this kind of thing was important. Another hint is the proposed Maegor-Rhaena match. The High Septon opposed it, yes, but so did Aenys and Alyssa, and it was poor match besides. Maegor would have to wait for 12-13 years before he could impregnate his wife. But the fact that Visenya jumped on the chance to arrange a marriage among very closely related Targaryens as soon as the opportunity presented itself strongly indicates that the Targaryens had never intended to give up that marriage policy.
  18. It wouldn't be mystery is everyone told the truth to the reader at every turn
  19. I'm sure this will make Trump happy:
  20. He hunted. There is no sign of torture or particular cruelty to animals or other people in any of his life, and point of fact he took a lot of absurd risks when facing animals - like hunting bear with a revolver with one bullet. Nor was there any other outward sign of psychopathy; he didn't lie particularly much, he didn't blame others for his issues, he had a firm grasp of reality, he had a stern moral code that appeared to largely be affected by others, etc. The idea that Roosevelt is a psychopath because he believed in waging war as policy is absurd on its face.
  21. The previous books focused on the missions that went wonky, but there were plenty of indications that there were previous missions that all went fine. The books cover the exceptions, not the rule.
  22. That's not how things go. If you join the Kingsguard, you protect the king. Otherwise, why join? He could've stayed a knight and protect the innocent, if that's what he wanted.
  23. It's the middle of winter, so it's the time of year where my mild form of psoriasis gets a little bit worse. Right now, I have mild outbreak that's spread from my armpit down to my waist on my left side. At least I have some hydrocortisone.
  24. I've kind of thrown my hands up when it comes to Evangelical hypocrisy. It makes me both angry and depressed. I'd probably just shrug at their nihilism, if they weren't engaged in a large project to make radical right wing changes to our society.
  25. And it doesn't matter, as I pointed out. That stance changes literally nothing.
  26. Fair points, I think it helped that I had a few drinks before I watched it so I became engrossed in it from the get go. And it looks like I'll be watching Blade Runner 2049 tonight. Accidentally rented it while turning off the T.V.
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