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  2. Yea. We got us a brand new conservative conspiracy theory.
  3. If only 10000 survive than we're probably fucked because of genetic bottle necking. More would probably survive but that's actually not the thing that worries me. Humans will probably survive. Are tech and scientific knowledge though? That might not and with our exhaustion of the easily extractable energy resources we might not get back to that level.
  4. I don't mind Darvish assuming Cashman can get creative and the Yankees can stay under 197. It will allow us to either keep some of our guys to fill holes that might come up this year or flip them for someone else at the deadline.
  5. I read it. Not sure if I am just not smart enough or what, but I don't know that I gained much insight into anything from tSA. It is however, a good, "more practical" view of what Bakker is usually talking about with the "Semantic Apocalypse." I'd recommend, if you really are interested in Homo Deus, to read his first book, Sapiens, which is definitely a good introduction to his general premise.
  6. I am sure this is exactly why the Sidious' chose that name.
  7. Love the name And now she's less likely to have to explain to people how to spell it than if you had gone with a Targaryen name
  8. On it! @Pebble
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  10. I don't think there is any point to it. So much fantasy has been larded onto the bones of RLJ that it's become too-fat-to-sit-a-horse.
  11. When she grows up she can go by Bella and hook up with sparkly vampires.
  12. That's something people don't get. Going to the stars isn't about saving the lives of any of the current 7 billion Earthlings. It's about expanding our species out into space. Even if 6.99 billion stay behind and die, it is worth it that 1 million survive to propagate our species out into the cosmos. I understand that for some that is a meaningless goal. But to me it is an aspirational and inspiring one. My own immediate existence (multiplied by 7 billion other individual existences) is not the be all and end all of what is important or relevant. There are bigger goals than that. I will have no direct benefit from some human living on a distant planet 100,000 years from now. But it is awesome to know that such a thing is possible, and might happen, even if I am long dead.
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  14. I don't know. Some people have this perception. Ned doesn't think Rhaegar is the type to visit brothels or lust after women, so I don't know what that says other than Rhaegar wasn't unfaithful or didn't sire any bastards.
  15. Did you read "The Martian"? As I wrote above my take home message was that even Mars (better than any other close candidate) is so incredibly hostile to life that for virtually all these cases Earth would still be much better, going underground or whatever. Self-sustaining colonies on Mars are pipe dreams. On Mars one only needs a comparably tiny disturbance to wipe out the colony (that's one of the points of that book although admittedly it deals the the explorer/pioneer stage, not with a colony) whereas on Earth even a catastrophe of the scale you mention will most likely leave a few million humans alive and with remains of infrastructure and with more air, water, warmth etc. than Mars has to offer. So the picture of a "safety backup" is really off as others have pointed out already. And terraforming? Why should this be easier than re-vitalizing portions of earth after a disaster? It certainly would not be easier. And more fundamentally: What would be the point? Why would it be important for humankind to survive a few millenia longer in some space colony? If survival was the most important goal we should now hatch a plan to kill off 5/6 of earth's population because for 1-2 billions we could have a sustainable ecology.
  16. @Lost Melnibonean very compelling evidence, what might Petyr's endgame be if this is indeed the case? Marry Sansa to Robert and rule the North and Vale as some Hand type figure? Eventually kill Sansa, train Robert in the ways of political machinations and rule both areas uncontested? What might LF have in store for Harry if Sweet Robin is his son? That's a great point, something I've never seen a clear explanation for - the seed is strong and all that.
  17. I would have demanded half the Riverlands as compensation and the Lannisters can keep the other half, other then that the Tyrell already have a great deal there daughter becomes queen and there grandson king. Not bad for up jumped stewards................
  18. But the survivors won't be scattered in a diffuse manner. They will survive in sizeable pockets, because certain locations will lend themselves to high survival rates, which means plant and animal life also surviving in those places. You'd basically have a bunch of biological oases, which can self sustain.
  19. It is Little Walder and his killer is either Big Walder or Ramsay.
  20. Eh, I think we have a few thousand years at least before any really serious shit will happen. Global warming isn't going to be that kind of disaster even if worst case scenario happens. Better, I think, to figure out interstellar travel and find some planet with Earth-like conditions that's in a kind of precambrian state and colonise that. We might be lucky enough to have such a planet right in our galactic back yard, and even with near term spaceflight tech it could be reached within a single human lifetime. I reckon the solution is in manipulating space-time (controlling the matrix) rather than just trying to fly really fast in a straight line.
  21. Are you serious? Your proof that Mance went awol from the watch and went south of neck to fight at the tourney of Harrenhal is that mance sings a really popular song. We have a character who would be in a position to know information stating said information. You don't get much more than that in these books
  22. This implies he knew Arthur, and what he would and wouldn't approve of. Like he'd approve of him Rhaegar and Jon Con jousting beneath the sheets. Listen, I'll only buy into the Arthur+Rhaegar ship if you include Jon Con. He lost the Battle of the Bells, is dying of greyscale and is taking care of a kid who is most likely not his silver prince's son. He deserves it!
  23. Robin is another character that is troubled by night terrors. The other is Tyrion. While Tyrion controls it with drink; poor Robin is given a drug, sweetsleep. He is afraid of men with moles and the bad man who flies. I wonder who or what he dreams about and if this comes from the Tully side or Jon Arryn's side. I'm not sure he trusts Littlefinger either: "The bad little man," Lord Robert said, giggling. "Mother, can I make him fly? I want to see him fly.
  24. The people in Cuba got free healthcare and Education but at the cost of political rights and freedom . How is is it Trudeau overlooks this other not so pleasant realities of the Castro regime?
  25. That ending would be oh so Aurane. Love a good Bastard of Driftmark theory! So many of the ideas I've seen for him seen genuinely plausible, although, I'm not sure if that's just me being more hopeful than realistic. Some of the rumours I've seen around here include; He's Euron's bastard/in his pocket - Greyjoy would have to have been sexually active by around age 12 for this to work, knowing Ironborn culture, he probably was. This could perhaps tie into the old "pact with the merling king" deal from TWOIAF. Even if Aurane is just some secret agent working for Euron, look for him to have a big hand in either the battle with the Redwyne fleet. He's an agent of Varys - might explain his requesting Dragonstone be made his, as opposed to Driftmark. He could be responsible for ferrying the elephants and GC across to Westeros. He's Saan's bastard/in cahoots with the old rogue - not sure on his parentage but I do believe he and Salla are working together. Both steal their monarchs fleets at around the same time and head for the same area. Both were hanging around the blocked off Dragonstone, when each man most likely has the naval skill to avoid capture by Stannis' fleet and flee. Saan seemed to agree with a few of Monford Velaryon's suggestions during his time with Stannis, and both he and Aurane are, of course, silver haired pirates. He's simply just a bastard of some unknown, working his own angles - if this is the case, I can imagine Aurane would know the History of the Sea Snake, and might want to emulate his success. Just for fun, he's a Velaryon/Karstark bastard - you did say he could have something to do with fire and ice would also explain the narrow face. Personally, I think this could be extremely interesting - might a child of these two houses even be able to sing the song of ice and fire?
  26. His dying word was the name of a woman he fathered a son with. This was in addition to the woman he married and fathered two children with. No, he isn't gay. Fluid maybe, we have multiple instances of him loving women, and nothing of him loving men. One man seems to have been in love with him, but there is no law that says love needs to be reciprocal
  27. Agreed, Ederson was easily worse. Karius was a statue for all three goals but only the first really deserves any blame and more of it should go to Gomez. I think with Van Dijk that game finishes 4-2. Lovren was shocking on that Gündogan goal. Give Karius the rest of the season to prove himself and if he can’t then spend big in the summer on GK. Think we may need to buy a winger or striker this month though. If one of the front three go down with an injury I don’t think Solanke or Ings is ready to fill in and Sturridge is on his way out I think.
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