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  2. Skin on the inner thighs is way thinner than on the palms, so if her hands got burnt from riding Drogon, I don't want to see her bum, not to mention other parts. It was the spear: Daenerys Targaryen vaulted onto the dragon’s back, seized the spear, and ripped it out. The point was half-melted, the iron red-hot, glowing. She flung it aside. Blacksmiths don't hold iron rods with red-hot tips in bare hands for a reason.
  3. They're not bad, but they're not Dems retake the House numbers. And if that doesn't happen, Mueller gets fired, probably the day after the election.
  4. In his dreams? More like all day, every day. Dude hears voices....
  5. Specific polls are favoring Democrats so far in a number of Senate races. With the standard caveats about poll unreliability, sample size, (in this case ranging from about 550 to 1,050 per state focused on) how long it is until election day, and the margin of error, a new Public Policy Poll focused on Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Tennessee found that health care was getting significant focus, with the majority of people wanting to improve it and opposing Republican plans, and in all cases Democratic Senate candidates are leading Republicans. Now, with the margin of errors listed, some of these are close enough to swing the other way in the best case scenario for Republicans. (For example, the Tennessee margin of error is 3.3%, so taking 3.3% away from Bredesen and giving an extra 3.3% to Blackburn would let Blackburn squeak out a victory, assuming the other 13% of the population not showing up in the poll vote 3rd party, stay home, etc.) There's also the X-factor of people who say they're undecided but are being coy, or who say they will vote 3rd party and don't come election day. But for Rust Belt, purple, and red states, those aren't bad numbers for Democrats to start with. And some of these candidates, (particularly Blackburn in TN) have the potential of blowing up in the face of the Republican party, ala Roy Moore, Todd Akin, and Christine O'Donnell. (McDaniels in Louisiana, although not mentioned here, is another candidate with such potential.) So there are early signs to back up confident feelings. Hopefully Democrats push hard for all of these instead of coming into the fight half convinced that they've lost already or are bound to lose anywhere that isn't "safely Blue".
  6. Ooh, I’ve seen that talk as well. Jaw dropping hilarious
  7. The fit to gag was about Tywin who killed Rhaenys and Aegon via Gregor & Co. working with Doran. I think Redwyne is the one to look at here to go to Aegon. Tyrion notes that Illyrio has Redwyne wine from his personal stock and it's a Pentoshi ship which almost whisks the Redwyne twins away before the plot is foiled. When dolling out the spoils of war, Redwyne doesn't ask for anything except taxes to be eased on his higher-quality wines. Maybe he's expecting payment later via Aegon? But I do agree that the Rowans warrant a closer look... ASOS Tyrion III "Prince Doran comes at my son's invitation," Lord Tywin said calmly, "not only to join in our celebration, but to claim his seat on this council, and the justice Robert denied him for the murder of his sister Elia and her children." Tyrion watched the faces of the Lords Tyrell, Redwyne, and Rowan, wondering if any of the three would be bold enough to say, "But Lord Tywin, wasn't it you who presented the bodies to Robert, all wrapped up in Lannister cloaks?" None of them did, but it was there on their faces all the same. Redwyne does not give a fig, he thought, but Rowan looks fit to gag.
  8. I think DC is getting an undeserved bad rap, and I can't understand why. I just watched the 5 films in a row in chronological order, and I thought they were great superhero films. With the exception of The Dark Knight, Logan, and Deadpool; I feel like all of these films (X-men, Marvel, DC, Batman, & Spidey) are all in the decent to good action films range. And yet you come to boards like this and it's like DC shat on your front door, many times before the movie is even released. Am I missing something in the comic book world where this is the case? Or is this because Batman, Superman, and WW have been at the forefront of superhero worlds for so long that the bar is artificially raised; while the only real 'movie star' characters coming out of Marvel are The Hulk and Spidey? My wife and I really enjoyed Justice League and thought it had a great balance of action, seriousness, and humor. The surprising standouts were the Flash and Aquaman, and I also loved the direction they took with old batman. The only character that didn't click for me was Superman, and honestly, he was more like the Superman of old than the previous two movies, which felt forced and off in this setting. I wish they could keep a limit on how much they are spending, because I really want them to keep going in this universe. REALLY want to see Leto's Joker some more.
  9. The tabloid press (like the public) were once very pro-EU, and overwhelmingly backed EU membership in 1975, and in the 1983 general election, when Labour were committed to pulling out. People aged 18-40 voted overwhelmingly for Remain in 1975, but the same people, 41 years later, now in late middle age or old age, voted to Leave. So, it does seem fair to ask what the EU did to alienate a previously very supportive section of the population. IMHO, it was the relentless drive to integrate politically that turned supporters against the organisation.
  10. He really hasn't. I hate to agree with Boris, but (1) he didn't do the Godwining anyway, it was the chap he was talking to (Labour MP Ian Austin) and (2) neither of them said Putin is like Hitler. What they said was he will use the World Cup like Hitler used the Olympics, as a glory boost. Which he will.
  11. Good grief. Sessions has ordered prosecutors to go for the death penalty whenever possible in drug cases. Watch out, death squads could be next.
  12. I don't know if it was intended to be a lie, but it was certainly a huge piece of bad faith, that Tony Blair in Labour's 2005 Manifesto, promised that the public would get to vote on the EU Constitution, in a referendum, but Gordon Brown subsequently reneged on that promise. It was one of those cunning plans that would end up backfiring in the long run,
  13. What questions? In my opinion, I did answered to your question, about why I think, that Viseryon could be a female. And Rhaegel too. Drogon was ALWAYS bigger than the other two. Even when they were in an egg stage. Drogon's egg was bigger and havier than the other two. Furthermore his behaviour was also different. You yourself mentioned it, that he was more agressive and active that the other two, or something like that. Which is right. Male animals are nearly always (if they are healthy, and were born without serious deviations) bigger and more agressive, and eat more, than females. Now about caves. It isn't necessary for dragons to live in a cave. Dany's dragons lived in the open, prior she locked them under pyramid. But after they were locked there, Viseryon wasn't content in living there in the open. He made himself a niche in the ceiling. Which could be an indication that he is actually a she, and she wants to live in a more secure environment, than the open pit. Dragons are reptilians, so they are based on other similar species. GRRM in that scene even described Viseryon with word serpent. Among all snakes, only King Cobra lay eggs in nests. But only female Cobras make nests. Males do not play any role in building or guarding the nest. Source -> "For reptiles that have limbs, a nest is generally built, even if it's just a hole in the ground that the female has scratched out." So based on Viseryon's behaviour, could be that she's a girl. And Rhaegel also could be a girl, but she isn't nesting yet, because she's less developed than Viseryon (Visenya). She doesn't have yet an urge to make a nest, let's say that she hasn't flowered yet, unlike her older sister Visenya. Pale egg did hatched first out of three, so Viseryon/Visenya is the oldest out of Dany's dragons. And I wrote about caves on Dragonstone, where Targaryen dragons layed eggs, because those caves, combined with Viseryon digging a mini-cave, could be a proof, that female dragons make themselves caves/nests, by digging and burning stone. Thus Viseryon is a she. Could be. I have read that theory in a book. Is this a question too? As I already wrote before, all three of them (Jon, Dany, Rhaego) could be child of three, from Jaehaerys' line. The woodswitch gave the prophecy to Jaehaerys, so he is first out of those three "parents". So it's about Jaehaerys' blood, his genes, his chromosomes, his descendants. Males has XY chromosomes. Females has XX. Children receive one of their chromosomes from their father, and the other from their mother. Jaehaerys - XjYj Shaera - Xs1Xs2 Lyanna - Xl1Xl2 Drogo - XdYd Jaehaerys + Shaera = XjYj + Xs1Xs2 = XjXs1 or XjXs2 or YjXs1 or YjXs2 Rhaella could be XjXs1 or XjXs2 (XX - female DNA), and Aerys could be YjXs1 or YjXs2 (XY - male). Rhaella + Aerys = (XjXs1 + YjXs1) or (XjXs1 + YjXs2) or (XjXs2 + YjXs1) or (XjXs2 + YjXs2) = XjYj or XjXs1 or Xs1Yj or Xs1Xs1, XjYj or XjXs2 or Xs1Yj or Xs1Xs2, XjYj or XjXs1 or Xs2Yj or Xs2Xs1, XjYj or XjXs2 or Xs2Yj or Xs2Xs2. Rhaegar's possible models - XjYj, Xs1Yj, YjXs2. Dany's possible models, that have in them Jaehaerys' chromosome - XjXs1, XjXs2. Rhaegar + Lyanna = (XjYj + Xl1Xl2) or (Xs1Yj + Xl1Xl2) or (YjXs2 + Xl1Xl2) = Jon XY - YjXl1 or YjXl2. Dany + Drogo = (XjXs1 + XdYd) or (XjXs2 + XdYd) = Rhaego XY - XjYd Jon (Xl1Yj or Xl2Yj), Dany (XjXs1 or XjXs2), Rhaego (XjYd) - all three are carriers of Jaehaerys' j-genes, Jon inherited his Y-chromosome, and Dany with Rhaego his X-chromosome, and Dany got that Xj chromosome from her mother Rhaella, that got it from her father Jaehaerys. So as I already wrote before, one of Dany's three is a female, but from that female Dany inherited Xj chromosome that Rhaella got from Jaehaerys. So all three - Jon, Dany and Rhaego, are carriers of Jaehaerys' genes. Rhaego got his Xj chromose from Dany, who got it from Rhaela, who got it from Jaehaerys. Jon got his Yj chromosome from his father Rhaegar, who got it from Aerys, who got it from Jaehaerys. Dany got her Xj chromosome from her mother Rhaella, who got it from Jaehaerys, and she got her other X from Aerys. Even though from him Dany inherited Xs1 or Xs2 of Shaera, that are not Jaehaerys' genes. But Dany's second chromosome from a pair of genes, is still from Jaehaerys' line, from his daughter, that is also a part of a prophecy. <- this last part is a bit confusing, the point is that both Aerys and Rhaella from whom Dany got her genes, both are Jaehaerys' children, and thus both are part of a prophecy. While Jon's and Rhaego's other chromosomes in a pair, are not from Jaehaerys' line - they have Lyanna's and Drogo's genes, as their second chromosome. Jon and Rhaego don't have genes of both Aerys and Rhaella, unlike Dany, they carry genes only from one of them, in Jon's case that's Aerys' Yj, and in Rhaego's case that's Rhaella's Xj. Nevertheless all three fit into the prophecy, as Jaehaerys' descendants, and carriers of his Xj or Yj chromosomes. Could be, but why would it? You (and others) think that Rhaego died as result of blood magic ritual. So if he was supposedly killed by blood magic, then how is fire could be related to his death? Mirri didn't performed fire magic on Drogo.
  14. He does things on his blog. he is a weirdo. we are all waiting with baited breath to get any little sliver of winds info so we try to dissect everything that he writes on it to see if there is something cryptic going on even though he stated unequivocally that when winds is done he will just tell us
  15. I'm pretty sure you got that wrong. The Storm Kings didn't capture any parts of the North. They ruled the current Stormlands, Crownlands and Riverlands. Also, the Stormland border of the time included parts of what is today the eastern Reach. But their realm at its maximum extent ended at the Neck. They never conquered parts of the North. If you are able to show me a quote that contradicts this, I will concede, but I don't think I'm wrong on this.
  16. Don't. It gives away the entire plot.
  17. What the heck? Here's the article: From the article: I'm shocked to see a major public university seeking to eliminate liberal arts from their curriculum .
  18. Bravo !
  19. And the thing is I don't like reading books where I don't like any of the characters. I couldn't read Dune because I just hated everybody, Paul included. When Tairy's characters cross the line like they do so often, I just lose any empathy I had for them, and then I throw the book at the wall.
  20. I think this discussion can wait until we learn the final league size. 10 seems unlikely.
  21. @Megorova you’re making so many false conclusions here, I’m surprised you can’t see it. Do you realise how contrived it is to chuck Rhaella into Daenerys’s ancestry “because she’s female”? And how on earth do you link the son of Drogo to the egg next to his head and not the egg between his legs? You’re not deriving your conclusions from the text, you’re misinterpreting the text to fit your own conclusions. I’m certainly not claiming to know who will ride which dragon etc., but your over-confidence in your own theory is certainly unearned.
  22. Don't fucking start me on that. Considering the amount of Russians killed by the Nazis... he's totally unfit for that office. Yes, Mr Putin is a gangster-leader, but he hasn't insulted Putin, he's insulted every regular Russian. I know it's politically difficult, but I really think May needs to get shot. Most voters will back her. It's a risk, but she's in a shit situation, and Boris is making it an impossible one. No, one example meeting my criteria would be fine. To be clear, I'm not saying these examples don't exist, but you're asking me what I think about them. Your question is too vague. If you don't want to, no problem.
  23. He has said many times that he only writes at home on his DOS PC in Santa Fe.
  24. There's something typically Scottish about going all the way to Zimbabwe then having their chances of qualifying ended by a poorly-timed rain shower. It was a surprisingly good performance by the Scots, beating Afghanistan, tying with Zimbabwe (it would probably have felt even worse if failing to win that had been decisive in not qualifying) and coming close to beating the Windies, but sadly they just miss out. Every other sports body seems to be expanding their World Cups, but the ICC seem determined to do the opposite. If the Windies hadn't qualified then that might have exposed how bad an idea it was. It looks like Zimbabwe are the favourites to take the other qualifying spot, which also means Ireland will miss out as well despite their heroics in recent tournaments.
  25. A couple of posts before that one he says he’s taking a break from the Not A Blog for awhile. Maybe he just doesn’t want anyone knowing where he is so he can actually get some work done.
  26. So what is your suggestion for innings and slots for a full year? Need 5 more people.
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