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  2. And we haven’t even gotten to the giant problem that is, what happens when a teacher pulls their gun on a student out of fear? Even if the teacher doesn’t shoot the student, the classroom’s environment could be permanently destroyed.
  3. Interesting ruling from the High Court in the UK today, ruling that current measures against air pollution are inadequate in 45 local authorities. And essentially taking control over this area to the Courts, rather than ministers. Still reading up to get the full picture (I was previously unaware of the case) but here is a Guardian article:
  4. The Dutch managed to get a surprise gold in short-track (after failing as is mostly traditional in the team pursuit on the long track). We are slowly dropping on the medals rankings.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't responding to you specifically on that, more the optimism that other boarders were dabbling with. I think that is misplaced. There is no way that Republicans are going to completely abandon all of their gun-loving voters. Trump was making noises about doing something for the past week, but today he showed his true colors.
  6. Oh I agree, I'm not at all hopeful this congress will do something meaningful. I'm hopeful that the lack of action will hurt them at election time.
  7. Along those lines... last year it was made legal for concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on campus at Texas universities. Yesterday I got email alerts about two separate incidents where guns were found on campus. Both owned by people with a concealed carry license who had just left them sitting somewhere by accident (one was found in a women's bathroom, another just chillin' at the business school). That's already rather disconcerting, but multiply this by the tens of thousands of schools in America and change the setting from a university campus to elementary, middle, and high schools. What could go possible go wrong?
  8. We'll see. Maybe this will hurt them, but who knows anymore. I am definitely not buying the idea that something is going to get done on gun control in this session of Congress. AT MOST some tiny concession will be made like banning bump stocks. But meaningful progress from a Republican Congress and WH? Not a chance.
  9. What did she said? She's not wearing socks? When did she said that?
  10. When LaPierre was going on about Socialism it had me thinking about Andres Breivik's 2011 Norway massacre.
  11. I think this is actually a really interesting question, and not necessarily unlikely. Aerys himself and his sister could have had eggs, too. I may be wrong, but I don't think it's ever mentioned what became of all the unhatched eggs--Egg's own, for example. As there have been no dragon sightings in Westeros in a hundred and a half years, we have a pretty good idea that none of them ever hatched, or at least haven't yet (unless it should turn out that Dany's eggs were actually some of the old ones from before the Dance, and not from Asshai after all, although there is no particular evidence to suggest this is the case), so what happened to them? Were they interred with the ashes of the Targaryens they had been assigned to? Were they stored for reuse? Thrown into the sea after their sell-by date? Given that the later generations of dragons were increasingly stunted and unable to thrive when they did hatch at all, I'm not sure how viable the more recent eggs would have been in any case, but the pre-Dance eggs that Egg mentions, apparently were no longer at Dragonstone. I think Stannis would have been more likely to try to hatch them, but I don't think there is any indication that he did find any. Maybe Aegon V had collected all the known unhatched eggs at Summerhall, in which case, they were probably buried in the wreckage, but that doesn't preclude Rhaegar trying to find them in his many visits there, and if he did, he might have tried putting them in the crib with his children, particularly Aegon; if he thought the little guy was the PtwP, he might have believed the eggs would finally start hatching again.
  12. How in the heck would public schools be able to afford to train and arm teachers, and then be able to afford the liability insurance that would then be required? Stupidest idea ever.
  13. Also, why isn't anyone bringing up the fact that with more guns there's a higher likelihood that one of these shootings begins with a teacher's gun? Don't even need to track down weapons if you know there is a stockpile at your school that could be leveraged.
  14. I hear you. It's almost as if Sanderson said to himself, "I'm going to write a 10,000 page story!" without bothering to stop and think if his story required 10,000 pages to tell.
  15. When my mother was growing up in Borough Park the Hasidim would ask about them periodically. One of the Priests at my parish liked to go out and walk when he was serving a parish upstate and would get together with some young Hasidic gentlemen who would pepper him with all sorts of questions about Catholicism and Christianity in general. They begged him not to tell the rabbi though.
  16. I am not disagreeing with you that the neverborn are the white walkers, but I disagree that the Children are the Others, I think the Ironborn are the Others.
  17. I find the suggestion of arming teachers extremely frustrating because while it *might* lower some of the death tolls in these incidents it does nothing to address the mental health problem or the gun problem. This Cruz kid is somewhat unique in that he wasn't killed (by himself or by police) in the event. Most of these folks are entirely prepared to die, and many places that have been shot up DO have armed security, so armed teachers aren't really a deterrent so much as they are one possible avenue towards reducing casualties. In an ambush style attack, it doesn't matter how well armed or trained someone is, the perpetrator is going to get off a number of rounds before someone appropriately armed can react. And that's if you're lucky. Nobody, not even highly trained people, can maintain that kind of awareness all the time. Even highly trained and well armed cops and military sometimes freeze or react poorly in a life or death situation and it is unfair to ask this of school teachers. Intensive repetitive training is the best bet for overcoming those perfectly normal human reactions to fear and stress. Teachers are already underpaid and underappreciated, and now on top of their regular responsibilities they are asked to act as security guards so that Republicans can keep that sweet, sweet NRA money rolling in. It's a really sad state of affairs that this is the solution R's and the NRA have come up with after 20 years of regular mass shootings. Shifting the responsibility for school kids not being massacred by assault rifles at school onto the shoulders of their teachers. Nobody should have to bear that responsibility and that is the entire point wanting sensible gun control. Again, maybe I'm misreading the situation but I feel like this suggestion of turning our schools into fortresses with armed guards isn't playing well. It's too obviously comfortable for R's and the NRA to be worth a damn. I think the public is ready for them to give some ground on this by banning some shit, we'll see if they can tap dance their way out of it, but I can see this hurting them at the polls.
  18. Thamel and Forde doubling down on the FBI scandal drama. I'm still skeptical that much more will come of the FBI investigation. What will the NCAA do? Just invalidate entire seasons because so many schools were involved? If the FBI had enough incriminating evidence against more people, I feel like they would have been charged already. The fact that they haven't makes me think they don't have enough on the other parties to get convictions... now as to how the evidence applies to amateurism rules and the NCAA is an entirely different thing...
  19. This really says a lot about highly-trained and hyper-aware good guys with guns being able to stop a bad guy with at gun.
  20. TNG Season 1 had I think one pretty decent episode, Heart of Glory, the Klingon one. There's a few others are quite watchable, even if they're nonsensical or weird (The Arsenal of Freedom is fun but makes no sense). Conspiracy is worth watching just because the producers clearly got blasted on drugs at some point ("Shall we have a phaser burn someone's face off and cause their head to explode like a melon on-camera?" "Sure!"). I kind of liked 11001001 for being how clever in it reused special effects from the movies (just swapping out the matte elements) and made it look really good. The first Dixon Hill story is okay. The Battle started going in an interesting direction but the villain went pantomime at the end. The funniest thing is watching the HD remaster of TNG S1 which looks stunning, like it was shot yesterday, with impressive redone effects and you then have this really laboured late-1980s TV acting and these awful, outright sexist storylines. It's a very weird combination.
  21. Ah, news on Fire and Blood Volume 1: As already known, the chapters originally written for the World book (which could not hope to fit in it), were the Conquest, Peace of the Dragon, Heirs of the Dragon (Rogue Prince), Dying of the Dragons (Dance of the Dragons), and the Regency of Aegon III. These chapters pretty much skipped over the reign of Jaehaerys I - 55 years of mostly peace. Heirs of the Dragon starts when Jaehaerys I is at the end of his life, dealing with the two major succession crises he faced (I assume death of his eldest son, then death of second eldest, Rhaenys vs Laenor....are these the First and Second Quarrel or was that something else?) GRRM mentioned to Elio that yes, he's "fleshing out" the reign of Jaehaerys I a bit more - because the earlier chapters gloss over it - so this will be new material he wrote purely for Fire and Blood (of course, the Regency is "new" to US, but still). No word in the video if there's going to be material on pre-Conquest Targaryens or Valyria -- that cryptic LiveJournal entry about Fallen Fallen is Babylon seemed to be hinting at that? Maybe Elio didn't ask. Elio did present GRRM with a summation of our biggest concerns from the boards about Errata in the print edition of Sons of the Dragon; George "has notes" on these and will apparently address in Fire and Blood version (I assume Robar vs Rogar Baratheon, Vhagar attacking Reach vs Riverlands, etc.) Another big errata question Elio raised was what exactly happened to Maester Gerardys, as details have been contradictory. GRRM is aware of them and will address in Fire and Blood.
  22. That's the thing, I'm such a bumpkin about scotch I feel like it would be wasted on me.
  23. Napoli have played much better than in the 1st leg. Just scored their second to go 2-0 up.
  24. I thought the tattoo was comical back when he first got it... but now the irony is rich! Also would be great if Michigan did that
  25. Being one for the simple life I've simply interpreted it as the Others being the tree huggers [they are after all referred to as inhuman] and the neverborn as the walkers. GRRM did after all first characterise them as a "different form of life" and then later refer to Ser Puddles being held together by magic - so no, he was never born
  26. I know, I saw it on the news and it was even more disturbing than reading about this horrible suggestion...
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