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  2. Jon will never be legally free of the oaths that he took. If he should come back to life he will be expected to honor those oaths. What I find silly is the double standards that Jon's fans are claiming. That Jon will be relieved of those oaths if he gets resurrected is false. I do not believe R+L=J, so you and I will disagree.
  3. Broke the will of his enemies.
  4. The timeline is pretty loose and imprecise on purpose. The author doesn't want to give anything away. Jon could very easily be a lot older than he appears. Poor Maester Luwin probably suspected this and made some silly excuse that bastards grow up faster than true born boys. It's possible for Jon to have been conceived prior to the tourney. There is nothing to rule out Brandon-Ashara as the parents. I can see why Ned would keep that information hidden because it makes his older brother look like the butthole that he was. It's best to avoid the subject altogether when you have a related secret. Ned-Ashara is another possible set of parents for Jon because there is nothing to show that Ned's stay at Starfall was not extended. I agree with Aline. The responsible and ever suffering Eddard Stark cleaned up the messes left behind by Rickard, Brandon, and Lyanna. Eddard would rather suffer than tarnish the public image of his older brother. Lyanna ran off and betrayed her family and yet Eddard never stopped loving her. Same thing with Brandon.
  5. As far as I'm aware, all we know about this ancient King of Winter is that he joined forces with Joramun to end the reign of Night's King. From the wiki: So where did he get his epithet? Brandon the Builder built stuff, Brandon the Shipwright liked ships, Brandon the Burner burnt ships... so what did Brandon the Breaker break? The reign of Night's King seems the obvious answer, but for me, 'break' doesn't really work as a verb in this context. One thing you definitely can break is a pact, and there's one Pact in particular that would still have been pretty important in the days of the Kings of Winter... Could the Night's King (another Stark and Brandon's brother, according to Old Nan) have actually been somehow adhering to the terms of the Pact rather than practising nefarious sourceries, and Brandon/Joramun had other ideas? It would be a pretty effective cover-up to obliterate all historical records of who the Night's King's actually was and then concoct a compelling folk tale about how he was this really evil dude you heroically defeated. But just like poor old Aethelred the Unready or Bad King John, popular epithets don't tend to be coined by the bearer, and Brandon wasn't able to completely obliterate his reputation as a breaker of pacts, even if the reasons he earned this title have faded from memory over the centuries. That's just one theory that occurred to me which I thought I'd throw out there to get the discussion started, but before the knives come out I'm by no means saying this is what I actually believe! Interested to hear what others think, and any other suggestions on what exactly Brandon the Breaker broke.
  6. No, the tourney at HH was in 281 and Jon was born in 283.
  7. Every time that this has come up in parliament since Howard first introduced his changes to the marriage act I was living in an area which returned the strongest no vote in the country. If what you say was even remotely true I'd gave expected to witness some of this nastiness, at least overhear a negative comment or two or get some kind of reaction when walking around hand in hand with my girlfriend. Except this didn't happen. Because when people aren't being directly appealed to, when they aren't getting drowned in propaganda trying to influence a vote that they have been handed a personal and moral responsibility for most people simply did not care all that much. By abdicating their responsibilities to appease the extremists in their party the government changed that. To add insult to injury by publishing the results at the level of detail they did they allowed me to see the *exact* percentage of my former neighbours, schoolfriends and colleagues who were willing to go to the effort of returning a form denying me the right to marry the woman I love. You might have seen the happy shiny pics of people celebrating the 'victory' I know for a fact I wasn't the only one who spent that day, and more than a few since, sobbing. I currently live in an area that returned an 80% yes vote, I have a good life a wonderful partner and am surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family and this process left me emotionally devastated. I'm not even capable of imagining what it would have been like for the 17 year old kid still figuring herself out at a catholic school in western sydney that was me 20 years ago.
  8. hmmm, ok, I'll bite. And how do you see this going down then? Well, he's served many Kings and turned his white cloak several times by switching allegiances. If not for Joffrey's and Cersei's stupidity, he'd most likely still be in King's Landing serving Tommen, had they not fired him and shamed him in public. Who knows, with Daenerys currently missing and her whereabouts unknown he could get word that Rhaegar's son is in Westeros fighting for the Throne and seek him out for a spot in his KG. Maybe he's going for some type of record? Though I think he'll probably stay in Slaver's Bay if he survives the battle, he's basically Daenerys' right hand man and is ruling Meereen in her name. Time will tell I guess.
  9. What I've seen is that Mueller is possibly using Flynn's son as a lever as the son is in possible big trouble too, thanks to his father.
  10. Firstly, it’s a house of horrors, so a lot of people might refuse to live there if they consider it (and the Boltons) cursed. Best thing to do would be to raze it to the ground, or at best use it for storage. Also, unlike the Umbers and Karstarks, there are no Bolton heirs, so there would be no need to discuss loyalty and sins of the fathers etc when deciding who should become lord of the Dreadfort. They might have even given it to someone already. Do we really need to see Jon stamping property deeds? And of course technically it belongs to Sansa anyway, and she likely wouldn’t want to go near the place, at least not until they’d cleaned it up and removed all the human skin and body parts.
  11. This picture is interesting kind of shows how stupid Preston’s suggestion of a Dorne landing is
  12. Reports in that Flynn's counsel is indicating to Trump's counsel that they can't communicate anymore which apparently suggests that Flynn is flipping or trying to work with Mueller team.
  13. It would only be a few months difference, not a year.
  14. They don't need to do that, they just need to make it to a handful of politicians who lack critical thinking skills, who are already predisposed to favour "small" govt low tax propositions.
  15. Eh, A Boy and His Dog is one of the founding works of post-apocalypse fiction which I find to be a genre that isn't cyberpunk but exists in the same housing complex. Cyberpunk is something that requires the "punk" element where the man is fucking over society (which is what punk means) and that requires a society to begin with while PA works tend to be lawless to a certain degree. Cyber means computers, information technology, and virtual reality so you need computers as well as "high tech" to work. I should also note over on the Facebook Cyberpunk lists, everyone generally agrees the most annoying thing is everyone asking "Is X media cyberpunk" as no one can agree 100% on a definition.
  16. What did people think of Ali in this innings? 38 from 102 seems very out of character. I’m not sure whether the promotion to number 6 was the main factor or just the slow nature of the pitch plus England’s overall strategy of wearing down the Aussie quicks. Perhaps all of the above.
  17. Today
  18. See, Trump is bringing back coal!
  19. All that, and net neutrality looks set to die a cruel death. That'll be a nice lump of coal under your Christmas tree.
  20. 300 seems like a pretty even score really after the poms edged the first 2 sessions the aussies have fought back pretty well in the next 2.
  21. The question for me as to the meaning of life is, what is meaningful to you? What does life mean to you? I no longer grapple with this. I have been with both parents when they died, years apart. It's not being able to accomplish all one wants in life before one dies is what scares me. Death to me is like what one experienced before being born; ie; nothing. Being with someone when they are dying is a profound act, Joseph Campbell called it 'a mediation on death', and I would have to agree. Giving comfort to someone as they die is compassionate act. Control is the name of the game in religion tho, isn't it? When I was in grade school guilt and fear were always with me because of the indoctrination and the schooling. Plus, nuns can be fricking scary! LOL I've heard of JW disfellowshipping and it sounds very cruel. More of that control angle.
  22. Of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms series (It's not really a trilogy as they are separate stories in the same world rather than the connected stories of a trilogy) I loved the first two, the third was a bit of a letdown. I didn't really mind the romance, I usually don't unless it becomes the single dominating feature of a story. The Broken Earth trilogy is absolutely outstanding - worldbuilding, character construction, writing technique - I loved every aspect, and I usually don't read or enjoy postapocalyptic stuff. There's also the Dreamblood duology, but I haven't read those, so I can't comment.
  23. Thank you I liked it for the double meanings. "rocked" also had a double meaning. But if that clue had been in R1, I would say at least 4 clues would have beaten it. I'm interested to see how my R3 clue plays out.
  24. It doesn't. DIdn't mean to even suggest it did..
  25. Oh I agree, men dont listen for shit.
  26. Thanks guys, I’ll consider it just that!
  27. Lol, you should look up the origin of snowflake, I think. And I don;t rememebr anyone on here saying peep about TWF in any negative way. People were practically sucking Rothfuss' cock at that point.
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