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  2. Looks like Shannara had their same budget. Ok. Snarky exaggeration. But not in the costume department.
  3. Yes. “There is no crime so foul as for a guest to bring murder into a man’s hall.”
  4. oh, yes, iirc it was Tyrion's idea
  5. In which case, he ought to have been Chief of Staff, rather than commander.
  6. tell that to Thoros and oops...everyone else if Dany had not arrived in time thanks God that Gendry is a good runner and ravens eat lots of energetic corn So if the writers make Jon stupid for love for his new queen he barely knows ut finds sexy and later make the other characters tell him he is that makes the story of Jon only about "honour" and stupidity is justified....good try, but that doesn't convince me, LOL and for the record...I have not said the word "moron" to anyone, don't twist my words
  7. Did anyone watch Sean Bean's show Legends (cancelled after 2 seasons)? I saw the first episode on TV once I didn't bother continuing. It seemed really by the numbers and unoriginal, and now that good. But then I saw a bit of season 2 and decided to watch it - it seemed interesting, and I've checked it out online and learned that you don't have to see season 1 at all to watch season 2, as it was a complete retooling of the show. I never bothered with season 1, but season 2 was amazing - a complicated drama/spy thriller, taking place in multiple European countries and over several different time periods, with the story being told in a non-linear way, with several different timelines in every episode (but not confusing) and with many twists. Bean was really good, but the other characters were also interesting and well played. Particularly the guy who played an FBI agent hunting Bean's character, who was kind of a co-protagonist - I've never heard of the actor or seen him in anything else, but he was great.
  8. Steve Bannon Will Tell All to Robert Mueller, Source Says Trump’s one-time chief strategist and current frenemy may have been tight-lipped with Congress. He won’t be that way with the special counsel.
  9. One important question is, does gust right protect one guest from the other? If there's no such thing than most examples given here aren't actually any violations of it. From memory, no Bolton is killed in Winterfell, so Mance and Manderly, two decent fellows who adhere to guest right from our earlier encounters with them are still giving it value. As for Tyrells, "In the eyes of gods and men..." we are often told; Joffrey is a bastard so actually he has no right to be the host, absolving Tyrells. Roose also has no right to be the host, whether because it is now Ramsay who is Lord of Winterfell or because Boltons have no right to have it, it doesn't matter much.
  10. Me too, but it's because I actually like it the best here. I also like the reread threads, but they got severely wrecked when so many posts disappeared. And I like the Rant and Rave threads, but now I can get the same thing from Fandomentals articles and podcasts, tumblr posts of gotgifsandmusings, turtle-paced and others, Black Goat of Kohor's or The Dragon Demands Youtube videos, Twitter profiles such as Disown the Throne, etc. The book snob rants and GoT-trashing have proudly spread and flourished far beyond the Rant and Rave threads. You aren't. Actually, I think that, if the rest of the books never came out, that would, if anything, ensure that the forum would go on forever, with people coming up with new and crazier crackpot theories all the time a and repeating old ones (as there would be nothing to prove them wrong), people speculating what would have happened, people writing their own endings and arguing whose is better, people arguing over how different or similar the show's ending was to the books, polls about who should be tasked with finishing the series, etc. AITOOAH who makes lists of all films, TV shows, books I've seen/read during a year and whether I liked them or not? (I started that a few years ago due to a couple of other forums with threads where people were doing that... I'm also now ranking my TV show seasons I've seen because of the "Rank Your TV Shows throughout the year" thread in the Entertainment section.)
  11. Im not sure Stannis is a known bender
  12. I think Jezal got better as a man. He fought very bravely during the siege of Adua, prevented the execution of Lord Brock's children, and clearly feels obligations towards his subjects. But, he still got stamped on. In the world of The First Law, good deeds never go unpunished.
  13. No, I mean fourth son. If I remember the old appendix from AGoT correctly, then Viserys II was originally conceived as being the fourth son of Aegon III. He would have had at least four sons, Daeron I, Baelor the Blessed, an unknown third son who likely predeceased Baelor, and Viserys II. That changed when the age of Baelor Breakspear and his brothers, sons, and nephews as given in THK really made it impossible for Viserys II, Aegon IV, and Daeron II to be descendants of Aegon III. And even with the change from Viserys II from a son to a younger brother of Aegon III he still has to have his children at a very early age to make things work. In 153 AC Viserys wouldn't have given up hope that Aegon might come around. But the reason why he and Naerys may have less to do with Viserys own obsession to found his own Targaryen cadet branch but simply be a precaution to produce more potential heirs for the Iron Throne. And again, since Aemon might already have voiced his intention/desire to join the Kingsguard at that point, he simply fell out as a potential husband for Naerys. Aemon wouldn't have been close to Naerys in the Kingsguard while Aegon III and his sons sat the Iron Throne, considering that it was hardly a given that those kings would extend KG protection to their nephew/niece and cousins. And if Aegon and Naerys had ended up settling in a castle of their own then Aemon might have only seen them very infrequently, in any case. The marriage policy of Jaehaerys I seems to be somewhat odd. It is strange that Prince Aemon was married to his half-aunt Jocelyn, the half-sister of Jaehaerys I and Alysanne instead of his full sister Alyssa who ended up marrying her younger brother Baelon. It is somewhat understandable that Alyssa Velaryon's daughter by Lord Baratheon ended up marrying into the royal family, but it is still odd that she got the Heir Apparent and not the spare Baelon. One could attribute this to the power and influence Alyssa Velaryon and her husband may have had in the early years of Jaehaerys I's reign (the fact that the king's first daughter was named after her grandmother is testament to that influence, too) but I'm not sure if this is enough. Jaehaerys I also married his sister Alysanne, and we seem to get a hint in TSotD as to why Jaehaerys I didn't marry his elder sister Rhaena, too. He surely could have mimicked the Conqueror and Maegor in taking more than one wife. His love for Alysanne apparently explains why he married her, despite the Targaryen tradition that a son marry his eldest sister (that's why Aegon I married both Visenya and Rhaenys) while Rhaena's apparent love for Androw, the second son of Lord Farman, might provide the explanation as to why she did not end up marrying Jaehaerys I. She may have returned to Fair Isle after Maegor's downfall, finally marrying her true love. And if that's true - who knows? Perhaps Androw and Rhaena's descendants eventually inherited Faircastle and Fair Isle? Perhaps even Androw ended up as the Lord of Fair Isle because his elder brother died early and childless? We don't know yet. Now, one way to explain this is the simple fact that Aemon wasn't the oldest son of Jaehaerys I and Alysanne. That was Prince Aegon, the eldest child they had, even older than Princess Alyssa. We do know that the five children who died did not live to adulthood. They did not necessarily die in infancy or as toddlers. Prince Aegon may have lived long enough to be betrothed to his sister Alyssa only dying at a time when Aemon was already betrothed to Jocelyn Baratheon - say in his early teens or so. Then it would have made sense that Jaehaerys I and Alysanne could no longer call off the Aemon-Jocelyn marriage in favor of Aemon marrying Alyssa, resulting in them eventually marrying Alyssa to young Baelon. Going with the traditional sibling marriage for a branch of the family that is imagined to become a cadet branch doesn't make a lot of sense. Baelon and Alyssa's children would be full-blooded Targaryens, inheriting blood claims both from their father and their mother - who happened to be Jaehaerys I's eldest surviving child - whereas Aemon's child(ren) would only inherit a blood claim through their father. Jocelyn Baratheon was also closely related to and connected with the royal family through her mother Alyssa Velaryon, but the Baratheons and Velaryons do not exactly have a strong blood claim of their own. In that sense, the marriage policy is pretty odd here. It is difficult to compare it to the situation after the Dance considering that Jaehaerys I and Alysanne really had nine children. They had more than enough heirs. Aegon III and Viserys did not - and might have been haunted by the Dance which nearly led to the extinction of their entire family.
  14. Lady Mary carries her own, as do many of the other ladies in the cast. Their stories are compelling enough without the extra drama of the revenge-crazed gang of outlaws. It's the messaging that confused me. Was it meant to be a show about women overcoming extreme adversity without men, or that we need to add some men to the story to make it watchable? They were all useless and unapologetic for their uselessness, yet the women still swooned over them. I'm so confused.
  15. So Euron never left. I'm guessing in your story he never raped/slept with his sister in law. I'm also guessing that new UFT Euron did not abuse his brothers either. UFT Euron sounds like a stable family guy. I can also imagine this new character to be supportive of his fathers reforms. Quellon stays out of the rebellion and remains alive to continue his rule. The Lannister fleet is not destroyed and he seeks suitable brides on the mainland for his youngest sons. Now with Quellons longer rain and the threat of the Lannister fleet, the Greyjoy rebellion does not happen. Theon is no longer heir, and no longer ward to the Starks, Asha has 3 brothers and is not such a tom boy. Now What Theon and Balon invasion of the north thing? Do you mean Rodrik and Balon invasion of the north? Who is Rodrik married to in your story? What other alliances to the Greyjoy family have to the mainland? Who is UFT Euron married to? I could better answer these what if questions if you gave more detailed back story for these new characters you keep creating. Thanx
  16. They could refuse to seat a conservative SC justice, assuming a vacancy came up. I don't think they are going to do that though. They'd face great pressure from their party and it's very possible their numbers would drop like Flake. (Of course numbers no longer matter for McCain or Corker) If Sessions is fired by Trump they could refuse to seat a new AG. That's a scenario that could actually happen. I'm pretty pessimistic on any Republicans doing the right thing in the next year or three though. Things like, "I'm against skinny repeal, but for it if it's in a tax bill" does not inspire confidence. Same with the lack of action on the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Why Is James O’Keefe Going After Twitter?
  17. A peasant from the Riverlands. Would you rather be a bastard in Dorne, or a noble lady in the rest of Westeros?
  18. The ECB have now decided Stokes is available for selection after he's been charged with affray. So what exactly was the point of not picking him before then?
  19. What I didn’t understand is why these people weren’t claiming worker’s Comp/employers liability. Seemed pretty clear that the injuries were caused by the workplace.
  20. As he regains his sense of identity, he is just becoming his old self. Everything was a joke to him before, I bet once he "recovers" his own self will be a joke to him too, especially with all the missing appendages.
  21. No need.
  22. I personally have had a little theory that Rhaego and Dany's dragons switched somehow during MMD's magic; throughout Game, the eggs are always stone, implying that the dragons inside are dead. Rhaego is always alive and growing inside Dany, up until his birth, when he comes out dead. There is something unusual about Rhaego's condition too: So he has scales and something that can resemble wings, but where did the graveworms come from? How can he have been dead for years, when he was alive and well just a few days prior? The dragons, on the other hand, had indeed been dead for years. They would've had graveworms and stink of corruption on them, but instead they're alive and well. Also, what Rhaego and the dragons have in common is that they were all unborn at the time of MMD's magical ritual. That, and Rhaego has the blood of the dragons, so they're all dragons. This also begs the question, did someone do something to Maegor's unborn children? There were an awful lot of dragons born right after Maegor's death and during Jaehaerys I's and Viserys I's reign. Did someone do the same thing to Maegor's children as what happened to Rhaego?
  23. I gave up on Vikings midway through S4 because it became unbearably stupid and I hated what had been done to my beloved characters like Lagertha.
  24. So, before I get to the hero, some backstory on the villain in this. Larry Nassar (former doctor for the USA Gymnastics team) is a real piece of shit and has already been sentenced to 60 years for child pornography back in December. But he is also a pedophile rapist scumbag with so many victims that Tuesday was only day fucking one of FOUR days of scheduled sentencing so all 98 of the victims that chose to make statements could read them in court. That's not 98 victims total, just 98 who chose to make statements. Who knows how many girls he actually abused throughout his life. One survivor in particular, Kyle Stephens, has had portions of her statement make the rounds on social and news media. She was Nassar's neighbor and her story is brutal yet uplifting. If you can make it through to the end of her statement (roughly 14 minutes) you will stand up and clap at the strength and integrity of this young woman. She's an American hero. True grit personified. I'd ask her to run for president in 2020, but she seems overqualified for the position. Besides, she's already had a tough enough life and doesn't deserve the bullshit that comes along with that job.
  25. Sansa’s. Would you rather be an essosi slave or a peasant from the riverlands?
  26. Watched the first three episodes, but haven't gotten back around to finishing it because I'e heard others make the same complaint. Guess I better get it over with soon though or I'll never finish seeing how Lady Mary handles those American outlaws.
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