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  2. Another middle of the road week for me. I went 2-2 again, making my season record 5-7. The good news for me is that I'm 2-1 in W-B and W-C. My Thunderdome team has been disappointing, given that my roster is actually pretty good and well set up for this format. My Dynasty team is 0-3 and may not win a game all year. The roster I inherited was just awful, having only 1 good contract (Carr $6-2 years) and only 1 other good player (Wilson). Looks like I was right to treat this team as a complete tear down and rebuild project. Also, did well enough in Survivor to not be worried about next week unless disaster ensues. Pick'em also went OK given how bad it started.
  3. I really want to know more about Cregan Stark.
  4. she was always a little off Not at all. Hoster formed an alliance that was very successful. He got the alliance he needed to take on the royals thus bonding him to the vale. the vale was bonded to the north and the stormlands by foster and hoster was already bonded to the north by agreement and now mariage, so the alliance was very strong. The seeds of war were lain by Cersei, Jamie, littlefinger and varys
  5. I really don't understand why Heat fans would hate the Cavs. Their GM colluded to get LeBron and Bosh to Miami and the NBA turned a blind eye to it, and they got two fucking titles out of it. What the hell more do they want? Cavs fans hating Riley and the Heat is understandable given how things played out, but I can't understand why Miami fans would be pissed when they got exactly what they wanted out of LeBron: championships and several of his best years.
  6. Fortify his position.
  7. For pure subject matter... i love the concept of this show... If they deviate from historical accuracy --and I'm sure they will, for storytelling sake-- I do hope that they remain true to what and who the Templars actually were... ... and the new trailer looks fun.
  8. Agreed. The show has gone out of its way to make it actually feel creepy, in a way that Frankenstein's Lab or the House of Dracula haven't felt creepy for generations. To most viewers, Frankenstein is Gene Wilder, or even Tim Curry, or at best Peter Cushing. But Qyburn is legitimately creepy. That was impressive enough in the novels, but making it work on TV was a pretty good feat.
  9. So Salic law makes an exception for France?
  10. There was never any chance of Wade going back to Miami this year when he took the eight million pay cut in the buyout. You don't do that to go sign with a team that isn't a contender, as there would be no need for him to be there in time for training camp. He could have just drawn out the process and kept more of that money and then signed with Miami whenever it was done. Giving up the eight million meant he was a lock to go to a contender. As far as Wade goes, it's not as if the dude is dead. He averaged 18 PPG last year acceptable efficiency and, if you look at the advanced stats, he was still clearly making a positive impact across the board. He's nowhere near as good as he was in his prime, but he still gives more than he takes away when he's on the floor. He'll also presumably be playing less minutes with the Cavs, which should mean he makes a greater impact during the minutes he does play since he can conserve his energy.
  11. Yeah, that's the rub. It really is impossible to get 53 people with differing views to agree on one type of political protest, especially when many members of the 53 don't even want to protest. Hell, it would be difficult to get 53 like minded people to agree on one type of protest. And even if you appear to get it right, you still get it wrong. Just look at last night with the Cowboys. On the surface it looked good, but when you think about it it's all wrong. It was a PR and photo shoot for Jerry while totally watering down the entire meaning of the protests.
  12. It was changed in 570 but only if no son is present. This was explicitly on the issue of the french crown. The wikipedia page sees the issue different than you.
  13. Well what was he supposed to do by staying north of Moat Cailin?
  14. Well, Robin Arryn could certainly use being fostered elsewhere. The kid still breastfeeds at six. I wonder what he's going to do, now that Lysa's gone...
  15. More than familial duty, Robb included the Riverlands in his demand for territorial cession. That is, he intended to make it part of the northern kingdom. The demand would have been revealed as pure bluster had he retreated without securing the Riverlands. Of course we can also call such a sweeping attempted land grab a mistake that contributed greatly to his loss. Really I agree that going south of Moat Cailin was Robb's first and biggest mistake, and all subsequent mistakes were opportune because of that. I think GRRM means to tell us something by having Robb declared King in the North while in his mother's house, surrounded by enemies, rather than in his own castle. It means nothing to bear the title without first securing the tangibles that come with it. At that point he was king entirely in name and not at all in deed.
  16. It all depends on the meaning of "the seed is strong" and who in the Red Keep knew about the thing and who thought what about it. Varys, Cersei, Jon Arryn, Stannis .... they could have all come to different conclusions. But it does not answer the question why Robin Arryn was to be fostered elsewhere. That was kind of the reason for Lysa's acting.
  17. I thought Salic law barred women entirely, i.e. The son of a daughter could not inherit. Take the Hundred Years' War: Philip IV of France has three sons: Louis X, Philip V and Charles IV, and a daughter Isabella, the She-Wolf of France. Charles IV dies in 1328 without issue, ending the direct Capet line. Edward III, son of Isabella, claims the right to rule France as her son. However, the French refuse and uphold the rights of Philip VI, a cousin of Isabella's through Philip IV's brother Charles of Valois. The Avignon papacy decreed that Salic Law bars female line succession in 1340.
  18. Ok, I know this has been said on these threads on multiple occasions, but this is not how I remember it. From what I recall, he was reportedly going to out undocumented students at the Berkeley protest - and this is what I find when I google it. I don't see anything on him ousting a trans student like he did in Wisconsin. This doesn't matter to the argument - I suppose we could argue which is more deplorable but they're both disgusting - just wondering if anyone can confirm this for me?
  19. Also, it will be interesting to see how Heat fans react. I listen to a sports show based out of Miami (Le Batard) and they give off the impression that they'd be cool with Wade signing anywhere except with the Cavs. There's still a lot of bad blood between those two franchises' fan bases.
  20. Yeah... and I'm liking it... To me, it's a lot like a self-aware Star Trek show... almost like what Tom Servo and Crow would say if they were regulars on ST:TNG
  21. I don't think it is "becoming Disney" as much as it is lurching from one bullet point to another of all the marks and story-points they need to hit without taking care to tie it all together. A lot of this series felt it was more about what was "cool" rather than what would make sense. The lack of motivation or common sense from the characters has been a niggling issue for me since Season 5. I think it stood out more this year because they genuinely feel like they are rushing to tie everything up. It also feels like this was the year they finally gave up on hoping a new book would come out so they could ground themselves more. IDK, I still like watching the show but it was very hard to ignore the cracks.
  22. Yeah I'm seeing that now too. I guess a lot can change in a day. I think this also means that Wade won't be going back to Miami other then to sign a 1 day contract to retire as a member of the Heat. That aside, what do you think a mostly washed Wade adds to the Cavs? I know SG is a position of need, but IDK what Wade gives the team, especially without IT.
  23. Damn. Now I have to actually read up on Charlemagne to rejig my humour algorithm.
  24. Inevitable.
  25. While I agree with those who say that S3 should not return to the "Inside Elliot's head" again... I am optimistic about this season... I love a show where you have to lean in and pay attention... and IMO, this is the best non-pay network show since Breaking Bad...
  26. And @Rhom, My best guess is they want to cast a wide net on the cheap when the players are young and hope that creates some degree of loyalty if and when one of their younger prospects becomes a super star.
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