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  2. *cough* Massacre of the Latins *cough*
  3. I was thinking much along the same lines regarding the link to the Weirwoods and Nordic mythology of Yggdrasil, too! Oooo you raise an interesting point with the connection between Theon and Asha's names being related to the word for "god" and godliness that I hadn't thought of. It could even tie together the two readings I had for her name of with Asha = Ash tree = Yggdrasil/The Tree of Life = Weirwood = gods = "as-" = Asha, as well. I know I'm reading to much into it there but it brings her name full circle in my own head now and, as you say, ties in with Theon, too. Aha, no problem! Considering how their names are spelt it really does take breaking down the names to a phonetic level sometimes to just get your feet off the ground. Rhaegar is actually relatively easy to simplify compared to some of the other Targ names!
  4. Going to lose with the 2nd highest score again. Fuck this league.
  5. Random aside and thread derailment! That mystar flashback on your blog is GOLD. I totally forgot that guy existed.
  6. Black Gate Magazine video interview with Erikson here.
  7. How much suffering occurs during their reign against how much prosperity, whether they accomplished the goals they set out to achieve, ability to keep the peace, succession, ruling ability etc.
  8. Right? He just popped like a 30 yard gain and just jogged morosely back to the huddle.
  9. It's not so much the show I think as how some of the fans interpret it. Although the creator did go off on the MRA fanboys in an interview and it was pretty glorious.
  10. Eh, I would argue that things pretty much go to shit for a majority of the pov characters in the first book.
  11. US box office for opening weekend not looking flash (pardon the pun) for Justice League. It's possible this will be the first DCEU movie to have a domestic run <$200 million. Estimated $96m opening weekend, and possibly a final multiplier of 1.99 (which is what BvS got). I think the foreign box office will save it from being a financial trainwreck. But you gotta figure that where the US audience goes, the international audience will soon follow. If they think the DCEU is going to be a 15-20 movie venture they need to do a serious course correction. IMO the problem is fundamental. The MCU started out as movies being made by Marvel, as something of a passion project. They had to start with Iron Man because he was a character for which no one wanted to buy the rights. Iron Man and Hulk even had different distributors. The DCEU is a competitive business response to the MCU and you can tell that there is this fundamental difference in the starting positions. I think there is a reason MoS and WW are regarded by most as the better movies of the 4 we have so far, by quite some margin. Both MoS and WW probably had greater creative freedom. WW, because it happened outside the timeline of the DCEU, and because it was WW and probably not expected to be a core movie for the franchise, so WB didn't try to focus test the life out of it. MoS also likely less micromanaged by the suits, because it was a reboot after a one off reboot so was possibly a "see what you can do with this" sort of thing. Though the money they threw at MoS was ridiculous. There is something a bit rotten at the core of the DCEU and I think it's an imbalance between the creativie, artistic side of movies and the business side of movies. But it might also be that the wrong creative people are in charge regardless of the business side. The movie got a B+ from audiences. So it's possible word of mouth might be that the movie is better than the critics say. This could help to push it above $200 million in the USA. Which would still be disappointing, but not the embarrassment that falling short of $200 million would be. 2nd weekend drop will tell.
  12. That's interesting -- tell me more about overriding this mind control box..! The 'mind control box' would be the weirnet equivalent? Perhaps the 'overriding' in ASOIAF would involve a 'greenseer war' or face-off in the weirnet -- i.e. a battle of 'the knights of the mind' for control of the 'mind control box'! (we have already seen an example thereof when Varamyr and Haggon battle for third-eye possession of the wolf). Personally, I think Bran's task will be to 'short-circuit' the 'mind control box,' not to save his own life, as in the example you gave, but to save the life of others. In fact, I see him sacrificing himself along with the 'box' -- 'destroying the cauldron of immortality from within', just as in the myth of Bran the Blessed and his brother Efnisien, except the inverse. It's important to study GRRM's other works -- it's a good thing I have you and @40 Thousand Skeletons to update me on the important themes (or should I say 'variations' on a theme... )-- although it's also valuable to recognize how his themes are evolving. For example, from what I've been able to glean, GRRM initially viewed belonging to a collective as anathema, e.g. in A Song for Lya, where there were only two choices: join the Greeshka and lose your identity, or keep yourself and lose your girlfriend (!) vs. in ASOIAF where he seems to be exploring the idea of being a sneaky 'naughty greenseer' archetype, in which you get to 'keep your cake and eat it too', involving joining the collective without really relinquishing ones individuality, dipping in and out, and then making off with the spoils, ultimately forsaking the collective after having benefited from the experience of the union (in short, you get to have yourself and keep Lisa your girlfriend too, or an unsound variation thereof). Symbolically, this is what's shown by Daenerys exiting Drogo's funeral pyre, then later fleeing the House of the Undying; or Arya tricking the many-faced god into granting her a bottomless well of wishes, instead of just three, then releasing the prisoners, and fleeing Harrenhal (as in the AGOT show, I predict she'll find a way to squirm out of the House of Black and White too); likewise, I believe Jon will leave his post at the Night's Watch, and Bran will escape Bloodraven's hollow of hypnotic horrors and extricate himself from the krakenesque clutches of the weirnet, even if it means his own death. The harsh maxim 'only death pays for life' does not always apply to the protagonists, however (when all is tallied, other people around them pay far more in terms of self-sacrifice or ego abnegation, if you like, than they do...), and sometimes I get the feeling GRRM does not intend for it to apply to himself either!
  13. 1) Urragon. That one should have been fixed ages ago... 2) Harlen.
  14. I still think most of Westeros will be lost and the “bittersweet” ending will see the surviving characters fleeing to Essos. Winterfell and King’s Landing fall to the Walkers. A new wall is erected in Dorne. The survivors live to tell the tale of a new long night, as snow falls on the pyramids of Mereen.
  15. @Blue-Eyed Wolf I love threads that relate mythology to asoiaf but I am not very schooled on the subject. The shape shifting cloak is great! The parallels to Freya & Odin/Sansa & Sandor are fascinating. Maybe Sansa will get her own horse @Widow's Watch that's exactly what I'm looking for! I'll have to play around with the meaning of serenade & see what kind of sense comes from it. @Faera Nice! I agree the Targ names are the hardest! I honestly never thought of looking them up the way they sound rather than actual spelling. We may get further that way!
  16. Why? He is literally taking a page directly out of Trump's playbook. Say outrageous shit that you know will land with core constituents. Trump is happy about this because he can rip on a guy who his base doesn't like because he's a brash black guy. Lavar can feud with the damn president of the United States, who is disliked by the people most likely to buy Lavar's products or watch his reality TV nonsense. It's a partnership that makes both sides happy.
  17. I like all your interpretations! Especially with linking Asha to the ash tree, which is also linked to Yggdrasil. Much of the concept of a weirwood probably comes from Yggdrasil, an ash tree mixed with Celtic animism. Ash also fits well with the fire motif of the burning red leaves. It also connects her to her brother Theon, whose name means godly and who is now heavily connected to weirwoods in the later part of his story.
  18. So amazing. Taylor should have refused to re-enter the game. How horribly did this decision go for this coach?
  19. If someone were to do an adaptation of "The Lost Road" I would be up for that.
  20. Some said it lasted far too long.
  21. No, what makes you think that?
  22. R.I.P. the Nathan Peterman era, 11/19/2017 - 11/19/2017. I will remember it fondly.
  23. Pretty sure WhiJo is on board with at least some of this stuff though. Obviously not the reiki (he explicitly calls it out as bullshit). But spending time together in a yurt where they can actually try to take time and talk about their issues is exactly the sort of thing I think he would do. Another thought on the episode - I loved what they did with Nathaniel and his parents. Walking the line as they always do between accurately depicting serious issues (We don’t talk about suicide or feelings or anything here; what do I say to someone I care about when they have just attempted suicide; etc) and doing so in a jocular way (She got flu and went sailing for a year; And we were having lamb too!). The Rebecca-Nathaniel dynamic will be very interesting going forward. New relationships aren’t exactly the best thing for the individual when they aren’t just starting treatment (see also Greg in AA) but there are obviously feelings between them, and Rebecca has used romance in the past in destructive ways, or to escape the hard truth. It will be interesting to see if she avoids doing that again - and also whether Nathaniel is aware enough and a decent enough person to back off from that side of things during such a difficult time
  24. Lol this has made my day
  25. the mods do nothing for curating content on here unless someone reports it. you shouldn't either
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  27. Unless my lawyer said it would create actual legal problems, I'd appear on his show and answer every question "I do not recall"
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