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  2. Did its borders reach all the way to Far Harad? According to Tolkien, the men of Near Harad were "brown-skinned" (not black).
  3. The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway is currently $2.99 for US Kindle.
  4. If the NK doesn't bring Viserion into play immediately, then, it might make sense. It is a bit far fetched for me still, but it depends how they (writers and director) will play it. I just don't want to see another Beyond the Wall situation/plot armour.
  5. Except voting for Trump? That's kind of a huge qualifier, isn't it?
  6. You've confused cause and effect there. Astronomers decided to invent the term dwarf planet, based on non-geological characteristics, when they are not the ones who study planets. The term didn't exist before.
  7. I don't understand how in the heat of the moment, he's to differentiate the step he took and extending an extra step. They also teach you not foul injudiciously, but it still happens. You're judging this entirely on the consequence and not the intent. Never said I wasn't bias, only that my bias can't refute facts. Well, I've argued using stats and video; what have you argued with? Your bias fandom? You clearly don't take facts seriously. You've done no more than I have to demonstrate that Zaza committed a dirty play. If my thoughts are asinine, what would you consider yours?
  8. Well, CNN reports about the latest accuser: Lindsay and Jeremy Menz moved from Minnesota to Texas in 2014. Lindsay Menz is now a stay-at-home-mom of three young kids. Neither is registered with a political party and she said she has equally supported Republican and Democratic candidates while he said he has tended to favor Republicans. The couple voted last year for Donald Trump, and Menz said she has voted for Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is a Democrat, in the past. Menz said she believes she has voted for Franken as well, but is not sure. Except for voting for Trump, she does not fit your characterization of his other accusers, and she did mention this to other people back in 2010 right after it occurred, and there is written evidence of that on Facebook. So I think it is engaging in some psychological denial to not believe her. (Athough what's she's accusing Franken of is not as serious as some of the accusations against Moore, and that should be taken into account.)
  9. He didn't say if the sudden swerve was a good thing...
  10. But Joffrey failed. He didn't succeed. Why would he share his failure with either of them? Even when Arya outsmarted him, he was wise enough to lie and say that two people attacked him at once, so as to not make himself look as incapable as he really is. So what would be the point of exposing himself after the botched plan? As for impressing Sansa. Prior to the whole Nymeria and Robb declaring himself King, Joffrey is acting perfectly aound Sansa. Because that's what he has been trained. Even afterNymeria when he seduces Sansa agin. Does he really care about Sansa? No. But he does show off to people quite a lot. In Winterfell, he tries to show off he can fight with a real sword. Then he tries to show off against Mycah. And later again when he's King he says stupid things and brags about how he shot a woman on the arm. I don't really think he was trying to put Bran out of his misery but if he was trying to exert control in some way then yeah, I would believe Joffrey could do it. Whether someone else put the idea on his head is a different thing. Though LF was away and that's kind of a big deal. And Joffrey's meaning of "mercy" is kind of warped in and off itself. Whether anyone would be impressed is a whole different thing as to what joffrey might believe. His mother would certainly be impressed by the initiative, maybe not the execution. Sandor or Robert, probably not. Especially Robert. but Joffrey might not see it that way. Surely the incident between him and Robert regarding the kittens in the past might be enough hint for him, but Joffrey has mostly contempt for his father. I wouldn't be surprised if Sandor stood higher for him than Robert at thatpoint in the story, after all they spent a lot of time together from what it seemed.
  11. As noted in a previous response, the World Book states that Bittersteel did not support Daemon II's efforts to claim the throne. I think it is likely that he preferred Haegon to Daemon all along, but Daemon was eldest. I wouldn't be surprised if Bittersteel encouraged or manipulated Daemon into trying to claim the throne at Whitewalls, hoping he would get himself eliminated. Interestingly, Bittersteel did not form the Golden Company until 212 AC, the year after Daemon was imprisoned.
  12. There are 10000 species of dinosaur alive today, sure that's a decline compared to their heyday but that kicks the shit out of how many most groups has. Sure as hell beats us with the pathetic little 300 monkeys that makes up our group.
  13. I believe that he was looking for ways to kill dragons. That they were little doesn't matter in my thinking because I believe the FM are looking to take down the wall and believe that they can only do this with dragon fire. The thinking goes that they would abduct and somehow bind themselves to a dragon (dragon horn?) and then, after taking out the wall, need to know how to kill it.
  14. Hmmm, we have a orange baboon pretending to be president squatting in the White House whose administration is embroiled in scandal and we have a high profile senate election in Alabama which will likely result in the Dems picking up what should’ve been a safe Republican seat. Sure would be nice if something happened to a Democrat to divert some of the heat! And hey presto, two highly conservative Trump voting ladies accuse a Democratic senator of misconduct! Such luck! Of course it’s only a coincidence that Roger Stone gloated about the first accusation before the news even officially broke and the woman in question was a regular on Sean Hannity’s show, an extreme right-wing propaganda venue. It is definitely only a coincidence that this Democratic senator is a highly effective member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who made Trump’s pet elf Sessions squeal like a gutted pig during Senate hearings only last week. And it’s only because she’s just such a gracious lady that miss Tweeden accepted Franken’s apology, remarking that he doesn’t have to resign and that an ethics investigation (you know, with all the testifying under oath) definitely isn’t necessary at all, hahaha! gulp. I’m not sure what’s more lamentable: the depths Republican operatives are willing to sink in order to get a political advantage or the willingness of liberals to throw their own people under the bus in a panicked reflex action to avoid even the faintest whiff of hypocrisy. ‘Oh, we’re not like those disgusting Moore voters, so we must immediately cast out our own accused. Otherwise Republicans will * gasp * accuse us of having double standards! Oh noes!’. I bet that Roger Stone and his filthy ilk are watching with keen interest. If Franken is forced to resign, I expect a lot of Democratic politicians will suddenly meet with unexpected career terminations. After all, all you need is a woman making an allegation and proof that she met with the politician. No further evidence needed, immediate resignation required. I’ll tell you what I need before I believe the allegations against Franken: when a woman who is NOT a rabid rightwinger, Trump voting, Hannity acolyte makes an accusation. I don’t know, like a (former) staffer or a SNL co-worker. If he truly is a pervert, there should be plenty of material here. Unless, of course, he only happens to grope conservative women. Until then, I’m sticking with Franken.
  15. Well since the reason why a dwarf planet is categorized thus has to do with orbits, I would say astronomers do have a saying.
  16. So much this! Once I even shared a room with 3 guys - all platonic (which means I was sharing a bed with one of them). There's this thing called respect. I trusted all 3 of them implicitly. My most frequent roommate is someone who once was even a little attracted to me, but I have never once worried about so much as a creepy stare with him. Having desires and thoughts is NORMAL, acting like an ass because of them is simply a lack of control/caring/respect whichever you want to call it
  17. I'm really looking forward to this book. Glad its not taking the easy road.
  18. Ahahahaha, My* was a ton of fun! Still can't believe the effort that guy went to.
  19. I won't spoil, but I will say that the first two chapters have the story going in a way I wasn't thinking it was going to go at all, and I was pretty surprised.
  20. Well yes he was the leader of the sad pups who also claimed he was shunned at the Hugo's and also got into a minor blog fight with GRRM who tore him to shreds using you know, facts and logic.
  21. I'm so tempted.
  22. ME, Per this CNN Article she posted about what happened back right after it happened in 2010... it is just that no one noticed it back in 2010:
  23. Interesting distinction! I look forward to reading more. I also want to add the Wheel of Fortune to the list of cards to watch. I think this could relate to the Targaryen's being pinned on the Wheel of Prophecy by Dany's Dream before they relocated to Dragonstone. And the Knights and Knaves of the various suits as well. Can't wait!
  24. OH SNAP! Someone got told.
  25. Stannis case seems desperate. But I believe it's only an illusion. The Manderlys and Freys have another business than attacking him. And some holes in some lake could be to his advantage. He knows his betrayers. The Boltons can't say as much. The situation inside Winterfell is explosive. I doubt Lady Dustin and most Northmen are really holding to the Boltons. Even Ramsey may feel the opportunity to get rid of his father without looking the murderer. I believe Stannis will win Winterfell. But he will be too weak to influence much thereafter. With Jon probably now obviously AAR for Melisandre. With all remaining Northmen likely behind Rickon and whoever is with him (Benjen?). My guess is Stannis will take to Black and become the next LC. Or at least to fully dedicate himself to the fight against the Others.
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