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  2. Because certain elements of the fandom don't understand the genre themes GRRM is trying to deconstruct, and thus assume that every person must have a secret identity. Which is literally a trope GRRM is out to do away with, specifically with the juxtaposition of Jon and fAegon. Idiots and conspiracy theorists (though I repeat myself) can't be stopped, just ignored.
  3. Valid concern, as the Saints had been victimized by at least one total bullshit DPI call on Crawley in that game.
  4. Is this a universal statement or does it only apply to artists that are alive?
  5. He's explicitly trying to force Cersei out so that Margaery and the Tyrells can take over all that patronage the Lannisters have been getting, with Renly increasing his own power as their patron at court. And if he wanted to protect himself from the Lannisters, he would submit to Stannis (who has no reason to hate him, and makes him a generous offer of being the heir, for a man with no heirs who can inherit at the moment), and join their forces. If it were Renly vs the Lannisters, it would be one thing. But he has literally no legal case to be king while Stannis lives, and he can get the exact same personal protection (perhaps more) by submitting to Stannis.
  6. The lugging around part? Seriously? That 5 pounds is oh so taxing. The 5 pounds that fits easily into a knapsack or grocery bag plus two cords and a controller. My god what a struggle that is to move around. You are right the switch has less to carry around than that. (It doesn't)
  7. Haha so you didn't read it? Shocking. Man with dumb, uneducated opinions stemming from not closely reading the text, refuses to closely read a rebuttal of those bad opinions. The thread is pointless because there isn't an argument here, there is only one right answer. It's Stannis. Robert's Rebellion wasn't a popularity contest where the winner was acclaimed king. Robert was acclaimed because he had the strongest claim to the Iron Throne specifically through his Targaryen ancestry, and the legitimacy that grants. The very act of the rebels acclaiming the Baratheon line as the rightful rulers of Westeros means they are BOUND to support Stannis.
  8. This guy won't last long on the inside. Prison politics will take care of him quickly.
  9. No idea, but the first season looked like it was a good $5 million per episode. The sheer volume of visual effects was massive (much higher than probably the first three seasons of GoT, at least) and of a very high quality (at least to start with). Season 2 definitely looked a lot less spectacular and like they'd had a significant budget cut somewhere along the line.
  10. Here's the issue... you've created some ridiculous question which isn't what the OP said. You quoted but didn't understand. The question is not "If Robert dies before becoming King" but, "if Robert dies before being crowned". Which means that the rebels have acclaimed Robert, and therefore his heirs, as the rightful rulers of Westeros. What if Robert had a grown son when he was acclaimed and not crowned? Lot less debate, I'm guessing. Because many people here want to make the entire concept of Robert's Rebellion that of a popularity contest, where Robert wins because he's handsome and charismatic. Ditto why there are people who actually support Renly, who has nothing to recommend him beyond his charm and Mace Tyrell's overweening ambition. When in fact there is a ton of legal nuance to proclaiming Robert king in the first place. The question is thus: is Robert a king upon being acclaimed, or being crowned? Now, from a legalistic perspective, that's a very difficult question to answer. But for the rebels, it's super easy - once they acclaim him, he's their king, with all the legal rights, privileges, and duties associated with it. They can't "crown" him because they don't have access to the royal paraphernalia. If you're arguing that Stannis doesn't inherit Robert's claim, you (a) are rejecting the entire system of feudal aristocracy underlying Westeros, and (b) arguing that the rebels would just go home. Because to them, they've affirmed the legitimacy of Robert's claim, which means they're also affirming the legitimacy of Stannis (and then Renly's) claims too! So is Aerys a claimant during Robert's Rebellion? What makes someone a claimant? Having the Iron Throne is a nice symbol of legitimacy, but as Tywin might tell you, the reality of power is more important than the appearance of power. This is why I am positing you aren't very bright; you're very clearly not actually thinking through the points you're making. Robert's "claim" is supported by the majority of Westeros, in almost every single possible sense. Feudal monarchy is assisted by the appearances of kingship (the crown, the throne, etc), but at the end of the day the Targaryens were kings only because their vassals knelt to them; if most of those vassals are kneeling to Robert, why shouldn't he be considered the rightful king and Aerys the pretender? You don't understand the historical and textual nuance. It's quite clear I understood the thread better than you, at least, because I'm the only one who seems to get that once the rebels acclaim Robert, they are simultaneously endorsing his entire line. If you don't understand the concept of kingship-by-acclamation, or the idea of hereditary monarchy, then there is no way I can educate you.
  11. Nice commentary Faera. Interesting and full of vim!
  12. Of course we do not know for sure. There are mysteries that the author intended to reveal to us near the end, at least until the show came along, and the biggest one is the events during the rebellion. We are told limited things, not so we can speculate rampantly with no basis for the assumptions, but so it will be revealed later
  13. Well, if it's not reported, then how are people supposed to do anything? And honestly, people in say the US are a bit more concerned with their own problems in their own country then in Yemen. Even if they DID care a great deal, what would the US in general do?
  14. Generally speaking, slavery isn't a very efficient system. Employers who are too concerned about the wellbeing of their employees (because they paid for them) are less likely to make risky innovations like those that made the industrial revolution possible. Ironically, the reason the northern states advanced industrially while the south stagnated was because the southern slaveholders were too invested in the safety of their workers. In the north if an employer lost a worker to a mining accident or factory mishap they just pick out a new one. A slaveholder has to buy a new one.
  15. Excellent post bud.
  16. What don't you like about limiting visits to the mound? Just curious. I think my guy Yadi has to approach the mound more than any catcher I can think of. Even still, I'm all for speeding up the process. I love pitchers that move right along, though perhaps because so many Cardinals pitchers take their sweet ass time on the mound. Pitching changes slow games to a crawl, especially in the post-season with longer commercial breaks - though I've no idea how to speed that up with so much advertisement money involved.
  17. Victor Pelevin's The Sacred Book of the Werewolf. Werefox meets Werewolf, falls in love. But it's much deeper. A commentary on post-communist Russia's embrace of capitalism and "Westernism" and their resultant exploitation of Russia in the 1990s. Highly recommended.
  18. Jon also doesn't feel the next blade; so I wonder if he has already warged into Ghost. In any case, I think we're talking resurrection rather than returning to a living body.
  19. Yes we did. I think it was sometime around September? The exact date escapes me. But Netflix is the only platform to watch it over here (barring VPNs and other such methods) so you are still ahead of us
  20. I mostly agree, but with a caveat. You have to get the sense of feeling that the joke is not coming from a place of hate. A bunch of my buddies and I can rip one another for our ethnic and religious backgrounds because we know there's no hate involved. I think Chapelle failed this qualifier from the beginning. @Dr. Pepper, you're being really unfair here. Can't you understand that people can compartmentalize their beliefs on the advancement of civil rights and their enjoyment of dark humor? I, as a really liberal guy, can work on a campaign that's goal is to advance civil rights and liberal causes and still enjoy an insult comic who lays waste to every sub group in the country. Some jokes will work and some won't, but comedians have to be allowed a bit of additional space for many of the reasons others have laid out. Anyways, your absolutism is likely to do your cause more damage than good. Pushing likely allies away because they're not perfect is a great way to shrink your movement and diminish the chances of achieving your goals.
  21. You can hardly consider a port city with a great harbor to be 'barren." It would be a hub of trade. You don't have to farm to trade, or to trans-ship. We know there are vendors and artisans in Meereen etc, in spite of the "barren" soil. And, as far as food production goes, a bay can also be fished! (now there's a thought) The cities of the Bay of Dragons don't need slavery. Nobody does.
  22. i feel extremely attacked right now
  23. thanks to raw water, my production capacity has increased almost almost 6 fold, so profit margins are way up!
  24. But could have been worked into the plot if well executed. Taking young children from their families and teaching them to sever all emotional ties and stop being such whiny emotional cry babies isn’t exactly a good approach. And with Anakin, leaving his mother behind in slavery could have been explored far more as a motivation but instead we got some botch job on Tatooine in Episode II which I always tune out for
  25. So there’s a lot of potential change coming to the game and let me state right now that I am not a fan.
  26. After all these years can it be that we don't have a dedicated thread to romance? Specifically romance that is SFF, magial realism, paranormal, etc. etc. Have you read anything good lately (please hide spoilers)? I'll start. The year before last I read Bujold's The Sharing Knife series. I thought it was phenomenal for many reasons, particularly the world-building and magic system. And the romance element was really great. At first I was not sure how I felt about it because the age difference between Fawn and Dag was so pronounced, but it turned out to be really well done and actually not creepy (sorta like Laurie King's Russell and Holmes age difference was ok). I also liked that pregnancy played such an important role in the series, instigating the heroine's quest and being significant with respect to magic. Bujold always does such interesting things with pregnancy and it makes sense that she would work it into the very fabric of the world's magic. It always seemed funny to me that so many (male) readers thought 'nothing happened' in Book 1, when from a romance novel perspective, it was practically perfect. There's battles with fantasy Big Bads, the two opposing cultures are fleshed out (a la Romeo and Juliet), the lovers shack up together, and there is a major resolution with respect to the heroine's family. There is even a magical element to the marriage system. Also, I absolutely adored what happened with Dag's last name. That made me swoon a little.
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