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  2. So much so that they let Ziggy suit up.
  3. That's insane. That UMBC team had no talent at all, and they just drubbed Virginia. That wasn't a case of a team that should have been a 14 seed or something, that team was a joke.
  4. Ugggh... is this Missouri score right? Can we send them back to the Big XII where they belong? They are embarrassing me.
  5. yes, he was literally shitcanned
  6. I had this idea that, while he may like the idea of everyone praying when they see his sails, when folks are serving on his ship, he doesn't want to actually hear any prayers in case they are addressed to gods that don't sound like "Crow's Eye."
  7. Hard to tell if McCabe's firing portends something more ominous or is just a prime example of Trump's pettiness and lust for revenge.
  8. I wish everyone in this thread could hear the bullshit on sports talk radio from Pitt fans. You'd think the Pitt job is better than landing as HC at UCLA during the Walton era...
  9. And now there are no perfect brackets in the major online sites: From
  10. They don’t call it March Madness for nothing!
  11. Clearly, you need an experienced team of veterans to win in college basketball these days...
  12. Did I just hear them say he interviewed for UNC-Charlotte and didn’t get it only to come back and win this game in Charlotte?!!?
  13. That's really messed up. I know the guy was a dipshit oil shill, but you dickbags picked him right? Working in that WH must be actual hell.
  14. As if he would want to go to Pitt!
  15. I can't wait to hear all the Pitt blowhards suddenly cry out for this guy tomorrow morning on the radio on my way to work like they've been closely following his career for the last several years...
  16. Man, tough draw for Virginia to get Arizona in their region as a four seed. We'll have to see what happens when they meet.
  17. That's it. We've seen everything in sports now.
  18. That coach just earned himself a list of job offers longer than Maura.
  19. Tony Bennett's teams continue their streak of hot garbage play in the tourney, and this historic loss is the feather in his cap.
  20. UMBC isn’t just beating a 1-seed, they’re teabagging them. Astounding.
  21. And Kentucky now has an open doorway to the Final Four. This one is over.
  22. It's happening.
  23. The last woman I dated was a big Virginia fan, it did not end well, so I'm enjoying this a little more than I should be.
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