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  2. In regards to all the stupid debate and uproar over kneel/don't knee stuff....seems to me that this is just another thing dividing out country and it could easily be avoided. Obviously the flag is an emotional topic and what the taking a knee represents is even more so and bringing them together is doing nothing but separating even more. All these NFL players are pillars in their community, they have the power to bring communities and people together, to bridge gaps. Instead of taking a knee during the anthem why not get out in your community and proactively work on bring both sides together, resolving issues, working towards a goal? Football, and sports in general, has the power to bring people together that may otherwise have differences, so why not capitalize on that and bring people together to discuss your issues?
  3. Mya's team did great this week. Also, interceptions are only minus 1 point?
  4. Take a fucking xanax, you arrogant fuck.
  5. There is an SSM on this:
  6. I am not shocked at the overall result (I guessed CDU, SPD, Left results correctly within 1%, expected the AfD even stronger and the FDP and Greens somewhat weeker) but slightly shocked at the huge dominance of the AfD in the East. Especially considering that Saxony is among the more prosperous Eastern regions. The FDP are the traditional Wendehals (turncoat) party. Except for tax cuts for the rich they do not really have any consistent position, certainly not on immigration policy and because of their fickle character one cannot count on what they will stick to or rather sacrifice in coalition deals. They always got stronger after a "grand coalition", but I am also surprised that they turned out so strong this time. (They were really helped by the media where they were treated as if they were in parliament in the last two years, not like someone in fully deserved oblivion. But I do not think they are safe from getting kicked out again the next time). The main problem will be that a Jamaica coalition (if stable at all) will be forced to such compromises that it will amount to "business as usual" (i.e. the Merkelian stasis of the last 12 years) in most respects. CDU, especially CSU would like to move considerably to the right (in fields like immigration, law and order, surveillance etc.) to get some AfD voters back but such positions will lead to hard clashes with the Greens and partly with the FDP so in the end there will be some kind of compromise that will appear weak and "leftist" to the typical AfD voter, so it will not help a lot to recover these voters. And the deeper problems, basically the huge distrust for the establishment (and the EU), the social policy desasters of the early 2000s Schröder administration and the problem of many regions (not only but especially in the East) faring badly (sometimes since two decades or more) will not be attacked efficiently at all. Neither will there be any progress in environmental policies (except for some lip service, check that Guardian article below) because the Greens' demands will be (more than) neutralized by the CDU/CSU/FDP who are deeply entrenched in the butts of the industry. So nothing will get better and all the deeper causes for the rise of the AfD will probably remain. The latter might shoot themselves in the foot another few times but as long as the deeper issues remain, they are here to stay. Add to this that the next major (global) economic disturbance is overdue, the tensions in the EU/Europe, the loose cannon Trump, it is certainly going to get interesting in the euphemistic sense. The only (but unlikely) hope is a thorough reformation of the SPD so they might have a chance at red-red-green some day but they will almost certainly be too weak in 4 years (because they are internally divided and apparently do not realize that regardless of contents they needed that option strategically) and it might never be enough now with another player in the game. (The crazy thing is that it would have been enough for rrg both 2005 and 2013 but the SPD preferred self destruction, that's why we are now where we are, in deep shit.) I also dearly hope that there will be some self-destruction within the CDU/CSU that is overdue, so when they get weaker there might arise new coaltion options for sensible policies.
  7. You know the old line, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
  8. why was military of Riverland in war of five kings only have at its peak about same number as NEF/north expeditionary force if they had larger population?they should have a larger military that the north.
  9. Likewise. Buried in my critiques was the fact that I was definitely interested, and for all of the Abramsization apparent it did have vestiges of OG Trek that were appealing. The uniforms were pretty snazzy.
  10. Actually, no, the AfD wants a "Minus-Immigration" until an "acceptable" level is reached. So basically, they are saying: in theory we are okay with immigration but, *dogwhistle*, not until we have kicked out enough immigrants. The FDP position is: those who are not political refugees or asylum-seekers will have to meet certain criteria to come and work here. Which makes sense in my opinion. But to me, the whole immigration-thing was never an important issue, tbh. Yes, very many people from other countries came here in 2015/16, but society didn't collapse, the economy didn't collapse. So when Merkel said: Wir schaffen das, I must say, that 2 years later, the diagnosis is yes, she was probably right: we can handle this. Now while everyone is having a clash of cultures, apocalyptic discussion about immigration, the scary things like mass-surveillance with automatic face-recognition or the massive civil rights infringement by the BKA are just slipping through under the guise of more security. We are seeing the vast tsunami of digitalization coming toward us and the Minister for Infrastructure simply doesn't get it, that we need more, better and faster Internet. The problem is - an we saw this in the public debate as well - everyone is looking back at 2015 and not forward. Now, for me it was a choice between Greens and FDP. The problem is that the Greens in Saxony are too weak, and some kind of local representation was important to me. So I'd rather have some MPs from Saxony and the FDP rather than voting Green.
  11. Can you tell me that he hasn't watch it since, though? There's a big difference from being behind on a show, as he apparently told Entertainment Weekly he is and deciding to stop watching something without an intention to watch it again at all.
  12. That's a major simplification. I don't think anyone is arguing that Tywin went to war casually or felt that he couldn't possibly lose. Of course he could. With that said, given his influence in King's Landing AND the fact that the Starks DID start the conflict, the risks to him must've seemed minimal. I also don't think you can use him being taken by surprise by the events that falcotron described as a lack of foresight into future events. There's no way anyone could've predicted all those things happening. I disagree. Tywin put the dominos (weird analogy) in place. He hated Tyrion but judged him intelligent enough to rule while he was out on the field. Had he not done so then King's Landing would've fallen to Stannis, the Tyrell and Dornish alliances would never have happened, Cat would not have released Jaime and Robb would've kept the Karstarks. That isn't even getting into the kind of chaos that Cersei and Joffrey would've caused had Tyrion not been there to reign them in. We also know from Jaime's conversations with the Westerlings at Riverrun, that it was Tywin who arranged for Robb to sleep with Jeyne. Sure, he couldn't have known for sure that Robb would then feel honour bound to marry her and break his oath to the Freys but there was no risk to him in the slightest. He took away his enemy's most important allies, and ultimately ended the war, with a pretty girl and some promises. That's a work of genius. Evil genius, sure, but genius all the same. I'd also argue that the decades he's spent constructing and protecting his fearsome reputation were instrumental in the outcome of the war as well. Had the Iron Born invaded the West then Tywin would've been fighting on three fronts but Balon STILL didn't think he could win and chose to attack the far poorer North instead. I'd argue that it was likely a factor in convincing Walder to go through with the Red Wedding as well. His alliance with Roose is another example of his intelligence. Winterfell and the North were Roose's price for betraying Robb. Tywin knew that but didn't trust Roose so gave him "Arya" while keeping Sansa for House Lannister. That way when Roose inevitably got out of line, Tywin would have the legitimate Stark heir in reserve. He could not have foreseen Tyrion's kindess, Joffrey being assassinated and Sansa disappearing but, even with that, he still had enough on Roose to unseat him if he should step out of line.
  13. Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that back in season 6, the episode with the anticipated BenJen/Coldhands reveal, George did not watch.
  14. But Jon's cousins are his sisters! And given what we know about the now infamous outline, I don't think it's leftover foreshadowing. I agree w/ the rest, @Lost Melnibonean. @Lollygag · When Jon goes to Craster’s Incestworld, he starts thinking about his sisters. A lot. But not so much the rest of his family. Ygritte is a thorough mash-up of both sisters. When Ygritte asks Jon about sleeping with his sisters, instead of a knee-jerk “Awww hell no!”, we get the thoughtful rationalization that Craster weds his daughters. The text hints at the possibility of Jonerys through well-established Targ history. That Jon isn’t as put off by the idea of being with his sisters as one would like is not encouraging in the slightest. --- I read this completely differently... I think it's totally natural for Jon to think about his sisters at Craster's. But not in a "yay, others are doing it so it will be cool to shag Sansa and Arya" way but rather in a "what kind of monster does this" way.
  15. We just had the most exciting week of football in a long time and this is what we're doing this morning? Fuck it, I'm talking about football. I am pleased as hell about that win vs the Raiders. We're 2-1 with wins over two teams that are 4-0 in games not vs Washington. The defense is playing really weirdly well. We finally look like we have real coaches and a real system on the defensive side of the ball. We just held a top 10 offense to 130 yards for the game! That could be the lowest yardage total we see for any team all year! Now of course, I must temper my excitement, because I am an inherently pessimistic fan. The Raiders had some drops and their center kept snapping the ball when Carr wasn't ready (none of them resulted in a fumble, but it still kills the play and offensive rhythm). It's just one game. We're going to Arrowhead to play an undefeated Chiefs team, and the last time we played KC we gave up 50 points at home. Cousins looked good, although not as good as his statline indicated. Most of his big plays were his receivers making things happen. Still, he was a lot better this week. I don't know why but for some reason Cousins first two games of 2015, 2016 and 2017 were all bad. It's like it takes him 2-3 weeks to get up to game speed every year. Very annoying habit, because that loss at home to Philly week 1 may come back to haunt us.
  16. I defended you too, LoveRock! I didn't write it here 'cause I was busy with a thing, but I totally defended you in my heart.
  17. To be fair, if he wrote anything more than one line, I would never read it. Rarely does he have anything worthwhile to say that would fit in anything larger than an average Greeting Card. But as always, Dante, thank you for the defense.
  18. Sure thing, dude.
  19. I don't care what anyone thinks of me when I quote my grandfather, who fought in WWII and was in the South Pacific for Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. Asking them politely to go away isn't going to work. Let's have no illusions about that. They've been emboldened but not yet normalized, thankfully. A whole generation of young men and women died to stamp out that ideology once and for all time, so that it never reared its ugly head again. Sadly, here we are. If it comes down to it, I will personally pick up a rifle and shoot some, and do it gladly.
  20. Hi @JesseKerkhof welcome to the forum. I think it probably means Eddard is seen by only Bran and us readers via a vision, he doesn't actually appear as a living character, it's similar to being mentioned in conversation as a memory. I reckon that's where the Wiki description is coming from, it would be misleading to claim he 'appeared' in ADWD long after he died, therefore saying he was mentioned is a more accurate take on the text.
  21. You realise you've just rendered every comment you mention that George doesn't watch the show void by acknowledging the sources may be 'unreliable'. There are sources out there saying he does watch the show, as @jcmontea points out, so what is it, StepStark? You hate the show, so you chose to believe the negative sources that suggest he doesn't watch it, of course. None of us are in a position to say whether George watches the show or not, so I'd suggest leaving that out in the future. You back a lot of your problems with the show up very well. When you start throwing in wild comments saying George doesn't watch it based on sources even you think may be unreliable, it makes your hatred for the show just look desperate, which makes it harder to take you seriously when you're criticising it.
  22. I know lots of people who loved it. It was beautiful and had this dark, ominous feel throughout. Although sometimes, the blue filter felt too dark. It had to be watched in a blackened room with zero glare on the telly to be able to make sense of it. I have two main gripes: One is that no characters other than the main character were detailed out at all. We got nothing really on poor Zilpha. Even Lorna felt somehow neglected. There was this rich backstory for both women, but it was only alluded to, never properly explored... perhaps a goal for season 2. There were lots of threads that the show introduced. One example is Lloyd's of London. Zilpha's hubby was an insurance man and there are a couple of references to Leadenhall. Also, there was this very strange line when Zilpha is reading a letter from James. It's completely misplaced in the rest of the language and says "Ship insurance, the new China", in the middle of him telling her that she shouldn't be bound by morality that she doesn't believe in. Weird, right? I actually thought having the battle between Lloyd's and East India Co would provide an interesting backdrop, but that went nowhere. It just wasn't my cup of tea, in the end. But I will still probably tune in for season 2.
  23. Awwww shiiit...
  24. Not as far as I recall. The riders were yeah, and Moondancer was blinded by Sunfyre's flames (another example of eyes being the weak spot on a dragon) but that's about it. Caraxes died of the injuries Vhagar gave it and vice-versa, Vermithor tore out Tessarion's throat and sent Seasmoke crashing into the ground only to then be arrowed through the eye. Vermax either drowned or was killed by scorpion bolts, Arrax was beheaded (by Vhagar's teeth) and the dragons in the dragonpit were killed by crude spears and whatever other weapons the mob had. So no I can't really remember a time where a dragon died to fire.
  25. It's mentioned that salt wife weddings are more informal than traditional weddings, but I'm pretty sure that's all we ever hear about it. I'm interested in this question as well.
  26. Fuck you and fuck your hollow defenses sperry. It was a personal attack. Say all the shit you want about Kraft or Belichick or Brady. I'm friendly enough with the people who do that. Manhole shits on them more than anyone but I respect him. You made a personal attack, and you have a habit of making personal attacks on Rock when he doesn't say shit to you. You have literally made a habit of responding to his long football posts with a stupid one-line insult. So fuck off with your grievance act. You're just a useless little shit with a crush on a useless little shit of a mediocre Oklahoma quarterback. Your brain is about as well adjusted as Bradford's knees. I obviously have nothing but contempt for you, but I could be civil with your braindead bullshit as long as you stay in your usual lane. Don't try and tar us as Trumpkins just because you're surrounded by them in your own shitty life, and don't pretend a personal insult isn't one, you shitty little toad.
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