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  2. Didn't you hear? The repeal of the estate tax is to help farmers.
  3. Raising the boy king far from the man who would pay to have him killed is smart.
  4. Is the symbolism of Trump approving a measure that will lead to the killing of elephants lost on everyone? All you have to do is point to the repeal of the estate tax.
  5. Tysha very likely would NOT know in a fortnight or less whether she was pregnant. They didn't have those little stick things then, and typically, a woman's first clue would be missing a period. Re: Blondes. Lannister guards, retainers, etc would be more likely than most to be blonde - remember the "first night" rights of lords? They went on until relatively recently. Besides, Tyrion has weird black and blonde hair, not the "true" Lanniser gold. Who else is blonde? Brienne of Tarth. Ser Duncan the Tall (probably an ancestor). The Velaryions - all of 'em. Blonde hair alone does not prove paternity. And just because a named character isn't described as blonde, we shouldn't assume there are few to none!
  6. No where am I saying that Jon would attempt to prove his parentage or try to crown himself. Jon has bigger problems to worry about. All I'm saying is that there are people who would readily believe that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son based on what they already know. And Jon Connington was close enough to the situation to be able to figure the rest of the story on his own.
  7. No mother willingly bastardises their kid, it is not in the interest of Elia or Rhaegar to illegitimise Aegon especially when he was expecting Lyanna to give him a girl.
  8. I am afraid you are wrong. King Aerys named him heir. Queen Rhaella crowned him. Both Daenerys and GRRM recognized him as Viserys III. He is definitely a true Targ king, just could not rule since he was on exile.
  9. Even if Connington suspected a child how does Jon prove he is this child? Honestly I don’t think Jon would make an effort to prove he’s the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, he’s not political nor does he want to be king. Attempting to use his newfound parentage to crown himself is ooc imo. No one wants to make their children disinherited bastards, it’s not in Elia or Rhaegar’s interest to bastardise Aegon. And like I said you can get a baby out of somebody without marrying them. Will you please stop referencing the show, we’ve been through this a numerous times on countless threads. George hates the show.
  10. Aegon, Rhaegar's eldest son.
  11. It's not common among the people I go to church with. In fact we are cautioned against saying that.
  12. It would have been a supremely stupid thing to do. There is a good reason for why Ned would take Jon to raise as his bastard son -- it's because no other path would have guaranteed his safety. Any other path would have endangered the remaining Starks, who had already been reduced to just himself, his son and Benjen, thanks to this war. Just the fact that Jon would have been born Rhaegar's son would have been justification enough for half the realm to want him dead. If he had blown Jon's cover immediately by declaring him king - or even letting anyone outside of those who already knew (like Howland, possibly Wylla and Ashara as well) - put Jon in immediate danger. Lyanna probably wanted her newborn baby to be safe and healthy before a figurehead for another war. I just don't foresee a situation where Ned would ever have taken his path even in a fun fantasy "What If" setting. There is no logical, practical or personal reason why Ned would have done something so supremely idiotic.
  13. And I said as much, but you can’t deny that it’s a common thing to hear.
  14. This... does not appear to bear any resemblance to reality. The UK is anything but clear about what it wants from a future relationship. I certainly couldn't tell you. There's a wish-list of sometimes contradictory stuff like being able to control immigration but also not have a hard border with Ireland: even on migrant labour, we sometimes say we want it and sometimes say we don't- just like we say we want to be able to trade freely but also, we don't. It's a mess, largely caused by by the fact that Brexit was defined only as a vague idea until after we had voted for it. Meantime, the EU has been willing to say 'you can have a different relationship' but they won't accept a cherry-picked list of good stuff we want to keep without giving up anything in return. The idea that they're not interested in a deal is somewhat undermined by the fact that they're currently trying to negotiate one. If they wanted a no deal solution to frighten other countries, they could (and would) just say so. I'm sure there are individuals in EU governments who would not weep if that was the outcome, but the EU as an institution does not take that position.
  15. She has shitty judgment as to Pres. Obama's citizenship. How is pulling this out different from calling the integrity of Roy Moore's accusers into question? What does this have to do with what Sen. Franken did?
  16. Would it be possible to annull the marriage, if Elia would have agreed or initiated it? If both of them agreed? Is there any known case regarding that? I am just curious. I think she might be more important to the case of Rhaegar and Lyanna that we might think. She knew about the prophecy. What if she believed it too, like Rhaegar did? What if she also believed that there must be another head of the dragon? We know not much about the marriage between Rhaegar and Elia. What if Elia had become a Selyse Stannis kind of person, ready to give up everything for the prophecy to be fullfilled. We allways assume, that Rhaegar betrayd her. But it may be, that she was OK with it, or even initiated it. She knew she can not bear any other child. If she also believed the prophecy, she may have agreed to it.
  17. Britain has said it basically wants to stay in the single market - a continuation of tariff-free trade with the rest of the EU bloc - but it is not prepared to pay for the privilege (i.e. the Norwegian model), so the EU has said that's a non-starter. As for the bill, yes, Britain does legally owe the money it promised to pay several years ago during the last round of EU budget negotiations (the ones where Britain actually scored a major success in getting the budget reduced during a time of massive austerity for the member states rather than increased as the EU wanted), as the EU's payments and legal obligations going forwards to the end of the current period have been based with that in mind. There's not really a huge amount to negotiate here, we either pay what we agreed (which is about €60 billion) or we don't, and in the latter case our international standing in terms of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness will be diminished accordingly. My guess is that, having put up €20 billion, May is angling for us to get away with leaving having paid about €40 billion, but I'm not sure if that is going to fly. We're going to be effectively staying in the bloc until the end of the budget period in 2020 anyway, so there's no logical or legal basis for us not to pay what we agreed in 2013.
  18. Consider me stunned. Battlefront 2 to disable in game purchases.
  19. I have often thought about this on a personal level. I know what emotional issues led to the decisions I made, and how wrong those decisions were for me in the long run. I would pick a different job when I joined the army. I would go into intelligence from the start, not transfer later in my career. the biggest thing that would be different is I would not have met my 1st husband, and that is ok. I picked a man (men really, as #2 is the same) that held the values I thought I was supposed to have, not one who understood me and my values. I didn't learn acceptance of myself until so much later in life. I don't think there would be anything more than minor ripples in the world at large. Other than the husbands, the 2 other people who would be greatly affected by this decision are my nephews, as I would have kept them.
  20. Thought Wind River was great. And really sad.
  21. I've never told anyone "my faith is the only path to heaven". I do not know the mind of God. It bothers me enormously when people say "my faith is the only path to heaven".
  22. Isn't Super Troopers 2 coming out the same day? I'll take my absurdly stoned self to that, not the 40th "lets blow up a city!" movie the past twenty years. (I pumped so many tokens into Rampage in my mall's arcade when mom dropped me off there and shopped. Sigh...)
  23. Whenever the copyright expires, if it ever does, and if a viable entertainment industry still exists, then it's inevitable. There will be books, stories, movies, television shows, video games, all of that set in LOTR world adapting all that has not been adapted, adapting again what all ready has, and creating new stories all together. Once it's legal, no way will it not be capitalized on. Doesn't bother me. It all depends on the talent of the writer and the freedom of what they're allowed to do. More often than not an original work may indicate a writer is more adept and creative, but not necessarily. Lots of great writers (along with a ton of shitty ones) like to write in all ready established universes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, DC, etc. If it's good I'll enjoy it, if it's bad I'll opt out before investing much into it. Maybe I won't even be around by the time it happens. So, why the hell not?
  24. I believe Amazon bought the rights to a LOTR television series. It's coming. I'd like to see Xena RE adapted. We can leave the cheesy 90's fight scenes and dialogue in the 90's, but there's good stuff to work with there. They could adapt it like GOT and make it much more gory, political, etc. I really want to see a GOOD adaptation of the Clan of the Cave Bear. Mostly, I'd like to see spin offs of sub plots I want more of.
  25. Well its in both parties interests for there to be good relations in the future. Negotiations are indeed about making compromises on both sides. You've just conceded that its Britain making most of them and the EU is hardly budging. I think its pretty clear the EU is looking for a no deal solution, in the hope that it punishes the UK enough to scare any other country into thinking twice about leaving. I think that might backfire on them unless they make major reforms at the same time. The UK has been pretty clear on what it wants from a future relationship, the EU's position is basically you either stay in or you are completely out / no deal. I'm not sure the cherry picking that people talk about is really that true either, we've already said we want out of the single market, out of the customs union and out of any governance by the ECJ. There is some debate over how much money we are going to pay the EU, but legally we don't owe anything after Brexit, its just a moral issue as to whether we pay and an act of good faith.
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