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  2. Helaena's Choice AKA Blood and Cheese.
  3. Not true at all from my experience. We had bulletin boards that functioned much like this place. Our spheres were smaller because my parents would have KILLED me if I had run up the phone bill calling boards long distance. I had lots of friends I met on the old BBS. It's one of the reasons this place appeals to me so much. This right here reinforces Zabz's point. What is the reason you think that the mathematics tasks that would have been associated knit / crochet are "low bar"? Fifth grade is when advanced students start doing matrix math. Matrices and arrays are the foundations of all linear operators and much of computer science data manipulation. Specific to computer science would be to use the different types of stitches to define different types of variables. Crochet and knitting would be a great hands on tool for introducing a very frustrating mathematical concept. You may not have meant it, but I see your reaction as another example of "girl stuff" being seen as less valuable. As an aside, my son eats broccoli because I told him they were tiny trees. He was a T-Rex that day and he has loved it since then.
  4. He would be SUCH a good fit. Over the top gore and action and completely arbitrary sex, dutch puns, and totally crazy-ass super serious camp.
  5. Of course he would have, and I get your point. I just think what he did is better than saying he got hacked or something. But otherwise I agree, point and laugh and then let it go.
  6. Screw the Yanks!
  7. I have a hard time seeing Goodell's clown show having much of an affect on viewership, except at the extreme margins.And while you do raise an interesting point about how the helmets affect branding, I still think it's negative impact on interest and viewership is minimal. I just haven't heard many people cite these as reasons for why they're turning away from football. Are you talking about as they're being played or live in person? Because if it's the former I'd have to disagree at least to some extent while also saying that's kind of becoming true for everyone, but if it's the latter then I absolutely agree. I could be wrong about us seeing too many games, but I feel like when I was a kid (say 20 years ago) I'd get to see 3-4 games each week, and it would be a Vikings and a Packers game and the two best games of the week. Now you do have a point about putting the bad games in prime time, but there's only so much they can control. Lions at Giants looked like a decent game going into the season. And well..... Generally speaking you're right, but I feel like the style of play that's in vogue today is just very entertaining. I want to see the QB drive the ball down the field, not dump it off 90% of the time. Big picture though, I really think the two biggest reasons that the ratings are down quite a bit is bad offensive play league wide and the flags. Sure there are other factors as you've pointed out, but I feel like those are the two main driving factors.
  8. Welcome Patrina! And Congratulations!!!! Wedding planning can be quite exciting and overwhelming. Good luck! Pretty sure, that quote is not in either the books or show, though it's possible it could have been in an extended blue ray addition? Either way, does it matter? If it's a quote you like use it! Our youngest daughter recently married ( May 27th!). The wedding was very much inspired by LOTR and GOT. But she didn't want it to be too literal. So she pulled aspects that she liked. And it was a stunning day. Everyone walked away with a "fairytale" feel. Etsy is great for personalized decor. The bridesmaids incorporated the GOT theme into her bridal shower with a Wedding is Coming banner and goblets . They incorporated the "I am yours and you are mine" into their vows. And if you enjoy or think your guests will enjoy Harp music...Camille and Kennerly have a few GOT songs. And yes Rains of Castemere was played during the reception...... But again it was subtle. Best wishes to you!
  9. Sweet Jesus, you've cracked it. Let's say it is two months. It's impossible for two young, thrusting, attractive so-and-so's to fall for each other in two months? Well, In Smokey and the Bandit, Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields get down after knowing each other for like, an afternoon. As powerful a pussy magnet as that Trans Am might be, it pales in comparison to WOLF-HEATTM, and neither Burt or Sally are dripping with Dragon hormones, as Jon and Dany clearly are.
  10. Well, nah, it calls critics of the show basement-dwellers who alienate their own families, which I'm happy to take as a joke, especially given I have a job, earn enough to support my own place, moving costs for next place, and someone else living with me, so it really doesn't make me do anything other than find it amusing. But nah, I won't hold back on my vitriol. Points are points, even if they're shown in a mean-spirited way. When D & D and associated writers treat their critics with contempt by essentially saying 'Lol, you nerds actually think about this', and shit like 'themes are for eighth-grade book reports', I think people are free to talk as much shit and get as angry as they damn well please. Also, you may not I'm taking MC and jcmontea's opinions on board and accepting them, for the most part. I'm only pissed at Megarova because she's coming up will bullshit on the fly and acting like it's completely true, guaranteed, and is laughably defending it because she doesn't want to accept that maybe, D & D are just a touch flawed. What are you trying to achieve here by white knighting?
  11. I agree that the scenario you describe would make for dramatic storytelling, too. Regarding whether Bronn thinks having sex with Cersei would lead to a long and happy life: Let me tell you, MANY men simply do not think that way. Your posts say you are female. Well, I'm a man, so I can tell you from a man's perspective that for many men, having sex with a smoking hot woman (like Cersei) is its own reward, and MANY men not only could not care less whether it leads to a long and happy life, but ALSO would risk a great deal to make it happen. In my opinion, most men and most women simply do not view sex the same way. I could expound at length about this, but a lot of it (not all, though) has to do with testosterone. Men have a lot of it, and it drives them sexually in ways that, in my humble opinion, most women (I said "most," not all) simply cannot understand. In my opinion, most men do not enter a sexual relatinoship asking themselves "Will this lead to a long and happy life?" Oh no, it's more along the lines of "She's HOT, let's go!" Next, I'm not sure Bronn cares whether Cersei is weak, isolated, OR even insane. See above. "She HOT, let's go!" is, I think more along the lines of how a guy like Bronn thinks about such things. Finally, regarding whether Bronn would have sex with Cersei despite being good friends with Jaime: Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I would do something like that, and certainly I never HAVE done something like that, but does it happen? Oh, yeah, it happens. Believe it. I've heard PLENTY of stories about guys having sex with their best friend's wife or girlfriend, and I've heard PLENTY of stories about women having sex with their best friend's boyfriend or husband. This stuff HAPPENS, no doubt. And Bronn is not exactly a paragon of virtue, let's face it. He has made it crystal clear he can be had for the highest bidder, and if sex with Cersei is a "higher bid" than hanging out and being friends with Jaime, I don't think Bronn would hesitate for 2 seconds before having sex with Cersei (any time, any place). Also, you might be interested in another recent thread I started, which sets forth a theory for WHY Bronn may not only NOT be deterred from having sex with Cersei b/c of his friendships with Jaime and Tyrion, but actually might be MOTIVATED by those friendships. Under this theory, Bronn is betraying Jaime and Tyrion (by having sex with Cersei) as a form of revenge against them, because (under this theory) Bronn actually hates ALL of the Lannisters, b/c (under this theory) he is the last surviving member of House Reyne (mostly wiped out by Tywin Lannister, as recounted in the song "Rains of Castamere.") But hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying these things are proven, just theories, and things I like to think about and talk about, so thanks for being part of that!
  12. I'd personally say the most evil acts in the series are: 1) Ramsay's treatment of Donella Hornwood. 2) The deaths of Aegon and Rhaenys. 3) Tywin's destruction of the Reynes. (due to how over-the-top his methods were) 4) Randyll Tarly threatening to kill Samwell. 5) Victarion murdering his wife for being raped. What do you think?
  13. You know, Verhoeven would actually be a good fit.
  14. Thanks for sharing the information and the links. What boggles my mind is that this part of my post was left out.'s_Watch The Night's Watch is a military order dedicated to holding the Wall, the immense fortification on the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, defending the realms of men from what lies beyond the Wall. The order's foundation dates back to the Age of Heroes, at the time when the Others were pushed back. The men of Night's Watch wear only black, and they are known as black brothers.[1] Recruits who join the Watch are said to take the black.[2] For conversational purposes I will add oaths. The below is the NW oath. A Game of Thrones - Jon VI "Hear my words, and bear witness to my vow," they recited, their voices filling the twilit grove. "Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come." The below is the Kingsguard oath as relayed by Barristian. A Dance with Dragons - The Queensguard The first duty of the Kingsguard was to defend the king from harm or threat. The white knights were sworn to obey the king's commands as well, to keep his secrets, counsel him when counsel was requested and keep silent when it was not, serve his pleasure and defend his name and honor. Strictly speaking, it was purely the king's choice whether or not to extend Kingsguard protection to others, even those of royal blood. Some kings thought it right and proper to dispatch Kingsguard to serve and defend their wives and children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins of greater and lesser degree, and occasionally even their lovers, mistresses, and bastards. But others preferred to use household knights and men-at-arms for those purposes, whilst keeping their seven as their own personal guard, never far from their sides.
  15. To be quite honest, I think you should be more careful with the terms you use. I get it that you are really dissatisfied with what the show did to the books you love. Ok. Your opinion. Your pain. Yoiur personal feelings. Others have a different opinion/experience and they come from different places maybe. There's no reason whatsoever to insult people who don't share your opinion, who try to find rational reasons for the show presenting the stuff the way it does before they cry bad writing and stupidity galore. Read the "troll" post again and you'll find that it asks for nothing more than some intelligence and maybe a semblance of a decent debating culture.
  16. I would not keep my hopes up for this new Tomb Raider, as it is still a video game based film. But it does look better than Jolie's version.
  17. That reminds me a lot of the Baby Driver coordination with shooting and music, and some of it is very John Wick like in the gunplay. And Karen Page is in it!
  18. We're criticizing a story where two characters fall in love because they "didn't have to fall in love"? If the boat sex creeps you out maybe you shouldn't tune in next season. Because brother, those two are going to be humping, like, A LOT. (WOLF-HEATTM)!
  19. There might be a bit of Black Jack in Frank. Something that was shown back in season 1 with his outbursts. But in this case it may be that Frank is obsessed with Claire, like Black Jack was with Jamie, but his moral code, which Jack completely lacked, is keeping him from doing anything aggressive towards Claire.
  20. Well, my point is that he shouldn't get credit for owning up to it after he was caught. Getting caught and then being forced into a public apology isn't something to commend. We all know he would have kept doing this had he not busted himself.
  21. An act? What are u referring to? He is very subtle when playing Bran inside him, he almost doesn't appear, and Bran is not "there" in that moment with Meera, it's there but Deep inside, but not in that scene. He is playing him as Bran was occupying 5% of his brain, and in that scene he is not appearing, the other parts of his computer are dominating him, he is only aware to say bye and thank you in that moment. But the showrunners explicitly told him to play it as if Bran was still there in general. They said it's a matter of dowloading info so quickly. No other 3eyed has been like Bran, and Bran is probably the most powerful of them all, so yeah, he'll have a greater role as one of the main POVS and we will see him again.
  22. Vargo Hoat. I still miss him.
  23. When do people own up to things? Either when they get caught, think they'll get caught or are consumed by guilt, and I'm guessing the latter is the least likely of the three. If he had actually done something bad or illegal, sure, I get your sentiment, but all that happened is he got caught doing something silly and embarrassing.
  24. Yes! That's it! The mindset of a tree, and stones, and winds. Makes sense now.
  25. I'd argue 'cynicism makes you win' is the thematic opposite of the books, which in my opinion is 'you have be the change you seek in this world, but dammit, be pragmatic about it at least'. I mean, we've seen cynics get toppled thanks to people rightfully starting getting sick of their shit in the books. As opposed to D & D's perspective, which is that Ramsay Bolton is a top-notch leader and everyone loves him for being a violent psychopath, and he only lost because Deus ex Vale Army. The way I see it, the books don't cheat to make the heroes win. The show cheats to make the bad guys win. So I guess, yeah, they're promoting their own miserable worldview with the show. And its success only validates this worldview.
  26. So it's funny. So point at him and laugh? We are allowed to poke fun at the insecurities of athletes, right? Especially when they're this damn hilarious.
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