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  2. I don't closely follow the PAC-12 at all, but surely UCLA is a tournament team... Lunardi has some head-scratching seeding in there for sure. Kentucky is back up to a 6 which I feel like we are more of an 8-9 seed (if that). If we win out and get it together then maybe we're in the 4-6 seed area, but winning out is a slim possibility. UK did play much better last night, especially after falling behind 11-0 early to Arkansas. Was nice to see them fight back and not just buckle under the hostile environment. As to Louisville... I heard on the radio they quietly took down the banners yesterday. Inside I'm smiling and gloating, but I keep a straight face because Karma's a real bitch. Plus it's kind of stupid... Michigan doesn't suddenly get awarded a championship for 2013. Players aren't asked to give rings back. Nobody is going to pretend the games weren't played. Although maybe UCF will want to claim the 2013 title and hang themselves a trophy.
  3. Toy Story - 8 Toy Story 2 - 12 Monsters, Inc - 6- Finding Nemo - 6- The Incredibles - 15+ Ratatouille - 13-+ WALL*E - 3 Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 10 Inside Out - 10 heal ratatouille hurt nemo
  4. Most of them, yeah. Florida is a bit shorter than most, because it's straight up 2 calendar months, rather than 60 legislative days spread out over a longer period of time. But there's only 11 states that don't constitutionally mandate short legislative sessions, and even most of them aren't always in session. Legislatures meet for a little while to pass the state budget and handle any other legislation, and only go into special session if they fail to pass the budget, have to deal with any vetoes, or the governor summons them to handle an immediate issue. It dates back to the idea that being a state legislator should be a part-time job that anyone can do, and the salaries are generally matching that. There's only 10 states where they make more than $50k annually, another 5 that make more than $40k, and another 5 that make more than $30k annually. Though things don't always match up fully. There are states where being a legislator is a full-time job but the salary is not (e.g. Rhode Island, where they make $15k per year) and states were legislator is part-time but they get paid well (e.g. Hawaii, where they make $61k). Florida is kinda in the middle. They get $29,697 for 2 months of work. Which is a real nice rate if it covered the whole year, but is hard to get by on if there's no income sources for the other 10 months. And it can be tricky holding a job while being a state legislator (except for ones like, "partner in a law firm" where you can set your own hours), since you're gone from it for a few months each year, you may be gone additional time for special sessions without much advance warning, and you need to spend time on fundraising, campaigning, and constitutient duties. The whole part-time idea is extremely flawed and helps continue the trend of only the independently wealthy being able to run for office.
  5. Nice!
  6. There is a huge hole between the two gate towers, which means KL may be penetrated. They're building up to the roofs, including elaborate roofs tilings, so we can expect lots of aerial shots, aka dragons. [Photos, more details]
  7. If someone tells me Goodkind is better than GRRM I'd probably say they were crazy, and i might never even talk to them again out of fear of being murdered and sacrificed to some giant chicken deity, but i wouldn't insist they were wrong. Can you compare Steinbeck to Hemingway and contrast their different styles? Sure. Can you form opinions about which one you prefer? Again yes. Can you state, as a fact, that one is better than the other? I'd say no. I'll get off my soapbox after one last point. Most of the arguments (and the divisive nature of the internet in general) are caused by our seeming inability to differentiate fact from opinion, and to state our opinion in a fashion that furthers debate instead of shutting said debate down.
  8. Bran - Royce of Runestone to learn to be a knight. Robb - Tywin Lannister to learn cunning Arya - Martells so she can be herself Joffrey - Bear Island to learn hardship and how to be humble. Tommon - he can stay in KL he seems to be a very sweet lad. Robert Arryn - Stannis to teach him duty and how to be a proper Lord. Tyrion - The Reader because Tywin wishs to punish Tyrion thinking the IB will chew him up and spit him out but Tyrion ends up being very happy with such an educated man. Edmure - Randyll Tarly to become a better soldier Arianne Martell - lady Dustin to teach her how to keep her legs closed Little Walder - Tywin Lannister to learn even more cunning from the master himself. Little Walder would own the Twins in no time lol.
  9. SO far, I personally agree with this sentiment the most from all the replies. Is LeBron well spoken? Meh. Is he the smartest person in the room at any given moment? Probably no. Is he the most humble person in the room at any given moment? Absolutely not. HOWEVER, given that this dude is a fucking freak of nature and was crowned a "King" by Nike from age 17 it is absolutely INCREDIBLE to see how he has handled his image, his career, and his adult life. The fact that he even makes any time at all to speak on social issues is pretty great. Little known fact - he and Wade were instrumental to setting up a healthcare/insurance fund for older NBA vets who had nothing of the sort until 1216.
  10. Seems to me a lot of people would say the same about comparing GRRM's work to, say, Terry Goodkind. But if we all thought that was a 'massive stretch', we wouldn't even be here to have this conversation.
  11. Why would they be classed as employees? Just because the private system withered away, why would that change the employment status of a contractor who already works pretty much exclusively for the public system? You seem to be taking what Yukle said and replacing it with something that was not said, that every medical practitioner would be forced to work as an employee of the NHS. Again, GPs are not in any significant sense part of the private system at present and were a bad example. Which is weird, because it's not like you have to look far to find a better one, instead of clinging to this one.
  12. No. There is zero reason not to tell N+A itself because on itself, it presents no risk to anyone. It starts to be a problem only when you come up with additional scenarios like a secret marriage or spiriting away Aegon, which, by the way, have zero textual support, and if you don't tell Jon these, he can come to terms with his identity and his mother's death.
  13. Exactly! I think it's almost a matter of "When something bad happens to Jojen" since we've known almost from the first chapter that his card was marked at some point. While, as shown by this thread, I'm most in favour of Bran-Hodor being the most prominent users of Dark Sister, Meera is definitely my second choice (again based on proximity but also possibly character too). She's an interesting case for me. In many ways, she symbolises loyalty, love, and light in Bran's life as a contrast to the more serious and dower Jojen. Yet she there are also hints of a darker edge to her in what she seems willing to do in the name of loyalty and love. She definitely has a "mama bear" mode if her brother or prince are threatened. She seems to have had avoiding her brother's fate at the back of her head, based on her confession to Bran at the campfire, and was flat out in favour of was willing to stab "Reek" in the guts as a means to keep Bran safe from him. Despite being a cheerful person, I definitely wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her and fear that life experience will potentially lead the huntress down a dark path. That's fine! I've been busy too hence why this thread took ridiculously long to get out. That, and my nerves. Look forward to seeing what you have to say! PS: @kissdbyfire - no worries! I'll wait til you have a chance to do your edits so I can respond in one big go.
  14. Haha, alright man. In which case i can just as easily say that ALL of these movies are flaming cans of dog shit when compared to the Godfather 2, and laugh at these debates about which dog shit is better than the other turds. What I'm getting at is that is seems like a massive stretch to simply call other people's opinions "nonsense" and then go on to state unequivocally that Guardians of the Fucking Galaxy 2 is better/worse than Captain America 1.
  15. Their tax bills, however, would rise markedly if they were classed as employees. And, plenty of GPs do private work, although NHS work provides the bulk of their income.
  16. Ok, gotcha. It's hard swearing off Star Wars since its basically been my jam from age 7, but i have personal reasons (worked for Newscorp in their HQ on 1211 6th Ave, and have had conversations with the Murdochs and still feel dirty about it) and political reasons (self evident) for my inconsequential boycott. Does that mean i'll never watch another SW movie again? No. But i certainly won't pay to do so.
  17. Yup. 52 billion into NewsCorp's pocket to help bring about the end of civilized society.
  18. The Ironborn have been the Children's primary antagonist. Their power resides with the sea and their Drowned God. The Children called down the comet and resulting tsunami to sever the Iron Islands from the mainland. The Ironborn then turned to raiding for a living, so the Children turned to ice magic to try and freeze their water magic out, but that didn't stop the Ironborn from practicing magic. It just froze their water magic and they created white walker soldiers. The First Men were enlisted to help. They could round up any Ironborn humans during daylight hours and imprison them in cells until the Wall could be built - keeping them separated and unable to make the sacrifices necessary to work magic. After the Wall was built the water magic of the Ironborn was contained and warded with woven layers of ice magic. Fast forward to Harren the Black who built Harrenhal in the Riverlands to mock the old gods. He clear cut all the weirwoods and dug up any greenseers he found. The surviving remnant of Children fled beyond the Wall into the cave where they now reside. Fire magic was summoned to deal with Harren by way of Aegon the Conqueror and Harrenhal was destroyed. The Targaryens united six of the kingdoms and made alliances with the seventh. Peace was restored for 300 years. The Citadel and their maesters have been working on reducing the strength of the fire magic over the last 300 years. By having a maester in every great House they are fighting a war of propaganda teaching children a warped history so that they think historical threats and stories were so far in the past as to be legends and myths, gremlins and snarks. The dragons have died out, each generation reduced in size, either by confinement or poisoning or both. Once the Targaryens were weakened enough, they saw their chance and plotted a scheme where they pinned the blame for a kidnapping on the heir apparent in order to have a "just cause" to rally the Houses, take the Iron Throne, and install an Andal king. Back to the Ironborn - Damphair has a terrible memory of Euron and a squeaky hinge - the Wall is a hinge, and hinges hold doors. Somehow the wards holding the water magic were unwoven and opened releasing the Ironborn's Drowned God into the North. Ice magic is still holding the Wall up as a barrier, but the water magic was released, albeit frozen. The wildlings are descendants of Ironborn and still have the knowledge to create white walkers. They're only pretending to flee, when really the white walkers and wights are their vanguard. Euron has sent Victarion to intercept Dany and her dragons so that they cannot be used against his frozen Drowned God when it breaks free of the Wall.
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  20. Why would GPs be angry? They're technically self-employed but in practice (heh) get almost all of their income through the NHS contract. If the private system withered away, their income and employment conditions would not effectively change much, if at all. Claiming GPs to be part of the private system would be a technicality at best, absurd at worst. Dentists. You probably meant to say dentists.
  21. Jon Snow.
  22. You'd be confronted with a lot of angry GP's and pharmacists.
  23. Braavos knot. So, that is reason why sixth book isn't coming.
  24. Well you needed it.
  25. Worst possible scenario, even worse than Sam will kill Euron.
  26. Wow, there is a lot of interesting ideas in here, @Seams so I'm sorry if my responses don't do it justice! One thing I will say before I attempt my answer is that as a reader of graduate English I loved the parallels you (and @Curled Finger) identified between the act of skin-changing to marriage/bedding and childbirth. I myself was thinking of Brandon and Lyanna as centaurs, too, when I made the post so it's nice to know I wasn't alone in that thought. While I have had the idea laughed at when presenting it I always wondered if a strong bond between the horse and its rider might indicate a low-level of skin-changing or animal communcation, like the singers and their ravens or the Marsh Kings and their lizard lions. Bottom line, it might be an indication that the ability is not an anomaly in Ned's kids but has been semi-lying dormant for a long time. Going back to skinchanging = marriage/new birth, in a sense, since it is presumed by Ned that Bran will never have children of his own, the act of skin-changing and joining and sharing his essence - his soul - with his wolf Summer, with the singer's raven (where he can actually feel her presence in there with him), and even with humans like Hodor (and, if @kissdbyfire by fire is correct, Theon, or if other theories I have seen floating around, Meera or even Jon), in a sense marrying them by slipping his skin into theirs and the "child" of that union is how they change each other as a result of becoming one. Haggon likened the taking of a wolf to the taking of a woman to marriage and that "both of you will change". I feel it could be extended to any long term bond between a greenseer and his skin. I definitely want to explore all of this further and look forward to your follow up on what "Brandor" might be giving birth to, so to speak!
  27. I never once said Ned didn't or hasn't lied. My point is he has all the reason in the world to not tell Jon who his mother is (that applies to both n+a=j and r+l=j). If he tells Jon what does Ned gain? Nothing except a super sad kid because he's been living under false pretenses his entire life and will never know his biological parents respectfully. What does Jon gain? Maybe some closure and major league disappointment especially if it's r+l=j. And if Ned were to tell Jon Ashara is his mother but she died well then you add another to the lie columns...
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