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  2. “Adaptability” is probably low on the priority list of studio executives who decide what shows/movies get made. ”Profitability” tops the list. Managing the marketing expense is one of the keys to profitability. How to market cost effectively? Adapt the books with the largest readership. Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, Lord of the Rings, Stephen King novels... So which fantasy novels will be headed to the screen next? Probably something from Brandon Sanderson... not because it is “adaptable” but because some studio executive believes it might be profitable.
  3. Absolutely! The ringfort on top of Lorath sounds like the kind of building the Andals claim the First Men did. Yet, we have old first man castles with round walls. And all of pentos is square. Im of the opinion the Andals and Maesters are lying. I also dont think the Andals were blondes. House Hoare was said to have black hair due to the Andal taint. Also Lann the Clever is a blonde and i have posted else where the quote about the Linial claims of the Reach and Westerlands being tied to the founding of Valyria. Also Serwyn serving Targaryen kings and part of the Kings Guard, though another section links him as serving the Gardeners. Except it's claimed they take statues. The Rhoynar ruins are still around and so are the Sarnori. Both are also dark haired. The Andals, built ringforts in Essos.
  4. Wish they didn’t even give them that point, but the OT goal (by John Moore who is just money in OT) was really satisfying after the Wild tied it up with Dubnyk pulled.
  5. Why is it so hard to understand that EXPECTING sex is not the same thing as finding someone attractive? It is that EXPECTATION that is the betrayal, that perpetuates the rape culture, that makes it hard to trust. the concepts of violation are not being arbitrarily expanded. A woman passed out used to be thought of as fair game...and many comics and jokes were made about it (Lampoons Animal House just one more example). We were ignorant then. Society grows, it realizes it faults and it makes adjustments. We stop VICTIM BLAMING. We look at what consent means, and we understand what really is required to consent. These are not arbitrarily. Tell me one example of an arbitrarily expansion.
  6. Ok, so my response is that I disagree with you. It's all so dumb and offensive. Now you're free to put me on ignore. Buh bye.
  7. This delightful video: Would You Fuck an Alien? made me want to play Mass Effect. I'm not sure if I trust old Rusty Rig to run them and I don't like M&K, but god only knows if my xbox still works. Wish me luck, folks. And yes, I would.
  8. It's impossible for me to be a "troll" because, as I've stated numerous times: I don't care how anyone feels. Just because you have an emotional reaction, it doesn't mean that I'm provoking you. You can respond to the content of my post, or not. It's up to you. The media. What gives you the idea that men have typically been encouraged?
  9. Sorry if this has already been posted. Buzzfeed did a piece on Congressman Conyers (D) from Michigan after obtaining paperwork that indicated how he was a well known harasser and how the story of one specific woman didn't end up in the news. It details the process of how congress sweeps this shit up under the run. It's highly disturbing. Ultimately I think it's a good reason why Franken should be part of the group to be swept out of office. The shit goes deep and with the same serial harassers, molesters and assaulters making the rules for how their victims are treated, nothing will change.
  10. I love my team Thanks devils for beating the wild
  11. Poe's Law in full effect. Unfortunately, I think he is for real though. And as week said, he puts people who disagree with him on ignore. He literally is living out the safe space episode of South Park.
  12. Were they? I remember liking a $4 player better than $5 because it was cheaper to drop. I don't mind keeping track of penalties over multiple years.
  13. It's a dead spaceship. Like, the whole Occam's Razor with it being an asteroid only works if you assume a derelict spaceship is less likely than an almost impossible-to-form natural spacerock. The real shame is that we have no stand-by assets for a situation like this. There's a non-zero chance derelict spaceship is hurtling through our solar system and there's nothing we can do about it. God damn, who knows what sort of tech is in there (if it is a spaceship, which it is).
  14. Sea lion or some such. He's already put most of us on ignore.
  15. Wut? This is probably the most universally approved example of non-monogamy ever. Whether you're talking about on this board or in the USA or in the western world, men who have multiple partners are rarely 'rebuked' and typically encouraged. What gives you the idea that the bolded statement is true?
  16. On Soul Cycles: I'm going to briefly break down what I believe some of the various magical, soul-based systems are. 1. The weirnet. I believe this was probably the original. The weirwood trees are the foundation, or roots, that provide the tangible network through which souls flow. Ravens and possibly bats function as psychopomps. Some of those who have bought into this system by blood sacrifice to the weirwood somethimes have access to this weirnet, which does not seem to exist wholly in linear time, and can sometimes experience visions (greendreems). Others can send part of their soul energy through network into other beings, usually animals associated with their own blood. A very few (greenseers) have even more direct access and can send their energy into virtually anything living, including humans, and can use the weirnet to "see" freely through the weirnet. Apparently drinking the prepared sap of weirwoods helps in this. Eventually, these few must physically fuse with the weirnet or burn out. Bran is their current champion, the Last Hero, in this Cycle of Prophecy. 2. The Drowned God. When the CotF fought the Deep Ones, the sank large parts of their own continent. This conflict is remembered as the Nagga incident and is the origin of Battle Isle and Moat Cailin. At least one grove of weirwoods was drowned, and its attendant CotF became merlings. The Deep Ones were defeated and forced from the surface, but they had their revenge on the merlings and enslaved those around the Iron Islands by poisoned the still-living weirwoods and creating the Drowned God. -whew- I don't know enough to even guess at how their Soul Cycle might function or what gifts it gives, but I suspect that drinking the prepared sap of corrupted weirwoods (shade of the evening) aids in this causing bluedreams (indigodreams?). Oily Black Stone is the physical substance associated with this Cycle and it can used by those associated with this cycle although I suspect that such is unwholesome and corrupting. I think the warlocks of Qarth use a similar system based around the shade of the evening-poisoned blue heart. I think Euron is the Drowned God's champion. 3. R'hlorr. The Bloodstone's Emperor apotheosis into the tectonic forces of the planet created the Firenet and enshrined him as its overriding intelligence. I think this is a corruption of the weirnet using the Black Stone he caused to be worshipped. Souls seem to use fire in various forms as foci. R'hlorr grants various gifts those bound as slaves to his will seem to have access to various powers including illusion and sometimes visons of the Firenet, reddreams, (which seems to some degree to be temporally non-linear). Those of his blood sometimes have a bond with dragons, the system's sole pyschomp.Obsidian is a physical manifestation of this cycle- fire made stone. It is antithetical to the Great Other's and it can also be used by some to tap into the Firenet by sacrificing blood. Some can also infuse fire into a corpse and recreate a semblance of life's spark. Danaerys, Azor Ahai reborn, is at least one head of his champion. 4. The Great Other, Night's Queen. My best tinfoil is that the Amethyst Empress died in Childbirth but came back as the Great Other due to magical backlash during the Lightbringer event. She became the Mother of Undeath, the first Lady Stoneheart. I doubt she needs a champion Other than herself. Not a lot to add but that I suspect there might be some kind suspicious ice spires up north like groves of stone weirwoods made of ice. Ice dragon pyschopomps? Ice made flesh. Anyways- the Others, also Ice made Flesh, are sustained by this network. She gives them such "life" as they have and apparently the gift to pass this icy sustaing power onto others and give the dead a semblance of life. I wonder if tools created of the Ice that is also their substance would be antithetical to creatures sustained by Fire? 5. The Many-Faced God. Two tinfoils this but: the Many-Faced God is the collective consciousness of everyone who drinks from the pool at the House of Black and White and those whose faces the FM, his psychopomps(?), soak in it. Alternately he is just one face of the Moon of the Moonsingers. Regardless He grants his followers icky powers to wear faces and give the dead a semblance of life again, as suits their wearers. I suspect they also sometimes have access to visions, blackdreams. One such led Jaqen, his champion, to Arya. 6. The Seven. The Great Emperors of the Dawn ascendant. I believe they are associated with the Wanderers,as I've previously tinfoiled. Sometimes they might give healing powers but I don't know of any other gifts associated with them. I do think there is a cycle here but beyond that I have nothing. Blood Magic operated outside these cycles, tapping and directing power and petitioning Powers directly.
  17. Ok, someone tell this person for real? Because this is some fucked up shit right here and I'm just out of energy to be engaging with an outright troll.
  18. No, I've stated that it's nonsensical.
  19. Be careful what you wish for. The grass may not be greener. I would suggest a small tropical pacific Island, but they will mostly be under water in the next 30 to 50 years.
  20. The 2nd one, cause when he wrote the will Ned used the words "my heir" and not "my son" and so she was afraid there was some sort of plot to name of Robert's bastards his heir, hence she had them all killed. Although some elements from the 1st could also enter into it, just before he is attacked by Jaime, Ned is told that Robert fathered a pair of twins on a serving girl at Casterly Rock three years prior when Tywin hosted a tourney there, he is then told that Cersei had the babes killed and the mother was sold to a passing slaver.
  21. Well heterosexual attraction exhibited by men has been demonized for years and still is. This period is not at all "sex-positive." Sure, we've seen more and more inclusion of LGBTQ, but sex-positivism is not necessarily about the inclusion of sexuality, but broadly the perception of sex itself. Customs and courting etiquette have been incredibly feminized to the point where every word and action must accommodate some hypersensitive laundry list. I mean, look at the responses here: having just an expectation of sexual interaction is "a betrayal of trust," "being a chode," "disgusting" "conducive to sexual harassment, assault, or rape." And men who have multiple female partners are rebuked. I agree that as long as no one is being harmed or violated, it should all be potatoes and gravy. Unfortunately, we've been arbitrarily expanding the concepts of violation and harm.
  22. For you fans of the Shield, the Sopranos, The Wire, ER, NYPD Blue and all of the large ensemble dramas. Do yourself a favor and watch this show. It is the granddaddy of them all. Set in early 1980's in a parallel to Chicago, you get a great diverse cast, dynamic characters and good storytelling. Some of its age doesn't sit well-especially the misogyny, but trust me that was indicative of its time and also trust me there are a great deal of strong women and minority characters, shoot in the 1st episode the son of the police captain (star of the show) is going through a gender identity crisis. A lot of the show is 80's relationship dramas so you get sort of a soft side to a lot of hard type cops. The show definitely captures the late 70's and early 80's racial dynamics, the poverty of the inner cities, etc. And one of the police sergeants bit off a guys nose! So do yourself a favor and binge
  23. A ferry in Sydney, NSW, will be called "Ferry McFerry Face." Ugh. That joke is so old!
  24. Thanks!! I admit that I started this post with just the gargoyle observation that got my "Valryians did not build Dragonstone" theory started, free of tinfoil. Was curious to see how others would puzzle over it, and if they would dive down the same rabbit hole I did. While we don't know exactly what was happening in Andalos after they migrated to Westeros, after the Doom the Dothraki seemed to pride themselves in tearing apart former civilizations.
  25. Interesting, As Jim Sterling said in a recent Jimquisition video 2017 is the year of the lootbox. It seems that no only is it the year lootbox "gambling" became a favourite persistent revenue stream for most major publishers, but it also looks like 2017 is the year that lootbox gambling has got the serious attention of some regulators, because it seems corporations did what corporations always do in an unregulated environment: they take things too far.
  26. Being against the law may not result in much of a penalty. And charges are hard to prove; they cannot be one person's word against another as the court must treat both as equally valid. There needs to be another source of evidence. I'm not sure if either of you are implying that the law is too loose or trivial, but if this current trend in society shows anything: women sadly feel sexual harassment is normal in their lives. Whatever the law says, for the overwhelming bulk of women, nothing happens as a result of being abused. And that is completely unacceptable.
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