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  2. would like to petition the hive mind for some decent lady dog names ... something in the venn overlap of “people” names and something cool and not totally basic/normie. bonus points for references to badass genre characters/and or political radicals
  3. I'll have to check it out! Though knowing your threads, yeah, concise may not fit (but detailed and well thought out will!)
  4. i wouldn’t dismiss the nra like that. they are no small reason people feel that way, and the influence runs in both directions
  5. The bolded doesn't make any sense. It's essentially saying the GOP is better at math than the Dems, which, as someone fairly well trained in statistics, I know is not true. What is true is that the GOP has better advantages at exploiting gerrymandering because Democratic voters tend to cluster in urban areas whereas one can split up the rural and suburban areas to benefit the GOP in an easier fashion, generally speaking.
  6. An hour and five minutes. That was a career defining performance for Seth Rollins.
  7. I stumbled across this season 1 recap with Jimmi Simpson recently (didn't realize it's a video from August) and was amazed by just how confusing this show could be. I never felt lost during the season, but the recap kind of blew my mind with just how much actually happened in season 1. IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED SEASON 1, DON'T CLICK ON THE VIDEO UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I disagree. Not a huge fan of US Office, but UK Office is a perfect reminder - and primer - at how grating Gervais is and always will be. And this is coming from a fan of his. It's a bid sitcom, just no. Agreed on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I thought it'd just be Samberg showing off, but I can't deny it's damn good. Only problem is it seems to follow the Friends formula, like Office US, which is always a bad idea long term. I'm not sure on the season numbers, but Archer hasn't been good in awhile. That's unfortunate, it was brilliant for the first 2-3 seasons. Such is life for many comedies, animated or otherwise. While it never reached it's heights, The League was pretty damn funny for a couple seasons too. Then it sucked so hard. I love the Wire, but qualifying it as a comedy in any way seems almost...offensive? West Wing could be funny, but closer to the way other high end dramas are/were funny. I've never seen Firefly and at this point I never will because of how much it aggravates my brother. Sopranos is the one show that I think I'd laugh at more than any other comedy. That's why I think it's so comfortable as the greatest show ever. Lots of people cite Pine Barrens as their favorite episode ever. It's fucking hilarious. Yes, this is well documented. Season 1 of Parks & Rec sucked and was reworked. Same thing with US Office and Carell's S1 Michael Scott.
  9. Yeah, and I don't think it's just the power of the NRA. I think that a significant contingent of Americans simply cannot give up their guns. They like the feeling of power that it gives to have one. And it's not a false feeling, having a gun does increase your power in some ways, and therefore losing it is giving up power in that regard. They also feel that they are responsible, which may certainly be the case. They don't know why they are being penalised for the actions of others. I don't agree with their views, though. I don't consider my right to have a gun (which I have as an Australian, although unlike the USA we place restrictions on it) important enough to justify having more guns in society. Guns are the most efficient murder tools available to the common person and I don't want them in my community. So it starts with me, and I would never have one. Similarly, as technology continues to evolve, soon enough civilian drones with guns on them will start to become ubiquitous. As guns fall out of fashion and are replaced by much more efficient artificial drones, most of the world will be prepared to regulate them and prevent them falling into the wrong hands. The USA, on the other hand, has no tools to stop their violent crime rate shooting up as one machine gun in the hands of a psycho are replaced by fifty automated machine drones in the hand of a psycho. Who is ready for mass shootings on a bigger scale? Every developed nation in the world... save for the USA.
  10. For sure. Sopranos is fucking hilarious
  11. Yes they did it out of pragmitism-fully admitted that-but I take issue with this idea of them somehow dishonoring themselves by not immediately jumping on the bag wagon of "let's wage a rebellion against the Ironthrone" whenever a Tully or someone related says they're in need of their services.
  12. That's true, but it will be harder for the Dems than it was for the Republicans. They were much better prepared when it came to using algorithms to gerrymander with excellent precision, while at the same time the Dems were removing the ability for the states they controlled to do the same. It's not a level playing field - the Dems must first overcome the fact that Gerrymandering requires a nearly impossible 10% swing in their favour, and then must get the changes through the legislatures. And this is assuming that the Republicans don't regain enough control by the next census to simply reverse all of the efforts anyway.
  13. I feel I have a reasonable handle on the show without re-watching season 1. Within spoiler tags what are some of the things people have picked up, or been refreshed on that they feel will enhance the season 2 experience? Or are people just re-watching because it's such a good show?
  14. Sure someone at Storms End could have been the source but who? And i'm not doubting Ashara's ability to find the TOJ but her knowledge of where Lyanna is. Ok fine. But still someone had to tell Ned to come this way. Out of everywhere in the realm Ned happens to find his missing sister on first shot out of pure lucky? Something doesn't add up he was told to come this way.
  15. A fair criticism, though as a point of clarification, my personal perspective is that the Others are created by the magic of the old gods, which comes with some notes: - At some point, the magic of the CotF also became the magic of the First Men, which makes the FM potential suspects for unleashing the Others - Even if the CotF created the Others, it does not necessarily follow that they control them; sorcery is a sword without a hilt. To use the example of the Hammer of the Waters, the CotF must have surely felt some of the consequences of unleashing such catastrophic magic. Personally, I don't believe that the CotF were controlling the Others during the LN, and I don't think they're controlling them now. Nonetheless, your criticism remains, and under any theoretical scenario where the Others are meant to defend the weirwood, there are only a couple acceptable answers for why the Others were missing in action during the Andal invasion: - because the FM and CotF bound them at the end of the LN and dared not unleash them again - because there were too few lucid greenseers left to work the magic* - because the timelines and history are wildly, massively off base (I don't favor this point of view) - because their awakening is contingent upon some bizarre rule of magic, one to which the Andals were not bound. *In relation to this...Bran places the numbers of the living CotF at a little more than three score. We're told that, even among the CotF, a greenseer is only born "once in a great while," this in the context of a dying race with a low fertility rate. How long do you reckon it has been since a new CotF greenseer was born? Unanswerable, in practice, but I suspect it has been a long, long, long time. I agree with all of the above, and I also question whether or not it was noteworthy that Ned had a statue prepared for her in the crypts. (I apologize in advance, as I realize a lot of this post has been in the "list of random ideas" format) Some other triggers I've considered: - Bloodraven is enthroned - Craster's bloodline, possibly through his NW father - Something Mance was doing in his early pursuit to become King Beyond the Wall, assuming that began before the Other's reawakening - The manner of Rickard and Brandon's death - The birth of Jon, the birth of Dany, the birth of Bran - Howland Reed spends a winter at the Isle of Faces - An oath is sworn/promise is made in the eyes of the gods at the Isle of Faces, a place of great magic; that promise is broken.
  16. Jeyne Heddle. Tobho Mott. Barbrey Dustin. Rickon Stark.
  17. How the fuck could I delete it? Do you see Moderator by profile? If you want to get pissy about your post being deleted talk to the moderators.
  18. The Dems can change this type of shit throughout the country and it's by continuing to raise money at the rate they are now. Everything the GOP did in 2010 can be undid by 2020 at the state level. I am very confident in this because of research that will be rejected from being published in the premiere state politics journal. Keep up, don't stop.
  19. Toy Story - 7 A Bug's Life - 3 + Toy Story 2 - 9 Monsters, Inc - 8 Finding Nemo - 9 The Incredibles - 11 Ratatouille - 10 WALL*E - 7 Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 7 Inside Out - 9 Coco - 3 - Pick ABL Flick C
  20. You think the Giants and Cardinals will be that good?
  21. They didn't do this out of loyalty to the Iron Throne but out of pragmatic self-interest. If the Iron Throne was easily losing, they'd have joined the Tullys no problem, just as they did in RR.
  22. Right on! There are so many possibilities for Bran, Hodor and all the frickin' swords we could and have gone on for weeks about them. Faera's got the get down on figuring out the swords and this is an extension of her exercise. Though I would like to see Meera get Dark Sister I am further removed from the idea than I was a month ago. I think this sword is Bran's. And Hodor's. But this discussion opens up even more possibilities for Bran and Hodor it's really difficult to put your finger on it. If Bran and Hodor do become a knight-- a single entity in thought and movement the possibilities are endless. They will have to leave that cave eventually and I hope they get to leave it together, with Meera and Jojen completely intact. Right, like that will happen!
  23. Plus I have to think that Austin is on the short list of best places to live. I didn't realize how much Oklahoma is also in danger of possibly missing the tourney. With all the Tre Young hype and all, but they're just 16-10 with a 6-8 league record and not too likely to win tonight in Lawrence it's looking like. ETA: Holy shit, Lunardi right now has only two Pac-12 teams making the tourney. Arizona at a 4 seed and ASU at an 8 seed. I am not too high on the league this year, but that's harsh. ETA2: Three of the first four out are Pac-12.
  24. I noticed proof, that after Lyanna's death, Ned and Howland weren't alone in the Tower of Joy. AGOT, Eddard I: THEY When Ned was with already dead Lyanna, to him came Howland Reed and someone else. At least one more person. I think that this person was Ashara Dayne. It could also be wet nurse Wylla. But most likely it was Ashara. Because just imagine that situation - Lyanna gave birth to Jon, and was dying. Thus the baby was under care of his wet nurse Wylla. Probably they either were in some other room, at the time when Ned came to the Tower, or they were in the same room with Lyanna. If they were in the same room, then whoever was that other person, that came with Howland, was not Wylla. If Wylla was already there, then that other person was Ashara. If the person that came with Howland to Ned was Wylla, then it makes a bit less sense, than in case if it was Ashara. Because Wylla didn't knew Ned, there's no reason for her to go to him with Howland. It's written there "They had found him", thus they were looking for him. And Wylla didn't met Ned ever before, thus there was no reason for her to go looking for him. Also at that time she was taking care of newborn baby. Thus her hands were already full, in all senses. And Howland Reed was wounded, so probably whoever came with him to Ned, was helping him to walk. And Wylla, that was carrying a baby, was unable to also assist to wounded Howland. Thus the one who went out, and brought wounded Howland to Ned, was Ashara Dayne. She met him during tournament at Harrenhall, and since then they were in a relationship, or at least were in contact. Thus after events at the Tower of Joy, Howland and Ashara went together to The Neck, where they have married, and Ashara changed her name to Jyana, in memory of Lyanna. That "they" prove that Ned and Howland were not alone. And someone had to have brought there Wylla from Starfall, prior Lyanna's death. Because she was working at Starfall for years, even prior she became Jon's wet nurse, and went with him to Winterfell. This is based on what Edric Ned Dayne said to Arya.
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  26. I’m not too impressed with Shaka either. I think he’s had enough time for that team to develop something of an identity and they certainly get the talent necessary to compete for conference championships. The results have been pretty sub par so far. I give Shaka a little bit of room for this year considering the Jones situation, and I think he surely deserves another year to get it together, but Texas absolutely should be better than they are. As for whether Beard would actually jump for Texas, maybe depends on whether or not he would rather live in Lubbock or Austin. I’ve often thought that it doesn’t matter much where you live if you are making D1 coaching money, but Lubbock is really damn remote and not a lot of scenery or outdoor activities nearby to make up for it that remoteness. Just speaking for myself, without family ties I’d have a hard time living in Lubbock.
  27. Nice. Luckily for Bran, he is 'not made of clay...' Really? I thought I did pretty good...(well, maybe not quite as 'concise'...)
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