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  2. My internship is done I can go back to getting enough sleep and attending/skipping classes with people who are actually within fifteen years of my age. Going to watch Moana with wine to celebrate now. Hey, we agree on something Frozen-related.
  3. I got what you were trying to say, though I assume it was both the word 'space' that was misleading and your understandibly frustrated observation of men saying they aren't listening to women that was only tangetially related to your argument. Your first point was that in the current cultural climate (and I assume the difference between Germany and the US in this regard isn't so large as to affect my understanding of it), men simply do not dare to talk about sensitive issues with other men, was it not? And your second was that, not having the option to turn to female friends (because we are tought that men and women can't be friends after all...), they instead have to turn to their girlfriends, making them the sole confidant in regards to all of their emotional baggage. And of course this is problematic, it either puts that one person under a lot of pressure to give the right advice or if the man in question doesn't have a partner, they are forced to just 'suck it up'. Though I'd say that you shouldn't believe those people saying that they don't listen to their girlfriend. I am fairly sure that they are just saying shit like this to keep up their 'tough guy image'. Which is the entire reason why things are fucked up as they are. Let's just look at the Average Joe I remember from my peer groups back in school or whenever I watch groups of boys or men sitting together somewhere. It's already clear that they can't have female friends, so their male peers are the ones they hang out with in their free time. From what I have experienced myself or witnessed, these groups all have in common that their conversations and actions revolve around having fun, having to entertain each other. Men are encouraged to keep up this act of being impeccable and daring in each other's company. Every sign of weakness is just an invitation for the others to seek their entertainment in mocking you instead. So you just don't. And avoid conversations about personal problems like hell, you just have to laugh it off and keep up the tough guy act. That's the single reason why men don't have that space to confide in other men and why we really need to hammer home into young boys that there is no problem in showing weakness and that we all need to stand up against those who make a mockery out of those who do, instead of joining in on the 'fun' as I have experienced countless times. Fine, I may be a burned child in more ways than one, so I might have exaggerated this, but I am sure to a certain degree every man has to put up with this kind of group mentality when dealing with other men, even if their peer group doesn't devolve into a bunch of bullies. I have just noticed that, at least for someone like me who is sick of keeping up such a 'tough guy act' and prefers to just be himself, it is far easier to get along with women than with men. Because I just... don't need to behave in any way that would be against my nature and don't have to fear any repercussions for doing so. In an ideal world however, this shouldn't even be an issue, we should be able to be ourselves when hanging out with people we call friends and we should be able to trust them with personal issues, regardless of their gender.
  4. Where does he forbid anyone? He says "Never ask me about Jon" and then Cat notes the whispering stopped and Ashara's name was never mentioned again. But she doesn't say anything about Ned forbidding them to talk about Ashara.
  5. Not over just yet!
  6. Just finished a draft to propose a paper on detective stories and family mysteries in A Song of Ice and Fire for a symposium next year. I haven't felt this excited about research in years! And the best part is, if my proposal does get accepted, writing the paper will be a piece of cake thanks to this forum. This would be so much fun. Wish me luck guys, and thanks to everyone here ( @Ran first and foremost) for making this kind of thing possible!
  7. In Barbrey's own words: Brandon had a thing for deflowering virgins.
  8. If Ashara hooked up with Brandon, then why does a Dayne believe Ashara and Ned fell in at Harrenhal?
  9. Awesome way to shut the door. Suck it, Miami!
  10. I'm atheist, secular humanist and rationalist. I am intrigued from a scientific perspective to understand what preceded the Big Bang and the other unknowable information about and beyond our universe. But I don't call that god and I bitterly reject the claims of religions based on divine revelation. I was raised Catholic, never really believed (how can parents tell kids that Santa Claus isn't real and claim that god is? -- it's exactly the same thing!), and by age 14 I insisted that I be excused from religious instruction at school (which was a staple in public school in Ireland at that time; hopefully no longer). I used to be a combative atheist but I've suppressed that for a long time after marrying a religious wife. She is otherwise perfect and I made my peace with this compromise long ago, as did she. It concerns me to see my son raised in the brainwashing of belief but his personality and mental inclinations are so similar to mine that I'm confident he'll find his own truth in time. I consider myself to be an ethical and moral person, and see no need for someone else to claim god told them how I should behave. I've studied philosophy and ethics myself because it was not part of my formal education, even though religious instruction was a daily class through end of high school. IMO the need for belief among most of our population stems from poor upbringing: brainwashing at a young age and failing to prepare children cognitively and emotionally to handle the responsibility and uncertainty of adulthood, so god becomes a surrogate parent and crutch for the illusion of control. A lot of atheists, especially in America, stay quiet to avoid emotional harm to those who will never change; just like I speak slowly and kindly to someone with an extra chromosome, and don't use the word retarded. It has become simple good manners not to make a point of their emotional and cognitive frailty. They can no longer help it. Every theist has heard of atheism and rejected it, and vice versa. I honestly don't know why there are any attempts at proselytizing by either side.
  11. I have two objections to this. Firstly the loose thread in Barristan thinking that Dany looks like Asharas daughter which, if true, mucks your theory up. Secondly I think that Barristan means that he should have crowned Ashara and thus preventing her from turning to Stark and thus preventing her from being dishonoured. Its ambiguously written to be sure but I still think its there for a reason, kind of like an untrustworthy clue. (The Daynes have so much going on, with Dawn, Ashara, Gerold, Darkstar, Allyria and Ned, purple eyes originating not from Valyria and not from the Targs. Other than Dany's conquest and Nymerias wolf-army, finding out what the hell is up with the Daynes is my main interest right now. Really hope GRRM won't sit on all of it until Spring though. )
  12. I would take that even further and suggest that it was all Brandon's idea, and Ned was his cover to go and chat up Ashara for himself. He's apparently doing his shy, plain brother a favour by asking her to dance, so to everyone else there (including Ashara) he looks like a good guy. Ned was just a smokescreen all along for Brandon to secretly hook up with her.
  13. I read Autonomous recently and liked it quite a lot.
  14. I was entirely mistaken on the Alysanne thing, which I thought I noted in the podcast but editing may have lost it. I was mis-remembering the fact that when we first got the Wordstar Targaryen tree -- this was over a decade ago, and not the same family tree George had sent to us for TWoIaF/AWoIaF -- it was very difficult to figure out family connections because the em-dash lines George had set didn't show up when we translated it to doc. So we guessed things, and one of the guesses was that Alysanne was descended from Maegor, which GRRM corrected us on as we turned the tree into a visual file. So, yeah, there's nothing to that. Re: Dany and Maegor, I was conflating things between the quote in AGoT that Rhaenys points out, and the later quote where Dany is exclusively descended from Aegon and Rhaenys. Podcast chats like this are fun, but sometimes one blathers a bit too much and gets things crossed.
  15. And they have brought in their back-up QB to try and make the comeback with 10 minutes left. Talk about an odd decision. ETA: Holy shit. The Pitt QB just tried to give the game away but it turned into a huge 1st down.
  16. Miami has looked like complete shit today against Pitt. The U isn't back just quite yet apparently...
  17. Would we get to see Rooney at the centre of a back three? An aged-potato, deep-lying quarterback!
  18. Perhaps this is the original oath used at the Night Fort. The password to open the Black Gate:
  19. I've changed this section to a sentence from AGOT, which is the only thing that I could find that might hint towarsd Alysanne having originally been planned to be Maegor's daughter. In Daenerys IX, she states that she is the blood of Aegon the Conqueror and Maegor the Cruel. The only thing that I could find that sort of matches the description of the sentence you originally wrote is this: "The three heads were Aegon and his sisters." "Visenya and Rhaenys," she recalled. "I am descended from Aegon and Rhaenys through their son Aenys and their grandson Jaehaerys." From Daenerys V ACOK. I did a google-search to see if this is a sentence which has been changed between versions, but I could not find anything pointing in that direction.
  20. Nah, it doesn't look like a cover story at all. It looks like a story you made a made to support another story that you made up. Furthermore, Allyria is a true born Dayne so her betrothal to Beric needs no explanation at all. Once again, apart from pure fan speculation, there is nothing to suggest that Allyria is a bastard. Yes, we do have some evidence: “She finished for him. “… crown prince, and heir to the Iron Throne. And I was only twelve when my father promised me to your brother Brandon.” That brought a bitter twist to Ned’s mouth. “Brandon. Yes. Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. You, Winterfell, everything. He was born to be a King’s Hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me.” There is no evidence to suggest Ned wanted to dance with Ashara, only that he was too shy to dance with anyone. Once again, Ned being in love with Ashara but banging Wylla makes absolutely no sense given the character that Martin established and Ned not thinking even once about Ashara even once during 15 POV chapters is further proof that any romance between them is nothing more than wishful thinking.
  21. This is just me as a long time fan of Tom Clancy but I tend to think of technothrillers as using plausible science fiction while cyberpunk is harder. Of course, this runs into the issue of genre argument I think is frequently abused. Specifically, that books don't have to actually be in ONE genre alone. The Dark Tower by Stephen King is fantasy, a Western, AND horror. So, I think things like Universal Soldier have cyberpunk elements whether or not they are completely so or not.
  22. I forgot to add in my first post, I think that could be the reason why crowns is in oath. I don't know for sure. Or they could've always had crowns in the oath. I just find it odd that for years the NK ruled over the NW before he was finally stopped, if crowns was always in the oath.
  23. I take it the irony is intentional? That my opinoin isn't all that relevant but yours is? Nowhere is it stated that 10,000 wasn't the long term standing strength of the Watch for thousands of years. It is your own interpretation that it used to be more than that. Nothing more. An Other hasn't been seen according to our knowledge since the Long Night. Even the Night's King episode is not linked with Others appearing with armies of the dead to assault the Wall. Just with some weird cult he started amongst his own brothers. Imagine for a moment the Wall 1000 years after the Long Night. With not an Other having been sighted for a thousand years. And you think there were 30,000 or 100,000 men manning this already impenetrable fortress on a permanent basis? Do you realize the logistical cost of maintaining such a force year on year, century on century, through Winters and Summers? Your calculation of how many men it would take to maintain the Wall or keep the Forest from encroaching is sucked out of your thumb. A force of 3,000 builders (a third of 10,000) labouring on a permanent basis is going to get through a lot of work in a decade, two decades, a hundred decades etc. Frankly, I think one weakness of Martin's setting is the lack of regular appearances by the Others. That would have explained the continued maintenance of the Wall and manning of the Night's Watch far more realistically. Like the Blight in WoT, Trollocs were a permanent threat north of the borderlands. Not something last seen in the Trolloc Wars, let alone the War of Power. Same with Orcs in LotR. The wildlings simply aren't a threat worthy of justifying a continued strong Watch. Today's Watch should have been the result thousands of years ago already, in the absence of recurring Others invasions.
  24. Today
  25. I find (or found) Asterix funnier in English but that’s probably a cultural thing rather than a quality of translation thing.
  26. Feel free to attack the holiday of Thanksgiving and all it represents in this thread. I am hearing you and I believe you. Just don't personally attack individual posters here for what they say either way.
  27. It's unfortunate your other post was deleted, it was a justified and necessary response.
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