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  2. Also, @WinterFox, you were saying a while back how Trump's polling numbers at over 57% disapproval were a tipping point. Turns out you're right; since then they have only gone up and up, and he's now at 41.5% approval and only 53% disapproval, a net change of +9.
  3. That is a good question! What happened during the last 300 years for 10,000 men to decline to 1,000? One idea - the infiltration of the Targaryen family by the Faith. Is it possible there was a secret campaign to reduce the strength of the Nights Watch and undermine the quality by only sending criminals and misfits? Why would they do that? Did the Faith think the Watch was a threat?
  4. LOL! Why does this topic need a part 2? The Freys are the white trash of Westeros. How can anyone argue in their defense?
  5. LOL! I love this scene. It always gives me the chills. I like how you gave some good ideas to what the different book lines mean. I agree.
  6. I don't hate the R=L=J idea. I love it actually. It means a House Targagryen restoration is going to happen and the this is the only pure line of chosen people that can save Westeros and rebuild it. Sorry but I did not have a chance to read every post in this thread so far, but I hope this one answer gives a better idea that not all book readers hate this idea. And I do not watch the show. I hate it actually.
  7. I read a lot of posts that claim the Targaryen words are equal to madness. I disagree with that. Fire and blood means to conquer and bring together. This is what Westeros needs now. And I also believe that the Targaryen madness is a lie. I am not sure why so many posters here don't realize this. Maybe we should just discuss it below.
  8. And you have a similarly useful habit of stating things as facts and then being offended when someone asks for evidence. Put it another way: DACA hasn't been solved in 10 years. With Obama. Trump ran largely on an anti-latino platform. There is a lot of reasonable evidence and implication that DACA is cared about by a lot of people, but is not worth drawing a line. Hell, we already saw this with Democrats and the budget deal. Citation needed.
  9. OMG! I love this thread. It is so nice to have so many Danaerys fans here. You guys are the best and you can see how perfect Danaerys Stormborn is to finish the Westeros restoration. She is definitely my favorite character and I can see why she is the favorite of Martin. She has been calm and measured in all of her decisions even though she is in a new land and has people trying to kill her for real this time. I know now that that hired killers Viserys said followed them were actually never there. Its pretty obvious that Danaerys and Jon are going to get together and rule Westeros to help put it back together, but I know it is going to be Danaerys who is really the high emperor ruling Queen.
  10. What it really pro-DC or actually gamergaters / Trumpists / russian bot army / alt-right fatberg?
  11. Yes, I agree Euron is interested in being a god following in Harren the Black's footsteps and executing the competition.
  12. Agreed, and the Reed's oath has played a big role in a premise I'm contemplating, especially in relation to this: This is just gut intuition, but the idea of every tree on the island being given a face is the sort of thing that doesn't seem especially notable when it's raised in aGoT, but as the narrative goes on, certain things - most Godswoods only having one face, contrasted against the grove north of the Wall being noteworthy to Jon for having several faces, and the stuff in ADWD with blood sacrifice to the weirwood - move me increasingly toward the point of view that the addition of a new 'face' was once an extraordinarily important act, and came coupled with blood sacrifice and magical consequence. I don't think this is merely describing a verbal agreement that the CotF hoped men would honor, capped off with a bit of wood carving, nor do I think men's only incentive to stick to the Pact was the threat of war with the CotF--the latter facing a serious (IMO) long-term attrition problem, especially with their greenseers. In other words, I don't think men broke the Pact, and the CotF worked some dire magical ritual (eg, the Long Night) in response--I think the Pact is the dire magical ritual, its participants magically binding themselves to its terms by speaking the words of the Reeds' oath in the eyes of the gods; if men abide by the Pact they acquire the sorcery of the CotF (which has its own unintended consequences), and if they violate it, they do not face the wrath of the CotF, they face the wrath of the gods/nature. Edit: For clarity, I specifically believe that the "heroes and chiefs of men" - who probably went on to establish the first human godswoods and kingdoms - that were present on the Isle are the ones bound to the Pact, with it extending to their bloodlines and sworn vassals; humans who have sworn nothing to the weirwood are not bound.
  13. This isn't really a response to your post, but it caused me to think that it's tempting to connect the Starks to ice magic, but I think that may be a mistake. Just because they were once Kings of Winter doesn't necessarily mean that they used ice magic. On the contrary, I think they helped defeat ice magic and were installed as guardians. "Winter is Coming" is open to interpretation, but it could be a reminder to stay vigil, and "Winterfell" named in honor of the defeat of the white-walker-creating Ironborn. "Winter fell" is not a new idea, but I think it makes the most sense. Morbid thought, maybe the dead in the crypts - their Kings of Winter - were skinchanged by the Starks and armed with iron and used as soldiers against the white walkers? Maybe it is all a an ouroboros and fire follows ice follows fire follows ice?
  14. Hmm. Also of interest, at least to me, is that as similar as they are, Dany thinks of things like tendrils of fire and hot blood, while Bran thinks of new fallen snow.
  15. Arya is really boring. The only language she learned was in Braavos. Having one extra language that you still do not speak very well is a far cry from the amazing talent like Danaerys Stormborn. It is no wonder that Danaerys is Martin's favorite character. He just writes her so perfect.
  16. It isn't all spelled out in one place. From GOT we have: and: and and So Robert gives 8,000 years as the age of the Wall, but we've all seen different numbers, and it doesn't matter. Cannon clearly implies the Wall and Watch supposedly stood for several thousands of years. We also have passages above to showing the Night's Watch is fewer than 1000 men, and not the finest and most able soldiers either, with the implication this is because no one believes what the Watch and Wall protect against are serious threats. Contrast this with only 300 years ago, when Harren's brother commanded ten thousand with the implication those 10,000 would be a threat to Aegon and his dragons, and not just misfits, peasants, etc. If the timelines are to be believed, what happened in the most recent 300 years to change the seriousness of the Watch, when 300 years ago it was still thousands of years since the Long Night? 300 years ago, there was a much more real and immediate threat, and either that threat persisted for thousands of years, or those thousands of years were made up and never happened.
  17. The rethugs also have to defend their stance on collaboration with Russia to take over the USA. Fake news is the best they can come up with.
  18. Then who do you soppuse is Danaerys's mother? This is a weird idea that Rhaella is not Dany and Viserys mother. It seems pretty clear that her life was troubled from the start, from her birth even. Why would it make sense to have another woman as Danaerys's mother?
  19. Yeah, they're outstanding. I was crying when Andy gave away Woody. Toy Story - 7 + A Bug's Life - 6 Toy Story 2 - 9 Monsters, Inc - 8 Finding Nemo - 9 The Incredibles - 10 Ratatouille - 10 - WALL*E - 6 Up - 9 Toy Story 3 - 7 + Monsters University - 1 Inside Out - 7 Finding Dory - 0 - (Became sashimi) Coco - 5 Pick Toy Story 3 Flick Dory
  20. @Faera, since you see the same thing I see in Bran and Hodor sort of melding to become a "great knight", how do you see the fighting going? Dark Sister is little and suited to smaller hands. Hodor is a giant. Not that I think the idea is absurd in the least, however I sort of envision Bran wielding a blade while he rides on Hodor's back--a sort of double whammy. Hodor has been practicing his swordplay and is proven quite capable of wielding a big ass sword. However, the VS swords have a habit of "acting on their own accord". I'm mulling over your assertions regarding the actual configuration of this "knight" as well as Bran's willingness to actually physically join in at battle. I think whomever ends up with Dark Sister will have the advantage of the blade's intentions.
  21. I may misremember the second part, I thought she teaches him her language, which is Valyrian (as she points out when "selling" Drogon). Andals do come from Andalos, and is there any mention of the Dothraki trading with them? They mention trade with the Free Cities and Slaver's Bay, but not Andalos. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, just that it isn't mentioned.
  22. Dragons.... I wonder... I’m not so sure that we will the way that chapter is written. Euron seems a lot more interested in BEING a god as opposed to offering allegiance to one. I would assume that he was long gone before Alysanne flew to the wall as it was another 48 years before Jaehaerys became King. It’s possible he was still around, but I would think highly unlikely. And while I'm at it, a piece of sparkly tin foil seems to have caught my attention. The Reeds swear by six different things in the oath that they make to the Starks. Earth and Water, Bronze and Iron, Ice and Fire. I suspect that four of those, Earth, water, fire, and ice are items that can be manipulated to produce or fuel magic. I think that bronze and iron are the things that can be used to block or protect from magic, specifically sacrificial magic, bronze against blood and iron against the manipulation of the soul/spirit. (Think about Cat’s description of Robb’s crown being metals that protect against the cold.) Ironborn is a rather strange name for a group mostly known as seafaring raiders, even if they do mine on the islands. Are the Ironborn called that because of some innate protection that they are born with? A resistance to manipulating their souls?
  23. Got to go to the Pens v Leafs last night. Never seen more away fans at a Pitt game in my life. They travel well. Awesome atmosphere. Had a blast. We're rolling right now. ZAR is lookin good!
  24. Years of research hasn't led to a "pat" answer on the whereabouts of Blackfyre or Dark Sister. All we can do is guess at this point. Daemon Targaryan did some very nasty things, including having the heir to the throne killed as well as killing the king's brother, his own nephew, himself. No one ever took Dark Sister from him. It's possible Dark Sister and/or Blackfyre were taken from the Red Grass Field. Aegon V allowing his uncle to keep the sword given to him from the king is as likely a scenario as any other. I'm certain any king or warrior/knight the king deemed worthy would have born Blackfyre or Dark Sister during the time they've been missing had their whereabouts been known. They are both distinct blades not easily obscured from identification. They are both hidden and someone knows where one, the other or both are being held.
  25. I have to agree with everything here other than perhaps how likely is that someone can prove that Aegon is fake to Jon Con. I guess he could overhear Illyrio and Varys or something but that would be utterly careless on their part. Also, he has bonded with this young lad as if he were his son. Yes, he would be very angry if he found out there was a deception but, since I am convinced Aegon himself believes to be the real thing he won't turn against the boy. He could be removed by the Golden Company or even Illyrio or Varys before he could speak out but I think, overall he is too bonded with Aegon to expose him...
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  27. It becomes more and more intriguing with each episode. The school? Shadow? And another reveal with Emily. I really hope Howard is playing everyone else, including Howard Prime.
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