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  2. I wish I'd thought of that - and yeah, you'll be at least fine (the show has already given you one kind of narrative order anyway), and most probably better than fine (reading in something more like the order in which GRRM thought of it, rather than what fit the pressures of publishing houses and the constraints of the paperback bookbinders a dozen years ago). Look forward to seeing your insights here.
  3. Really loving this season so far and excited to see where they take everything. The scene between Tommy and Luca was great, very tense and gave me chills with the music in the background. Shoutout to Esme at the beginning too, her grief and anger was a palpable thing on the screen. Funny to remember that the marriage between John and Esme was just a means to making peace back in season one but it developed into genuine love between them. Pol is back. Awesome. I love Helen McCrory so much. Not sure about Aberara Gold yet. His motivations re: his son don’t seem very compelling really, so I don’t know if there is more to that. Just seems a bit strange to say “he’s in this for more than just money” and then have that reason be his son wanting to box... Small gripe - when did everyone become so blatantly condescending towards women? I know people DO act like this but don’t recall it being such a thing in earlier seasons. I suppose it could be a case of seeing a woman in a position of power making them act like that but I dunno, it felt a bit off for some reason
  4. That gave me a laugh. I don't know about Brandon, but if people are sick enough to rape, it wouldn't surprise me if what you're describing is possible as well.
  5. I thought I fixed that... just gonna be over here beating myself with a hammer.
  6. The point is precisely that it is *underground*. I have given you several reasonable answers to your question. Others could be brought forward, I'm sure. Now, even if you don't agree with me, simply ignoring what I've said and repeating that you "cant for the life of [me] see how enforcing limits on free speech has changed anything" shows that you are not actually trying to engage in a discussion but simply want to make a point. Because ultimately your lack of imagination is your problem, not ours. Most importantly, I don't see what tolerating the KKK or the nazi party has brought the US anyway (beyond the recent marches I mean). Perhaps you could illuminate me on that? If I understand correctly where you're coming from, you're trying to argue that "Beliefs should always be open to challenge, nobody gets to have their ideas walled off from the world and protected" which means, I gather, that we should always be willing to discuss even the most heinous concepts and ideas. I disagree. First, because we've seen that heinous ideas can actually prevail in the public debate (that's what WWII was all about). Second because even when they don't prevail, heinous ideas still translate into facts (i.e. discrimination, hate crimes or segregation). And third, because in most cases there actually is no debate to be had: racism or non-racism is binary, you are racist or you are not. There is nothing to be won by tolerating racist ideas because ultimately racism is actually a belief, not an idea. Ultimately some beliefs are wrong, period. And yes, I think humanity would be better off protected from them. Since such beliefs are so resilient, perhaps even more should be done to eliminate them.
  7. The fan should probably edit the series as that's more touching than most of my memories of the show! I enjoyed it while it was good and even before I stopped watching the bad seasons were worth it for "the viking who tricked executioners into cutting their hands off" and "Diabetic bear fight". If I had more time, I'd probably still be watching Vikings but with the amount of material out there to watch it doesn't make the cut anymore. As for TLK comparisons - the shorter season number defintiely helps me with picking it over Vikings. I think it also helps that they have source material to draw from whereas Vikings doesn't really have a plan other than it's very loose adherence to history. Numbers = quality is a dubious defense. I wouldn't claim that because 100s of millions of people don't watch it that it's an inherently bad show. That logic would suggest all TV shows are terrible as even within america the majority of people don't watch them.
  8. I don’t know, the Subway in New York’s pretty good. I’d say it’s not quite as good as the tube in London but it’s significantly cheaper. Public transport in San Francisco’s not bad, it’s a little bit confusing with all the street cars and stuff but once you work it out you can get around fairly easily. I imagine in areas with less population density it’s less good though.
  9. Portman is a guest at the Warsaw Comiccon this weekend, so that would explain that. Nikolaj, not sure if he's a guest there as well or not, but he also travels a lot in part because he was named a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. So, no, don't think there's anything to the idea that they've somehow managed to film secretly in Poland.
  10. Once, in the dim past, the US boasted a rather impressive railway network and an abundance of streetcar lines in most cities and towns. They were systematically taken over and destroyed by the 'oil-rubber alliance' (oil/auto companies) to promote highway travel. Subdivisions were redesigned to separate work and residence and shopping. To this day, a certain US political party regards the very concept of 'public transportation' with complete loathing, and seeks its destruction at every opportunity.
  11. Yeah - it's very much a passion project for him. He got the show off the ground (I remember him talking about it a year ago on the Andrew Marr show) and his friend was the writer (although i vaguely recall he has a personal connection to the writer???) The show is pretty good. I'd read a decent book on the era recently and it did capture a lot of it well. The Catholics really were persecuted and it's easy to draw modern parallels with oppressed people taking extreme measures. The good thing was that they didn't shy away from it still being an act of terrorism. The torture scenes were some of the goriest I've seen and more disturbing in the knowledge this kind of thing happened.
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  13. Agreed. Jon will do whatever it might take, including the ultimate sacrifice, because that's the best king one can be.
  14. I'm now four episodes in and I have to admit that despite my issues with episode 1 they've thankfully brought the focus very much onto Frank. I also like how they introduced Micro and the anvil guy is proving interesting so far. Could this be a marvel netflix show where the hero, villain and sidekick are all really good? Not sure we've had that since DD s1. Even the PTSD young soldier is proving interesting and a good insight into why the likes of Castle and Anvil guy are messed up. 2-4 have also been really well paced. It's not constant action but it doesn't feel like it's stalling - it's just setting up the pieces. So yeah if 5-13 maintain the quality of 2-4 this will be exactly what I was hoping for - a palette cleanser for the netflix shows. Really pleased they killed
  15. The sentence _is_ there, however, for everyone to see. What is your point? No more absurdist theatre, please.
  16. Delete that one sentence and the rest of it is clearly trying to diminish the threat of Islamic terrorism
  17. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) and Daniel Portman (Pod) have posted videos in Poland on their instagram stories in the last two weeks. Nikolaj posted a sign in a nature reserve and Daniel just the countryside. Is this pure speculation, and would they introduce a new location so late???
  18. I still think Smith’s technique looks awful. I suppose averaging about 60 he might be able to do a job as a batsman though. England have let this slip a bit here, they’ll have to bat well tomorrow. If only we had an opening partner for Mark Stoneman.
  19. Where is this thread going? Vague sense of outrage leading to fairly random topics springing up, like talking about Asterix? It's a pretty good outcome, no complaints, just asking.
  20. @Eggegg How does this: Fit with this: ? Engage with what was said, not what you're imagining, and productive discussion would be easier.
  21. I have been reading the threads, since the books release. Maybe I missed this. As for the AMA, I know a lot of people where pissed off, me too... however he also made it a point that giving your own interpretation is a good thing. Still, The effects on this thread where quite disasterous, seems soon it will be dead
  22. The thing is you don't provide evidence any evidence as to why he isn't just being played. You're saying he could be thinking this and he could be knowing that. Sure, he could - if he isn't just being played. How is he knowing all this and avoiding having the wool pulled over his eyes? The idea he knows what is going on just needs an explanation of why he would know the whole Ajokli take over is happening. I'm not saying you're wrong, but you're not doing a satisfying theory here when you don't describe why you think Kellhus would avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes, you just treat it that he just didn't. Take it that we're asking for an even more comprehensive theory from you. Just give us something on how Kellhus detected Ajokli hacking him - the how of how he detected that. Remember when Kellhus basically talks to a copy of himself ('Who better to burn them') - it's gunna be hard to detect a hack from something that seems to be oneself. It's like an immune system being unable to detect an invader which looks exactly like the body its trying to protect. What theory do you have in regard to that? We're all cracked pots together, here! Please, a valid, interesting speculation. But don't confuse things with the guy by saying it's a fact.
  23. Im just morbidly curious about the supposed obsession Brandon Stark has with deflowering girls. Has any one here ever slept with a virgin? Did you get all worked up about it cause of the blood and decide you must deflower more too? Is this an actual mentality of people? or obsession? How does this work? Do you just keep finding 13 year old girls to deflower well past your 20's? Wouldn't a girl on her period be sufficient to slate this blood lust? lol idk, i really just dont get it. And all because he was Barbary's first? Lol i just, i dont know, i find this disturbing and fascinating lol I've heard of dudes liking to get their red wings, but this kind of blood lust i've never heard of haha least of all to the point where it drives some ones actions other than some creep or pedophile. Brandon should of course have deflowered Caitlynn too given she was young and attractive and a virgin and already spoken of for him. Probably should have got at Howlands woman too, since his first kid was born around 283 and likely met her before the war.... so Brandon planted his flag there too. Come to think of it, we should have a few Snows in the North thanks to lusty Brandon deflowering girls. He died at 20 so that gives him a good couple years at least to lay some serious pipe work in the North.
  24. But it obviously is not the same thing. It completely puzzles me how an intelligent person who got beyond the most childish conceptions of god and only tried a little to understand what is meant with God in the monotheist traditions could think for a second that Santa Claus or leprechauns or so and a Theist God (or corresponding notions like Brahman/Absolute/One/Good) could be even remotely similar. My other main puzzzlement (although I admit that I had phases where I tended similarly) is how widespread "apatheism" is. How can it be not of supreme importance if there is a right way to live and a wrong way and that there will be some kind of judgement/reincarnation/whatever or if it does not matter at all in the long run? FWIW I am nominally protestant but not really practising atm. I grew up religious, was tending skeptic/agnostic in my twenties (or maybe sometimes apatheist) but never really convinced by materialism. By now I am certain that the contemporary materialism is inconsistent. Probably "philosophical theist" and "aristotelian dualist" fits best. I have huge respect for the theological-philosophical traditions both of the Abrahamitic religions as well as Vedanta and Buddhism (although I either do not understand the latter or it really is incoherent/paradoxical) I am still skeptical about revealed and even more about most organized religion although I cannot and do not want to escape "cultural christianity" (even Dawkins still likes Xmas and Evensong) and I think that I underestimated the societal and cultural value of organised religion.
  25. Yes we should be completely fine with the tiny levels of terrorism that we are experiencing now. It’s all totally fine isn’t it. Those 3 major terror attacks in the UK just this year aren’t what are making people scared, but the right wing press hyping up the paranoia. and still Europe has a far greater problem with right wing extremism than the US, despite supposedly helpful hate speech laws. We have outwardly racist parties almost getting into power in many of the major countries in Western Europe, I cant for the life of me see how enforcing limits on free speech has changed anything. If anything it creates a paranoia and an underground feeling of togetherness amongst certain groups that they need to fight back against governments.
  26. I haven’t seen much of him this season at Stoke, but Kurt Zouma while at Chelsea seemed quite good at that type of defending. I can remember a few games when we got hit on a counter attack and he was able to use his pace and power to get back quickly enough to make a last ditch tackle or block. He even won a couple of foot races against Sergio Aguero and Theo Walcott to stop them getting through one on one with the keeper. I agree completely with your points about any defender coming to Liverpool right now will immediately look worse. That’s why I have never understood certain Liverpool fans who whole heartedly believe that if VvD arrives, they’ll be fine (I don’t think there are any on this forum, but I have seen some on the daily mail comments online). Southampton defenders tend to look good because they play in a team that relies on a solid defensive base because they’ve never been a team that attack and score a lot of goals. Personally, I think Liverpool should be looking at defenders whose strength is being comfortable in recovery when playing in teams that play a high defensive line, attack gung hu and are often exposed on the counter attack. Certainly none of Liverpool’s current centre backs fit that billing and I don’t believe VvD does much either.
  27. I have always been shocked at the level of public transport every time I’ve been to the US. Compared to much of Europe it feels like something out of the apocalypse! The trains seem older than time, the buses are an afterthought.
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