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  2. yeah, @Jaehaerys Stark has a good point about your obsession with Bronn. If i have to sign up for a crackpot Bronn theory this would be it though (Jaime fathered Cersei's alleged baby and Tyene is dead). But in all seriousness, no. Bronn is just an able and smart commoner with a great skill set who knows his best interest. In the show he represents the ultimate comic relief sidekick and is sometimes a plot device. In the books he is the embodiment of the concept of "sellsword". I love Bronn, but he is just a sellsword. If he were anything more, it would destroy his character.
  3. This exactly. I think this season was built on a really shaky foundation since you can tell (and they even admitted it), that D & D worked backwards from the Viserion blowing down the Wall. I don't know if there was any way to make the wight capture plan seem like a good idea, but I really wish they had put more effort and logic into the execution of the plan. That being said, even with my issues with the stupidity of the wight capture plan, I still really enjoyed this season overall and think they made it work.
  4. -stop.
  5. Even well below zero, a big guy like me leaves tracks and still would no matter how cold it got. I can walk without tracks when snow is frozen really hard, but this only happens when it was warm enough to partially melt and refroze. The Others are impossibly light and thin and just might not be heavy enough. Or perhaps because they control ice, they can avoid making tracks. Or GRRM didn't put much thought into how this works.
  6. I also thought the reference to Bronze and Iron as winter metals was unusual. In winter, warmth and food are important, and it is hard to hold or work with metal tools. Why not a crown of wood, leather or wool? If strong tools are needed, surely steel would be best, and bronze would be irrelevant after iron was available. We have some reference to bronze and iron as magical, the Others hated iron and the Starks had iron swords in the crypt. I still this was a reference to the First Men and Andals, and the crown signified domain over both.
  7. Yeah, I don't think they are floating above the ground. They are so cold that the instant they make contact with the ground or snow; they freeze it cold enough to support any weight they actually carry. That's quite something if we are talking about travelling across deep snow.
  8. Saw Ser Jorah in that Resident Evil movie for the five minutes I watched it, up until he gets his hand cut off by the main character chick.
  9. The Battle of Blackwater disappointed me. Pages and pages wasted on ship's names? I couldn't wait to end the battle chapters. Also the gatherings before battle. I noticed this in AGoT when the northern army is gathering in Winterfell. Whenever the writer does the listings, it gets cheesy. The "and...and...and''s mostly in Sansa's and Arya's chapters in AGoT. But I was happy when I noticed there was less from it in the second book.
  10. While we're on the subject, I'm reminded of an old suggestion that the reason why Craster's boys leave no tracks in the snow is because they are so cold they freeze it solid beneath their feet
  11. Lord, there someone goes again over-interpreting the racist narcissist. Trump is only thinking about getting applause from his "base" and expressing his knee-jerk oppositional reaction to something he has no understanding of. There is no depth to this man. Other brighter people around him may use his comments in the distracting way you describe, but he is just too clueless himself to be Machiavellian about this stuff.
  12. I think GRRM may be "protective" of the show as you say, is due to contractual obligations with HBO. I wouldn't assume they'd allow him to say anything all THAT negative about it. If he's still contractually obliged, which I believe he might be, as HBO did interfere with his desire to do work on television adaption to that roleplaying game/graphic novel thing he created all those ago. As far as the thread question, I wouldn't say I like it better, but certain aspects of show Stannis, I love. I know many people feel that D&D lost the sight or point of Lord Stannis without GRRM's direction, but I do like his to the wind/"ftw" attitude when it comes to his own safety. Like the Blackwater episode, which GRRM penned himself, and Stannis responds to an official in his armies worry about hundreds dying if they stormed the gates and battlements of Kings Landing, and Stannis replies with "thousands", yet still rallies his men, and is in the front lines and the first one up the walls. His is quickly overshadowed however by Tyrions own bravery in the same episode. And again, during the planned Siege Of Winterfell, after he see's he's heavily outnumbered after losing most of his men for allowing the death of Shireen, and he see's whats coming towards him, he just lets out a breath, pulls out his sword, and walks forward. Badassery at it's finest.
  13. This would fit with the Clarence Crabb legend about the Whispers, where the severed heads of the opponents of Ser Clarence would talk after their deaths. The rubbing of the lemur for luck would fit with the legend among sailors that it is lucky to rub a dwarf's head. Based on what's before us in the books, I would say that the lemur with the hair rubbed off is the Citadel equivalent of the sailors rubbing the dwarfs' heads. I don't see a clear connection to Archmaester Vaegon but I could be persuaded if more evidence is available. I would like to see more discussion of The Whispers, though, and what the story of the talking heads implies about the severed heads we see throughout the books. Gared, Ned, Ser Gregor. Is each severed head "whispering" something to us?
  14. impeach and imprison, instead of repeal and replace.
  15. Ok, so my four weeks training program finally worked out. I broke my 5k PB by 1.5 minutes today. Final result: 22:07. Of course on the finnish line I was mildly disappointed I haven't managed to break 22 minutes, since I was short by just 7 seconds, but overall I'm really satisfied. Regular workouts with professional trainers really do pay off after all. I'm starting to seriously consider running a marathon next spring and I'm already excited about it, even though longer distances were always much harder for me to prepare to.
  16. Sort of like the hand or foot of Ser Duncan the Tall might be more important than the life of Prince Baelor? I like it.
  17. Posted 16 March 2015 - 04:47 PM In an interruption to our advertised program I'm watching a feature on Sky Atlantic, providing a catch up on the HBO series thus far and featuring interviews with [among others] GRRM, who has just confirmed that when Sam pinked Ser Puddles "he broke the spell holding him together."
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  19. People who complain about commoner POV should also compain about absence of Dothraki/Ghiscari POV.
  20. It's going to be great fun to see this play out on the court. Very interesting team mix. Makes me wonder what the OKC line-up looks a year from now. All 3 of these guys could still be in OKC a year from now depending on how the season goes, and all 3 of them could be gone. I expect Westbrook will not sign the extension before the Oct. 16th deadline, he will wait and see how it goes and leave it to OKC management to consider for many hours whether to trade him for something, or not. Another stunning move by Sam Presti. We can be sure of one thing, nobody saw this coming.
  21. Catapult and trebuchet could kill dragon. In cyvasse.
  22. Some POV chapters, like Arya's, do mention what the common people think or feel about what the people in power do. It's mostly along the lines of "this is how things are". So that's already established. Having just one commoner POV would do terrible injustice the number of opinions being involved. GRRM may include like a prologue or standalone chapter coming from a commoner POV exclusively in the upcoming books, mostly to show what the war has done to things like the food supply and how that fares with the coming winter.
  23. M: Robb B: Renly - I guess whether he likes it or not. K: Stannis Side kick edition: Bronn of the Blackwater Podrick Payne Samwell Tarly
  24. Targaryen family moved from Valyria, and build Dragonstone castle, 300 years before Aegon's conquest. They were dynasty of royalties, with long history of ruling, and they had courtiers. They didn't moved to Dragonstone island, with just king father, queen mother, and their children. They moved there together with their entire court - "ministers", government officials, advisors, bannermen, knights, freilins/ladys in waiting, servants, maids, soldiers, workers, etc. They had educated and experienced people in their government. They had government. Also Aegon, in case of his death, had three more people who were able to succeed him - his two sisters, and bastard half-brother Baratheon. But Dany has no court (retinue, noble entourage, royal suite), her court consists of Dothraki barbarians, eunuch soldiers, one dwarf, and one interpreter. She has no Kingdom, no government, no court/courtiers, no Small Council, no bannermen, no land, no nation (population of 7K is NOT Queen Dany's nation), no real subjects. Currently her Kingdom exists only in her imagination. It's her vision, not yet a reality. If she will die, for those of people close to her, it will be the end of everything. No more Kingdom. Currently in her court there's only dwarf Tyrion and eunuch Varys. And others are not much of a courtiers - Missandei is just a translator/ interpreter (she isn't fitted to be a ruler, she doesn't have enough education, experience, or knowledge about how kingdom should be operated, how to manage it's economy, politics, etc.), Grey Worm is just a soldier (in case if Dany will die now, even the Dothraki horde won't serve him. Why should they?), furthermore he's castrated. Varys and Grey Worm is out of the picture, as possible heirs. Dany has no successor, and the problem isn't in the fact that she hasn't chosen him/her yet, the problem is that there's no one from who she can chose. There's no even a single candidat. If Dany will die, Tyrion as Queen's Hand, maybe can replace her. But would the Dothraki submit to foreign dwarf? Dany at least was khal's wife. Not to mention that to them, she is more like a goddess, than just a ruler. But if she will be gone, they won't worship Tyrion just because he was her Hand. Once she did went into battle (against humans), and as result of it, her dragon was wounded, and she nearly crashed. She can't use the same tactics, that were used by Aegon and his family - the manner in which Aegon acquired Riverlands, and his sister got the Vale. People of those two kingdoms didn't attacked dragonrider when he/she got of the dragon. Because there was no point, there were two more other dragonriders. Even if they weren't there, at that precise moment, it doesn't matter, because if locals will kill him/her, then the other two will come with their dragons, and kill everyone. Imagine what will happen, if Dany will be killed in a battle, or during negotiation with people, that she wanted to get on her side. Without her guidance, those dragons are just a big flying lighters. They don't know politics, they don't know who is who, they won't be able to kill all people that plotted/planned Dany's death. They won't be looking for them to get their revenge, they will just randomly burn whoever will be present on site of Dany's death, and after that they will just fly back to live in Valyria. No Dany = The End of Dream Kingdom. Lets wait and see whether book Dany will call out to lords of 7K, when she will arrive to Westeros. Then it will became obvious, whether this was a plot hole made by D&D, or it was originally intended by GRRM as Dany's actions.
  25. It's interesting to look at that interview again. The Wall is old ice of course. Well, I had no idea: The Others made no sound. Will saw movement from the corner of his eye. Pale shapes gliding through the wood. He turned his head, glimpsed a white shadow in the darkness. "Finally he looked north. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him. And he looked past the Wall, past endless forests cloaked in snow, past the frozen shore and the great blue-white rivers of ice and the dead plains where nothing grew or lived. North and north and north he looked, to the curtain of light at the end of the world, and then beyond that curtain. He looked deep into the heart of winter, and then he cried out, afraid, and the heat of his tears burned on his cheeks." The Others are flesh, blood and bone made of ice or different phases of ice kept together with a spell. Does dragonglass draw out the cold or the soul made into ice?
  26. That was an excellent fight and Andrade is quickly becoming my favorite female fighter. A tiny tank that just rampages through everything, absorbs punishment, and hits really hard. A fully deserved win over Gadelha, who dishes a fair amount herself but was just overcome by a better fighter. A fight between Joanna and Andrade is much more interesting than the upcoming snorefest between her and Namajunas. Other fights: Terrible gameplan by the Japanese guy to just go and lie under a massive guy like Saint Preux. The latter has looked so unconvincing when faces with better opponents but this guy was no match for him. Of course, Rua would have been a different ballgame, and much better a fight. Gokhan Saki's MMA debut was excellent. Incredible punching power, and a thoroughly good fight to watch. I'd like to see him have another fight soon. Credit to Henrique for taking many serious hits and then coming back and cornering Sakhi to the point where he looked like he might lose. But then a massive left to the face ended that tale.
  27. It's terrible that Rothfuss losing a father, but let's be honest here, it's not as if he is holding a pen to put down in the first place.
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