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  2. Jon is the wight wolf after all. I hope he does become a wight and stay that way for the rest of his "life."
  3. I just hate Jon Snow.
  4. USA women’s hockey takes down Canada for the gold!
  5. I'd disagree, but as JNR noted earlier we also need to consider the nature of friendship. So far as the Pact is concerned it divided up the land. We get this bit, you get that bit and so long as nobody crosses the line we're friendly; cross it and its red war. Luwin says that in time the First Men took up the gods of the wood. Was that a gradual process or was it the price for intervention - a price which men eventually revolted against?
  6. The impression I get is that Winterfell was built around an existing tree rather than first building the place and then planting a sapling in the middle of it - they tried that with the eyrie of course, but its a bit unique - and it failed.
  7. The men's slalom was a big surprise. The two favourites have been so far ahead this season I thought that everyone else would be fighting for bronze. However neither Hirscher or Kristofferson got a medal.
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  9. Ohhhhh DUH. I really need to re watch Robocop.
  10. i think that the IB would tell them that if they hope to win the war than they better take out a bigger loan than Stannis did. They may tweak the interest rates in the spirit of good business, maybe. The IB makes money by lending it, after all.
  11. I guess it is Starz, I am watching on Netflix and couldn't remember. The blood and sex doesn't bother me as much as I haven't latched on to a character yet, none seem likeable to me, and the plot kind of sucks. I will give it a full season to see if I like it, thanks for responding.
  12. That too, but I was talking about Ed.
  13. Just goes to show you all the bitching about younger people is bollocks. Also that despite all the technological advancement we really haven't changed much in the past 2000 years.
  14. Yeah, it may have been a dystopian corporate run hellhole, but at least they had cool robots.
  15. OMG! That is hilarious! I am just like the annoying visitor in the novel! I have never heard of the novel, I will have to read it! What’s it about? That’s a bit embarrassing for me. I might fallen for what the novel’s use of the quote is. Juvenal has a lot of well known phrases, “panem et circenses” or “bread and circuses” being the best known. They are all part of larger satires and meant to be in a certain context but always so poignant even on their own. I do like the one you have. In real life, with Latin, it was meant to be written in a really strict and formal style that no one really spoke. It was considered poor form to write colloquially or to rhyme in poetry and all sorts of things. So I thought maybe the quote in your signature was a deliberate irony of kind of slightly changing the Latin to deviate away from “classical” and into “vulgar” of a real person. I will always remember I class I took on extant examples of common Latin. Translators flocked to Pompeii, excited about all of the exposed graffiti and what it could pertain. Almost all of the messages were - I kid you not - things like, “I did a poo here and also here,” “I slept with a barmaid,” “So-and-so is a cry baby,” “Visit so-and-so’s house for a sexy night.”
  16. it rules how we have reached a place where over the top 80s dystopian satire is unrecognizable as such because it appears so normal, and are rapidly approaching the point where like, robocop seems quaint and naively optimistic
  17. It's not even a new disgusting idea. I remember hearing that a lot right after Sandy Hook.
  18. Ok, I'm cheating, exactly what I was complaining about a thread ago. But, I don't care, this whole idea of just arm the teachers is just so damn disgusting. What an absolutely grotesque idea. What a friggin' sad idea.
  19. yes i’m sure that’s it
  20. Thinking on this..... I'd say BP oddly enough (up until the battle) is much more derivative of Rocky 3 (And whatever Rocky 3 was I'm sure derivative of). Let's see.... T'challa/Rocky beats a tough guy (Awesome Barking Guy/Apollo), becomes King/Champ. First combat as King/Champ, protagonist fails/loses in a situation that ultimately doesn't matter (Klaw/Thunderlips). Gets challenged by badass new guy on scene, Killmonger/Clubber. Head Priest/Coach advises not to take the fight, then when fight is taken Head Priest/Coach dies and T'Challa/Rocky gets their ass kicked. Then T'Challa/Rocky goes to recuperate/train with the guy he defeated at the start (ABG/Apollo). Comes back and defeats the new guy becomes King/Champ again. The real question, will BP solve an equivalent to communism in the sequel?
  21. I'm not assuming she's accurate, I am observing that we are not given a consistent picture of the Age of Heroes, and I don't find Old Nan's tale to quite align with Luwin's more positive "four thousand years of friendship." I am not, for that matter, assuming that friendship means constant communication, but Old Nan's version of the tale portrays something beyond just irregular contact. From Bran's POV, we can determine that the CotF could have communicated certain things to the FM without putting themselves personally in harm's way, by skinchanging ravens. We might also speculate that any greenseers active at the time could watch the unfolding of the Others' advance through the eyes of the weirwood, possibly well before men were aware of what has happening, and that in addition to sending conventional ravens they might have also sent dream visions (though this latter is more speculative). In any case, the truth of Old Nan's tale might be suspect, but the meaning of the Last Hero spending years searching for the CotF is crystal clear; in history as Old Nan has been told it (and as she tells others), the CotF did not leap to the defense of men, they did not use their ravens to assemble men in their (warded?) caves, they did not actively seek alliance or a united front--it had to be sought. It may even be that they did not do the bare minimum of sending men ravens, and warning them to prepare. I don't believe that translates into overt hostility, but it also seems as though, had the LH not sought them out, the CotF might have huddled in their caves and left the FM to die...according to Old Nan. _____________ If that tale were the only oddity regarding human-FM relations, it would be one thing, but I personally have many questions: How long after the Hammer of the Waters was the Pact formed? Was the flooding of the Neck what prompted humans to come to the negotiating table? If so, after going to all of the trouble of dividing Westeros in two, were the humans trusted to pass the Neck and settle the north? After all, the Starks, the Boltons, the Thenns, the people of the Frozen Shore, and so forth have all been up there for a long time; if House Dustin's lore is to be believed, their ancestor crossed into Westeros on the Arm of Dorne and was buried in the North. What of ringforts like the Fist of the First Men? It is in the midst of the Haunted Forest - CotF lands under the Pact - so when was it built? Was it built in violation of the Pact? Was it built before the Pact? In suggesting that Winterfell's godswood was cultivated 10,000 years ago (or so Catelyn believes), is it implicit that a new one needed to be cultivated, that those groves that had formerly stood in the north were destroyed? To get to the point, while it is possible that the ancestors of all of the current northerners were, like the crannogmen, welcomed allies of the CotF (perhaps even before the Pact), there exists alternatives. For one, even with the Pact in place, it may be that the FM's land theft continued, that the Pact did not hold. Alternately, the Hammer of the Waters failed, and the FM made it as far as the Haunted Forest in their pogrom before they finally agreed to the Pact, which would itself raise two more questions: How few CotF were left by the time of the Pact, and if the Hammer of the Waters wasn't enough to convince men to make peace...what was?
  22. Hurt nemo Heal ratatouille
  23. I read the comments on the NYT stories that show up on my Facebook feed, they're often the most literate and entertaining, and often informative as well. That now infamous picture of himself holding his list of cheat notes reveals something I didn't notice. He has 45 embroidered on the cuffs of his shirts. Another cheat note?
  24. I did the same thing.
  25. for those not aware, a little peek into one small way the nra uses its influence
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