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  2. Friday hasn't been a day to bury news for like ... at least a year now. Friday is the big news reveal day. Mostly, I've seen it speculated, because it means it dominates the news cycle all weekend and makes it difficult for others to respond. Mueller has, as my memory has it, consistently dropped bombs on Friday. They've also been very careful to state that this indictment has no americans or willing colludesr. They clearly have evidence on people actively working with the Russians. I believe the point of this is to get the news out there about this shit. In part to help establish a narrative about Russian interference in the election so that when they begin to target americans with indictments, the groundwork is already laid. I think a lot of these are also basically warning shots. They are smacking this zenga tower, weakening it's structure, waiting for the whole thing to fall as people see the noose coming and start cutting deals.
  3. They are continuing to commit the crime of living in the only country they've ever known? This is fucking ridiculous. These people were raised in the US. A bunch of them don't even speak the language of the places they were brought from. WTF are you expecting them to do?
  4. Why did Rhaenyra have two of her elder sons betrothed to their Velaryon cousins? Would have made more sense to have one betrothed to a Velaryon daughter and have another to betroth to another great house, i.e. House Baratheon, where Borros Baratheon had four daughters.
  5. Harrenhall is far from being a ruin , the main feature of a castle is it’s walls and gates and Harrenhall’s walls and gates are massive and strong as ever , it’s still one of the most impregnable castles in Westeros. It also is surrounded by rich farmlands and sits in one of the most strategic places in Westeros. Of course it would take a very rich lord to properly garrison it and there are few lords as rich as Littlefinger. also Littlefinger was Hoster Tully’s Ward for several years so he is no stranger to the Riverlands. I doubt Littlefinger has done everything he has done just to be the power behind the Vale. He stated to Sansa that he intends to remove Cersei from the game , why would he worry about Cersei if the Vale is his final goal? She has always been one of his biggest supporters. He has bigger plans then the Vale and it would be hard to believe that the Riverlands are not in those plans. I would be shocked if Littlefinger does not spies all through the Riverlands feeding him information and helping him prepare for a power move there . If he showed up with a Vale army at the Twins would the Riverlords not flock to his banner
  6. How much did Cersei like music, i.e. harp-playing as Rhaegar did
  7. Yeah, although to be fair they've mostly succeeded in building him up by accident. He was supposed to be the monster heel that got Reigns over, but instead the crowd started rooting for him every time he did something increasingly batshit crazy, like tossing Reigns off the loading dock while in the stretcher and flipping over the ambulance with his bare hands. Thus, they created a new superstar face entirely by accident. Thing is, Austin didn't make Vince a star. Vince made Austin a star. Vince is probably the greatest heel in the history of wrestling, and his presence turned Austin from a popular wrestler into a megastar and one of the three most iconic wrestlers in the history of the business (along with Rock and Hogan). The problem, of course, is that the McMahons have yet to realize that their presence isn't always required on TV. They have a tendency to force themselves into stories these days, and it really hurts the product. This is especially true with Steph, because unlike Vince and Shane, she basically never "shows ass," meaning she almost never gets any comeuppance for all the bad things she does. Vince may be an out of touch old man who has no understanding of what the fans want (or understands and doesn't care, which is worse), but he's still willing to go out there and eat a shoot headbutt and subsequent beatdown from Kevin Owens to give the guy some heat. The issue with Steph is that she never does that kind of thing. She constantly talks down to all the wrestlers on TV, makes them look like shit, but never feels any type of payback, and that's why she's an awful character. Heels can't just get away with their dastardly behavior for years at a time.
  8. This description of Viserion is interesting: Are we sure these are bats? The 'great black bat'?
  9. How else is she able to keep Barrow Hall in her own right and keep suitors at bay while other widows like Donella Manderly-Hornwood are forced to give up their holdings to other men, i.e. Ramsay Snow?
  10. He had to get the facts out there, facts that include the facts that the Russians are already meddling with the 2018 elections. It cannot be repeated often enough, for a long enough period of time, in enough venues to get this word out, to hopefully finally get the US voters thinking about what it means for Russia to be running this country, getting elections to go the way they want. Also, this is merely a platform that connects to other platforms of nefarious and criminal actions by people here in the US. It's essential to have learned this to move on to who in the present regime knew what and when they knew it and how and why they abetted it -- from various forms of corruption, money laundering, coverups, lies (under oath), indebtedness to Putin's banks, corps and etc.
  11. For millennia that's exactly how it worked out -- whole families were held responsible and punished for an individual's crimes or treachery or anything perceived as such. In fact it still takes place in the former soviet union, Saudi, etc. (note: these are all the sorts of societies and run by the sorts that the orange idjiot admires). One aspect that hung on the longest here in the US was the stigmata of 'bastards' and even children of a marriage in which the partners divorced. The way children of unmarried parents were treated in European and particularly anglo saxon societies from later medieval times through the nineteenth century and into the 20th is appalling and horribly sinful, if not criminal.
  12. Yes. Rhaegar dwarfs Jaime in everything. In the end, I don't think Cersei is moved by love but for fascination. Jaime is like a mirror for her own beauty and that is what fascinates her. Rhaegar is inhumanly beautiful, so it is some "thing" for her to admire. If I recall correctly, she was fascinated a little bit by Aurane enough to give him command of her fleet. Whatever fascinates her the most has her attention or "devotion".
  13. I only just heard about this one, and it sounds intriguing. To circle back to upthread, the reviews of HBO's Here and Now are pretty terrible for an hour long HBO drama. I haven't caught the first episode yet but am almost intrigued to see if it's really this bad now.
  14. There's so many ways to parse this. What about babies literally born in the US? Aren't they automatically citizens under current law? Couldn't one take either of these arguments above further in one direction or the other? Certainly many feel that babies born in the US should not automatically receive citizenship (the "anchor baby" argument). But couldn't one also argue that the DACA kids are not so different than the babies born in the US and were just here a few years later but also through no control of their own? And around and around we go.
  15. Toy Story - 6 A Bug's Life - 6 Toy Story 2 - 8 Monsters, Inc - 7 Finding Nemo - 6- The Incredibles - 9 Cars - 3 Ratatouille - 9+ WALL*E - 6 Up - 8 Toy Story 3 - 6 Monsters University - 3 Inside Out - 7 Finding Dory - 5 Coco - 5 heal ratatouille hurt nemo
  16. Still watching Babylon Berlin and becoming more enthralled with every episode. It takes a while because it isn't in your face, but it is supremely stylish. There are so many small moments that are unlike any usual television, particularly not 'cop' television or movies, and they are adding up to be more than the sum of their parts. As well, without changing any of the beats or emphasis of the events in Germany at the end of the 1920's -- and the larger world, particularly the Soviet Union -- that have disturbing ripples when looked at in the context of our own mid - to end second decade of the 21st century.
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  18. I do not know if it is relevant but in Dany IX dead baby Rhaego is linked/described as a bat.
  19. To give a perspective, would Rickard Karstark, as a leading banner man for House Stark, be the Earl of Karhold? Or Randyll Tarly the Earl of Horn Hill? Would a son of a Lord Paramount hold a title in his own right, i.e. Edward Plantagenet, son of Richard, Duke of York, who was Earl of March before becoming King Edward IV?
  20. Depends. Rhaegar's certainly handsome enough to make her forget Jaime, but if he's as mopey as they claim, she'd have gotten bored of him eventually.
  21. Hey there @Lucius Lovejoy. Great analysis. And a good read also.
  22. She was certainly a murderess at the age of 10; just ask Melara. As for her intellectual side, there’s not much of that to discuss.
  23. It is very interesting to speculate why Mueller indicted the Russians, who will likely never see a day in court, why the indictment was released on a Friday, always considered the day to bury news, and why Rosenstein was the one chosen to stand there all alone, not surrounded by people from the FBI and the Justice Department, while he read out the indictments. I think Mueller felt he had to shoot this cannon at the Russians. Russian meddling had to be acknowledged this way, don't you think? And there's so. much. information. in the indictment! And no question the Russian investigation is a hoax or a witch hunt, or Chinese intervention, or a 400 pound guy sitting on his bed in New Jersey. I hope this makes certain Congressmen stfu as well. Many commentators also thought the indictment was a big message to the WH. Of course Trump has decided to broadcast this as proof of no collusion since the Russians started planning in 2014, but he obviously didn't read the indictment. 37 pages is just a bit too long for someone who won't even read the daily security updates. This indictment was about Russians, not Americans. Every American should know what the Russians did in the election. In fact, I wish someone in Great Britain was looking at the events running up to the Brexit vote as well. We don't know if this is the last indictment to be issued by Mueller. In fact, I highly doubt it. Maybe it was done on a Friday to give Trump something to think about over a long weekend? I find the fact Rosenstein stood there all alone at the press conference very interesting. Done for a psychological impact, no? I think Mueller is into head games. He sent the FBI out in the middle of the night to break into Manafort's house, remember? Again, many commentators believe that bit of theatre will make it much more difficult for Trump to fire Rosenstein. And it has been pointed out that he was very careful in the words he chose to describe what was in the document. He said no Americans knowingly colluded with Russians in THIS indictment. I believe there will be more indictments against Americans who colluded. There was an announcement about an indictment that everyone seems to have missed, an indictment and guilty plea by a guy who helped the Russians obtain false IDs. I did not hear whether or not he knew they were Russians. Finally, I really wonder about how many updates Trump received from the FBI about the Russian investigation. We know he got information right after being elected, and I assume there were more after that. Yet Trump continued to call the investigation a hoax perpetrated by sore-loser Democrats, and the news reports about Russians all lies. I wonder if this indictment is a small window into the kinds of things Trump was told about, and if his year-long rant against the investigation will lead to a final report that says his actions were a subversion of justice.
  24. But that's the US governments claim to like 90% of the US.
  25. Casterly Rock itself was a disappointment. An enormous castle that was built into the rock, a rock that rivaled the Wall in height, is reduced to a castle that seems slightly smaller than the Red Keep, atop a cliff that’s lower than the White Cliffs of Dover from the look of things.
  26. no. they are not citizens. just because they have broken the law for a long time doesnt give them squatters rights to citizenship.
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