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  2. Ironborn ARE a monotonous horde of never-resting ship-builders and reavers. Or more like they are never-resting sailors/marines/fishermen/pirates/raiders, and when needed they build and repair their boats and ships. And it's needed often, because their islands are located in stormy and rocky region. So even when their vessels are moored in ports and docks, they are still occasionally getting damaged by hostile natural environment. Even Drowned Men mostly live at the sea, and take active part in raids. "The ironborn are a seafaring people, and some do not like to be far from the sea. The Drowned Priests of the ironborn likewise seldom stray far from the sea." And why do you think that they only build with driftwood? Just because they make their "holy weapons" out of driftwood? Which doesn't mean that they also build ships out of driftwood. "Drowned men are priests of the Drowned God in the Iron Islands". "His priests are the Drowned Men, who are clothed and armed by the sea itself." "Traditionally, they arm and clothe themselves only with what the sea washes ashore." "The drowned men wear roughspun robes of mottled green, grey, and blue, the colors of the Drowned God. They carry driftwood cudgels to show their devotion in battle, and skins of saltwater to perform ritual anointment as well as to sate their thirst . "Priests of the Drowned God bless new ships, speaking invocations and pouring sea water over prows." "In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Drowned Men carry cudgels of driftwood. They are forbidden from shedding the blood of other ironborn, but this restriction is taken quite literally: they are still permitted to bludgeon enemies to death with driftwood clubs. It is also quite praiseworthy to drown an offending ironborn, as a sacrifice to the Drowned God." <- That's funny And I will help you by giving links to info: Or read spoiler in my previous post, I copypasted there info about ironborn way of life, culture, and occupations. "The Iron Islands are small and rocky, swept by fierce storm winds, with poor soil and hardly any natural resources. The few poor crop fields that are present have their rocky soil plowed by thralls, men captured in raids and forced into servitude, as they usually cannot afford draft animals. While located at roughly the same latitude as the Eyrie in the Vale or the Twins in the Riverlands, the harsh storm winds that howl through the islands make them fairly cold. It is no wonder that in this precarious position, the inhabitants came to rely on the bounty of the sea, and ultimately raiding the mainland." Thralls are captives imprisoned during raids. Ironborn use them to do nearly all work that isn't related to sealife. They catch fish, they make nets, they work as blacksmiths and shipwrights. But even their houses are mostly build by their thralls. Thralls work in fields and mines, thralls serve in hoseholds of ironborn lords. And artists, ironborn? Really? "Illiteracy is common among the ironborn, perhaps because they believe physical force is enough to obtain what they want, and do not bother to produce anything of their own, as the motto of House Greyjoy implies. When Theon arrives at Moat Cailin, he urges the ironborn to read the message from Ramsay, although he is almost certain that none of them can read. Rodrik Harlaw (Balon's brother-in-law) is known as "the Reader" for his passion for books, which is regarded by most ironborn as somewhat strange, as they consider reading to be an unmanly habit (though Rodrik is actually a strong warrior, he just thinks history books are interesting)." They do have singers/musicians/composers, as Theon said: "War was an ironman's proper trade. The Drowned God had made them to reave and rape, to carve out kingdoms and write their names in fire and blood and song." There's even book about their legends and the preachings of the Drowned men, that is called "Songs the Drowned Men Sing". Though the book itself was compiled by maester in Citadel, and not by ironborn. Also their songs are created by sailors and fishers. They don't have such professions as bards. They use thralls to serve, and they don't bother to produce anything themselves. Art included. They even think, that the person that likes to read, is a weirdo (Rodrick Harlaw), so they wouldn't bother themselves with creation of art. Furthermore, prior starting debates with me, whether it was possible or impossible for Euron to build 1,000 ships in a span of 6 months, you shoul have done at least a bit of research about who ironborn are, how they live, and what they do. Nearly all of them are experiences shipwrights. Which will become obvious to you, if you will bother with reading info about them, provided in this Wikia. People that currently populate Iron Islands already have experience of building 1,200 ships and boats, even before Euron's coronation. Their Islands are called Iron Islands because they have rich iron ore. Their mine on Harlaw island is one of the richest iron mines in Westeros. They also have lead and tin mines. Lordsport of Pyke is the largest town of Iron Islands, is known for its forges and metalworkers, who produce excellent swords, axes, ringmail, and plate. They also have there timber and wattle keep. <- All this info is from ASOIAF Wikia. They wouldn't even need to sail elsewhere to build new shipyards, or to get supplies. They already have on site, everything what is needed to build 1,000 ships, even without leaving Iron Islands archipellago. And if they will have a deficite in anything, they will just have to go on a raid. Furthermore, in the last book of ASOIAF, that's exactly what Euron did, after his coronation. He sent his people on a raid to Shield Islands, seized them, and advanced by Manderly river to attack unguarded Reach. After that battle he took 38 ships off their fleet. "Euron admits he does not intend to hold the Shields. Attacking them opened the Mander to their raiding ships." Book-Euron raided westcoast of Westeros to seize more ships for his fleet. So it wouldn't be problematic for GOT-Euron to raid the coast for gathering supplies, needed to complete his fleet. He has people (1,5 million workers), all needed resources (or can get them thru raids), experience, motivation and dedication of his people (which is also very important), and 6 months of time. If you will further continue this argument about possibility/imposibility of Euron's accomplishment, I ask you to at least provide some verificational/informative sources of your statements, because reasons "I think that that is so and so, just because I think so" doesn't cut it.
  3. SO, it never occurred to me that the hearts, as in the heart of shadow and the heart of winter, were mobile. I'm still not sure what I think of the notions, but metaphorically speaking we see hearts popping up a lot. The heart trees, the sword that was forged from the heart of a fallen star, a sword the was tempered by being plunged into the heart of Nissa Nissa. On a more literal level, I have always assumed that the black stone of the Bloodstone Emperor and the pale stone from which Dawn was forged are likely to be real objects that could be moved, and they could be the hearts, I had, however, assumed that the pale stone was still in the Pale Stone Tower at Starfall, so I don't know if either of the stones could be the mobile hearts. (I think the Seastone Chair could be the black stone. So it couldn't be in Stygia.)
  4. We didn't play at all well in the second (Southampton did what they often do and outplayed us without scoring- that new midfielder they've got looks a player, but strikers still needed badly) but last season we'd have drawn that, so credit where it's due.
  5. So I finally found out where @felice is from. I googled this Winston Peters person, wow he is OLD. Popes are resigning because they are old while politicians run for office in their seventies... weird. I went to see Home Again and it was a very very pleasant surprise. I thought it was going to be a godawful Hollywood comedy with forced and crappy jokes, but it was great in every aspect. The characters are so adorable, the actors did an amazing job and the atmosphere of the film is so warm and cozy. It's been a very long time since I watched anything that good in the cinema.
  6. Though, I will note that the land walls, casually referenced in the description of Asshai's walls, do argue against a purely ceremonial city, and Vaes Dothrak does not have walls. At the same time, the residents of Asshai "do not claim to know who built their city", so they aren't claiming it was the Golden Empire in the same way the Yi Ti claim to have descended from the Golden Empire.
  7. That was a sexy hat trick. Really likable player, glad he’s off to a good start. kinda feels like a must win for Liverpool after all the results today.
  8. Altherion - just to be clear, I am not a proponent of diversity. I view it as a problem with no easy answer. The easiest path would be to just deal with the status quo. I would be perfectly happy to do that and get on with life but there seems to be a lot of people lining up against that position and I am simply trying to understand why and what might be a solution. I also think there is a real opportunity to create a win/win across the board by expanding the overall pool of people with skills that are in demand. You've been butting up agains the liberal echo chamber in this place for too long. You see liberals and SJW's lurking around every corner of the board
  9. Back in Season 5 - The throne room scene after Daenerys left with her dragon. Daario doubts that Tyrion would be useful in the hunting party. Original: Daario: “Can you fight?” Tyrion: “I have fought. I don’t claim to be a great warrior”. Alternative Version Daario: “Can you fight?” Tyrion: “I have fought. And I have killed people”. Daario: “From behind?” Tyrion (annoyed): “Preferably”.
  10. For our board constitutional scholars. Why isn't this a violation of the first amendment? I know the constitution doesn't actually mean anything in our age of partisan politics, but still.
  11. Glad to be of help.
  12. I really like this idea - it's a great way of keeping the Borg dangerous and explaining why they don't simply destroy the federation. Let's just hope they don't bump into any Borg in "Discovery". Although they apparently showed up in "Enterprise" so I'd be surprised if we never see them. Although they might appear completely different when they do. I am mildy excited about the premier though.
  13. Alvaro Morata, I love you.
  14. I agree with your list. For Dany and Jon if they end up dead, the only thing I think is they have to die after Jon has his “I am a Stark (since he would actually be a Stark not just a Snow as Lyanna’s legitimate son) and a Targaryen moment” and after Dany feels at home for the first time (maybe she felt 100% at home during boat sex). No need for the NW right if they kill the NK? I could see Tyrion being hand in the new government post war with his vineyard he goes to in order to escape wherever the capital is at that point. What do u think of the secondary characters? I am leaning towards a real bloodletting of the seconday characters since so many of them seem like they have already completed whatever arcs they were on except for the Hound and I do think our core 5-7 characters survive.
  15. Bronze is itself an amalgam of copper and tin, so adding iron to bronze wouldn't necessarily imply a marriage but would be consistent with the binding of the peoples - or warriors of a kingdom; say the old [bronze] and the new [iron]
  16. I've made this argument regarding ceremonial cities several times regarding Asshai, and it always seems to fall on deaf ears. It still doesn't answer whether or not it was part of Asshai of the Golden Empire, which seems likely, but i debatable.. That said we already have another impossibly large city in the story, Vaes Dothrak, and we know why that city is that big. It is supposed to fulfill a prophecy that at one point all the Dothraki will gather there at one time, presumably, but not directly stated, under the Stallion Who Will Mount the World.
  17. So Sane has played his way back into Guardiola's starting XI? Thought he was demoted to luxury sub for City, again.
  18. If only we could find a large group of countries that we could team up with to collectively increase our bargaining power.
  19. Today
  20. Ha -- I wonder if tromperola noticed that the response to his assholery shows the world that the NFL players are far more popular than he is? And he's still howling about wanting no rules and regulations for protecting the players' heads. One can hardly be more racist than demanding black men hurt each other for his entertainment.
  21. I'm not sure. What is interesting is that he is described as iron, while Robert is true steel. Here's an interesting quote about metals representing people(s): If a crown of bronze and iron are the metals of winter; do they also represent a marriage alliance?
  22. I would love to see that.
  23. No, but sometimes it's obvious that they're either not up to pace or losing their cool a bit and need to be protected from themselves- and both were the case here. Anyway, Redmond is tearing into our right hand side in the second half.
  24. Disadvantaged, how? Hurting, how? This makes no sense at all. What does hurt us here in the USA is corps outsourcing to other countries a huge amount of what is supposed to be help and assistance. Help and assistance are not provided because the people on the help lines aren't living -- not even in the area in which the person who needs help lives, not even the same country. And generally these people are not speaking the language of the person who is calling for assistance. This (corporate cost pinching and deliberate neglect of users / customers) is not the same as what you seem to mean by disadvantaging and hurting though, which seems to mean directly stealing jobs or something.
  25. He's really young to now be losing a second parent... Not that I imagine it gets easier in time, but he's about my age. Reading his post, his dad sounds like a great guy. I'm sorry for Pat. Truly.
  26. Robert was not that strong of a king. Taking loyal bannermen across the Narrow Sea to fight Braavos will just invite trouble for him back home. Besides, you don't attack your bankers.
  27. I have a dislike for all of the Starks and Jon. But unfortunately, I think Bran and Rickon will survive. Their wolves will survive, though I wish them to perish too. The consolation for me, I'm pretty sure Arya, Jon, and Sansa will all die. I think Ghost and Nymeria will survive.
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