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  2. Not entirely shocking given how we have monuments to thieves and slave owners in street names and statues and also memorialize them on money and by naming schools after them.
  3. As do you my young friend! Slainte'! Also, anyone tried the Jameson Caskmates being advertised lately? I'm curious if there's anything to it...
  4. Ugh, I can hear the idiots complaining about what a Halo rip off this is already.
  5. It was refreshing to see Barnaby Joyce getting mocked on Last Week Tonight. After all of his garbage that marriage equality would ruin the sanctity of marriage... Poor Joycey. He said he is having a hard time because his daughters aren't speaking to him. Good.
  6. I don't really care about the Freys or what happens to them. I do have a strong dislike for the Starks. Maybe that is why I want Stoneheart to die. I don't want the Starks to get revenge on their enemies.
  7. The last two are pluses to many. The first one too, but you have to be quieter about that one.
  8. If Ramsay can have his fans then why not him.
  9. Seriously dude, if you had followed the link given by the OP to the interview at the mark indicated, George himself said so, that Robert no longer wanted to do what the Targaryens command him to do. Robert wanted to do what he wanted rather than what the Targaryens tell him to do. In other words, Robert no longer wanted to obey. There is nothing unjust about executing Rickard if he was plotting against the Targaryens. That is treason. There is nothing unjust about executing Robert because he was part of the plot to overthrow the Targaryens.
  10. I find it dumb that TS3 is doing better than the original. Pick Inside Out Flick TS3 Toy Story - 7 Toy Story 2 - 12 Monsters, Inc - 5 Finding Nemo - 7 The Incredibles - 16 Ratatouille - 14 Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 9 (-) Inside Out - 13 (+)
  11. Yeah, individually not great for him, although an olympic gold is nothing to scoff at - but overall, there are usually a few favourites to win each event, and an awful lot of them have gone our way.
  12. It would be challenging to find the right place for Ramsay. Thinking about it, it turns out that many fathers would actually make use of him instead of trying to change him, or just being unable to keep him in check so they'd cast him out as an embarrassment. Maybe Roose does his best after all. Rickon-Victarion Greyjoy Tyrion, Sam-Reader Sweetrobin-Tywin Tommen-Eddard.
  13. Ned's fate was decided moment when he spoke to Cersei.
  14. The Frankenstein Chronicles, London, 1827. It's quite pleasant indeed to see Sean Bean on screen again. There are some sly references to previous roles. One in particular I noticed was musical -- there was a bar or two in an appropriate scene that referenced Aragorn. First aired 2015 on ITV, Bean as associate producer of the first series/season. Picked up in the US by A&E, now it's streaming on netflix. Some characters from the period participate, which I'm rather skeptical about, particularly the deathbed William Blake and widow Mary Shelley's relationship -- since it was Mary Wollstoncraft, Mary Shelley's mother, who knew Blake; he illustrated one her books -- a book and with illustrations that fit right into the FC's milieu, so that does work, to have this page in the plot. Also Mary Shelley's dead husband, Percy Shelley, admired Blake muchly. Boz/Dickens getting involved in such a grim and grisly case is easily believable -- except he was still a kid in 1827, not writing or working on a newspaper. Still, I admit to a certain amount of satisfaction with a series that attempts to so seriously connect bloody butchery with London's literary scene. Lots of the filthy, grey, miserable kind of 19th c London mean streets we've all come to know via historic period television thrillers such Ripper Street, whether from the era of the Napoleonic Wars or that of the Afghanistan war or of the Boer Wars.
  15. Well, if he is captured by some asshole who like to brutally torture little boys worse than Theon was tortured, he will probably thinks about commiting suicide.
  16. Yeah. But I'm converting this shit to Penguin years. I ain't no Fibonacci, but I'm fairly certain I'm already past my expiration date.
  17. One more vote before sleep Heal Nemo Hurt Toys Toy Story - 7+- Toy Story 2 - 12 Monsters, Inc - 5 Finding Nemo - 7+ The Incredibles - 16 Ratatouille - 14- Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 10 Inside Out - 12
  18. The 2 minutes of report I heard about him on NPR did bring up some of his anti-Semitic BS. Then they moved on to talking to his son, so I changed the channel.
  19. Sorry I haven't quite had time to read through the whole thread. I love this topic was just wondering about some points made in the OP. 1. Do we know or have any indication that Mance and his spearwives are behind ANY of the murders at Winterfell? I know there is at least one specific time where a spearwife angrily denies being responsible for a murder which Theon accuses her of, but I can't recall whether it was only specific to that murder (I believe it was Little Walder). 2. I continue to be so interested as to what exactly is going on with Mance, Melisandre, and Jon. It really bothers me how Mance openly mentions needing spearwives to carry out a ploy separate from the rescue Arya mission in front of Jon, and there is absolutely no follow-up whatsoever from Jon asking what Mance intends to do. And then you essentially have Jon playing dumb afterwards continuing to wonder what Mance and Melisandre are up to despite them basically openly telling him they were up to something else earlier on. 3. We still have to wonder whether Mance is fulfilling Melisandre's/Stannis's agenda, or his own. Is Mance acting on his own accord? Is he bound to Melisandre's will by the ruby? If he's not, it might make sense for him to have some involvement in the Pink Letter, considering he would want access to his son (or at least who he thinks is his son) and probably wants to help Val out too. 4. I recall Theon openly wondering why Mance and the spearwives are so interested in how he took Winterfell. He puts it up to them wanting to escape, and I'm inclined to agree. Theon basically describes Winterfell as a prison at this point, all the entrances and exits are blocked off and guarded, and Mance is shrewd enough to know that perhaps he should not test Ramsay's cruelty by attempting to leave. 5. This is the most curious thing to me about it all- Jaime knows right away that "Arya" is in fact a fake. While he did spend more time around Arya than Mance, I do continually wonder whether Mance also should or must know that Arya is a fake. He certainly does not act like it, and Mance doesn't seem to quite be the kind of guy who would sacrifice lives of spearwives for something he didn't deem too important. 6. On the subject of the murder of Little Walder, I know there is some "forensic evidence" that Big Walder may be responsible (i.e. blood spatter and motive), but that does go against what we are shown about the character of Big Walder, who seems pretty put off by Ramsay's cruelty. Not sure that kid is capable of murdering a relative. What is more compelling to me motive-wise is this "Ghost of Winterfell" who Theon encounters. It's more in-line with the other murders, which seem to be vengence-motivated against the Freys and Boltons and Ramsay (one of Ramsay's boys had his genitals stuck in his mouth as I recall).
  20. The whitewashing of him is getting out of control. It's like everyone forgot that he was antisemitic, homophobic and misogynistic.
  21. True, I just think it is dumb that a third of the movies still in the running are the same series!
  22. Sansa to the Silent Sisters (at least poor Ned would still be alive)
  23. They can't bury him deep enough.
  24. It's about time someone listened to the forum's constant "why don't they adapt the culture novels". Having the creator of utopia and funding from Amazon can only be a good thing. Plenty of other books to adapt if successful. A season per book would make for an impressve anthology series with an overall continuity rather than completely reinventing itself. There seems to be some serious money going into SFF of late - shame they are all a couple of years down the line. It's good to see that the streaming networks aren't going for obvious "what's like GOT" but more "what other genre SFF have great sales and franchise potential". It's more risky upfront but the rewards if they take off are much stronger. I suspect there's only so much room for GOT style shows like LOTR, conan and Witcher.
  25. Probably the giants. Wun Wun is basically the giant version of Robert
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