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    Libraries in fiction

    Great library! It's just a shame that flesh-eating shadows tend to ruin the library experience.
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  4. Astromech

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    I've never read any of his works but will probably start with his Paris.
  5. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    You need to get some better weed, get out of the house, and live a little.
  6. Lord Varys

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    The precise wording is: In my opinion, this implies only that Edmyn Tully was the most powerful Riverlord at the time of the Conquest because Harren took measures to temporarily weaken the Blackwoods and Brackens (and others, in the past), but those measures did apparently not include granting the Tullys more lands and incomes or taking away lands and inccomes from the Brackens and Blackwoods. Instead, I'd assume, we should imagine that Harren dealing with them harshly means the Ironborn ravaged the Bracken and Blackwood lands severely, destroying their crops, villages, holdfasts, castles, culling their smallfolk and cattle, and, perhaps, also killing their lords and adult heirs, handing the lordships to boy lords, women, or feeble old men. All that would have essentially greatly weakened the Blackwoods/Brackens without actually changing the political landscape of the Riverlands - and made Edmyn Tully the most powerful Riverlord because he was both a charismatic/competent leader of men whose lands and retainers and men-at-arms and levies were in top shape. If Harren had effectively made the Tullys the most powerful house in the Riverlands on a feudal or financial level Glydayn's claim that the Tullys were effectively still dwarfed by many of their bannermen insofar as power and wealth are concerned would be a contradiction. Because both Aegon the Conqueror and his successors are actually more likely to have granted the Tullys (who were Targaryen sycophants from the start) more privileges and favors than to take them away. Which means it would be a very odd thing that Edmyn Tully prior to the Conquest would have been more powerful than Edmyn Tully after the Conquest when he was made lord paramount (and even more powerful than his successors in that position). I don't think that flies. The North did not only fight in the Rebellion but also against the Ironborn - and lost men in both wars. The reason why the Riverlands don't marshal as many men as they can seems to have to do with the fact that they never made a really concentrated effort to do so. Which, in my opinion, goes in part back to the fact that the Riverlands were split during the Rebellion between the dragon and the stag. The former Targaryen loyalists had little to no internal motivation to defend the Tullys, and the Lannisters never actually wanted to conquer the Riverlands or anything of that sort (at least not until Robb was proclaimed king). We also have no reports about there being a lot of raiding and petty destruction of crops and fields and villages during the Rebellion.
  7. The "who just farted" look. Ref Josh Gad on Graham Norton talking about 'Murder on the Orient Express'
  8. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Absolutely why not? Jaime sitting in a cell at RR wouldn't convince Tywin or Walder to cut the RW. Why would it? Do you think Jaime being returned would have sated Tywin's thirst for vengeance? It was coming regardless. There was a punishment though. Maybe you don't think it was harsh enough but that doesn't mean there wasn't one. What punishment would have been fair for Robb to exact on Catelyn?
  9. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    While I do find Walder Frey comical at times I disagree with pretty much the whole rest of your post. You name Arya, not only a villain, but also on the same level as Ramsay? Arya wasn't written as a villain & by no stretch of the imagination holds a candle to Ramsay. Theon is one of the best written characters in the series IMO but also isn't written as a villain. Jaime is another very well written character. He isn't amoral, he just doesn't have your morals. It's not the same. Out of curiosity what tragedy has been caused by Catelyn or Jon's "fatal character defect"? I feel like we read different books honestly. Walder only does bad things when they are done to him but it's cool because he's funny. But Arya, Jaime, & Theon are villains & Jon & Catelyn have character defects??
  10. Being at Worldcon in Dublin means I haven't managed to see any of the match, it sounds like I missed a good game. It does however have the compensation that I can discuss it with Stubby in person after a decade of discussing it with him in this thread.
  11. I'm definitely cancelling my Amazon Prime until WoT comes out. There are a bunch of Amazon Prime originals I want to watch but are unavailable in NZ. So until Amazon sorts that I'll only be signing on for a month at a time when there's seasons of at least 3 shows I want to watch available. Jeff Bezos doesn't need any of my money when I'm not getting any value back.
  12. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Nope. From what we know Aegon is a Targaryen that was baby swapped. There are theories that suggest Aegon is a Blackfyre but this is most certainly not cannon.
  13. dsjj251

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    Lets be clear, Lords were fine with marrying 20 year old men to 13 year old girls, so while none of the 9 great houses had women of suitable ages, im guessing a number of notable houses had women higher in the pecking order than 7th. That includes House Florent itself. The Dance of Dragons did not happen because Aegon II was the son of a Hightower, it happened because men of the small council did not want to be ruled by Prince Daemon or Rhaeynra's perceived bastards there after as well as the argument that men should come first. Remember at the time of the Dance, House Valeryon was considered the wealthiest house in all of the 7 Kingdoms, and no one could match their fleets. So Rhaenyra had a fleet, the ground numbers(The North, Vale, The majority of the crownlands, and the Riverlands), and she had more Dragons. they still rebelled against her. As for marriages themselves, If that argument was true, Robert would have never allowed Renly to visit with the Martells. Last but not least, Stannis was lord of Dragonstone in his own right(technically). So his child would be a Lord regardless of who was king.
  14. Snarks and Grumkins. The Realm thinks that Jon is asking them to believe in Snarks and Grumkins. The last time Westeros was threatened by supernatural foes was 10,000 years ago when Legends supposedly walked the earth.
  15. I watched the Lindsay Ellis videos again, and they are very good, one thing that stood out was Benioff saying in the outside the episode, well, look at Dany's reaction to the death of Viserys, like that was a bad thing. A rare scene where they didn't destroy the symbolism, only because they didn't see it. They truly left nothing, they actually went on a search and destroy mission, to crap on every good thing they might have missed. (Anyway, there are a ton of such moments, it was just funny that they went there, and actually thought anyone would buy it. The last outside the episode must have been a real doozy. No wonder someone pulled it.)
  16. Raja

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Hah - I dunno? To be fair, I had two of these exact same pairs ( different colours) that I wore all the time, and they both pretty much gave out within 1/2 months of each other ( also, I'm totally looking them up on amazon right now to see if I can snag another pair) Less than a year is impressive though. Maybe you just walk *way* more than me.
  17. Frey family reunion

    Heresy 226 of wolves, dragons and other familiars

    HBO nonsense aside, do we have any evidence that the language that they (whoever they refers to) mistranslated was Valyrian? I know that this theory is popular but where did we come up with the notion that dragon and prince were the same word in Valyrian? I mean the Valyrians were a freehold they didn't have kings or princes. However, their most notable enemy did refer to their own sovereign as a prince. It would then seem odd that the Valyrians would then use the same word for both princes and dragons. For example, I doubt they would have referenced Prince Garin as a dragon.
  18. Another thing, if he was this vague and cryptic with Benioff and Weiss, as bad as they are at just basic things like maturely understanding and presenting humankind in a responsible way... He'd really have had to spell things out just for them to grasp the basics of the story, so they just didn't even bother, apart from a couple of AWESOME! things they misunderstood and destroyed.
  19. corbon

    R+L=J v.166

    Sure. Fine in theory, except he wasn't made part of the marital alliance. You claim one reason, I point out another. Correction. He didn't want to marry after Lyanna was taken from him. Which any time from before the war. The binding Lannisters angle places it most reasonably after the Sack, but not necessarily as a result of the reveal of her death. Agreed. It shows that Ned doesn't like to talk about it and when he does, its a somewhat different story to that we hear or elsewhere. I don;t think its a deep secret that Ned keeps, just that he doesn't talk about it, nor does anyone else who was there. So no one knows anything for sure. Even what he did tell Bran was not really about "the fight at ToJ", just the most vague generalism that we think (almost certainly correctly) is about ToJ. Bran doesn't know that. Correct. That wasn't explicitly speaking of the ToJ (or any specific) fight. That was a vague generalism about Arthur Dayne. See how Ned doesn't talk of it, even to Bran? Ned's delivery of Dawn to Starfall is a publicly witnessed and widely acknowledged fact. The deaths of Arthur and his brother KG was private and the only people who know of it don't speak of it. Therefore its not likely to be known at all, let alone widely known. However, the death of Arthur by Ned's hand is easily surmised by anyone and everyone, simply by the public known fact that he returned Dawn to Starfall. What I see from Ned is a very very consistent refusal to speak anything about the ToJ events to anyone. Robert, his King, merely has one peripheral detail relating to it, the name of the wetnurse, whom Robert assumes is the mother - and that datapoint relates as much or more to after Starfall and after, when Ned was known to have a wetnurse with his bastard, as to ToJ. Ned gets angry, or sad, when these things come up, and won't talk any more, even to his King or to his son. So consistent with Ned's behaviour, what I think happened at Starfall is that Ned very respectfully and sorrowfully return Dawn to the Dayne, without telling them virtually anything - at most a "yes, Arthur is dead, I'm sorry. He died most honourably" sort of answer. In one single place, which is not GRRMs direct writing, the death of the three KG is mentioned. Given the way GRRM has written Ned's interactions around this event, I suspect that this one mention is an error, and Yandel does not in fact know this. Unless Ned told someone, which would run counter to both his characterisation and his needs of the moment (such a story invites more interest in a matter he desperately needs to keep secret), I don;t see how Yandel or anyone else could know this. Fair call. I'm not "dismissing" it entirely. I'm saying that I think it likely that this isolated datapoint, which is not from GRRM directly, which stands in direct opposition to Ned's characterisation and needs, is an error. Its the text we have, Anything else is your invention. Would they? There was a war on, or the after effects of one. I don't think they wold insist on Ned telling them full stories. I don't think they would push on their Lord's obvious sadness and loss. I think they would accept the briefest and most basic explanation, exactly as we hear from Lady Barbrey. Especially given Ned's own sadness and losses. Even if you disagree, its just your made up opinion, nothing from the text. These are not murders or missing people. They are warriors who went to war and didn't come back. Their Lord, and friend, says they died honourably and were buried locally, thats enough for almost anyone. Cairns are built to honour the dead. Cairns built in an isolated place that no one goes to, and left unmarked, are not there for everyone else.
  20. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 226 of wolves, dragons and other familiars

    I have asserted this as well before. It’s almost like a recipe. Do this, and this, and this, and at the end you’ll get a dragon! It’s said Azor Ahai slew a great beast with Lightbringer. If the great beast was a dragon then it only seems logical that the prince or princess that was promised would want to be able to identify Azor Ahai reborn so that he or she doesn’t slay the dragon that was promised! Rhaegar sighted the bleeding comet the night Aegon was conceived not born, but the timing of the bleeding comet’s return may have coincided with Darnery’s rebirth in the funeral pyre that also hatched the eggs. Melisandre and other Rh’llorists desire a summer without end. Dragons are associated with fire and the lands of the long summer. They may be perpetuating a propaganda war against the traditional role of Azor Ahai as a dragon slayer and purposely conflating the legends to make Azor Ahai a hero for summer. If they proclaim Daenerys as Azor Ahai reborn it would weaken the claim if anyone else would rise up and try to take the name.
  21. Darth Richard II

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Votes are due July 31st

    I approve of most of that. Still baffled though that Erkison's Rejoice didn't even make the long list. Edit: Fuck to the Lodestar though. Fuck, I say.
  22. Maltaran

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Votes are due July 31st

    Full results https://dublin2019.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/[email protected]^[email protected]@[email protected] And the Best Novel Award was presented by a real lady astronaut
  23. Perhaps the Faith of the Seven was created when/where that threat was not faced?
  24. HelenaExMachina

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    Sunday roast. Chicken for us this week. Veg was mashed swede, honey glazed carrots and roasted cauliflower. I made roast potatoes for the mothership. Homemade yorkshires, because who the hell only has yorkkes with beef?! Oh and lemon and thyme stuffing. best part? Leftovers for tomorrow!
  25. dbunting

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    What really sucks is that a lot of these episodes couldn't get made now. People can't handle the humor anymore.
  26. Of course he would prefer for Tyrion to be dead. That was the whole point behind framing him for Joffrey's murder in the first place. Only it didn't work out. Now, in order to kill Tyrion, he first has to locate him, which is the same problem Cersei has. Once he's located (probably when he surfaces as Meereen's administrator, then attempts can be made. As to annullment, that has to go through the Faith. Given its political aspects, a decision would likely be made on that basis. Assuming that Sansa doesn't drag her feet on the issue. I think it is clear that she has little interest in marriage to anybody at this point, and staying married to Tyrion is a good way to avoid marrying anybody else.
  27. Do we? Are there other genderless nouns in Valyrian that we know of? I thought we knew that the word Dragon, was genderless, as dragons themselves can switch between genders. And that the word Dragon was the same as the word for Prince (and thus princess, though it seems that prince and princess are themselves gendered words.) It sounds to me like the wod for dragon became the word for (a Targaryen) prince. I suspect the word for princess in a feminized version of the word for prince. Aemon is saying that the original word in the prophecy, Dragon, was taken by the Targaryen's interpreting it to be the default masculine gender prince because that was their common usage and that they had forgotten that the original word dragon is in fact, genderless. Aemon directly references the Prince that was promised with all the same markers as Mel and Benerro use for the AA prophecy. About tPtwP (shouldn't it really be the Dragon that was promised? At least in Valaryian?): Aemon is clearly referencing tPtwP prophecy, no matter what other context is around the conversation. The elements we can pick out are that tDtwP would be born amidst smoke and salt, there would be a bleeding star, and the dragons prove it. And this is at least 1000 years old (so definitely from before the Targs lost their dragons, even before the Doom. So no indication at all that its anything inherently about them regaining their lost dragons). About AA(v2): From Melisandre (twice) From Yandel From Benerro It s very clear the that tPtwP prophecy is the Azor Ahai reborn prophecy. And its at least 1000yrs old, predating the Doom and the loss of Targaryen Dragons. It may or may not predate the rise of Valyria - clearly AAv1 does, but that does not tell us when the prophecy of his return started. Its also clear that the prophecy relates to dragons somehow, since both Aemon (talking about tPtwP) and Each group takes out of the rebirth of AA/tPtwP its own wish-fulfillment, sort of. Targaryens think because the High Valyrian word dragon is used, that the prophesied hero will be a Targaryen Prince - tPtwP. Is their prophecy the original, from 1000yrs ago? Or is it a Valyrian copy (or reinvention) of an older prophecy? Impossible for us to tell at this stage at least. Rh'lorrists think that the prophecied hero will remake the world and bring and end to darkness and winter. I suspect the "death will bend its knee" and "reborn fighters" are religious additions for religious reasons, rather than the original prophecy, but we can't really tell that for sure either. Due to the 1000yr old PtwP datapoint and the Rh'lorrist waking dragons out of stone data point, I think its pretty clear that the PtwP prophecy is not a private Targaryen prophecy aimed at the rebirth of dragons, but it is fact the AA prophecy about saving the world. Rebirthing dragons is a side bonus, so to speak, for the Targaryens. Still, the waking dragons out of stone part would have made it even more imperative for post-dragon Targaryens to want the prophecy fulfilled, for their own political/power reasons, as well as saving the world.
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