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  2. or that if you keep offering sandwiches to an alcoholic criminal he'll give you really cool shirt.
  3. FAegon has been raised in the faith of the 7. He will oppose Cersei, who has made enemies of the High Sparrow and all the Faith. On the other hand, Daenerys will come with Red Priests, eunuch slaves, Dothrakis, sell swords without or of foreign religions. I don't see any love between the Faith, or any westerosi local, and the invaders. So if the Faith support anyone claims to the IT, it will be fAegon. The Faith would even push fAegon to fight Daenerys if for nothing else for a religious cause.
  4. I agree with quite a few things that have been adressed here. I also feel, that much of the story makes more sense when we imagine Westeros (at least south of the wall) having roughly the size of Britain. This would make sense since Westeros is clearly modeled on late-medieval England. The lands are too big and some the islands are too small. Not only the Iron Isles, also the Stepstones (all those pirates hiding in those smallish freckles - do they never step on each other's toes?). The Summer Islands seem to have the right size... until you learn that there are 10 or so Kingdoms on them. Something that always strikes me as completely absurd are the settlement patterns. The problem was already adressed with Winterfell, which is situated far from any river (and it's not only the castle, there is Winter Town as well). But it is rather the rule than the exception that cities are built away from big rivers or other possible trade routes. Take River Royne. Okay, parts of it are cursed. But still: it's propably the biggest river in Essos and holds only one sizeable city (Volantis). The same in Westeros: the biggest river ist the Mander. What do we have there? Highgarden - a castle with maybe a village of unknown size around it. And basically nothing else. As far as I can see there are only three bigger towns that are situated in a geographically logical position: White Harbour (why the heck don't the Rulers of the North reside there? Okay, Winterfell is magical and so on - but it still makes no sense somehow), King's Landing and Oldtown.
  5. Interesting. Im not sure about the aging fast after having kids though. Is their pretext for this? Ive always been partial to the idea that Melisandre is the Bleeding Star. Bloodraven (Bleeding) Shiera Sea(star). That Mel is quite old and wearing a glamour to hide her age.
  6. The appendices of AFFC and ADWD state that Podrick is ten years old which seems to be wrong give that he is twelve years old in ACOK.
  7. That's because when they met, Jenny was only 9 years old. That's my theory, that Jenny actually was a daughter of Rohanne Webber-Lannister, fathered by Duncan the Tall. Rohanne, who was a witch, used love potion on Dunk, to have his child. Then, when she became pregnant, she had to dissapear, because the birth of that child made her to rapidly age, and she turned into the Ghost of High Heart. So Jenny was only 29, at the time when Summerhall burned, and yes, at that age she gave birth for the first time to a child that has lived, same as it was with Rohanna - her first child that had survived to adulthood, was born by her when she was 29 years old. So in 259, 29-years old Jenny, gave birth to her and Duncan the Small's daughter - Melisandre. Melisandre's birth, on the night when the castle burned - that's one of the most important things that have happened then.
  8. Quite the claim... DARPA funded researchers accidentally create world's first Warp bubble
  9. I didn't call him a misogynist as such, I said that the issue at hand - the way he has women to scheme to arrange romantic relationships and marriages - is part of his general misogyny. And that 'general misogyny' is something I think is visible to various degrees in all his female characters and/or in the way various characters talk about women. For men, women in Jordan's are both superfluous and dangerous to various degrees. Even positve/good women are schemers - like Egwene and Elayne. They might accomplish something good with their schemes and manipulation but they still cannot be honest and straightforward, they have to lie and pretend and misdirect. And unless I'm very much mistaken to crucial part of Rand's journey - and to a lesser degree that of Perrin and Mat as well - is to ensure that he is not ever mastered by a woman. That male dominance is, in the end, always ensured. Both in the magical and the mundane sphere. That first and rather prominently established here in TSR when Rand showed the girls they place by grabbing them and isolating them from saidar when they tried to mess with him. We also get it with how Perrin establishes himself as the one in charge Faile - he saves her from the magical trap, not the other way around. And, more importantly, Faile - like any woman in this world - craves a man who tells her what to do. They need that. I didn't read much about Siuan's later obsession with Gareth Bryne, but it is quite clear that she only becomes a 'real woman' as such once she finally admits she is in love with him. And of course, I'm only talking about his literature here, not his person. Also, while this whole thing is problematic on a conceptual level it is also very poorly written dialogue - and that would be the case even if this were a book series for children.
  10. Couple articles in this vein, many more out there. Some cite purely or mostly economic concerns for the decline in birthrate (urbanization), others point to what seems to be a global decline in overall fertility. Worth noting that China (!) recently implemented a 'three child' policy and by outside measures, their population is still in decline or about to decline. Another article I can't locate at the moment mentioned that something on the order of half the women in the old east block had AIDS or something similar (don't know how much credence to give that article). Combined, a major global population drop by centuries end looks at least possible, though maybe not likely. Declining birth rate in Developed Countries: A radical policy re-think is required (nih.gov) Birthrates are declining globally – here's why it matters | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) I do have to wonder at the effects such a drop in population would have in the US, especially with climate change and whatnot.
  11. The positive message of Bad Santa is that if you dress up like Santa you can get a woman like Lauren Graham.
  12. It got a bit awkward and amusing when they started talking about writer pay differences between Hollywood writers and book authors, while Brandon's hands were busy signing thousands of cover pages and poor Dan had nothing in front of him.
  13. None? Not one example you can think of? Not one instance of "Kings blood" being used? Not even touching the show and Shereen. Melisandre hasn't used anyone for the "Kings Blood"? You don't think Melisandre would give over a baby to the flames for her Stannis Azor. Aemon thought Rhaegar was the one, I don't recall Aegon thinking Rhaegar was. For all we know, Aegon thought he himself was the promised prince. Making Rhaegar's kingsblood a needed thing. Aemon could've only started thinking Rhaegar after Rhaegar survived Summerhall, only to switch when Rhaegar suspected his own son. A Dance with Dragons - Daenerys IV Ser Barristan went on. "I saw your father and your mother wed as well. Forgive me, but there was no fondness there, and the realm paid dearly for that, my queen." "Why did they wed if they did not love each other?" "Your grandsire commanded it. A woods witch had told him that the prince was promised would be born of their line." Aegon V did not command it, his son Jaehaerys did. There is no word about Aegon V believing it was Rhaegar The World of Ice and Fire - The Targaryen Kings: Aegon V Even that could not restore the peace, nor win back the friendship of Storm's End, however. The father of the spurned girl, Lord Lyonel Baratheon of Storm's End—known as the Laughing Storm and famed for his prowess in battle—was not a man easily appeased when his pride was wounded. A short, bloody rebellion ensued, ending only when Ser Duncan of the Kingsguard defeated Lord Lyonel in single combat, and King Aegon gave his solemn word that his youngest daughter, Rhaelle, would wed Lord Lyonel's heir. To seal the bargain, Princess Rhaelle was sent to Storm's End to serve as Lord Lyonel's cupbearer and companion to his lady wife. Jenny of Oldstones—Lady Jenny, as she was called by courtesy—was eventually accepted at court, and throughout the Seven Kingdoms the smallfolk held her especially dear. She and her prince, forever after known as the Prince of Dragonflies, were a favorite subject of singers for many years. Jenny of Oldstones was accompanied to court by a dwarfish, albino woman who was reputed to be a woods witch in the riverlands. Lady Jenny herself claimed, in her ignorance, that she was a child of the forest. There is also the issue of Jenny and the Prince of Draonflies kids. Summerhall was quite sometime after they wed. They would likely have kids. It is possible that Rhaegar was not the child to be sacrificed, but Jenny and Duncan's. I think it was Rhaegar, but i do wonder about Jenny and Duncan having children. However, in 239 AC, while traveling in the riverlands, Duncan encountered and fell in love with and married a "strange, lovely, and mysterious" peasant woman known as Jenny of Oldstones.[5] In 259 AC, Prince Duncan died in the Tragedy at Summerhall along with his father, King Aegon V Targaryen, his namesake Ser Duncan the Tall, and several other members of the royal court.[10][3][11] 239-259. 20 years they were married with no children?
  14. Interesting that there's no non-disparagement clause. Is that standard, though? I feel it's being implied that it is not, but I know Le Guin, for instance, definitely disparaged Earthsea (with a lot of justification), so if think this is standard for authors whose works are being adapted?
  15. Yes, flu vaccines are like that. I get mine. I had the pneumonia shot. I had two Pfizer shots as directed. I will get a booster when directed. Throughout the years I had the diphtheria shot(great aunts died of this), polio( my uncle barely recovered from the disease), tetanus( duh), red measles, German measles, yellow fever, chickenpox( did not get it as a child) and smallpox. I want the Shingles vaccine, now that I had the chicken pox vaccine…my blood is said to be amazingly good now. I personally believe that high cholesterol is correlated to longevity( it is statistically and I refer you all to a Norwegian study and a Japanese study, so I’m not taking drugs to control it.)My smart doctor said that I should have been dead by 30… I’m…not. There are probably more. Don’t get them all at once:)
  16. Dany woke from her fever dream after the tent incident without Rhaego in her womb. The funeral pyre came after and Rhaego's body is not ever said to be or ever implied to be in the funeral pyre. Rhaego was not in the funeral pyre.
  17. Yet, it could have been made plausible, had Dany, her commanders, and the armies, been shown as people who had reached snapping point, after months of fighting against a faithless, ruthless enemy, who had left them in the lurch against the Dead. Just have her paraphrasing Sir Arthur Harris; "The Lannisters and their supporters entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they could slaughter others and not expect to be slaughtered in turn. At Harrenhall, Riverrun, Highgarden, and half a hundred other places, they proceeded to put that rather naive theory into effect. They have sown the wind, and now they shall reap the whirlwind." The fact is that almost no army in history, in the position of the Unsullied, Dothraki, Northmen, or Valemen, would be in any mood to display mercy to the defenders of Kings Landing, or the city's inhabitants. Especially when Cersei responded to an offer of quarter by beheading a prominent prisoner. Every soldier actually behaved in character for an army that takes a city by storm, yet quite dishonestly, this was presented as being completely outside the norms of war, and entirely the fault of Daenerys. Indeed, the portryal of Daenerys' military campaign from the start of Season 7 was dishonest. The narrative suggested there was a near-bloodless way of defeating Cersei when that was never an option, and portrayed as sinister the obvious (and least costly in terms of casualties) idea that she should fly to the Red Keep and flatten it. The Robb Stark and Jon Snow of the books, let alone the Stannis or Tyrion, would have had no compunction about putting the city to the sack, were they placed in a similar position to Daenerys. Imagine if it was Joffrey beheading Ned on the battlments, or Cersei beheading Arya.
  18. Hahaha, I asked my device to play your song:) That tree can burn, MF. Arson, is not the best idea, snicker. O’Reilly, barf. Stephen Colbert, we need you.
  19. Today
  20. If it's a grown up woman, that we're talking about, and she still doesn't have any common sense, despite her sizable life experience (years of life), then - yes, she's an idiot. Smart females (girls, teens) over time, while gaining various life experiences, should come to these simple conclusions (because they are obvious) - don't buy uncomfortable footwear, because the money spent on it, are the money waisted; don't wear totally new shoes to any extended event, or to someplace where you will need to walk a lot, stand a lot, or where you won't be able to change into a different footwear, if this one will turn out to be too uncomfortable, etc. If a female didn't got to these obvious realisations, while she was still a girl, a teen, or a young adult, and she's already a mature woman (let's say 25+ years old), then - yes, in my opinion, she is utterly dumb. Especially if she is willing to suffer wearing uncomfortable shoes, just because they are pretty, or because she likes them a lot. Because wearing uncomfortable footwear will eventually ruin your feet, and your spine, and your posture. Those who don't know, despite being past their teen years, that wearing uncomfortable shoes negatively affects a person's health (especially this is true for females, because their feet and spine will be taking tremendous burden during their pregnancy), are ignorant simpletons. So those women, who are not smart enough not to end up in a situation, in which they are compelled to for hours to wear uncomfortable shoes, are indeed idiots. There was no need to stop the court. Also, people came and then went away. The guy who presented Dany with those slippers, was the first supplicant. He came, said his part, gave the slippers, and left. And she kept wearing those slippers even after he left. She could have taken them off between the supplicants - when the previous one leaves, it takes time for the servants to call in the next one, in that pause between visitors she could have taken those slippers off, and could have worn whatever shoes she was wearing before she wore those. Instead for hours she was unnecessary bearing with pain and discomfort, only to later kick them off her feet in the presence of witnesses, with a "f*ck it all"-attitude. No? Then what does it show? - That you're a masochist? Dany is a Queen, so if she wanted to, she could have held court while being totally naked, and nobody would have said to her anything about it. She eventually took the shoes off, and slouched in her seat, because she got tired being regal, and she took the shoes off because her feet hurt too much. She was bearing with pain for hours, not because she didn't wanted to take them off in a presence of her courtiers and supplicants, but because the shoes were pretty. She willingly suffered for hours, while wearing those too small shoes, and was bearing with pain, merely because she liked the look of those shoes. Doesn't that make her stupid? GRRM can show a level of a character's intelligence, thru simple scenes/events. Like this one with Dany's slippers, or this one (about Sansa): Sansa was aware that Loras is a Kingsguard. Despite that, she thought that Olenna was talking about him, when she said that Sansa should marry with her grandson. She may not have known that Olenna has another grandson, besides Loras, which doesn't in any way influence the fact that Loras is a Kingsguards, and thus can't marry. Both Dany and Sansa are very pretty and very dimwitted. And their age has nothing to do with their low level of intelligence. They won't become smarter when they will become older. It's a misconception that people become more intelligent over time. They obviously learn new things and gain new experiences, but their overall intellectual level doesn't change much, from the time when they were children, to the time when they became adults, and then old. Arya is smarter than Sansa, despite being a younger sister, and she always will be smarter than Sansa. Same with Dany - she isn't bright, and she will always be not bright. Thus back to what I said before - just because Dany thinks that Rhaego, Drogo and MDD were the three sacrifices, with which she paid for the life of her dragons, doesn't mean that it is so. Because Dany is stupid, and she does, says and thinks a lot of stupid things. Which gets us back to this thread's topic - concidering that there is no evidence of Rhaego being dead, and being one of the three sacrifices, there are no basis to think that at Summerhall someone was intending to sacrifice newborn Rhaegar, to hatch dragons. That's absurd. Amongst other things - because what would have been the point for Jaehaerys and Shaera marrying their children to each other, and Egg agreeing to it, only to kill their child later, despite that child supposedly being prophesied by the Ghost of High Heart to be a Promised Prince, or something amongst those lines?
  21. Yeah, but that's what Nagelsmann promised. They won't distort the competition and field the best team available atm. Either way, if I am not mistaken Barca counted on the k.o. stages with their season budget, EL is signifcantly less money than CL. So that's gonna be fun.
  22. No. I have genuinely not seen the film, but this Vanity Fair writer agrees that a moral is important to what makes something a Christmas film, and notes that whatever moral lesson Bad Santa has it's a pretty un-Christmasy one.
  23. I hesitate to call Jordan a misogynist, I just view him as a Southern gentleman of a different generation. Yeah, there are problems with the writing, but I hesitate to ascribe that label to him. That's too personal for a man I don't know and I think intent is important, because I don't think it was malicious. We can talk about the themes and writing promoting the misogynistic views of a more traditional conservative worldview and attempt to point out why it is so. Kind of like not calling someone stupid, but pointing out their stupid behavior, if that makes sense.
  24. Generally, don't cult leaders need a cult? Melisandre has Stannis, his wife, and the Island of Dragon Stone, along with a good base in Essos. Who does Rhaegar have? Jon Con doesn't seem aware of any cults, and I can't think of anyone else who would be in this cult except maybe Ashara and her brother. There is nothing to go on for this though so a bit of a stretch for me to picture Rhaegar sitting around like the Old Sparrow, giving long talks about Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised. How is he recruiting members? By force? By freewill? Melisandre has converted Stannis. Could this not be the narrative repeat you talk of with out it being Rhaegar and Lyanna?
  25. I'm surprised proponents of Die Hard have not brought up perhaps its strongest connection to Christmas movies. The actress who plays McClane's wife - Bonnie Bedelia - is the real life aunt of Kevin McCallister himself. Also, is Die Hard 2 a Christmas movie? It takes place on Christmas Eve as well.
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