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  2. Interestingly one of my chemistry professors a couple years back was doing work on the effect of nano-silver getting into the environment. You know from things like athletic wear that had had nano-silver added in order to prevent bacterial growth. I distinctly remember him coming in one day all disappointed because his preliminary research showed that nano-silver didn't have much of an effect and he was going to need to find a new project. Now nano-particles can act differently than their macro cousins but I would suspect there's not that much to worry about overall.
  3. Not a hard cap perhaps but if Europe can have FFP and leagues have their own financial restrictions then there should be no barrier to saying that a clubs wage bill cannot exceed X% of revenue. I think this will need some thinking through though. At least in England, the clubs outside the big six are the ones with extremely high wage/revenue ratios so such a restriction would disproportionately benefit the big six teams.
  4. Thanks. Though I doubt you are as bad with directions with me (I'm the one who is certain to ALWAYS leave a train station at the wrong end of where I am supposed to go). Looking at my laptop now, it seems I've gotten lucky. The casing remains firmly shut and there were no performance drops or issues with the screen. I don't need anything for my fingers either, luckily my gloves cushioned the the fall somewhat, meaning I only broke the fingernails from pressure, but it's otherwise fairly clean. Anyway, new morning, feeling relatively fine. Got a sting in my arm, but nothing serious. I'm more concerned looking at the Covid numbers now. My area is at an incidence of 194, but so for no information whatsoever whether the federal "emergency breaks" that were put in place last week actually get heeded. Technically school should be closed on Monday, but from the school administration I hear absolute silence...
  5. The ESL were going to introduce a salary cap of 55% of a club's operating budget. Pretty sure there will be broad support across the football spectrum for a salary cap. The only people against it will be players and agents. And, you know, fuck these guys. It is their greed that has brought us to where we are today.
  6. Im sure salary caps is not something that can really be introduced in Europe though.
  7. Tucker Carlson's college yearbook has surfaced. Fun fact: He listed himself as a member of a) The Jesse Helms Society and b) The Dan White Society. (DW being the murderer of Harvey Milk.)
  8. I absolutely do not buy the excuse from the likes of Bayern, Real and Barca that they can't distribute the domestic broadcast money more equitably for fear of losing competitiveness with EPL clubs. That is a load of horseshit coming from three clubs who have always been in the top 4 of the money league. What they really want to avoid is a situation like the EPL where a poor season can easily see one or two of the big clubs miss out on CL football. Their real intention is to ensure that their respective domestic leagues remain uncompetitive enough so that a shit season for any of Bayern, Real or Barca means they still very very easily qualify for the CL. I agree with the above that the only reason big clubs have spiralling costs is because they are in an arms race with each other. The big clubs are not some poor unassuming victims of unknown evil market forces. The situation exists solely because of the wealthiest clubs. There's a very simple solution to that: salary and transfer caps. Leagues should also restrict how much clubs can pay to agents. With the huge sums of money saved, bigger contributions in the form of solidarity payments can be made to the rest of the football pyramid.
  9. Back to working on site, starting to feel way less overwhelmed now that I’m actually there and can physically see the space again (I work in a museum). my BBC audio piece will hopefully be broadcast at some point, it’s all done now. and I wrote the introduction to an illustrated mythology book! How neat is that? also it’s my birthday tomorrow
  10. Not really a strenuous exercise but started walking into work which is over 3 miles each way on a VERY hilly walk & legs are a bit sore but it’s bloody lovely and am really enjoying it. Might get a bike soon and cycle part of it as well mostly to save time because the walk itself is really scenic but I do have lots going on. Feels good!
  11. OK, I'm getting an R + L = NK vibe here.
  12. Although we’re not generally planning to track details of filming of HBO’s House of the Dragon, a recent report from Cornwall Live caught our attention for a couple of reasons. One, we did not know that the famous Mont-Saint-Michel has a Cornish cousin in St. Michael’s Mount (apparently in close vicinity to Penzance harbor, of The Pirates of Penzance fame!) Secondly, and more to the point, one of the photos revealed what appears to be the show’s version of the heraldic arms of House Velaryon… and they don’t fit what George R. R. Martin confirmed to us over 20 years ago. read on >>> View the full article
  13. I also like that film I’m the same way as both of you though, I’ll always try something at least once and especially I’ll watch any old shite in the cinema because I just really like the cinema but I won’t be forced into doing something I don’t wanna do - I don’t care how many times someone says oh you HAAAVE to do this, it makes me dig my heels in a bit more
  14. I was really surprised at the finale, I kept waiting for Leroy and Nany to catch them and pull ahead and it never happened. All through the episode I was like, well this is where CT loses, but nope, Amber kept him moving and set the pace and without her they would have lost. CT made the right choice by slowing down Cam and Corey because they could have beat them. Sucks to see Leroy lose again but he handled it well and never blamed Nany when we all know she held him back. Corey and Cam did really good together and it would have been really close had they not had to eat more. So, how long before the next season? Based on that little preview at the end I assume it's already in the works.
  15. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. 8 cases is very small and the rate of cases per dose is a lot lower than AZ. I'm a bit worried about what Ireland will do though. We are a little conservative, which is good for vaccine uptake, but bad for deciding what is a "safe vaccine". We waited for all the big countries in the EU to make a decision on AZ and then followed suit (but there is still no flexibility with AZ for Under 60s except for 2nd doses). And we are doing the same with J&J. So good to know that Germany is not applying restrictions. Or Luxembourg! The US will be announcing something today also on J&J. I doubt there will be many restrictions there either. So if nothing negative comes to light from all these countries, we may act consistently with the data. The worry presumably is that the UK variant will become less common once more people are vaccinated (since it does a good job against that variant), which could give the South African variant room to grow, since it is more resistant to the vaccine? But people will hopefully get milder COVID, even if they do get the South African variant. Leap's article support that.... More people get asymptomatic COVID than symptomatic. And probably reasonable to assume that more people will get mild sympotomatic COVID than severe COVID (but they wouldn't have the data yet to prove that).
  16. You and I are in sync, I just watched this episode yesterday! He absolutely lost it mentally and couldn't have picked a worse person to fight. Darrell did good at keeping his cool until Brad put his hands on him, then it was all ass beating. That final was pretty good, for a minute I actually thought the challengers were going to pull off an upset but the champs pulled through thanks to their scapegoat Susie...
  17. Today
  18. I read the transcript, and this was nothing but the usual Kroenke lip service. Two years ago, Josh told Arsenal fans to get excited. For what? Mid-table mediocrity? Spunking huge amounts of money on terrible transfer deals? They are terrible, terrible owners, and Josh can go fuck himself with all the 'oh we only joined so we didn't get left behind'.
  19. It's a good album! Tbh, all this conversation about Coldplay has me listening to the early stuff these past few days. I'm going to repeat this phrase in my head when I watch The Day After Tomorrow for the 7th time ( Jake Gylenhaal and Dennis Quaid, what else do you really need?!) Re: Liffguard's point about not participating with things I don't like, I'm pretty much on the same page, but when it comes to movies specifically, I'll probably go watch *anything* at the theater just because I like the experience of going to the movies.
  20. GRRM spent a few paragraphs in Fire&Blood on characters debating the morality of First Night and its origin in the Age of Heroes and a few more in the Doctrine of Exceptionalism. Gods and Heroes are beyond common men morality. Wonders and terrors.
  21. Exactly. They are all saying they joined the ESL because of the unrelenting pressure of their ever-increasing operating budgets. WELL STOP PAYING PLAYERS HALF A MILLION QUID A WEEK JUST FOR KICKING A FOOTBALL AROUND. There has to be a reset and a salary cap.
  22. I would be interested in this as well. So far the signed copy was always a nice present to myself
  23. I'm two days late, but Wednesday has been a great day for me! I woke up to the news that my sister gave birth to healthy baby boy and the delivery went smooth and both were fine. Then I opened up sports news and read that this proposed European football Super League attempt collapsed (if anyone's interested in details, go read the football thread) and later in the day I got a revised calculations for some tax I need to pay that reduced the initial amount by half. It was a pretty good day at work, too, but nothing this major
  24. Just an anecdote from yesterday at the supermarket. A mother with a toddler and two kids (around 5 and 8). Toddler was a bit anxious, not really crying but looking for attention. The kids were all over, chatting, removing their masks and doing kids things. Mother was stressed. An older man (maybe around 70) called her attention because of the kids were not following the rules, including not respecting the distance. Mother asked unexpectedly calm if the man has already gotten the vaccine, whose answer was no. Mother replied dryly: "please get an appointment and stop harassing other people". I had to chuckle of course. Man got red and an indirect discussion ensued.
  25. Really if the big clubs want to band together to do anything, it should be to come to an agreement on an upper limit for wages. A big part of the problem Real and Barcelona have financially is down to the Keeping Ronaldo And Messi Happy arms race over the past decade. One-upmanship and then the need for parity on the other side, and the following effect on other squad salaries is what's fucked them. Rather than just endlessly looking to bring more and more money in, why not stop offering players insane contracts?
  26. Yeah what is really galling is someone like Real Madrid complaining that their domestic league is uncompetitive. Well why is it that the same teams win over and over in Spain ( though there was a cool period where that wasn’t happening), is it because the top teams have too much money and don’t share it out maybe??? Same with all the other leagues. The CL has completely distorted the landscape of many leagues , it gives this compound benefit that can only be counteracted by having some rich sugar daddy come in and throw endless cash at a club. In reality there needs to be a great levelling of the playing field. The SL clubs say that fans just want to see the biggest and best teams, and maybe there is truth in that. Where they are wrong is having the illusion that the best sites are set in stone for eternity. The whole point is that the best sides change and evolve over time. Aston Villa have won a European Cup for fucks sake, but for some reason it’s Spurs who would be in the SL.
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