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  2. So some worms can be used to treat wounds and eat dead tissues in order to avoid infection. In FaB we learned that fireworms existed. So it makes sense that moqorro as a creepy r'hllor priest that in general are obecessed with fire would know about this worms (creative way of burning people…). Therefore when he treats victarion infected hand it makes sense for him to use fireworms to eat the infected tissues and as a secondary effect we see victarion's new fuming hand. The interesting part is if like aerea there are eggs of this worms inside victarion's hand and when they hatch will burn victarion from the inside out, after all moqorro has seen glory for victarion in his fires... what do you guys think?
  3. HelenaExMachina

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    The post you quoted does say 3rd most powerful mainland tbf. (I.e. excluding the arbour) And while I’m no expert on military powers I wouldsay that the other houses you list seem more “old money” prestigious and rich thannpowerful as such. The Florentine’s in particular don’t strike me as exceptionally strongly militarily unless I have just totally forgot something
  4. On balance I rather wish they hadn't made this season. I don't think it adds that much to the Fortitude universe. I mean, OTOH it's worth watching it just for Richard Dormer's powerhouse performance, obviously. But at least it is only four episodes so I'd say if you've watched one you might as well watch the other three.
  5. Lightoftheast

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Redwynes are undoubtedly vastly richer and influential.I mentioned mainland House in the backet for that very reason.But Redwynes are all about naval power.Havent heard of single Redwyne force engaging in any major westerosi war in the land. Tarlys rule the Dornish marshes.Yes some part of their land could be fertile but only reason Tarlys are more prominent in present series is cause they've got Randyll Tarly,finest commander in all seven kingdom.Oakheart land lies in the border of west.They too are probably the beneficiary of decline of the Osgreys.While Florents are the closest blood relation of the Gardeners they're not particular powerful or rich with respect to numerous houses of the Reach.I don't remember a single Florent being mentioned in the FAB. Current Lady Rowan is Bethany Redwyne(probably sister of Paxter) and Baelor Hightower's wife is a Rowan.Their seat was also the place where the great host of West and Reach stayed for a time.Oakhearts,Tarlys and Florents are nowhere near Rowans.
  6. Paxter Redwyne

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    I am not sure if Rowans are currently second to Hightowers. Redwynes(althouh they are on island) seem to be one of the most influential and prestigious non-great houses in Westeros. There are also Tarlys, Oakhearts and Florents(although they are perhaps more rich than powerful).
  7. Paxter Redwyne

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    There is a difference between something ordinary and something making sense.
  8. Jova Snow

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    I love the Lemore/Tanselle/Webber connection thank you for giving me more Aegon Northern clues Are there any Maesters mentioned in Dunk&Egg stories? (Beside Aemon?)
  9. Jova Snow

    Heresy 215 - Hammering Out the Timeline

    What would be higher than a Dornish Prince at the time? Was Darry hoping to form an alliance with the Reach?
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  11. A True Kaniggit

    The Drunk Thread: It's Gin O' Clock Somewhere

    So what does gin actually taste like? Having never tried it, and based off of absolutely no evidence, I imagine....... sprite?
  12. The Marquis de Leech

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    The reason Corbyn doesn't pick a side is pretty straight-forward. If he picks a side, he loses - the only way to win is not to play.
  13. The Marquis de Leech

    U.S. Politics: It’s beginning to look a lot like Rescission

    Especially because the North Carolina gerrymander is doomed via the courts, the Michigan gerrymander is doomed via the adoption of a neutral commission, and despite the power-grab in Wisconsin, I think Evers retains the ability to veto the Republican map, and get a neutral, court-drawn, map.
  14. Lightoftheast

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Imo they were 3rd most powerful house, after the Gardeners and the Hightowers and perhaps they were growing nearly as rich as those houses.Rowans who are currently 3rd most powerful(in mainland) seems to have gained more strength after claiming parts of formely wide Osgrey lands. Manderly lands along the Mander must have been super fertile with number of large towns.Gardeners prolly claimed bulk of those fertile lands and gifted bit of those to the Peakes.
  15. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 215 - Hammering Out the Timeline

    Well, my thoughts are that no one, not Lyanna nor Daenerys, ever hid in or was found in a literal brothel, because I believe “brothel” is a metaphor. All highborn maids are treated like prostitutes, so naturally their homes are brothels. Daenerys may have fond memories of her “brothel” and her “pimp”, Willem Darry, but make no mistake, he would have “sold” her when she came of age. Maybe the red door indicates that Darry received frequent offers? None of which had been good enough to accept. He was holding out for a higher price.
  16. To me, the actions of the republican controlled state legislatures in NC, Wisconsin, and Michigan to undermine those states democratic governors, while despicable, come across as desperate tactics to delay the inevitable. They are in a minority rule situation with a base that can only shrink as a direct result of their own actions.
  17. Ygrain

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    On a side note: inbreeding itself doesn't cause mental illness or deformities. All of Valyria's top-ranking families were inbred, yet no-one refers to Valyrians as a nation of deformed simpletons. What inbreeding does do, though, is increasing the chance of passing down bad genes as both parents are carriers instead of just one (the high chances of Targaryen madness might well be the result). If people without genetic burden inbreed, nothing spectacular happens.
  18. sweetsunray

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    For blue, purple, grey and green eyes it's completely normal. There is no specific pigment that makes these colors in eyes. It's completely pigment unrelated. In fact, the lenses are translucent, with a black back layer behind the lens to absorb light and prevent the lens from being a giant aperture blurring vision. The color and hue of blue, purple and green is similar to how ocean water has a color. When you take a bucket of sea water it looks translucent. But when you look across the rim of the boat, it might appear deep blue, or green-blue, etc. It depends on tiny miniscule matter that is dissolved in water, and the size of the molecules of the matter scatter in-falling light in a particular way, because that scattered light has a wavelength smaller than the dissolved molecules in the water. The scattered light with shorter wavelength is then reflected back to the surface, ending up in your eye to be percecived as a certain hue of blue, green, etc. The melanin in the lens of an eye comes in only 2 colors: yellow and brown. So, only amber and brown eyes are actually pigmented. Hazel eyes are only partially pigmented (around the aperture of the lens, the pupil), but towards the outside of the iris they lack pigmentation. So, they have greenish eyes with a starry brown or amber center around the pupil. The blue, purple, grey and green of eyes is therefore determined on the molecular struture of the iris, since that is what makes the in-falling light scatter. George knows that these eye-colors are constructed colors and not pigmented colors, because he regularly points out that the colors seem to shift depending on the amount of surround light and color of clothing worn. These are typical for non-pigment based colors. A slightly thicker lens already would have an impact on what hue of these constructed colors will be perceived by observers.
  19. How anyone can think those siding against Aerys "can only be aroused by the smell of burning flesh" Targaryen could be villains is beyond me. Maybe the wait for the next book has sent the fanbase into a sort of psychosis.
  20. Dorian Martell's son

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    The thing that makes it work is magic. It is a fantasy series after all, and my point wasn't that there were no effects of inbreeding, but that it is treated in a very fantastic way. It is a fantastic as Ice demons, fire mages, shadow assassins, not elves and families with an 8000 year history
  21. Jova Snow

    Heresy 215 - Hammering Out the Timeline

    That's why I was curious about Peach too! Though Renly himself seem to gather information from other sources and looks like he tries to confirm if they are true or not? Like with Margaery's miniature he was told she looks like Lyanna so he asks Ned if it is true - I believe beside eye color Lyanna and Margaery could be said to look alike? But he is shot down by Ned and Stannis although they were older and had more knowledgeable about Rebellion they didn't understand what he wants to ask them because of his way of communication? That's how I see it. Peach also has a whore named Tansy ;) @Feather Crystal so Lanna and Peach could be another clue about Lyanna and brothels - btw since brothel's like Chataya's and Mole Town has red light hanged at their door and Daenerys remembers a House with Red Door does that mean R+L=D with Lyanna hiding in a brothel with her child? You made me search whores of Asoiaf btw that's how I learned about Lanna and Peach.
  22. Platypus Rex

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    Seems to me these 2 connections cancel each other out. If Doran is not seen as controlling fAegon, because he has not had control of the child during most of his formative years, then what has he necessarily to gain? His connection to fAegon through Septa Lemore (Mellario) is secret. But, per the theory, has seen the kid at age 3, and perhaps at later times, and can probably confirm (or pretend to confirm) who he is. Would fAegon's case be stronger if his uncle DENIED his identity? "To be acceptable to the Westerosi as Aegon, he needs significant and connected witnesses who are not grabbing power for themselves." Presumably, additional witnesses will appear at the right time under either version of the theory. "You counted Martell features as a positive, but they are a conclusive negative - proof against the theory." A strange position you are taking here. Baby Aegon was Rhaegar's son, not his clone. He presumably had features from both parents. (BTW by "features" I just mean features generally, not just facial features). "You counted fostering as relevant, but its neither necessary nor unexpected for a non-swap - flimsy construction" So you're saying the (suspected) clue has plausible deniability. I agree. This theory (if correct) is about something GRRM does not mean us to know about yet. Any clues planted will have plausible deniability. GRRM will give us subtle clues, not smoking guns. "You counted dreams of fire and blood, but he never had such except the night before his planned attempt to seize a dragon. Anyone could have such dreams in that circumstance." Again, plausible deniability. Those who want a smoking gun will have to wait for the big reveal. "Face down a dragon - maybe Viserion was responding to him, maybe not. Either way, its the same argument as above. Quentyn Martell can do this, trying as a dragonseed. He doesn't need to be Aegon Targaryen." Sure. Plausible deniability. And even if he shows up in the next volume riding Viserion, it will still be possible for him (and the reader) to imagine that the reason he was able to do this was because of his distant connection to a distant Targ ancestor. Any "smoking gun" reveal would likely come later. "I've done this thoroughly. You ignored it in favour of continuing an irrational argument about the near-unique Targaryen colouring changing for the first time in recorded history." I rejected an argument based on unproven assumptions, presented with lots of attitude, but little if any evidence. "Quentyn has the wrong legs,..." Compared to what? ALL toddlers have short legs. Do you think you can tell how long a toddler's legs will be in adulthood by looking at the child at age 1? "...the wrong build..." This may be just a way of repeating the fact that his legs are short. People with short legs tend to look stocky. "the wrong face" Compared to what? Rhaegar was beautiful, but Quentyn is seen is plain, but that's a very subjective thing; and probably has more to do with how the features fit together than with the specific features themselves. And obviously, like any child, what he does not get from the father, he gets from the mother. "the wrong colour" [Shrug]. He was more fair as a one-year old than he is now. Like many children. "the wrong nose" Compared to what? Quentyn's nose is broad. Rhaegar's nose is … not described. Baby Aegon's nose is ... not described. And can you really tell by looking at a toddler what their nose is going to look like? Don't they all have cute little button noses, more or less? And if the nose did not come from the father, it came from the mother. Again, he's a SON, not a CLONE. "and the wrong jaw" Compared to what? Quentyn's jaw is described as square. Rhaegar's jaw is … not described. Baby Aegon's jaw is … not described. And the square jaw is not typically seen in early childhood. That's why it is considered a "manly" trait (and not necessarily unattractive either). "Not sure about the forehead, …" Yeah, me neither. No data. Quentyn has a high forehead. What did Rhaegar have? "The Targaryen "look" is tall, lean, aquiline." Who cares? One year old toddlers don't look tall, lean, or aquiline. They look short and stumpy, with small button noses. BTW, I don't know where you got the idea that Targs are "aquiline". I think maybe only 1 person of Targ heritage was ever described as "aquiline". But I don't know why it matters. "Aquiline" refers to the profile. It has nothing to do with the broadness of the nose. Maybe Rhaegar, Quentyn, Doran, and Elia are all "aquiline"; or perhaps none of them are. "Aegon had the Targaryen look including fair hair." Right. He had fair hair (at age one) and looked "more like a Targaryen" (at age one). Note that "more like a Targaryen" in this context means that (at age 1) he seemed to resemble his father more than he resembled his mother. It would not (typically) mean that he was a perfect clone of his father who got nothing from his mother at all. And just to make sure we know that children can change, GRRM went out of his way to tell us that Arianne seemed to take after her father as a young child, but grew to take more after her mother as she aged. Just to make sure he set a precedent for the idea that such things are possible. "Quentyn has the antithetical Targaryen look. Short, …" Quentyn is not short. He is average. He's just 2 inches shorter than Pretty Meris, who is nearly 6 feet. So, probably 5'9" or 5"10". It is merely his legs that are short. And where do you get the idea that Targs are necessarily tall? Is Dany tall? What about Naerys Targaryen who was (in GRRM's words) "smaller even than Dany"? "...stocky …" Again, may just be another way of saying he has short legs, since short-legged people tend to look stocky. But does it matter? Does any sane person think you can tell the adult build of a child by looking at the child at aged 1? "...broad faced..." And where is Rhaegar described as narrow-faced, or anything like that? "... square jawed..." And where was Rhaegar described as "narrow jawed" or "weak jawed"? "... and brown..." Yup. In the end, that's the one point you've got. Quentyn has brown hair (as an adult) and Baby Aegon had fair hair (as a toddler). "The brown might possibly be inconclusive …" That's what I'm trying to tell you, man. There's enough wiggle-room here that it might be a fake out. Maybe, GRRM wants us to expect Aegon to be "fair" so we never look in the right place. "I think your argument is pathetic on this point..." Well, I'll just be more polite and say I'm not convinced by your counterarguments, or those offered by sweetsunray. And the heavy dose of attitude you give me does not help. But that's all in the past, 'cause we just agreed. Right? That the brown hair is not necessarily conclusive? "We know that he had a plan to marry Arriane to Viserys way back. And we know that from the other side, not just what Doran tells us." What other side? Darry is dead, and Viserys did not even know about it. Moreover, how is it inconsistent? You never know if small kids are going to turn out in a way that is conducive to your evil plans. To my mind, it makes perfect sense that Doran had a plan "A" and a plan "B" and perhaps even a plan "C". What's he got to lose, except opportunities? "We know he had a plan to marry Quentyn to Dany, once Viserys was dead." So? He is getting the real Aegon out of the way, on a fool's mission, while he puts the fake Aegon on the throne. And if by some chance the mission were to succeed, that's just "plan C" working out fine. At best he's got Dany as yet another ally. At worst, he's lost a fake son. "We know he now has a plan to marry Arianne to Aegon." We do? News to me. Not that I'd necessarily be surprised. A man who uses his children as tools for political power might not be squeamish about popular conceptions of morality. Might be a shock to Arianne, though, if she finds out too late. But maybe you think GRRM would never go there, because it is just too shocking.
  23. SpaceChampion

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I think the context of "want your heart" was as compared to whatever intellectual thing I said in response to her question. She was opening up finally and said she thought I probably only do so when I can see someone reciprocate (true), which she says is very hard for her. I think she sort of sees me as a lab experiment to see part of herself. Of course I didn't focus on the context, just heard what I wanted to hear. The convo was kind of abstract, starting off with some verse of a poem she had published that she wanted to give to me in the middle of the night. I don't know wtf is going on. I responded with a complete poem I wrote on the fly. She said she thought we could create space for each other to write in. But in person? I don't know what that means either. Maybe she's as frustrated with me as I am with her. Communicating with her was like that episode of Next Gen "Darmok". We seemed to make progress then, but nothing since. The party too loud and too public for me to have a proper conversation that I've been trying to have for nearly a year now. There is another person i was interested in beginning in the fall, her total opposite in a lot of ways, we communicate really well, so it was a relief. But that girl is not interested, due to different cultures, and was totally surprised when I expressed interest. Somehow missed my awkward flirting which i thought she was receptive to was more than friendship. Shaka when the walls fell.
  24. Nevets

    Chapters' predicitions for TWOW

    I'm not aware of that. I do know that he has said that ASOS and ADWD were as long as was physically possible - and that some material was removed from ADWD for that reason - there simply wasn't enough room. So if they are any longer than those two, they are going to need to be in multiple volumes - something that has been considered but so far rejected.
  25. Just randomly dropping in with no rhyme or reason.
  26. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 215 - Hammering Out the Timeline

    I am not the first to suspect that the dragon mosaic in the bottom of Maegor's Holdfast has a specific purpose. I am also not the first to suspect that sacrifices and attempts at hatching dragons occurred down there. What is weird is that Aegon V tried to hatch dragons at Summerhal and not at Maegor's Holdfast. Maybe he knew that what he was about to attempt was evil or prohibited, and wanted to be away from court so no one would talk? The idea to search for meaning behind the titled chapters came from a group discussion when I was a member of Last Hearth. We began a reread and did chapter analysis, but nothing seemed to stand out. I left Last Hearth and started the House of Black and White forum with some other LH friends, and attacked the chapters on my own. I had the proverbial lightbulb moment once I reached The Iron Captain AFFC chapter 18 and realized that "iron" was used repeatedly. Iron Captain, Ironborn, Iron Throne. I wondered if they were metaphors. Then I began to notice the parallels between the Greyjoys and Targaryens, and took note that the Ironborn are on an group of islands known as the Iron Islands on the WEST side of Westeros, while the Targaryens are from the island Dragonstone on the EAST side of Westeros, and the mirrored/parallel/inversion theory was born. Over the last two years I've seen my ideas drip, drip, drip into other discussions, even seen the terms "parallels and inversions" used more frequently, but I don't know very many people that believe that the titled chapters have two stories...maybe less than a dozen. I feel like most people just think my ideas are crazy or they don't understand what I'm saying or what I'm seeing, but I don't really care. With as much practice as I've had, it just comes second nature to me now. I think the extra story is fun to puzzle out, and I am surprised more people haven't picked up on it. Two extra books are already available for people to read and discuss!
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