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  2. I'd like to see them not rest on their laurels though. I can just see these pricks saying '15m by mid Feb, we told you so', rather than trying to accelerate it to about 5m a week or so.
  3. OP - Well she looked closer to Vermithor than Rhaegal....well yeah Rhaegal had some bronze in there, secondary highlights, but he's mostly green.
  4. I don't know why I clicked on his profile and watched the video pinned at the top. Why is he in a car park
  5. The Valyrians worked slaves to death in their mines (and perhaps used them for sacrificial purposes). It would be no surprise if escaped slaves played a part in the Doom.
  6. Here is the quote from the artist about how Vhagar's color was described to her.
  7. I would say it was. https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/dugtoodeep01_7893.png
  8. It’s the thing that people always say, I know, but I have heard folk that have met him say that Fox really isn’t very well mentally, that he genuinely is desperate for attention at any price. They did also say that he also genuinely is a bit of a prick.
  9. So The Raven Tower is written in the second person apparently, which is really annoying. I've read about five pages so far because it's irritating me so much.
  10. I know, I thought Vermithor too. But the point where we have to just swipe our notes off our desk and throw them into the fireplace, is when you realize that dragon eggs can stay dormant for centuries; for all we know, some if not MOST of the 20 dragons in the Dance were hatched from eggs left behind by the ORIGINAL FIVE in pre-Conquest Dragonstone. And what if color skips a generation?
  11. Conservative Reddit is a weird place these days. I mean, it’s always been a weird place, but it’s become weird by its own standards. It feels significantly smaller; I think a lot of the fantasists backed off after their fantasies invaded the real world in the most egregious way possible. But that’s left the most dedicated fantasists and the true believers alone in the echo chamber with no one to push back on their wilder theories. Anyway, two theories are being passed around about what happened on the 6th, and why it’s not the Trump Cult’s fault: 1) the Left orchestrated the riot as cover for enacting sweeping legislation to strip us of all our rights 2) establishment Republicans orchestrated the riot as a way to get rid of Trump No doubt you’ve already heard both these theories, but now they are beginning to merge into a unified theory: establishment Republicans came up with the plan, then cut a deal with the Left to use their antifa army to pull it off.
  12. I hope you’re moving on to greener pastures. Good luck! Presumably, as you’re talking fondly about the conversation, you didn’t say “because he’s a narcissistic twat”!
  13. I guess if you want to make dragon lineages and stuff then Vhagar being bronze makes it pretty likely that she is the mother of Vermithor. Silverwing is said to have been his cousin, so I guess her mother would have been Quicksilver. Dreamfyre could be the mother of Tessarion considering they are both blueish. Sunfyre could be one of Syrax's get, hatching on Dragonstone after Rhaenyra moved there, considering they are both yellow/golden.
  14. Yup. It was under his direction that her powers were "unlocked" by the mind stone. I doubt Agnes is Loki. It'd have to be alternate-Loki who is getting his own show later this year, and I doubt they'd want to tell us before hand that this is how he ends up.
  15. I was referring to branching story lines that effect the games main story, not side quests. Having more than one ending, is like the easiest thing in the world in a video game, so that's not the issue. For example Fallout New Vegas came out nearly a decade ago and has 4 different endings. With the exception of the Maelstrom mission and to a lesser extent The Voodoo Boys mission, every main story mission is basically not effected by any of your choices. I wanted this game to be a different experience for me, if I was a Corpo, than if I played it as a Nomad. Me and my best friend even joked how he was going to play the game as a corporate sellout, while I was playing as a Mad Max Nomad. We even started comparing notes and after not too long, we both realized that we were more or less having the exact same experience. That alone is my biggest disappointment when it comes to this game.
  16. What a brave show to launch the MCU on TV. I think they may have alienated their core younger audience but have laid down a bold claim that the TV shows are going to deliver a lot more in terms of style and substance and essentially make use of the format. My only criticism is this should probably have been a binge release - I don't think a lot of casual viewers will have the patience for this. Paul Bettany is ridiculously good in this - if it continues at this pace through sitcom eras he should be looking at awards. The attention to detail is high too, each episode has worked as a genuinely funny homage (sometimes parody) of the era they are emulating. I tend to side with an earlier post about the other characters being real people potentially trapped in Wanda's warped world. Some of them seem openly hostile towards her as if they subconsciously know they are trapped eg Emma caulfield's "popular housewife". The Hydra/Baron strucker advert was on the nose and wasn't he Wanda and her brother's captor in Age of ultron? I think there's certainly something to do with her past life. Also was the beekeeper a reference to HIVE? (EDIT wrong comic universe meant AIM) Was it Mark Ruffalo's/hulk's voice on the radio? And why (without any evidence at all) do I think that the helpful next door neighbour, Agnes, is loki? Beyond the hair and general mischeviousness of the character? I really wasn't expecting the show to be this interesting and odd but I'm kind of glad it isn't
  17. All it means to those people who say it is that they're cool with Republicans being best friends with their corporate overlords. They believe because they're white they're in the "in group" and will be taken care of. If you were to press them on the definitions of republics and democracies about 1 in a 1000 could accurately provide that, and even less would attempt to rationalize it. But your last sentence is the true answer. It's a common technique used to shut down a person's valid point by attacking them as unintelligent. If you watch closely...this happens a lot in political discussions!
  18. Yeah, I tried replaying ac 3 and it feels really self-indulgent. We know in the writing world that prologues are often considered a bad idea. AC3s 5 to 8 hour prologue playing not the main character reeks of someone thinking they tell such amazing stories that traditional rules don't apply. AC, as a series, is the worst for this kind of stuff. Odyssey, in fact, was the first AC game I've played since three because that game constantly interrupted what I wanted to do: explore the world. Valhalla is the same way. And it's world feels large and empty like AC 3. It's a fine balance no doubt.
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  20. Just on this they gave out about 330,000 vaccine doses yesterday and it is trending upwards. So long as there aren't any major issues getting access to enough of the various vaccines to continue increasing the number of people getting vaccinated there seems to be a good chance they're going to make it.
  21. She seems to have confirmed it in a more clear manner in a different tweet so it does seem to be confirmed
  22. Yeah - Oregon’s (and I am assuming more states) vaccine rollout plan is now having to walk back in big leaps, including probably not getting shots for 80+ next week, and starting 1b in February. Governor is pissed. Fucking liars and incompetence at the federal level killing people - another parting gift from Trump. But hey, I guess we should have remembered what happened with PPE last year...
  23. That would be difficult because it ties in with all the other storylines. But at least, I'd have just quickly shown Sansa taking control of the Vale houses, albeit in abbreviated form.
  24. Benioff is a "rich insider" and a "celebrity" long before he's white or a man, or even a human being. Celebrity transcends all that. But that is only my viewpoint. I don't think the root cause of all this was a case of "Emmys So White" etc., but that certainly didn't help either.
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