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  2. Alyn Oakenfist

    The Frey civil war

    First off, Ned was one guy and he nearly died. The armies of the Vale won't be able to use fisherman ships from the northern part of the Vale (forgot how it's called). The only port with the proper infrastructure to carry out such amphibious operation is Gulltown. However by now it's autumn (maybe even late autumn) and he would have to travel a considerable distance by ship. All in all the risk is very big (though to be fair, Littlefinger would probably take it). However there is also the problem of how many ships he has. From what we now the Gulltown fleet is the 6th or 7th largest in Westeros after the Ironborn Fleet, the Redwayne fleet, the Velaryon fleet, the Dragonstone fleet, the Royal fleet and maybe even the Shield isles fleet (not anymore though on the last one). All in all I'm not sure his ships would have the capacity to transport even a fraction of the Vale army.
  3. Anthony Appleyard

    The Kingsguard's oaths when the king dies

    And, even the greatest loyalty in a Kingsguard member would not stop him from being made unfit for the job by age or illness or injury.
  4. Need to get distance education going, so the international students can still do their courses even if not in the country. But discount the fee.
  5. BigFatCoward

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Top 3 film of all time for me. There was also a linked TV show which is worth watching but nowhere near as good (cant for the life of me remember what its called).
  6. If you have a little free spirit in you maybe watch a little Dave and Tim here and maybe especially watch something around the 5 minutes to 7 minutes clip. But if your'e too cowardly of course that's understandable too.
  7. Darth Richard II

    Top 10

    You know, that’s an interesting question considering I have no idea what the hell is actually considered YA these days. A lot of stuff shelved as YA on the UK isn’t here and vice versus so it gets confusing. That said the only ya I can think of I’ve read(that I liked) is Harry Potter and Kate Elliott’s YA trilogy, can’t think of the name. i actually really liked the first Dark Materials book but the rest, yuck. hmmmm
  8. Today
  9. BigFatCoward

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    Friends reunion special. Why?
  10. BigFatCoward

    NFL: Super Bowl, offseason and quarterback musical chairs

    I have never said they were overpaid. Go back and find a quote. I have not defended owners, again find a quote. I have repeatedly stated it's not got anything to do with defending owners, it's about how high on my list of hard done by workers an NFL player is when they are asked to play one extra game per year. Anyway, this is ridiculous. I'm not making the arguments you think I'm making so to keep it simple for you. Owners are bad NFL players are pretty adequately compensated for their job Asking someone to play 17 games a season instead of 16 is really not that big a deal when it comes to a change of contract (eg my pension and a huge number of other public sector workers was changed recently to where I had to work 5 years more, pay 3% more and get a smaller payout at the end. That is the sort of workers rights issue people should be getting heated about. Not a fucking millionaire having to play for an extra 60 minutes a year). If you think it is a big deal, that's fine. But you will never convince me that NFL players are hard done by.
  11. The Anti-Targ

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Other South Korean reports are saying bodies are being burned in North Korea. Anyway this droplet vs airborne thing can be well put to bed now, because official sources (incl the Chinese I think) have confirmed airborne spread. So if you are in a contiguous airspace as someone(s) who is(are) infectious then you have a high chance of being exposed. It's not guaranteed you will become infected because there's only a % chance you will be in contact with the virus, and you also need to pick up an invective dose. Don't know what those numbers are at the moment though. Very hard to work out infective dose without experimental exposure, and I don;t think any ethics board anywhere in the world would approve such an experiment. Another bit of info from Dr Campbell's youtube is that apparently a person is most contagious at 3-5 days post infection, which is before most people are symptomatic or any more symptomatic than feeling a bit off colour. So that makes 14-day quarantine in an atmospherically isolated accomodation very important. It also means people with suspected exposure who are not sympromatic, if they are being evacuated to their home country / town should be going on charter transport with no unexposed members of the public and all crew wearing proper protective gear. And each person probably also wearing a proper face mask until they get into isolation. China is somewhat able to control spread because the people are used to having restricted freedom. I wonder how things will go down when the disease starts spreading in freedom-loving countries. Most people will be sensible and isolate themselves, but will everyone?
  12. She certainly seems to be a friend to humanity, but it does seem that a lot of coins have already been tossed in the last couple of days.
  13. Been aware of The American Prospect for a while but appreciating it as a pub more lately, perhaps because David Dayen is there. I like this article on the potential super delegate situation and what the last debate question possibly revealed.
  14. Mace Cooterian

    Heresy 230 and die Herren von Winterfell

    @Black Crow First and foremost, please do not forget our friends in Russia as Die Herron Von Winterfell in their world is: Принц Винтерфелла I'd also ask for clarification on the gender reference in this latest edition of Heresy. "Die Herron" suggests a masculine gender to the anticipated recipient to Winterfell's throne; but recent posts refer back to Sansa's "Snowflake Commnion" which would imply a female derriere will occupy the coveted Northern post.
  15. In a neutral world, Stannis would most likely have been the heir if Joffrey and Tommen died without issue. We have seen countless times of how hard it is to be a female heir, how people try to steal or subvert a woman's inheritance. The most famous being that after Baelor died his three sisters were passed over for their uncle Viserys. Looking at the Stark family tree, it seems likely that Sansa and Serena Stark, the heirs to their father by law, were either forced or pressured into marrying their half-uncles. In practice, I'm sure that Cersei and Tywin would make sure that Myrcella succeeded her brothers instead of Stannis.
  16. CassieSol919

    The Frey civil war

    There's a hypothesis that the opposing Freys will destroy the bridge, rendering their castle and family useless. They'll probably all end up killing each other without much need for outside assistance. As for Littlefinger, I don't think he's interested in the Riverlands which is currently a scorched wasteland. And even he thinks that Harrenhal is cursed. People from the Vale can get to the North by boat. That's what Ned did during the rebellion. Given Petyr's closeness with Gulltown merchants, it's likely that he has a few connections with White Harbor and obviously the Manderlys are conspiring against the Boltons. If the Knights of the Vale show up in White Harbor, which also now has warships, it would be a serious problem for dear Roose.
  17. Martell Spy

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    Poor guy. It's the only way he can get it up these days. Stephen Miller: Stopping Asylum-Seekers Is “All I Care About” https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/02/stephen-miller-immigration-this-is-my-life.html
  18. SpaceChampion

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    They should use that party game Mafia instead. Guess which delegate is the secret informant responsible for snitching on the Godfather to the FBI.
  19. We have the dumbest possible political system https://twitter.com/chaneyj/status/1231041799797473280?s=20
  20. Yes! I almost posted that sentiment but couldn't quite sum it up as neatly.
  21. Ser Not Appearing

    Pictionary 46: open theme

    Didn't realize we could post here. Here's what I sent Chicken earlier.
  22. Women are not barred from the Iron Throne per se, there is just a tendency to put them and their descendants behind the male scions of the royal family. There were quite a few female presumptive heirs to the Iron Throne (Aerea to both Maegor and Jaehaerys I, Princess Rhaenys was second in line to the Iron Throne, then there is Rhaenyra as heir apparent, Baela and Rhaena are Aegon III's presumptive heirs until Viserys returns from Lys, and Aelora Targaryen was even heir apparent to the Iron Throne and Princess of Dragonstone during the later half of the reign of Aerys I. That said, it is quite clear that the lords speaking against Rhaena or Aerea or Rhaenys or Rhaenys (and her descendants) or Rhaenyra would also have been opposed to the idea of Myrcella or Shireen (if we imagine Stannis became king) taking the throne. The Great Councils didn't discuss the succession of House Targaryen, they discussed the succession of the Iron Throne. They don't care whether the woman deluding herself into believing she could rule over manly male lords has blond hair or black hair... We do know, however, that Myrcella is very much Tommen's presumptive heir. There is nobody else. Just as Shireen is the only heir Stannis has. There is nobody else there, either. Stannis also saw Shireen sort of as his heir and not Renly. So we can be pretty sure Robert and Cersei would also have preferred Myrcella to Stannis or Renly. And this wouldn't have been a big issue, considering Stannis is massively unpopular guy.
  23. Nagini's Neville

    aSoIaF Confessions

    but calling our perfectly appropriately named game soccer No, it was a very brilliant thread, that I created myself titled "why was Cat tortured before her death and Robb wasn't?" and you where one of the very polite ppl, pointing out "it's a writing style" lol Oh, yes Bran is one of my favorites too. absolutely adore his chapters as well Jaime has such an obnoxious personality to me lol, but he is also very funny, so that makes up for it. And tbh I know a lot of ppl disagree, but I actually think he is a quite a good person. yep, love storm and clash as well. game is my favorite. love all 5 yes, of course, loved it!! (answer given under the threat of violence)
  24. Triskele

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Did the Brazilians use jiu-jitsu? See, I don't waste your time, guy.
  25. Platypus Rex

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Another explanation I've seen, in todays New York Times, is that women simply have better immune systems for dealing with this type of problem. However, they pay a price for it in greater vulnerability to autoimmune diseases.
  26. So we know that women are barred from sitting the Iron Throne by the Great Council of 101 AC and events like the Dance of the Dragons turning people off on the idea of a female ruler. But say if events transpired where nobody figured out that Robert's "children" were illegitimate and yet Joffrey and Tommen were dead or unable to rule. Who would the throne pass to? Myrcella, if the decision of the Great Council is scrapped? Or Stannis?
  27. Ser Scot A Ellison

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    Melinda Snodgrass who created the Character of “Bruce Maddox” in The Measure of a Man is apparently not getting paid for the character she created as she is supposed to be under the Writer’s Guild rules.
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