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  2. Why couldn't we have waited just a few more days to trade Ricky......
  3. Biden’s plan to avoid a 2020-like nightmare with Latino voters: Encouraged to see they're really making an effort. Hopefully it, ya know, works.
  4. Wilford Brimley didn't have multiple plastic surgeries and access to (or at least a desire to take) the best PEDs known to man.
  5. Yeah, those guys provide youth and shooting, two things the Lakers are very short on. Even still, they are relying on Davis to cover up an awful lot of holes defensively.
  6. Here are two great videos on the topic, and frankly, anything is possible really. Although AdmiralKird is more focused on wether it can fit one and only one book, whereas In Deep Geek straight up admits that he thinks it's going to be split in two parts.
  7. Why not Jon be son of Ned and Lyana. Or Brandon and Lyana. Explains why she ran to a Targaryen, and why she didn't do anything after knowing her brother and father were burned alive
  8. I'm aware of all this, I was just speaking in generalities - which is kinda the idea of delineating generations. Boomers tend to be the children of the greatest generation and the parents of millennials. Obviously there are plenty of exceptions - my mother was born in 1953, comfortably within any reasonable age range for the boomers, but my grandma had her at 18, so she's a member of the Silent Generation as well.
  9. Aeron chapters during and before the kingsmoot.
  10. Obama’s parents were the Silent Generation that comes between the Greatest Generation (who fought the war) and the Boomers. The labels don’t line up with biological generations, so it’s defined by the state of the world during your formative years rather than the experiences your parents had. My parents were Boomers (mid 1950s) but I’m a late GenX like BFC because they were very young starting their family — thank you Catholic Ireland. In the US, Boomers mostly have Millenial kids, which is why the Millenial generation is even larger than the Boomers: the generational echo. GenX is a smaller cohort stuck between them; partly because of the echo of the small Silent Generation (most of GenX’s parents) due to low birth rates during the Depression and WWII, and partly because of GenX’s own lower birth rate due to recession and the growth of two income families in the 1970s. Similarly the GenZ kids of GenX will be a much smaller generation than the Millenials due to the echo effect. Probably the kids of Millenials will be a slightly smaller generation, though, from the recession effect after the GFC and continued growth of dual income families (student debt, unaffordable houses, etc).
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  12. WHOMST AMONGST US https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/08/03/stabbing-people-is-just-how-ive-always-greeted-them-by-jack-ripper/
  13. The main problem I had with Dishonored 2 was that the PS4 version had the most absurdly awful FOV setting and, as far as I could tell, no way to change it. I swear it must be 60. Wish it were on Geforce Now, as I have the PC version but my PC crapped out while I was midway through the game and I just don't have enough time to dedicate to video games these days to justify spending another fifteen hundred on a new gaming rig. But I remember everything up the Clockwork Mansion (right were my PC died) being awesome.
  14. That probably depends on which one. There have been several interpretations. Clooney's probably comes closest to the Bat Man Rand would love.
  15. I see the Chinese are doing widespread testing in Wuhan, where the city has seen an increase in cases. I bet they’ll test millions in a week.
  16. The 400m race was insane. The Norwegian said he would have been on a flight home if he was told the time the American would run before hand. The Swedish polt vaulter was close to breaking a world record also. And the American 800m race looks really strong too. A lot of impressive results. I always think Ireland should do better at showjumping, given the horse industry here. We a actually did very well today but besides qualifying, have to start all over again. And congrats to Simone Biles!
  17. Nunn and Monk to LaL as well. Love that.
  18. Melo to the Lakers. It's all over now! LeBron, Howard, Melo, that's quite the superteam of dudes my age.
  19. Close, Dany is Mance and Dany's child yet to be born, who will be sent back in time to Dragonstone in time for the storm.
  20. Symbol A peach sliced in half. A red heart surrounded by orange and yellow. Stanis banner?
  21. I'm pretty much the same, except I do go in to work quite often (being an experimentalist necessitates doing experiments). Err...and the strip club part. And eating out every night or going to gym. Hmm...maybe it isn't the same after all, but my life did return to almost something approaching the Before Times. I'm glad I eased up a bit, because I believe there will be a few changes coming very shortly, and for my own mental health that little bit of a break was awesome and much needed so I can hunker down again.
  22. FAA still needs to approve launching Starship & Super Heavy to orbit before the full stack for launch, which could take months. Bringing Booster 4 to the orbital launch mount is likely just for static fire tests and other tests like for pressurization. But once again FAA is going to look obstructive if the delay is very long -- so it might be to encourage them to speed up too.
  23. Very good point, do they contribute anything of value to the world GRRM created, given their "paying the iron price" BS. The fact that they're still allowed to keep thralls after Robert wins the war, makes no sense to me. I thought slavery, was suppose to be outlawed is Westeros. The only difference between the Iron Born and the wildings, is one culture is good at sailing boats and the other isn't, lol
  24. Ditto. Got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression a few years back and have been on several very useful meds since then that have positively impacted my life.
  25. The Heat won the headlines, but I doubt much else. I don’t love any of those contracts due to when they expire and they’re still not better than the Nets, Bucks and Sixers.
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