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  2. Devolver Digital Games, who have previously published the charming Reigns: Game of Thrones, are at it again with a Game of Thrones-themed mobile game. This time, That Silly Studio has developed Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows which has been released as an Apple Arcade exclusive for subscribers to the iOS service. The particular genre of mobile game—an “idler”—means that actions and decisions are made periodically, sometimes after hours or even days of nothing in particular going on. read on >>> View the full article
  3. Heh, we old timers don't just come here to argue amongst ourselves, though sometimes it feels like it. Most of us with relatively well-informed opinions didn't come by those opinions alone, but through much discussion and help from the observations and viewpoints of others. Even after more than a decade of sometimes intense discussion and argument, new ideas or points still come forth from time to time, altering our 'westerosi-worldview'. For example its only in the last couple of months through a discussion in this forum that I learned the grey girl in Melisandre's visions (that she thinks is Arya) actually fits Lyanna Stark extremely well, something I'd never considered before. Its only fair to help others along the same pathway.
  4. welp. they were never going to keep psg from scoring, alas.
  5. Haha yeah I think a lot of people who don't do animation as a rule have told me they watched Avatar because of the pandemic and were shocked at how much they loved it. Wow. So much wrong with that article. I sincerely hope they don't read it before working on their next show.
  6. There cannot be any 'professional soldiers' in Westeros considering there is at best a short war every generation or so - the lesser skirmishes and stuff (wildling raids in the North and the Vale, outlaw hunts, robber knights, minor rebellions, and Dornish incursions prior to the union) would only be local or regional conflicts. Not all the Reach or all the Stormlands would have to react to a Dornish incursion, just as a Lord Stark or Arryn doesn't have to call all his banners to deal with some wildling attack. There is a very tiny fraction of men permanently under arms - garrisons of castles, highborn knights and tourney knights who constantly play at arms, but that's it. The rest is half rabble or mostly rabble, men who may lose half or all their teeth before riding into battle. It is a joke that Westeros still has a martial culture so men can die in the Dance after eighty years of peace and plenty. What 'professional warriors' do we can see in the Dunk & Egg stories. Ser Arlan and later Dunk ride around and serve this or that lord for local missions and stuff. If there are no campaigns there is no war, and if there is no war you don't really get professional soldiers of any kind. As for a standing army - there is no point for that considering that Westeros doesn't have any outside enemies, and never did even before the Targaryens. There are no indications that any of the kingdoms were ever in a war with a Free City - not that they could have won something like that while Valyria was still around. Relatively speaking, the king is the most powerful guy around, anyway. He does have the strongest 'standing fighting force' if you will. He should have the most household knights and sworn swords and men-at-arms in Westeros (depending on the time there is a chance that the Lannisters, Hightowers, and Tyrells can maintain forces of equal size), and considering that he controls the largest city he has the largest City Watch - which is somewhat of a semi-professional armed force. This idea that the lords are very powerful relative to the king is based on the fallacious idea the great lords directly control their own bannermen and the men sworn to them - which they don't. Especially not in a scenario where a lord turns against his king and then expect his bannermen to follow him suit. People delude themselves into thinking everything works like the North in this regard - that Robb calling his banners is sort of representative how things would go in the Vale or the West or the Riverlands ... but that isn't a given. The Starks are a former royal house and have a very powerful standing with the Northmen. They are not representative of Westeros at large. Likewise, Tywin was one the most exceptional men of the 3rd centuy - his hold over the Westermen isn't comparable to that of his father Tytos or any other average Lord of Casterly Rock. The way the system is set up indicates that four out of five lords would side with their king against their liege lord, not the other way around. Even Ned and Cat are afraid that Robert could destroy them if they were losing the king's favor.
  7. Boo. It was coming though. Atalanta players were dead on their feet.
  8. Yeah, I was trying to be brief (not my forte) and ended up explaining myself completely wrong. No it's not imposible, but why would he keep stating that fact if it weren't for a reason? He keeps pointing put where do citrus grow over and over, even if he wrote it as a red herring, for it to be an effective one the text should support it to trow you off. But it's not just other characters though, Dany herself thinks of her more as Rhaegar's family than Aerys's and prophecies and visions highlight her connection to him also. I agree, and I'm not entirely convinced she is his daughter (still looking for that essay tho) but my dislike for this theory does not come from a lack of textual support but from it really not adding to the story, It doesn't change Dany's character, she would still be a targaryen by blood and still would have the most powerful force if she decided to invade Westeros, and I don't see how she could ever find out, except from a vision revealing it to her, and that would be so. fucking. lame.
  9. Sure. He has inherent cowardice, which he manages to rise to the occasion and defeat when it counts. Good for him. Thats not the point. The point is that his choice of weapon is not defined by his house history, but by his personal character/situation, just as Gendry's choice of a hammer is not defined by his un-realised genetic inheritance from a great hammer-wielder, but by his personal situation as a smith, used to wielding a hammer every day. I didn't say you can't. I pointed out that your examples are badly flawed. They are correlated, yes, but they clearly have other causes. The point of House Sigils is easy identification, especially on a battlefield. As it was historically. Verisimilitude. The histories are more likely to have literary relevance, but even there, they provide verisimilitude and depth which justifies them on their own - let alone additional financial benefits. They may also provide some extra literary value in the form of clues etc, but they have a point of their own independent of literary extra reasons.
  10. Normally, but the ASoIaF covers are pretty simple and they'll simply throw money at the artist to get them done in time. It's also possible that they might already have a redesigned cover standing by, but they haven't revealed it yet because people will get the wrong idea. I'm not sure when they redesigned the ADWD cover (they had two placeholder ones for years beforehand), as they only showed it about 2 months before release, but it could have been on standby for a long time before then.
  11. The text never states that she lived in the Sealord's palace, and even if they where in different parts of Braavos, Why are Dany's descriptions so different? Why doesn't she smell the sea? Why doesn't she remember fog? Why is the temperature warm even though Braavos is so far up north? If the lemmon tree is in Braavos why does the text say repeatedly that citrus grow in the south, as with the BwoB and Shamma, or Septon Meribald, Sansa's lemoncakes or even TWOW Mercy chapter? I think that's a lot of textual support for the theory, be it true or not. Yes, that could also be the case, but with GRRM things usually mean more than one thing, he enjoys doing that. Again, I'm not saying she is his daughter, but there's some support she is, as with the other things I said, one thing alone wouldn't be enough I think, but she is connected to Rhaegar in many ocations, and she even sees herself as him.
  12. I think who is on what arc is debatable and every fan has their own opinion on it. I think these characters are having a messy time of it and instead of putting them on a simple redemption arc it will be a lot less clear about if they were redeemed and by whom. In other words we'll be left with redemption questions for most of these characters. Only 1 or 2 will get a clear cut one.
  13. This quote from Vox sounds not great As always, the point is that white women aren't single-issue voters, and whether or not he makes sexist remarks one way or another is probably far less important than his handling of the BLM stuff, his handling of COVID and the economy, and his handling of schools.
  14. Please also take Stanley from The Office (American version) into account. And, of course, Stan from South Park.
  15. Atalanta players look knackered. They're also at high risk of one of their players picking up a second yellow.
  16. Listen to the song. Stan was akin to the lead fan in Misery.
  17. Well, it’s how you phrased it before. You stated that the house w/ the red door isn’t in Braavos. They may not be native, but lemon trees are not impossible to grow in climates where they’re not native, especially for someone who has the means. Winterfell has all sorts of veggies and fruit growing in its glass gardens, even in winter. To each their own, but none of this points to Dany being the daughter of Rhaegar And Lyanna. Or anyone else’s but Aerys and Rhaella. IMO. She’s compared to Rhaegar more often because she’s more like him and less like her crazy dad. Not to mention that it would be kind of offensive to compare her to Aerys... “Hey, Dany, you remind me so much of your psycho daddy who lost the Targaryen dynasty and dragged the family name through the filthiest mud”. Martin leaves lots and lots of things open-ended, and he gives readers lots of red herrings. But the speculation about Dany’s parents is completely unfounded and I don’t see any textual support for it. To put it differently, I don’t consider what you listed to be actual textual support, but rather speculation based a turn of phrase here and there. We will have to agree to disagree on this one.
  18. Very interesting! Maybe when someday I write one of my name columns on "Stanley" I can use that.
  19. There is the problem with who turns out in midterms v. presidential, but intuitively that should just depress white women vis-a-vis women of color, which in turn should boost the gender gap even more. Surprised to see myself when linking those two exits that the white women's percentage of the electorate was exactly the same in 2018 as it was in 2016. Goes to show how nationalized politics has become I guess. Alternatively, it could be an indication that Hillary's lack of black turnout really did skew the regular general electorate. Which, again, only supports Harris as the VP nominee.
  20. Nah, it's all good. They're hard to compare [k-hive v berniebros] but the former *seemed much more willing to engage in informed debate on whatever issue was at hand. At least to me. Could be the fact that I liked Harris and never ran afoul of the k-hive though. Can't say the same for some of the berniebros. [edit: *seem? we'll see i guess, they'll likely feel validated now]
  21. Stan as a fan type person comes from an Eminem song. Stan took his fandom to extremes.
  22. I think that Manderly has it. I believe that the resolution of Robb's argument with Cat wasn't spelled out because Robb actually heeded his mother's warnings against Jon and did not name him heir to the crown of the north but rather honoured Ned's original intent that the North would support Stannis' claim to the throne, possibly with Jon inheriting Winterfell, but the wording there could be open. Manderly is making deals with Stannis by way of Davos that he has no right to make on his own, eloquent as they are to read. He is either winging it and hoping that his heirs can square things up with their king after the fact ( I doubt he plans on surviving his visit to Winterfell - or at least isn't taking his survival for granted) or he is following a guideline such as Robb's will.
  23. Anything equivalent to Chapo? No? Anything equivalent to Joe Rogan? No? Huh. That's because there was a substantive difference in how Sanders supporters acted online, both in amount (Sanders supporters were 2-3 times more likely to exist online compared to other candidates) and in negative content (Sanders supporters were negative 50% more often than other supporters). Basically, if you found a negative or extremely negative person online they were 6 times more likely to be a Sanders supporter than a supporter of any other kind. Citation needed. You're literally saying that in the sentence right before this one.
  24. Well, we have to keep in mind that the will was made thinking Bran, Rickon and even Arya were dead, but none of them are and many northeners know it, so it would go against the conception of the will to upjumped Jon ignoring his siblings. Also the will has most likely been destroyed or is being kept by the Freys or Lannisters so the other northers would have to trust Mormont and Glover (and Great Jon, if he's ever released). Also, Jon would be Usurping his siblings, and I don't think he'd like that, he even rejected a similar offer that didn't include screwing his family. Lastly, the Riverlands stood behind Robb because he had Catlyn's blood, would they do the same for Jon knowing Catlyn hated the boy? The blackfish probably wouldnt' after what he said to Jaime in Riverrun.
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