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  1. As the Warner Bros Shop announces “Day of the Dragon”, HBO gets on board by releasing a brand new poster featuring the young Rhaenyra Targaryen in full regalia with a dragon looms behind her, and a few other licensed products start to make their way out of the gate—including two beers from Danish craft brewer Mikkeller, a set of wines from Vintage Wine Estates, and another set of wines from Australia’s Treasury Vintage Wines. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Gallery/_medium/HotD_Key-Art.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  2. Today sounds like an exciting day for eager House of the Dragon followers, as the Warner Bros. Shop names today, June 22nd, the “Day of the Dragon” and has dropped a large collection of House of the Dragon merchandise on the new shop, including a limited edition bomber jacket that looks very smart, as well as a few bits-and-bobs from Game of Thrones (including Sansa’s crown!) Below you’ll see a sampling of the new products, and click through to the full article for the press release from Warner Bros.! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/WB-HOD-JCKT-001-updated1.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  3. Via James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter, we’ve learned that Kit Harington is attached to star in Jon Snow spin-off series set after the end of Game of Thrones. Suffice it to say, the new has sent shockwaves through fandom, casual and hardcore alike. For our part, it doesn’t seem all that surprising, for the reasons laid out in Deadline‘s confirmation. read on >>> View the full article
  4. Jalic Blades, who among other things produce the Valyrian Steel line of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones replicas, has just announced that tomorrow they will launch preorders for a replica of Blackfyre, the sword of Aegon the Conqueror and many of his heirs. It is a limited edition stainless steel sword, and that some time after they will also produce an even more limited Damascus steel version of the sword. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Blackfyre_Sword_Jalic.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  5. Occasionally, we like to recommend works of fantasy to our fellow fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, and the upcoming release of All the Seas of the World by Guy Gavriel Kay (hits shelves on May 17th) is something we’d like to bring to our readers’ attention. Thanks to Kay and his publisher, Linda and I had the chance to read the novel early. Below, you’ll find Linda’s review of the novel (consider it co-signed by me!), but in brief: a compelling, beautifully poignant work from one of the finest authors working in the genre (and one of our very favorites in any genre!) https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/GGK_All-The-Seas-of-the-World.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  6. The official House of the Dragon twitter account woke up today with a few tweets and new character posters (more on those below)... but all that led up to the release of an official teaser trailer: It’s a pretty epic trailer (if, concerningly, rather dark and desaturated) featuring all the chief characters, a Red Keep in the midst of renovation or expansion, Kingsguard, gold cloaks, violence, the Great Council at Harrenhal… and of course, dragons. Besides the new trailer, HBO also released a number of brand new character posters featuring key characters, which you can find below. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Gallery/_medium/HotD_Rhaenyra-Poster_01.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  7. A new report from Variety shares a piece of information from an anonymous “production insider”: the 10 episode first season of House of the Dragon managed an average per episode budget somewhat under $20 million. This is cited as a great achievement given rising production costs and the greater number of dragons that will need to be CGed in the series. Variety reports: [T]he production insider says HBO is now so adept at these world-building series through years of not just GoT, but also producing Westworld”and His Dark Materials, that the team can make a high-quality series as efficiently and effectively as possible. By way of comparison, the final season of Game of Thrones cost somewhere in the vicinity of $15 million an episode. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Egg-Teaser.jpg View the full article
  8. King’s Landing is the greatest port on the western side of the narrow sea, a destination for ships from throughout the Seven Kingdoms, from the Free Cities on the opposite side of the sea, and sometimes even from further afield. Yet some ships at sea are famous, at least among sailors, and when one puts in to the port the word spreads. Thus, when a lean galley with purple sails pulled into port, a few dismissed it as another Braavosi merchanter… but others knew it for what she was: the Widow Wind, a merchant ship, aye… and a smuggling ship, and sometimes (it was rumored) a pirate ship. Its captain? The beautiful and infamous Bellegere Otherys, the Black Pearl of Braavos, daughter of a Sealord’s son and a princess of the Summer Isles. As captain she had indulged in all three activities with the Widow Wind, and others besides. Her vessel had occasionally docked at King’s Landing over the years, and there were rumors that her occasional guest aboard her ship or in the rooms she stayed at was no one less than Prince Aegon, now King of the Seven Kingdoms. But the Widow Wind had not been seen in a year or more, and its arrival with no forewarning raised brows. For all the rumors, the Black Pearl had never once set foot at court, even when rumors claimed she had born a child, and then another, who might (or might not) have been the prince’s. So eyebrows were raised even further when she disembarked with a company of sailors as guards led by a queer woman carrying a curving blade from the East, a woman wearing near-black garments, and a fat eunuch. That last, in turn, carried something: a young child. Few had a good look at him, but as Captain Otherys went about her business in the city, some learned more of the boy. Rumor of a master goldsmith from Lannisport having now setup shop beneath Visenya’s Hill had led a company of nobility to travel together to see his work and perhaps commission baubles, only to find the goldsmith occupied by the Black Pearl. When she exited, with her was the eunuch and the child, and it was clear to see he was a boy, tawny-skinned, his hair black like his mother’s… but his eyes a striking blue, almost purple. When she addressed him, she called him Balerion, and called him her little dragon as one of the party realized when they overheard her speaking in Valyrian. Rumors, of course, ran wild after that. Had she come to deliver this boy to the king as his natural child? Or was she seeking to renew her dalliances with Aegon despite his present mistress, Missy Blackwood? Or perhaps she merely wished the city and the court to know of the boy, for her own reasons? The days passed, and she was seen here and there in the city, trading: selling goods off the _Widow Wind_, buying supplies and different goods that might have value at her next port of call. The eunuch and his infant charge were also seen at times. But never at the Red Keep. Even when some courtiers visited the Widow Wind on business of their own, she did not reveal her intentions. The king seemed aloof to the infamous woman’s presence, though then again… Who knows where Aegon, Fourth of His Name, wandered on an evening? Even though he has a mistress whom he dotes on, the king still finds time to visit certain houses of ill repute when the mood takes him, and only his closest companions and his Kingsguard can truly say whether he keeps himself occupied there or finds other diversions… When the Widow Wind finally departed, those who saw its captain and her crew saw the boy go with her. And the king? The king seemed oddly quarrelsome for a time after, even with his mistress and those who regarded themselves his friends. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  9. A dragon egg on the verge of hatching accompanies the announcement from HBO that House of the Dragon will premiere on August 21st of this year. Along with the poster, HBO has also sent out eight new images featuring a variety of characters from the series, that you can see below. With a ten episode run, that means it’ll end on October 23rd… just two days prior to the release of The Rise of the Dragon. Interesting timing, that… For more on this informational art book that very much ties in to the events covered by House of the Dragon, see here. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Egg-Teaser.jpg View the full article
  10. While the realm has been calm since the ascension of Aegon, the Fourth of his Name, many would say that this has little enough to do with him: it has been his small council and the other office-holders of the Crown who have done the work. What has Aegon done, then? Enjoyed the fruits of wearing the crown, largely in commanding entertainments to please him, and all the while desporting with his mistress, the Lady Melissa Blackwood. The King’s Hand, Lord Bracken, has proved capable enough at holding meetings and delegating to others, but there has been a slow creep of kinsmen (by blood and by marriage) finding sinecures in various parts of the royal bureaucracy. This has led to the usual round of complaints, but on the other hand the wags at court remark that Lord Bracken must be allowed _some_ benefit of the office, given that a Blackwood has supplanted his own daughter when it comes to the disposition of the king’s embraces. Older, more seasoned courtiers might remark, as well, that Lord Bracken has been uncommonly careful not to go too far in his nepotism, no doubt because of the loss of influence that came with Barba and her bastard Aegor Rivers being dispatched back to Stone Hedge. And so the king entertains himself: hunts, balls, idylls on the Blackwater on his fine new pleasure galleas. His brother, Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, is sometimes present for them ... but only as a White Sword, guarding the king’s person. Queen Naerys does not attend, on the other hand, nor does Prince Daeron ever since he departed with his wife and much of his household to take up the rule of Dragonstone. Sometimes one of his cousins, the daughters of the late Aegon III, attend his revels, while suitors flock about them. Elaena still grieves the missing, and now declared dead, Lord Velaryon, however, and Daena is rumored to take more fancy to brief flirtations with lovers, while Princess Rhaena most often absents herself and is increasingly cloistered among septons and septas. Some of Prince Daeron’s household returned from Dragonstone in the weeks after his departure, including Dornish lords and ladies, who are there for when he chooses to return and resume assisting his father in the management of the realm. But there are those who question whether he will, because of the tensions between them after the king so slighted Queen Naerys when she was on the threshold of death, and if these household men and women are not instead spies to keep him informed of what goes on at court. Among the king’s favorites are now a number of younger, hot-blooded knights who have shown open distaste for the Dornish at court, seeing them as potential rivals for influence at best, at worst as spies not just for Daeron but also for the Prince of Dorne. It has not helped matters that Prince Maron has written a recent letter, complaining of some marcher knights breaking Baelor the Blessed’s promised peace by robbing Dornish merchants traveling the Boneway, followed by protestations of innocence from those same marchers who argued they were responding to attacks from alleged Dornish reavers. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  11. Yesterday, we said that we wanted to make sure we could get the name of all the contributing artists out there, and the team over at Ten Speed Press put that together quickly for us. In total, there are 38 artists who’ve contributed to The Rise of the Dragon, and below you’ll find the full list as well as links to their websites or online portfolios. We’re very proud to have worked closely with all the artists on this one, providing notes, references, etc., and they’ve delivered art that we think will please fans. The Rise of the Dragon hits shelves in October 2022! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/RotD_Cover-Center_Balerion.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  12. As promised, we can now discuss in more detail our forthcoming book, The Rise of the Dragon, as it has not been posted about at Not a Blog. The book will hit shelves in October, both in the US and in the UK as HarperVoyager announced they’ve picked up the rights (and shown off their own cover). https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Cover_RiseOfTheDragon.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  13. Over at Not a Blog, George R.R. Martin has provided fans a lengthy update on The Winds of Winter, HBO’s successor shows, and more… and in the process lets the cat out of the bag regarding one project we here at Westeros.org have been working on for the last couple of years. We’ll provide a quick summary below: https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/2023_Calendar_Chase-Stone.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  14. A brand new calendar has been announced for 2023: the World of Fire and Blood 2023 Calendar, a departure as it focuses on characters and events first described in The World of Ice and Fire and expanded on in Fire and Blood. Another departure: where previous calendars were single-artist affairs, this one will feature multiple artists, including prior calendar artists Marc Simonetti and Magali Villeneuve, as well as artists new to the calendars such as Chase Stone and René Aigner https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/2023_Calendar.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  15. Random House has revealed their publishing plans for the summer, and fans have noticed that July seems particularly stacked with House of the Dragon tie-ins using Fire and Blood as the focal material. First, Random House revealed that on July 12th they will publish tie-in editions of Fire and Blood that will feature a cover using photography from House of the Dragon. Second, Random House announced that the 2023 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, to release on July 19, will be based entirely on Fire and Blood. And, in a departure from the previous calendars, this will feature an array of artists rather than just one. No word yet as to who has contributed. Fans may notice these July dates, and speculation has run that the dating relates to the as-yet-unannounced premiere of House of the Dragon. [Affiliate links to Amazon.com can be found in this post)] https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Teaser_17.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  16. A sit-down with various media outlets has provided some fresh information from Casey Bloys, HBO’s and HBO Max’s chief content officer, regarding the future of the Game of Thrones franchise, from the release date of House of the Dragon to the status of a number of projects in development. While there’s nothing really concrete, the one thing Bloys committed to is that House of the Dragon is definitely airing this year, but that the conversation has only just now started thanks to the show officially wrapping. We’ll provide a brief bullet point of the main information that came out of the interview with Bloys: https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Rhaenyra-Daemon_01.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  17. First announced in 2019, the Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge, Northern Ireland has now officially opened its doors. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of actors from the series, including Kristian Nairn (Hodor), Natalie Emmanuel (Missandei), and Isaac Hampstead Wright (Bran Stark). See below for the press release and additional images! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/GoT_Studio-Tour_01.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  18. Via a report in Variety, we’ve learned that Steve Conrad—creator of Amazon’s Patriot and other shows—has been attached as lead writer and executive producer of a potential (emphasis on the potential) Game of Thrones-universe hour-long series based on the Dunk and Egg novellas [Note: Amazon affiliate link]. To date, three novellas introducing readers to Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg have been published, with a fourth existing in a partial state. Beyond that, George R.R. Martin revealed substantial hints about the future of the two characters as planned in additional novellas in our own The World of Ice and Fire, sketching out Dunk’s and Egg’s history all the way through their deaths. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Martin_Knight7Kingdoms_title.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  19. A new book released today, James Andrew Miller’s Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers, is a massive 1,000 page tome that looks at the rise of HBO as the destination for prestige television from the past and all the way to the present. In the course of it, of course, the book can’t but help touch on Game of Thrones. While it covers ground already revealed in past interviews and books (such as James Hibberd’s Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon), there’s a few new details… particularly from a voice fans have not heard before, George R.R. Martin’s long-time entertainment agent, Paul Haas, concerning the final season and its relation to GRRM’s plans for A Song of Ice and Fire. [Note: This post contains Amazon.com affiliate links.] https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/GRRM_Eyrie.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  20. Things have been quiet on the House of the Dragon front since their filming in Cornwall led to fans getting their first glimpses of some of the lead actors in costume. Now, thanks to Spanish newspaper Hoy, we learn (thanks to our friends at Los Siete Reinos) that House of the Dragon is set to film for three weeks in October in the Extremaduran city of Cáceres and the town of Trujillo. Both of these were used during filming of Game of Thrones, with the town of Trujillo providing the walls of King’s Landing and Cáceres as the location for a procession scene in King’s Landing featuring Euron Greyjoy as well as scenes set in Oldtown. Per Los Siete Reinos, the three weeks would include pre-production time, so actual filming there will be shorter. View the full article
  21. Big news out of Hollywood today, as Variety first revealed that HBO is in early development on adapting the Dunk & Egg novellas (collected in A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms [affiliate link]) to the screen: “The one-hour show would be based on the series of fantasy novellas by George R. R. Martin, which follow the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and a young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg) 90 years prior to the events of “A Song of Ice and Fire. “No writer or talent is currently attached to the project, but sources say it is a high priority for HBO as the premium cabler looks to build on the success of Game of Thrones.” This was followed up half an hour later by EW’s James Hibberd (author of Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon [affiliate link]) reporting that it goes beyond Dunk & Egg: “But that’s not all. HBO has been meeting with other top writers pitching others ideas based on Martin’s works. Among the ideas being contemplated is a prequel series based on Robert’s Rebellion, the war for the Iron Throne that upended Westeros a couple of decades before the events in Thrones. All the ideas are prequels; there are no sequels or spinoffs from the original series currently under consideration. “One of the writers is a name familiar to HBO genre fans: Bruno Heller, who created the ambitious historical drama Rome [affiliate link], a series that was seen as a bit of a short-lived precursor to Thrones. That said, no writer is yet attached to any project.” read on >>> View the full article
  22. HBO’s now released a teaser for the next season, although it’s made up of material from previous seasons… except for voice overs at start and at the end, I believe: The first lines are obviously Max von Sydow as the last greenseer… and we’re quite sure that’s Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran at the end. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  23. Our friends at Dark Horse occasionally send us some of their Game of Thrones-licensed products for review, and we’ve had the pleasure of highlighting them over the last few years. The most recent arrival was particularly apropos, though, because in the package we had not one but two figures: 8 inch figures of Brienne of Tarth and the Hound. These are just two entries in what must be well over a dozen figures now in these series of high-quality sculpted figures, but I admit to being always particularly drawn to the armored figurines because… well, I’m fond of most of the show’s armoring! Also quite impressed with the fact that the Hound’s visor can actually pivot up and down; it’s a very nice touch. If there’s any criticism to be made, I’ll admit that find Brienne’s face not terribly reminiscent of Gwendoline Christie. It’s a bit too lean—Christie’s she’s rounder-cheeked and the outfits she wears on the show deliberately pushes under her chin to give her a heavier appearance than she has in reality. The hair could have stood to be rather messier, as well, I think, to capture the often-unkempt appearance she has on the show. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t quite match some of the other figures in facial representation, such as the remarkably good Hodor and Bran which is a great representation of Nairn and Hampstead-Wright as those characters. The Brienne and Hound figures are already available, with a new wave of figures coming this month, including Jorah Mormont, another example of Dark Horse’s fantastic way with the armor on the series. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  24. The TCA’s winter press tour is in full swing, an as usual it’s proved a bounty of information concerning Game of Thrones as executive Michael Lombardo spoke with press. As expected, the sixth season of the series will premiere on April 24th, starting at its usual 9PM Eastern time, to be followed by the premiere’s of the comedies Veep and Silicon Valley.The Hollywood Reporter provides further news of note, as well: HBO’s negotiating for two more seasons of the series, taking it through its 8th season. As James Hibberd notes, this is news from Lombardo was hinted at last year when he said showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss saw the show running “two more years after six”. However, Lombardo apparently went a step further when discussing these plans when he indicated a full 7th season was not expected. Last year, following the remarks, both EW and we ourselves speculated that this could mean Benioff and Weiss were perhaps allowing for an extended, split 7th season,  to take the show through its 8th year. After all, this has been a common solution at networks to keep a popular show on the air for as long as possible. Now there’s the spectre of the 8th season being a full season in turn, or perhaps it, too, might be split across two years to take the show into 2019. And it must be said, though we do fully expect the 8th season (whether it’s season 8 in 2018 or season 8a followed by by 8b in 2019) will be the show’s last, it’s worth noting that none of these reports indicate that Lombardo named it the final season. What to make of that? It doesn’t really mean anything, given negotiations are still in the work. but HBO’s executives have previously made it sound like they’d be happy to see the show run for ten years, so perhaps they’re keeping their hopes alive. It will be interesting if the official announcement of two more seasons makes any statement about the end of the series. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  25. As the sun rose on a cool winter day in Sunspear, the heir to Yronwood received his knighthood in the sept of the Princes of Dorne. His vigil through the night had been undisturbed and serene, as such things should be, and at dawn septons entered and with them also were Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, Farien’s mother Lady Linnet, and other lords and ladies of note from the court and from throughout Dorne. They witnessed as Farien was raised to knighthood by Ser Quinlan, the Lord Protector of the Realm, on behalf of his son Prince Marence. There were some who thought Lady Yronwood seemed not best pleased by Qorgyle bestowing the honor upon her son, but she made no apparent complaint—after all, it was her son’s wedding day. The wedding itself was conducted in the Tower of the Sun’s throne room with great pomp and circumstance, a glittering sea of Dornish nobility around the regal princess and the new-made knight. The feast that followed was extravagant and open-handed, a show of Martell largess (and Yronwood, as well, for it’s said Lady Linnet contributed substantially). Surprisingly, despite the bevy of Yronwoods present, no untoward incidents took place—not even with Prince Rhodry, who is well-known to feel a peculiar enmity to the Lady of Yronwood. The feast came to an end, and bride and groom retired to the nuptial chamber. Ser Farien was heard to jest with some of his kin that he would beg that his princess withhold her attentions, so he could be fresh for the wedding tourney, in which he intended to ride; whether Princess Ariana obliged him is, of course, a question. The next day proved less auspicious for a tourney than might have been desired: not only chill, but wet as well, a drizzle from the sea raining down cold and unpleasant. Despite this, more than three score competitors entered the tourney, chasing the prize of a 1,000 gold coins for the victor. When the field was whittled down to eight knights—each who had defeated three opponents—the contest shifted so that each knight would ride twice, first towards the victory and then, if defeated, for a second chance to prove victorious. Most notable of all was the fact that Ser Farien had managed the feat of reaching the narrow field; so, too, had his kinsman, Ser Kay Yronwood. Others of note included Ser Felix Sand, Ser Darion Fowler, Ser Valerin Dayne, Ser Tamlyn Toland, Ser Laurent Dalt, and the prince Rhodry Martell. The contests that followed proved notable, for Ser Felix seemed invincible, while Prince Rhodry won a hard-fought match against the Sand Dog only to be overthrown by Ser Kay Yronwood ultimately leading to a pitched with the famed Toland knight before Ser Laurent faced him once again and had his revenge. In the end, it came down to Ser Laurent Dalt and Ser Felix Sand, and perhaps the gods finally gave Ser Laurent their benevolence, or perhaps Ser Felix grew tired; he was unhorsed not once but twice, and the prize went the Keeper of the Sandship who proceeded to crown his wife, Caitrin of House Blackmont, as queen of love and beauty. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
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