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  1. Things have been quiet on the House of the Dragon front since their filming in Cornwall led to fans getting their first glimpses of some of the lead actors in costume. Now, thanks to Spanish newspaper Hoy, we learn (thanks to our friends at Los Siete Reinos) that House of the Dragon is set to film for three weeks in October in the Extremaduran city of Cáceres and the town of Trujillo. Both of these were used during filming of Game of Thrones, with the town of Trujillo providing the walls of King’s Landing and Cáceres as the location for a procession scene in King’s Landing featuring Euron Greyjoy as well as scenes set in Oldtown. Per Los Siete Reinos, the three weeks would include pre-production time, so actual filming there will be shorter. View the full article
  2. A fortnight has passed since Lady Barba Bracken, the king’s royal mistress, gave birth to a natural son. In that time since, the lady has been most pleased with herself, as has been her lord father the Hand, and indeed as has been the king himself. Aegon, Fourth of His Name, had even had her nurse the boy Aegor in his audience chambers as he greeted lords and officials. Rumors run rife that he means to bestow on the boy some great parcel of land and make him a lord so that his mother might benefit from the revenues. There are those on the small council who are said to be resistant to such gifts, and each passing day since the birth of Aegor Rivers and the evidence of Lady Barba’s overweening pride has slowly begun to make some of the lords, knights, and ladies at court to begin to look askance at the matter. Even some of Lord Bracken’s oldest friends and allies, men who he brought with him into the king’s court, have begun to suggest to him that he allows the king to indulge too much excessive attention on the lady. Matters are not helped by the fact that Prince Daeron, heir to the Iron Throne, has begun to meet in private with some of the great lords at court, and to take counsel with none other than his uncle Prince Aemon, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Through this all, King Aegon seems unmoved and uncaring, indulging his passion for Lady Barba and doting on the robust, strong-lunged boy she’d given him. But matters may soon change, for there has been another birth: Prince Naerys, who the maesters long ago warned might die if she was with child, has gone through her labors after weeks of seclusion in her quarters due to her delicate health. Midwives and maesters have attended on her, and when the labors began the king was informed, but he made no appearance; instead, Prince Aemon came from the White Sword Tower and stayed by Naerys’s side. Hours passed before the cries of a newborn filled the room: a daughter, a new princess. A small infant, the maesters exchanged looks, showing their concern… but matters grew worse when Naerys groaned and her labor continued. After examination, a midwife said that she had another child to deliver. That effort nearly killed Naerys, if the tales are true, and the result was a prince… a stillborn one, smaller even than his sister. The labor went too long, some said, and the child suffocated in the womb. Others say that even had he survived his birth, he would likely have not outlived his sister. Or perhaps even his mother. That sister, Naerys named: Daenerys, a name shew knew from family history and which she always thought beautiful. But even the effort of saying that much left her exhausted, and the maesters were gravely concerned that she would not survive the night. Word was sent to the king, of course, but he could not be roused from his bed. Only then did Prince Aemon, face like a stormcloud, leave his sister’s side to personally give Aegon the news. Servants would later gossip that the two men shouted at one another, though none dared repeat the words. Now, the Veiled Ladies and the septons and septas of King’s Landing pray, some holding vigil, Outside the walls of the Red Keep, there are Kingslanders holding their own watch, praying to the Mother Above that the pious Queen Naerys will live, and her daughter Princess Daenerys as well. Visit the Site!
  3. Elden Ring, a game from Dark Souls-developer FromSoftware whose world and story was created in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, now has a release date: January 21st, 2022. A trailer was also revealed showing some of the gameplay and the amazing environment and character design that FromSoftware is famous for: The game was first announced this month two years ago, and Hidetaka Miyazaki sat for an interview that discussed just how and why GRRM got involved (TL;DR: he’s a fan of his work from well before A Song of Ice and Fire). View the full article
  4. The second season of Ryan J. Condal’s and David H. Mandel’s podcast about movie props, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, has launched. This first episode is ostensibly about the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the bullwhip famously wielded by Indiana Jones, but in the course of it some hints about House of the Dragons were provided by Condal. The first piece of information concerned plans for future episodes, with Condal stating that he’ll be getting one of the members of the HotD production to be a guest to discuss what he or she does. He did promise it would be spoiler-free, because otherwise he’d be fired, but we can expect some interesting discussion in the weeks to come. The second piece of information was that Condal confirmed there would be “bespoke” swords for “heroes”—that is, custom-made swords for leads and significant characters—but that the armorer that has been hired for the show has a vast supply of swords from past productions he has worked on that will be among those used for background performers and the like. In fact, according to Condal, the supply of past weaponry or armor that an armorer or swordsmith can bring to a production is part of the calculation when deciding who to hire. So, whoever is responsible for the swords on House of the Dragon is someone with a great deal of experience making swords for film and television productions. We would guess that they are also UK based, as it would just be very convenient. Interestingly, Condal mentioned Terry English (Excalibur, Aliens) several times in the course of the podcast, but a look at his credits suggest he may be retired from the gruelling production schedule. View the full article
  5. A son! King Aegon, Fourth of His Name, has a new son! The bells of the royal sept were rung soon after the birth, and some few in the city below took it up. The king was not himself present for the birth—he was away hunting, or so the claim went, though there were whispers of his having stopped on the way of the city at the Street of Silk and simply had never left it—but a great swath of gifts were already at hand and prepared to be delivered, depending on the outcome of the birth (and the child’s gender). The mother, blessed with such fruitfulness, was gifted bolts of samite and cloth-and-gold, jewels (including choice jewels that had once belonged to Queen Daenaera), and more. Of course…. the mother was not Queen Naerys, though her own belly has swollen with child and maesters and midwives attend on her closely as she has remained confined during the late stages of her pregnancy. No, the son is a natural one, borne by Lady Barba Bracken. Vivacious and youthful, the birth was as easy as it can be for a first-time mother, and already she has had a string of visitors from lords and ladies at the court currying favor. Her lord father, the Hand of the King, has often been present when she has held audience, the babe at a midwife’s teat as the courtiers come to congratulate her. As to the boy, he is a robust and lively infant, and many remarked on his dark purple eyes. Some, too, noted his fine crop of hair for a newborn, though that is as black as his mother’s. Lady Barba had already named him by the time King Aegon paid her a visit, and she informed him that their son was named Aegor. Aegor Rivers, to be more precise, but that bastard name has yet to be spoken by the lady. Visit the Site!
  6. Deadline Hollywood has the scoop: Amanda Segel (Person of Interest, Helstrom) is tackling 10,000 Ships, one of several Game of Thrones successor-shows that HBO has in the works according to reports from March. This project would feature Princess Nymeria, the legendary leader of the Rhoynar who led them from their flight from the conquering Valyrians and their dragons and ultimately established a new home when she wed Lord Mors Martell and unified Dorne. Notably, due to the death of many the men among the Rhoynar in Garin’s war, Nymeria’s fleet of ships was dominated by women, suggesting this show’s cast would be the most likely to be predominantly-female. Most of what we know regarding Nymeria and the Rhoynar comes from our own The World of Ice and Fire (affiliate link). read on >>> View the full article
  7. For a long while now, we have occasionally shared tweets from the official Westeroscraft twitter account, sharing yet another screenshot of the work-in-progress Westeroscraft server. There, Minecraft fans who love A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones are recreating Westeros block by block, and the results are truly impressive as the images and videos linked at their official wiki show. We can’t imagine how many hours of work have gone into it! Below you’ll find a selection of recent tweets from Westeroscraft, providing some great images and explanations of what is being shown: read on >>> View the full article
  8. After a deal of footage has made its way to the internet from photographers with long lenses, HBO has now released to media images of some of the costumed lead performers from House of the Dragon. These feature Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith as Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen, Steve Touissant as Corlys Velaryon, and Olivia Cooke and Rhys Ifans as Alicent Hightower and her father Otto Hightower. See the images below, with some comments. read on >>> View the full article
  9. After a number of flame emojis were tweeted by the official Game of Thrones Twitter account, with the number growing every 15 minutes, the burst of flames culminated in the exciting announcement that production of House of the Dragon has commenced in a tweet with an intriguing picture of a distanced production team (including, if I’m not mistaken, showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan J. Condal): View the full article
  10. Although we’re not generally planning to track details of filming of HBO’s House of the Dragon, a recent report from Cornwall Live caught our attention for a couple of reasons. One, we did not know that the famous Mont-Saint-Michel has a Cornish cousin in St. Michael’s Mount (apparently in close vicinity to Penzance harbor, of The Pirates of Penzance fame!) Secondly, and more to the point, one of the photos revealed what appears to be the show’s version of the heraldic arms of House Velaryon… and they don’t fit what George R. R. Martin confirmed to us over 20 years ago. read on >>> View the full article
  11. We’ve reported previously on the news that theater producers and a live event production company are now working on bringing the tourney at Harrenhal, and the dramatic events that unfolded there, to Broadway and other theatrical venues. We noted at the time that Startling Inc.—Vince Gerardis’s company—had removed the reference to “A Song of Ice and Fire with The Works”, the thing that clued us into the fact that something like this was happening. A sharp-eyed fan and member of our forum, zionius, checked it today and noticed that the project has reappeared with a new name that we assume is a working title: read on >>> View the full article
  12. GRRM has finally gotten his wish to break some news regarding House of the Dragon, revealing that British actor Fabien Frankel has been cast in the role of Criston Cole, a knight who will remembered (and reviled) in later days as the Kingmaker. A classically-trained actor who attended RADA and LAMBDA, he is a relative newcomer with his first credits in 2019 (the Emilia Clarke romcom Last Christmas, no less!) Most recently he has appeared in The Serpent, a BBC-Netflix co-production. read on >>> View the full article
  13. HBO has unleashed a wave of promotion for the “Iron Anniversary”, marking the 10th year since A Game of Thrones premiered. To mark the occasion, a teaser has been made… and many things have been planned during the month-long celebration, including some new and unique collaborations, curated viewing experiences, and a “MaraThrone” series binge which will bring actors from the show to rally fans towards giving to a number of charitable causes. One of the most unique of the collaborations is with the world-famous jeweler firm Fabergé, who is producing a one-of-a-kind jewelled egg. More details below. read on >>> View the full article
  14. Well, more correctly, it sounds like something from A Song of Ice and Fire is coming to Broadway, as HBO is not formally involved in any way (but has the option to invest)... You may remember this post from a month ago, where we stumbled across Vince Gerardis’s website for Startling Inc., which listed a project called “A Song of Ice and Fire with The Works” as being in development. Interestingly, we checked a couple of days ago, and that reference was gone. But the project was not, in fact, dead. It is, in fact, very much alive. Producers Simon Painter and Tim Lawson (of, ahem, The Works Entertainment) are working from an outline provided by George R.R. Martin to write a spectacular stage play—targetting, New York’s Broadway, London’s West End, and Australia—concerning the events at the Tourney at Harrenhal. read on >>> View the full article
  15. George R.R. Martin’s Stagecoach Foundation has teamed up with Legion M for a unique virtual event bringing together a number of Wild Cards authors (Melinda Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams, Carolne Spector, Carrie Vaughn, and Max Gladsone) to livestream a Wild Cards gaming session which aired last night. On top of that, tonight will see a live auction stream for a number of donated items covering Wild Cards, A Song of Ice and Fire, comics, a one hour chat with noted game designer Warren Spector (Deus Ex) and even a private tour of Meow Wolf’s forthcoming Denver experience. The streaming schedule and more information can be found at Legion M’s event page, while the full list of items for auction can be found at Bidpal. read on >>> View the full article
  16. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, George R.R. Martin has renewed his overall deal with HBO, this time for a reported “mid-eight figure” contract that spans five years. An overall deal is one in which any new ideas or pitches a creator generates will belong to the studio. George first signed an overall deal with HBO back in 2013, which was then renewed in 2016. The article proceeds to run through the five projects in various stages of development, as well as House of the Dragon which begins filming next month if all goes to plan. We did like the speculation on the animated project: read on >>> View the full article
  17. Dark Sword Miniatures, one of the longest-running license-holders for works related to A Song of Ice and Fire, has surprised us by revealing that legendary miniature sculptor Tom Meier has added to the George R.R. Martin Masterworks series by sculpting Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys. read on >>> View the full article
  18. Last night (for us here in Sweden, in any case), Deadline added to our knowledge of the projects HBO is actively considering as part of a greater Game of Thrones-universe of successor shows. This appears to bring the total of shows in development to five or six, from what we’ve been told, including work on The Tales of Dunk and Egg, an unspecified animated project, a possible Robert’s Rebellion show (which we still think may be the A Song of Ice and Fire project mentioned by Vince Gerardis’s Startling Inc. website) and the three that follow: 9 Voyages, or The Sea Snake, in development with Rome-creator Bruno Heller, which would presumably be predominantly an adventurous series focused on the young Corlys Velaryon’s famous sea voyages. 10,000 Ships, about the flight of the Rhoynar from Essos and their long journey under the leadership of Princess Nymeria. No writers currently attached. Flea Bottom, about the notorious district in King’s Landing. No writers currently attached. read on >>> View the full article
  19. The king has returned! Nearly four moons have passed since King Aegon, Fourth of His Name, departed the royal city of King’s Landing to take his first royal progress. Accompanied by his Hand, Lord Bracken, and his pregnant mistress, Lord Bracken’s daughter Barba, his ultimate aim was to visit Stone Hedge and while away time there. The journey to Stone Hedge was uneventful enough that much of the gossip left in the wake of the progress had to do with a king seemingly devoted to his own pleasures and a mistress willing to indulge them, from making use of the chambers of Lord and Lady Buckwell to bathing together in the holy baths at Maidenpool. Harmony between them was, it must be said, briefly disturbed when the progress stopped at Harrenhal where Lord Lothston—once master at arms of the Red Keep—and Lady Lothston—the king’s first mistress when he was still a youth—were all-too-pleased to host the grand entourage. Lady Lothston and Lady Barba did not get along, and the king’s intention to stay half a fortnight were cut short as the progress resumed. Once at Stone Hedge, Lord Bracken made sure that his guests had every comfort. From far and wide, lords and knights associated with the Brackens flocked to give homage to the king, and many were the days that the king hunted through the riverlands with them. The king was so taken with the reception that he decided to summon Lord Tully so that he could extend his stay rather than continue on to Riverrun. Lord Kermit and his retinue, including Lord Blackwood and Lord Blackwood’s daughter Melissa, joined the king a few days later. Though Bloody Ben Blackwood refused to sleep beneath Stone Hedge’s roof, choosing instead to remain outside the castle in a guarded pavilion, he and his kin did join in the feast in the great hall, and there were those who later whispered that Lady Barba was displeasd by the king’s eye straying more than once to the young and beautiful Melissa Blackwood. Half a fortnight more, and it was time to move on. Lord Tully returned to Riverrun, while the king and his progress continued on toward Pinkmaiden Castle where old Lord Piper hosted a fine tourney to celebrate the king’s presence. More importantly, out of the west came Lord Loreon Lannister and many of his knights and lords, to give homage to the king. The tourney was a grand affair, hotly contested, but the young bold knight Ser Quentyn Ball carried the day, crowning Lady Barba as the Queen of Love and Beauty. Shortly after, the progress resumes, lingering at Stoney Sept before continuing on to reach the Gold Road and turn east for King’s Landing. Awaiting the king in the Red Keep’s courtyard was Prince Daeron, the Prince of Dragonstone, and his lady wife Princess Mariah of Dorne, the lords of the small council, the royal princesses Daena and Rhaena (but not Elaena, who remained obstinate in her anger that the court was beginning to talk of Lord Velaryon as being lost at sea) notable lords and knights… but not Princess Naerys, who has been in confinement due to the delicacy of her own pregnancy, with courtiers whispering that her belly is so large on her small frame that some fear this latest child may well kill her. King Aegon did not seem to miss his sister and queen, it must be said. With him came some new faces as well, most notably being the smiling, open-handed Lord Butterwell, a man who had ingratiated himself to the king at Stone Hedge and had been invited to join him at King’s Landing. It’s said the king has spoken of finding him some office. And speaking of offices… while the king has been gone, it has been the Prince of Dragonstone and the small council that has steered the realm, sending messages to the king about matters but rarely hearing from him. From news that Lord Alyn Velaryon’s ship had perhaps foundered in a storm while chasing a corsair off the Stepstones, to rumors of pirates haunting the secret coves of Crackclaw Point, King Aegon seemed to have little enough interest in what to do about these matters and left them up to Prince Daeron to attend to it. Yet it’s said that Lord Bracken is of a different mind, and while the king was eager to feast on his return, Lord Kennoth was known to have spent much time consulting with the masters of the small council… but not, it must be said, with the Prince of Dragonstone. Visit the Site!
  20. It’s one of those days again, it seems. Shortly after we shared news on the status of the Wild Cards TV adaptation, George R.R. Martin posted his own update. The first was an item we had forgotten to post an update about, namely that just after we revealed that Sandkings was in development at Netflix, by sheer coincidence Collider had learned in an interview that director Gore Verbinski (Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean) was set to direct it, with screenwriter Dennis Kelly (Utopia) writing the script for the high-budget film adaptation of the famous, award-winning science fiction horror story. George goes on to fill in some details on some other projects, some of which touch on things we recently revealed. read on >>> View the full article
  21. About two weeks ago, we were the first to report that the long-gestating Wild Cards TV adaptation, originally set for Hulu, had moved to NBCUniversal’s Peacock. Now The Hollywood Reporter has filled in the blanks, providing details of what Hulu did with the project, why it moved from Hulu to Peacock, and what its current status is since the lead writer has moved on, and a new writer is currently being searched for. Some salient quotes below: read on >>> View the full article
  22. Is A Song of Ice and Fire in development at someone not named HBO? Strangely, that may be the case from something we uncovered following yesterday’s post on some recent development updates. This led us to some digging and and we discovered that Vince Gerardis’s new company Startling Inc. has an official website with a long, long list of various literary works that are in development at various studios, networks, and production companies. As an science fiction and fantasy fan, a lot of the titles are familiar—works by Robert Silverberg, David Eddings, Kim Stanley Robinsion, Larry Niven, Greg Bear, and more are all represented. But Three of these are of special interest to fans of George R.R. Martin: Wild Cards, Sandkings, and something titled A Song of Ice and Fire without HBO explicitly linked to it. read on >>> View the full article
  23. Some recent piece of development news regarding George R.R. Martin has slipped out the last couple of days. First, GRRM and Kalinda Vazquez are set to develop Roger Zelazny’s novel Roadmark for HBO. A science fiction/fantasy blend, the basic concept is of a mysterious, endless road that travereses time, space, and alternate realities that travelers can use to explore and even try to change the past, present, and future. Martin has posted about it at his “Not a Blog”, noting that it was one of five pitches he made to HBO as part of his overall development deal with them, all of them based on notable works of science fiction and fantasy that he believed could work well adapted. Vince Gerardis, who helped package Game of Thrones, will also have a co-executive credit. read on >>> View the full article
  24. To simplify the website going forward, Linda and I have been working on folding the GoT sub-section of the site into the general Westeros site. This was in part due to the fact that with the prospect of not one but several spin-offs, it felt like it’d be confusing to create sub-sections for each of them. So far, the old GoT News, Features, and Gallery sections are now part of the general Westeros site. Old inks to those GoT pages should redirect correctly to their new locations. The Episode and Character Guides are presently inaccessible until we move those over as well. View the full article
  25. During the regular TCA presentations, where various networks and studios present themselves, performers, and new shows to the Television Critic Association, Casey Bloys had a number of things to say about Game of Thrones prequels and projects. Deadline has a detailed report, and The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Bloys that touches on it as well. The main takeaway—beyond the more concrete reveal that House of the Dragon is going into production in April—is that while reports of prequels being explored in live and animated form, it’s still very much up in the air. Though Bloys suggests that “zero” of these shows going forward would be the “wrong number”, it’ll be a matter of finding stories worth telling (and, one hopes, worth telling well!) that determines how many of these shows will go ahead. View the full article
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