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  1. Buried Treasure

    If Robb had declared for Stannis, what would have changed?

    I reject the premise that backing Stannis was an honourable choice for Robb to make whilst he was at Riverrun. Robb did not at that time know that Stannis intended to press a claim to throne, Cat only learnt that Stannis was claiming the throne, and of the incest, when she was in Renly's camp. That was after Robb would have already have moved west. (Recall, Stannis sent his ravens in the prologue of ACoK, after he had already received a letter announcing Robb's crowning which happened late AGoT). Regardless, if the timings had been different I am not sure the military strategy would have played out very differently. Let's suppose that Stannis had sent his proclamations earlier, and that letter arrived at Riverrun before word of Ned's death. Robb would have declared for Stannis, but been too far away from Stannis for immediate conference so would still have been acting as an independent military commander. His logic for moving west would still have been the same, to engage against the Lannisters without falling into the trap of facing Tywins forces at Harrenhal. In the books as they are Tywin was between two enemies in Robb and Renly's and has to choose who to engage first, that would not have been changed if Stannis and Robb had been formally allied. It is possible that if Stannis and Robb had been corresponding then Stannis would have delayed his attack on KL until after Tywin was trapped in the west, but as they would have been sending ravens across great distances they might still have not gotten the timing correct - Robb and Edmure were allied and there was still misunderstanding between the two of them.
  2. Buried Treasure

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Regarding Luwin, I have always thought Cat spoke inaccurately because that is how people speak. Her point was that nakedness does not matter because he has seen her in childbirth. Ned, Cat and Luwin all know their own history and would be aware of where Cat had given birth, but saying 'helped give birth to four of my five children' is a bit of a mouthful, saying 'all my children' is simpler and if it is incorrect because Luwin began serving them sometime before Sansa's birth then it would be a pointless sidetrack to the conversation for anybody to clarify her comment.