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  1. For a while there in Season 1, I thought they were writing a somewhat smarter version of Joffrey. His line there in an ep of Season 2 , "We're at war, nobody's safe" seem to bear this out and I thought he suspected who his true father is 'cause of the expression on his face when Tyrion, in the heat of the moment, told him he owed "you're Uncle Jaime" a lot. Oh well..... ETA There are times when Stannis looks like Alaister Sim playing Scrooge.
  2. Yeah, I haven't minded a lot of the changes they've made but it's quite different if it's one's favorite character. They seem to be going in the opposite direction with Jaime (more villainous) and Cersei (more sympathetic). I shall adjust to it if I must 'cause I enjoy some of the reinterpretations. Though, non-book readers are missing out on Ultra-cold Tywin, whispery Roose etc. but at least they're spared bat-shit crazy Cersei.
  3. Every time I see Arya on season 2, I can't help but think "Wow. Yoren would make a good hairstylist."
  4. Yeah, they didn't capture the humor between Theon and Asha's, um, reunion in the books, which is MAYBE why some found the TV version of the scenes icky.
  5. I sure hope so; it's bad enough they left out Theon getting excited over the thought of "Esgred" lactating.
  6. Back to Shireen- she provided the first time we heard about grayscale, which will become significant down the road, so maybe she'll show up at some point.
  7. No Wex either (Whom I've always thought of as Porky Pig to Theon's Daffy Duck).
  8. Not that I feel all that strongly as to who ordered what, but Tyrion also thought that Cersei ordered Ser who'snameIkeepforgetting to kill him, but yeah, I believed (and still do) that Book Cersei ordered the killings. I don't think Book Joff would do so since he's so fucking clueless, he probably doesn't know how babies are made.
  9. When I first saw TV Stannis, the first thought that came to my mind was that he looked like a young Alastair Sims portraying Scrooge.
  10. I'm quite grateful for some of the changes; I could do without two exact versions of Cersei and Joffrey running around. PS What the hell are warning points and why don't I have any of them?
  11. I think TV Joffrey may suspect, deep down, that he's not Robert's son. This version is at least, a bit smarter.
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