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  1. Many Stannis fans, including myself, seem adamant that Stannis would be a good ruler for the Seven Kingdoms because of his zero tolerance for “the game” played by the nobility of Westeros. As a “truly just man”, Stannis would rise above it and go by the law and duty over favouritism. But even I have to ask: would he have made it that far if he’d been in Robert’s position? Granted, Lyanna Stark might not have had as big of a problem with Stannis as she did with Robert, but assuming that the rebellion still happens, Stannis’ biggest flaw is his lack of charisma. He’s also not as bold and warlike as Robert, who would be left to hold Storm’s End while Stannis fights abroad. Robert might not have had Stannis’ Iron will, while Stannis might not have won the great victories that Robert won. That said, Stannis is a highly effective military leader who wins over his soldiers’ loyalty in ADWD. Plus he would have had Eddard Stark as a friend, which would certainly have softened his edge a bit. Stannis would certainly have been a better husband to Cersei than Robert was, though he’d have sent Jaime to the Wall so that means a secondary war with the Lannisters, so that wouldn’t be a factor. My guess is that Stannis would marry Lynesse Hightower instead of Selyse Florent and thus bring the Reach back into the fold. Ser Gregor’s head is sent to Dorne, Tywin dies or submits to the alliance, and Robert becomes Lord of Storm’s End. Is there anything in the above comment that doesn’t work? Or have I overlooked any issues?
  2. James Steller

    New Zealand

    How? The book would literally sell itself. Just announce online when it’s being released and we will ALL get a copy some way or somehow. The idea of pounding the pavement to promote a book when you’ve reached GRRM levels of fame seems highly unnecessary in the world of social media. People would spread the word for free on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc and it wouldn’t cost them a thing to do it.
  3. James Steller

    New Zealand

    Is it bad that I really wanted Ian McElhinney’s claim to be true regarding the state of GRRM’s last two books? Some people, including Martin, pointed out how infuriating that revelation would be to fans but I don’t see it that way. After what happened to that which shall not be brought up, the new books will be an incredible cleansing palate.
  4. James Steller

    Strongest Lannister Vassal

    My guess is either House Swift (given their close marriage ties to the Lannister branch), House Crakehall (they seem to be at the heart of Westerlands warfare) or House Marbrand.
  5. James Steller

    Boltons vs Manderlys'

    House Manderly is the most powerful house in the North. They’ll just never rule because they’re an Andal house who are relatively new compared to the other houses. I just hope that they don’t try any power moves of their own.
  6. James Steller

    Fighters and houses

    I feel like Blackwood would go to Bloodraven. He defeated the Brackens’ best warrior, Bittersteel, twice.
  7. James Steller

    If Robb had declared for Stannis, what would have changed?

    If Robb declares for Stannis, so do Edmure and Hoster Tully. That means two regions of Westeros declare for Stannis. This undermines Melisandre’s authority and credibility, since she predicted that nobody would ally with him. This means he might keep her a bit more at arm’s length and trust Davos a bit more. As for what Stannis does with his new allies, it’s tough to say. Stannis could still besiege Storm’s End, but he has more than 20,000 troops in the Riverlands now, and the majority of the Lannister strength is occupied there. Maybe Stannis tells Robb to keep Tywin preoccupied while he blockades King’s Landing? Things could go the same as before, with Stannis undermining Renly and taking his forces before going back to King’s Landing. Robb would probably keep Theon at his side during all this, so Winterfell is never taken. The Hornwood crisis still occurs but with Ramsay in Winterfell’s dungeon, his threat is neutralized. Roose Bolton won’t have as much of an opportunity to betray Robb, and Walder Frey will have no reason to turn on him. Maybe Robb and Stannis still lose, but they certainly put up a much better fight than before. Plus Bran and Rickon live to send Northern reinforcements to the Wall against Mance Rayder. Maybe Bran manages to go north with them and slips out to find the 3 eyed raven without Winterfell needing to be burned.
  8. James Steller

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    I never said he was an awful person, just that he was an utterly irresponsible person. And for the record, I don’t think any woman would have been enough for him, not even Lyanna. If he had married her, he’d probably have gotten tired of her too and slept around while she grew to hate him. Personally I suspect that Robert tried to bury the grief of his watching his own parents drown in utter hedonism, and since therapy doesn’t exist in Westeros, there really was no hope for him to improve. Again, he was still a decent and likeable man, but he was unworthy of any kind of authority. Even his friends and the people who liked Robert admit as much.
  9. James Steller

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    My judgement is harsh because Robert wasn’t like the other Baratheons of the past. They were fond of sex and hunting and war but they also had restraint and the ability to shoulder responsibility. Robert had no self control whatsoever. That is what makes him different from the previous Baratheons. And that’s why he should never have been allowed any kind of high position, because of course he would neglect and abuse it. If he wasn’t so charismatic or sympathetic, he’d have basically been Aegon IV. In fact, that’s his closest historical counterpart, not any Baratheon. He was handsome and warlike in his youth but then becomes monstrously fat. He makes his wife miserable when she loves her brother in the kingsguard. He has far more fondness for his bastard children, and he drives the kingdoms into ruin, only for war to break out after he dies.
  10. James Steller

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    Robert would have been terrible as a lord of Storm’s End. He wouldn’t have been nearly as bad as, say, Tytos Lannister, but not far off. He would have neglected his duties, ignored his people, hung out with his friends instead, hunted and whored his life away, and the Stormlands would have been a mess by the time he died. Robert was an extreme hedonist to the point of pure selfishness, and such a person isn’t fit to have any authority over anyone. If he knew what was good for his people, he would have abdicated every position he had when he was 16 (or after he won the rebellion) and gone east to become a sellsword. He and the rest of Westeros would have been much better off with Stannis in his place.
  11. James Steller

    What if the Iron Throne literally broke?

    See, I think that’s the real question: how rusty is that throne? Because depending on the answer, any little cut someone gets off that thing means a case of tetanus that nobody could cure.
  12. I had a conversation with my brother recently which involved whether Mace Tyrell was a good dad or not, and it made me wonder if Mace has ever commented on Loras’s sexual orientation, positive or negative. I don’t have all of the books in my possession so I can’t double check each one. But based on ASOS, Garlan Tyrell is the only one who comes close to mentioning it, at Sansa’s wedding. I suppose it doesn’t matter by the time that Loras is in the Kingsguard, but from what I recall Mace is neutral towards Loras. Does that mean he’s ignorant of Loras’ orientation? It seems like common knowledge to anyone who knew Renly and Loras. Does Mace accept it or just ignore it? Have we gotten any hints either way?
  13. James Steller

    Heir to Barrowton

    So much for that ancient house, then. How is it so many of them seem to be on the cusp of extinction even without the War of the Five Kings?
  14. James Steller

    Would Robb have married Jeyne if she was lowborn?

    Probably not. Maybe he’d take her into his service, in case she gave birth to his bastard. But he wouldn’t marry her.
  15. James Steller

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    I’ve been saying this for a while too. Ned is not a typical Stark. He was raised in the Vale, so the heightened sense of honour isn’t a true Stark trait. The true Starks are savage wolves. They’re honest and they keep their word, but they’re also blunt with their honesty. Look at Alaric Stark. And Cregan is that way too. As to my favourite new character, does Aegon III count? Because his story is honestly one of the most fascinating of the whole series as far as I’m concerned.
  16. James Steller

    The Missing Hand

    Fair points well made. Although yes, your sarcasm aside, I was fully aware that fostering young children off to other houses is a commonplace thing in Westeros. I just thought it would be odd for a Targaryen princeling to spend his fostering up in the pagan North where his life would be very much at risk from the elements alone. But as I said, and genuinely meant, you made fair points in favour of that.
  17. James Steller

    The Missing Hand

    Why do you think Aemon would be fostered at Winterfell? That seems very odd to me. Whatever bond that Cregan and Aegon have, Viserys will certainly have no reason to send his son so far from home. And that’s before even mentioning Lara, who will presumably want her children close by, especially in the wake of her family’s destruction. It makes more sense if Cregan comes south rather than Aemon going north.
  18. James Steller

    The Missing Hand

    I’m thinking that Cregan Stark becomes the Hand. Otherwise, how did Aemon the Dragonknight really get the chance to cross swords with him? It would make more sense that Aemon sings Cregan’s praises so much if he was a younger man still learning the ropes when he and Cregan sparred. Granted, Cregan would have to wait a while for Aemon to be old enough to spar with, but I think it’s still likely that the Wolf becomes Hand once again.
  19. James Steller

    World of Ice and Fire - confirmations

    Aw boo. I thought that was a far better theory than Aerys being Tyrion’s father. Cersei and Jaime’s interactions with Aerys become all the more disturbing and dark if he was their biological father. Not to mention the point that Tyrion truly is Tywin’s son, not Jaime.
  20. People on this site (me included) seem to concur that in an ideal world, Jaime should have been either executed or sent to the Wall for his actions. Admittedly, that would have completely changed the story, not least of which because it means no more illegitimate kids (unless Cersei went up to visit Jaime at some point). But while that whole angle would be ruined, I do like the idea of the best swordsman in the world wearing the black cloak of the Nights Watch, brooding and growling at the Wall, ruminating on how he spends his life defending a realm that is ungrateful to him for killing the King who nearly burned down King’s Landing. Hell, imagine his talks with Benjen Stark or Aemon Targaryen! Sure, we wouldn’t have the Old Bear in charge, but Jon Snow could still learn from everyone, including Jaime.
  21. James Steller

    Why did Walder Frey allow Edmure Tully to touch Roslin Frey?

    Because having the Tully heir would be valuable to Frey. They make it clear that Frey is going to kill Edmure once he conceives a son on Roslin.
  22. James Steller

    Robert Screwed Up After The Greyjoy Rebellion

    Not that I’m for Robert massacring the Ironborn, but who would have complained that an unsuccessful rebel Greyjoy was executed by a successful rebel Baratheon?
  23. James Steller

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    They might defeat the Europeans in battle, but they would win no followers. Dragons are literally the bane of the Christian Faith, and the Moors wouldn’t have been okay with those three incestuous albinos calling themselves rulers. One way, somehow, the Targaryens would be killed. They would command no loyalty and would have to watch their backs every minute that they aren’t sitting on a dragon. Just because you can defeat a nation in battle doesn’t mean that they will join you. Look at Russia, Afghanistan, or even Dorne, to take it back to the books.
  24. James Steller

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    He doesn’t have Melisandre with him, and unlike in the show he isn’t a stupid fanatic.
  25. James Steller

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    Agreed. Either he lives and finally bends when he yields his claim to kingship and gets to rule his beloved Storm’s End, or he dies fighting the Others like a hero. Those are the best outcomes I can hope for with him.