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  1. SerTarod

    U.S. Politics: Gar Nicht Trump's Traumschiff!

    Trump is being misleading here during his "Chopper Talk" event. The comment he quoted from Sondland, happed after the whistle blower report became news.
  2. SerTarod

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    As a matter of interest, how many of the current billionaires (or the "1%") are indeed the original founder / innovator / original job provider / original economy saviour (type A for ease of reference)? and how many are simply finance people like hedge fund and investment types (type B etc)? I appreciate the argument that a comparatively punitive taxation of the 1% (but specifically of the economic saviours) will (or at least may) impact on the economy (some spurious arguments here about layoffs and reduced R&D) but I don't buy into it. So my question to Free Northman Reborn (and possible Ran): do you feel the same love for hedge fund guys and investment types like the senior management at Goldman Sacks (who got a free ride out of the 2008 crash) that you appear to have for Gates and Musk et al? I have yet to read or see convincing evidence that the type B set have positively influenced the economy and have merely manipulated and benefitted from it at the severe expense of the bulk of humanity.