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  1. Faith Hill is one of Tyrion's regulars out in Lannisport.
  2. There is no reason to believe that even Robert's Rebellion would have turned out the same. Could Renly have withheld the siege as long as Stannis had? How does being a third son affect Stannis's character? Does being the second son and heir change Renly's at all? Does Renly even survive RR?
  3. Valyrian Lance

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    Two possible things: 1. Martin has written himself into the proverbial corner and is having a very hard time in getting himself out. He may have pulled a LOST where he pulled too many threads and cannot put it back together. This results in long layoffs between books because he has trouble making it all work. 2. He has more or less finished Winds but is waiting for the end of the TV show to ride that high with a book release.
  4. Valyrian Lance

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    For all those saying Jon will die and warg into Ghost for some time, perhaps much of the book, until Mel revives him, what happens to his body in the meantime? Step 1 after his death would be to burn his body, so... - Does someone preserve it in an ice cell for a while instead of burning it? - Do they unsuccessfully burn it? - Do they burn it and he comes back in someone else's body?
  5. Valyrian Lance

    Who will wield Heartsbane in season 8?

    I believe that it is possible that Daenerys could allow Jon to keep calling himself the King in the North as long as he pledges fealty and/or pays homage. Either way as Warden and Lord Paramount he can still most likely pardon Jorah (something Dany would obviously be okay with anyway). She could also pardon him. Either way, we are splitting hairs because of the road Dany and Jon are travelling down anyway, and it isn't like Dany wouldn't pardon Jorah anyway. All this is moot anyway with how they have portrayed Lyanna, I doubt they take Bear Island from her. Also Jorah seems destined for Kingsguard duties. I don't know if Lightbringer will be a thing in the show as they have only barely mentioned it. It would seem a bit deus ex machina, though I guess I shouldn't give D&D the credit to avoid this.. Back on topic, assuming it does make a reappearance, I could see it being given to only Jorah or Sandor. Jorah as recompense for both Longclaw and his earlier exile, and Sandor because a big man needs a big weapon. They also had him borrowing Gendry's hammer during the quest to find the wight, so they showed he doesn't have his own special weapon. It might also give Sandor a leg up in Clegane Bowl.
  6. Valyrian Lance

    "Jaime Lannister sends his regards"

    It is definitely possible that Jaime may have inferred that Roose had switched sides. A lot can happen off-page. He may have also been oblivious, though I agree that he should have been able to riddle it out. I remember no clue in the text after the deed, either way. There is this bit as they ate.
  7. Valyrian Lance

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Heck no. I am just saying that each can be looked at from different viewpoints and a different picture can be painted. The wonderful nature of ASOIAF is that nobody is without faults, and arguments can really be made that no one is actually truly evil either (as in there are outside forces causing some of their evil acts). Some of those outside forces may be psychological as is the case for Ramsay and Theon who actually seem to have similar complexes driving them. Well, except for maybe Euron, though we probably don't know enough about his character to uncover his motives.
  8. Valyrian Lance

    Lizard Lions in the Neck

    The real answer is that GRRM did not think of the climate that crocodiles and alligators live in when placing them in the bogs of the neck and simply that they live in swamps. Of course a bog and a swamp are different things and GRRM uses both of them to describe the Neck.
  9. Valyrian Lance

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Villainy is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Walder Frey is seen as the most vile person on Earth for disregarding guest right to murder the Starks at the Red Wedding. Olenna Tyrell is seen as a justified concerned grandmother for disregarding guest right to murder Joffrey at the Purple Wedding. Joffrey was a confused kid with an absentee, drunken, womanizing, physically and verbally abusive father and a narcissistic, sociopathic, bordering on psychopathic mother that wouldn't punish him or let him learn from mistakes, what an evil child demon. That Robb never made a vow that he wouldn't betray. He lustily and with great hubris and naivety marched his men to die all for personal reasons. He is almost as selfish of his mother; he is quite the hero.
  10. Valyrian Lance

    Winter wars of the past?

    Yes. It absolutely began in the winter at the very least. Of course, Dany was also born in the summer.
  11. Valyrian Lance

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Remember that punishment is about deterrence just as much as it is about retribution. In ASOIAF punishment is used as a deterrence all the time. See spikes, heads, walls. Burning Rattleshirt as Mance and beheading Janos Slynt both succeeded (as much as capital punishment can) in the deterrence realm. The retribution side of things is certainly more of a judgment call.
  12. Valyrian Lance

    Lizard Lions in the Neck

    Zoology is interesting in Planetos. Of course the nature of their length of seasons may certainly play a role in this. With respect to lizard-lions, they certainly resemble crocodiles and alligators but that does not make them the same thing. Though few, reptiles do live north of Florida, Louisiana, the Carolinas and such (Alligators are found in North Carolina as well BTW). Also in history we have found reptile fossils all over the world (think dinosaurs). The nature of seasons on Planetos raise questions of all living life, not just lizard-lions, which means they cannot be directly compared to any counterparts on Earth.
  13. Valyrian Lance

    So Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell...

    annulled and divorced are two different things. There doesn't appear to be a precedent in either the books or the show for divorce. Annulled in today's terms means null and void retroactively. This would mean their marriage never occurred, making Aegon and Rhaenys bastards. Of course, it could just be a fancy way of saying divorced which would make them legitimate.
  14. Littlefinger assumes that he can see every possible outcome and possibility though he obviously cannot which is of course in direct contrast to Bran's ability to see everything, actually.
  15. Valyrian Lance

    [Book spoilers] Plot holes that aren't in the books

    Contradict almost literally means go against. Does this sentence sound any different: Plot hole is a gap or inconsistency in a story line that contradicts the flow of logic established by the story's plot. The term plot hole is grossly overused. Most of these examples are just cruddy writing.