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  1. Valyrian Lance

    Did Old Gared Know About the Black Gate?

    Bridge of Skulls
  2. Valyrian Lance

    Did Old Gared Know About the Black Gate?

    I am not sure why people think Winterfell is out of the way for anyone travelling south from the Shadow Tower. It is basically due south from there.
  3. Valyrian Lance

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    Yes agreed. Cersei could very well have entrusted this to Lannister soldiers. They may have sent a message to Kevan and they may not be working for her anymore. Doran might have still received the plan from his inside person, and we would not know the difference.
  4. Valyrian Lance

    Will Brienne give Oathkeeper back to jaime

    Assuming the both survive, I think yes and he will not take it.
  5. Valyrian Lance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I want to preface this by saying I agree, and I don't think Catelyn believed Jon to be older or that that thought is actually what was going through her mind. But isn't there the same possibility with any younger brother? The Blackfyres are a good example of it, but they had a reason to think Daemon was the heir that was meant to be as he was given Blackfyre. Jon and his sons wouldn't even have that to stand on however hollow that might have been.
  6. Valyrian Lance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Now a small question: Does this quote and really this whole scene where Catelyn questions Robb's plan to legitimize Jon and name him his heir suggest that Catelyn believes Jon to be older?
  7. Valyrian Lance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Definitely a big fan of Simon Vance. When I saw he was going to be narrating Fire & Blood, I was relieved due to the big shoes left by Roy Dotrice. It will inevitably be strange to hear other voices for some of the characters of which I have grown accustomed to hearing Dotrice's version, but Vance is definitely one of the best out there. I really enjoy his versions of James Maxwell's fantasy novels as an option to hear his style in fantasy, Evermen or Shifting Tides. Both are good enough to listen to. The narrator usually makes or breaks audiobooks for me. Some great books, I cannot listen to because I hated the narrator, and other mediocre books, I have enjoyed listening to because the narrator was great.
  8. Valyrian Lance


    So you don't think the wall will come down or the white walkers will somehow get through the wall before Dany and her dragons enter the fray.
  9. Valyrian Lance

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    It could certainly be simple foreshadowing whether a Night's Watch brother like Bowen or his familial brother like Bran.
  10. Valyrian Lance

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I am referring to Jon not letting his Night's Watch brother, Mance, burn alive.
  11. Valyrian Lance

    Who was Tywin's heir?

    Tyrion? Tommen? Kevan? Myrcella? Cersei? How about in different points in time? I am going to assume that Tywin never had any plans for Tyrion to inherit Casterly Rock. Certainly Jaime was Tywin's heir until made a Kingsguard. After that and before Tywin sacked Kings Landing, Cersei most likely could be wed to someone willing to forego their family name (or a cousin) and their child would be heir. How about after Cersei's marriage to Robert? - Was it always going to be their second son? Was Tywin deluded enough to think Jaime could forego his vows and still become Lord of Casterly Rock? Perhaps he assumed he would outlive Robert and could force Joffrey to allow Jaime to resign. After Jaime refuses to resign his Kingsguard post, Tywin is left in a tight spot. Tommen has been made king, Jaime has refused to become Lord of Casterly Rock, he is about to put Tyrion to death, Myrcella is set to marry a Martell, Cersei has refused to marry a 2nd time. There are no heirs left besides Kevan, his two alive sons Lancel and Martyn, and then there is the missing Tyrek. Luckily, he dies soon after, so he doesn't need to worry about this stretch of time for too long. Does it pass to the crown and Tommen through Cersei? Tywin is too calculating to leave his inheritance up to so many ifs and buts. He should have remarried long ago and had more sons, but maybe that was his next big idea.
  12. Valyrian Lance

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Is it foreshadowing or a call-back?
  13. Valyrian Lance

    Can anyone PROVE that Varys is a eunuch?

    Meh, it isn't as if GRRM hasn't used asspulls before, though I think he does do a good job at limiting them. It is hard to label something an asspull, especially some revelation theoretically revealed later, until the series is over. Not all of the foreshadowing for every reveal needs go back to the first book.
  14. Valyrian Lance

    Can anyone PROVE that Varys is a eunuch?

    1. Eunuchs are not threats as they are not men so cannot procreate and have heirs, so they don't hold lands or titles. They are also not women, so they cannot use their womanly charms to disarm or cause mischief in any way or even marry and have children. Posing as a eunuch is a perfect way to hide in plain sight (Varys doesn't do that at any other time in the books as a master of multiple disguises and even roles and jobs). 2. Varys could be part of a Blackfyre line (could be the mother or father of fAegon). Similar to Pycelle's possible feigned frailty, Varys uses his eunuchness to hide in plain sight and survive multiple ruling houses. Definitely plausible he is not a eunuch.
  15. Valyrian Lance

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Agreed. PTSD in developing humans (teens and children) tends to bring about an arrested development wherein they are unable to mature past that point in their life for some or all traits until they overcome their PTSD. Tyrion could be arrested at 13 until he figures out where whores go, or perhaps the realization that Tysha was not a whore may have let him overcome it a bit. We shall see. The idea of Tywin's perceived celibacy since Joanna's death brings to my mind his inheritance and heir as well. He seemingly never meant Tyrion to be his heir and might not have any plan for one outside of a younger child of Cersei's or convincing Jaime and Joffrey/Robert to let Jaime resign the Kingsguard. Of course, he could always let Kevan and his children take over Casterly Rock, but that doesn't seem like Tywin either. So having said that, at this point in time, Jaime has refused to resign the Kingsguard, he is about to put Tyrion to death, Myrcella is betrothed to a Martell, Tommen is king, and Cersei has refused to marry a 2nd time. Mayhaps Tywin feels the only way to get an heir would be to marry a 2nd time, himself, and is making sure the plumbing still works.