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  1. I haven't finished the third season just yet, but I LOVE this show. First season is a bit of a slog. I slept watched most of it. It gets MUCH grittier and funnier. The whole cast is so completely dysfunctional that the entire show is a hilarious trashfire. I hear the 4th season was produced by netflix and a lot of people have highly praised it. I"m saving it for the christmas holiday.
  2. NO! B52s, give back my man. Or Candy Everyone loves Candy.
  3. That's an appalling pairing. How about Here comes Your Man by the Pixies. It's a good one. Even better, Beautiful by the GoGos
  4. Just got an email for free Pratchett from Tor.com. READ FORTH :hic:
  5. Fine. The Passenger is a crowd pleaser and if that doesn't work, Groove is In the Heart.
  6. Lively, eh? Definitely old Depeche Mode. Maybe Dreaming of Me.
  7. What's up fellas. I finally found my thread. Hallelujah.
  8. I missed you too. oN TOPIC: we always come back.
  9. Flyby love, my sweetest of hearts. Xoxoxoxoxoxo.
  10. Nerds. This semester is almost over for all my colleagues. I have a month left. Was at work from 930-1230am today. I miss you guys. Right now, I needed a vodka dinner. AN ALL THE VODKA DINNER. Since I didn't want to be declasse, there's a lime wedge in this vodka. Back in very early. Love y'all and miss you.
  11. Did I just see sloggy? WHAT YEAR IS THIS?
  12. Too Much Girl has been texting again. Started with things like, "C'mon, you can't stay mad at me forever." O RLY? Watch me.
  13. @lady narcissa Nation of the Beasts is out on KU. READ IT WITH ME!!! She's already a pick for me for Professional Artist! Illustrations and cover art are hers.
  14. Ravenhair, I get that. I really do and I know she likes me A LOT. I have tried to be more responsive, communicative and to make more time for her. That leads to her pushing me and saying things like, "I know you love me." I feel very pushed into some next level stuff that I'm just not interested in right now. She will alternate some seriously OTT messages with snarky jabs when she's not getting immediate responses from me. Also the sheer volume of communication late at night and during work hours is overwhelming. I think we are fundamentally not well suited. When we're together it is non-stop talking. Even if we are watching a movie, she is talking and always pushes the conversation towards emotional discourse. I find this completely exhausting. Yes, I HAVE TOLD HER THIS REPEATEDLY. I realize I am justifying my response to her right now and that's not what I want to be doing. We were supposed to have a spring fling and end it over the summer. She kept messaging and I called her once or twice. She decided we were having a long distance relationship. I genuinely feel like she is not listening. She has spent a few days here and I've told her I needed to work, she responded by being in the room making conversation until I gave up. She was pleased with herself that she "got me to take a day off". As a result, I got behind on my work and twice as stressed out. Same thing when I told her I had to leave her place to see my son. She's always like, "I understand that's important to you, but can't you meet him later or tomorrow?" I feel like I'm always having to say, "No." Every weekend it's a very late night invitation to do something. I'm too tired at 11pm. I'm too tired at 10 or 11 pm on a work night. Just got a message from her that she hopes I have a nice Thanksgiving and got some rest. Like the vitriolic tirade I got in both text and email didn't happen. It did. Seriously, if she feels like I'm that bad for her, then I probably am. I am not going to respond. I'm over it. I'm sick of being the bad guy.
  15. Thanks for that. I called in today, not because I'm so upset about this breakup or whatever, but I realized that if I lost my shit last night over some stupid text message nonsense then I was in NO condition to keep my temper in class today. I had 7 email messages from students wheedling for extra credit. 4 more asking if we were even meeting for class today and I was all typing, "U NO WHAT??? IF YOU DON'T EFFING CARE THEN I DON'T EFFING CARE EITHER!" Soooooooo, I deleted that email before sending it and sent an email to my boss instead stating that I was cancelling my classes today.
  16. So I got into a ...fight? something? with TOO MUCH girl last night. Told her she was pushing my limits and she told me to go eat a bag of, well you know man-parts. So I rephrased her text and sent it back to her. Now this was at 2am and I had no business looking at my phone and trying to be intelligent. OTOH, this was the third day in a row I had been relatively non-responsive. She knew I hadn't had a day off in 2 weeks and her texts had been progressively outrageous and attention seeking. I also got an email stating that my messages were erratic and crazy. I'm all "WTF. I'd been texting you back, 'Nice pic, I'm still at work or asleep' for days and I just asked for a bit of space until the holiday." The holiday, btw begins at 4pm today. FFS, I snapped. Somewhere around message 15 or 20. For some background, my phone has been ringing off the hook for WEEKS. I have several deadlines pending at work and a child dealing with the incarceration system who has mental health issues. So when my phone goes off, my body goes into overdrive "emergency" mode. For this reason I usually keep the damn thing off. I know what I'm supposed to be doing every SINGLE FUCKING MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. I've told her repeatedly that her texts are only going to get answered if there is a direct question involved. Last night I got 5 of these texts after midnight and one of them was all, "Just thinking about you and I don't like you at all" which I know she thinks is cute, but I've told her I find it really off-putting because I already feel really REALLY overtaxed and I don't need one more person telling me I'm not doing enough. I don't. I am not proud of myself, but I'm also pissed. Why is it ok for people to overstep these communication boundaries? Why am I ALWAYS the blasted bad guy in these situations because I'm fucking busy? I've ALWAYS made it VERY VERY clear that I have VERY LITTLE free time. VERY LITTLE DISPOSABLE TIME. I hoard what I have and am mostly fine by myself. After midnight, if I'm awake is NOT A GOOD TIME FOR A BIG EMOTIONAL CHAT VIA TEXT. I am not proud of myself. /rant
  17. Never. Not. Ever. This is my opinion and it is correct. I'm with you right there sir, but add a + for "sleeps around the clock at least one day a week" or "Have hobbies I won't bore you with" Aren't they supposed to be paired with the "guy with fish" people? Also, WHY IS YOUR CAMERA OUT AT THE GYM? IT'S SO RUDE. I AM HERE TO EXERCISE AND YOUR CAMERA IS OUT. FFS MY FACE IS PURPLE AND I'M TRYING TO DO A HEADSTAND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS. Summer crush girl is single. BE STILL MY HEART!!!! Gawd she is awesome. I'm not driving straight back to Huntsville to howl outside her window. I SWEAR I'M NOT.
  18. I like Uprooted series for a YA. I know it's not eligible for that, exactly. I liked the Binti series for YA also. To me it fits that genre. Given, what "most people think is for teens" and "what I think is for teens" are much different books. Your Circe book is in my queue!
  19. Nebula Reading List is up and kinda started. It's still pretty thin, Click the menu left to look at novels or novellas. https://www.sfwa.org/forum/reading/3-novelette/ I opened to the novellette page because I loved Shooting Iron by Cassandra Khaw (Magic Cowgirl story published in F&SF) and The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bollander (Alternate history elephant story)
  20. Goddamit. I forgot about this thread and wailed into the void. I blame a Lobster. Oh, I will say that since he started the drunk thread, I have gotten in a LOT less trouble with the mods.... BAD DAY and I am trying to drink a whole box of wine before work at 9am. It's 2 here. @larrytheimp:hic:
  21. The Bollander novella is MUCH better than her previous work. I totally bounced off the murderbot diaries. I found murderbot to be a brat. One of those "not for me" books. I did place Bennet's trilogy first on my ballot. I loved that series and look forward to reading more of his work. Sorry to hear your reaction to Lee's new book. It's on my to-read pile along with Arden's new book. We'll see.
  22. You're going to make me read this. I remember how much you loved it. Read my Margaret Killjoy books. I'll even mail or kindle them to you. I liked them that much. Remind me, is this second in the series? NVM, I have the power of google and I'll go check. My short story game is weak this year, but the term just started. This is when I usually get caught up on stories and novelettes. I always have 5-10 idle minutes in lab or class. I have 3 issues of FSF magazine to go back and read.
  23. ^^This. Margaret Killjoy's excellent book The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion was overlooked last year. Her new book The Barrow Will Send What it May is eligible. I just finished it. It's the second of a series, they're both short, so I'm not sure if they are novel or novella length. I don't have my notes from last year. I personally love this series. A lot of my friends could be described as anarcho-punks. This book was clearly not written by a tourist but by a member of the community. If you've ever been curious about train kids, circus performers (sideshow variety) or the life of punk bands on the road, this book will give you a glimpse of what that life is like. None of the characters have those jobs, but folks who travel for art often use networks of people like the one described in the books to enable their art. Brook Bollander's The Only Harmless Great Thing is a fantastic novella about an alternate history where elephants were used to mine uranium. She has really honed her craft over the last few years. Some of the events in the novella are real. Women were used in radium mines, historically and many died of cancer. The prose is beautiful. Cixin Liu's Ball Lightening just came out. I prefer this translator, who translated The Dark Forest to the translator responsible for Three Body Problem, so I've REALLY been looking forward to it. Yoon Ha Lee's third book Revenant Gun is out. I really enjoyed the first two. Rivers Solomon is partnering with Clipping to write a book inspired by the Deep, but I suspect we won't see that until next year. I'm tired, so that's a start for now. For the record. The Stone Sky was the best book on that ballot. There were several I loved nearly as much that didn't make the ballot, but of the ones on the list it was the clear standout. Well deserved win to Jemisin.
  24. Gatekeeping SUCKS. And that's what she's doing. "Queerer than thou" queers are just mean girls / boys in an outside of high school environment. You're better off knowing that she's superficial and childish NOW before she can actually hurt your career. I think I broke my microscope yesterday. I have to be the clumsiest faggot on earth. This trip has been a series of "The Most Awful Things That I Can Possibly Do Under Stress, squared." And right now i am sitting on the porch trying to have a wine and i am LITERALLY getting wrapped in a spider web. Please burn this address with fire.
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