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  1. I found a side piece (finally).  It's a dude.  About every 15 minutes that I hang out with him I'm asking myself, "WTF is wrong with him?"  It's always dude stuff.  I am resigned to my misandry and doing my best to just try and enjoy his company and cut out when I see weird dude power struggle drama bullshit show up.   At least the, er, "exercise" is consistently adequate and I no longer feel like I'm about to bite my own face off.  The not-girlfriend (?) doesn't hate him and he doesn't talk too much.  

  2. 4 hours ago, iliescu said:

    Hey, thanks for accepting to this forum - Game of Thrones is a favorite for a while just never delve in it more as should until recent. Now can, about something personal...some of a favorite things is Cycling the Bicycle is something am fond about so guess that can be the introduction a little about this profile. So far so good.

    Welcome!  I'm also an avid cyclist!  I don't drive very well, so for me it's transportation and not really sport.  In my opinion, you've found the best place on the internet.  Enjoy!

  3. I made out with a girl I dated for a while before Mr. Fling.  When I went to go talk to her about it, we were surrounded by community shit (about kids) and their accompanying problems.  In context, I made out with her in a very communal area (my Mardi Gras ball) and was rather happy about it.  OTOH, I'm in NO POSITION to be making out with people that aren't disposable.  This girl is not disposable. 

    In other news, I haven't shared here.  I'm probably not getting married.  Still living with the gf, but we broke up in December.  I'm totally devastated about my end-of-dream, but fine with how our relationship is at this time.  

    Pretty sure I'm acting nuts, but I haven't had sex at all in a very long time (over a year) and I'm GOING to at some point over the next ten days.  

    I am not a liar, but I have been a soft-peddler.  Help me out with make-out girl.  It's not the right time for me to court her, but EVERYTIME I see her we make out or go home and make out.  I need to tell her what's going on with my domestic situation.  She hasn't exactly asked, but there wasn't really a good chance.  

    I brought her soup and a book at work.  I recognize that this looks like courtship behavior and I need to really talk to her ASAP.  

    What are the rules?  This whole situation is uncomfortable as fuck. 


  4. 13 hours ago, KiDisaster said:

    I use BeyondPod on Android to keep track of all mine. 

    Some of my favorites:


    Shut Up & Sit Down (board games)

    Sword & Scale (true crime)

    Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (American panel show)

    The Unbelievable Truth (English panel show)

    This Is Actually Happening (short, first person accounts of bizarre or unsettling experiences. For example the first episode is 'What if your boyfriend lit himself on fire') 


    OMG.  Pod made an app for Podcasts?

    In all seriousness, This is Actually Happening looks awesome.

    Gave Welcome to Nightvale another shot by starting with the pilot.  I think my problem was a style thing and going to give it a few more episodes.  The premise is great.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Myshkin said:

    Welcome to Night Vale - seriously this is awesome.

    Alice Isn't Dead - new podcast from the makers of Night Vale.

    And I'll second Myths and Legends, really cool stuff.


    Also you can get good SFF short stories from Clarkesworld and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and great literary short stories from The New Yorker (these are really cool because not only are the written by famous authors, but are also read by other famous authors).

    I'm having some trouble with a couple of the narrators from Welcome to the Night Vale, but ALICE is so good I've already listened to the first two episodes twice and my shirt is on the way.


    21 minutes ago, Gears of the Beast said:

    I have no idea what Amazon Echo is but on Android I would say the AntennaPod app is definitely the best way to organise them. There are so many popular podcast apps that are just utter trash. 

    Thank you.  I have an android platform and have had a really rough time with podcasts.  I think the echo is compatible with most platforms, but I won't know until it gets here and I have to talk to it.

    39 minutes ago, -Ghost- said:

    The Joe Rogan Experience

    History on Fire

    The Fighter and the Kid

    Myths and Legends

    The Church of What's Happening Now

    These are all new for me.  Thank you, I will be using my broom much more often than the vacuum this month around the house.

  6. Hello the board!

    I have been spending more time at home for a variety of reasons.  This has led me to listening to more Podcasts.

    What are your favorites?  

    I've got Amazon's Echo arriving on the sixth of April.  Any advice on using her to organize my current podcasts would also be appreciated.


  7. You're referring to the characters Jack McCall and Francis Wolcott, both played wonderfully by Garret Dillahunt. I'm not sure if it would work with Jason Momoa, but I would certainly be interested in seeing it. He was great as Drogo.

    OMG I would have loved, loved, loved having Jason Momoa back. I keep praying for another flashback, dream, memory, or whatever to see him onscreen again. I wish I had thought of this. Daario is pretty nice, but he just ain't Drogo...

  8. I dunno if anyone else mentioned this, or if I'm just imagining it, but I'm pretty sure the Olenna scene teasing Loras about being Marg's father-in-law was her subtly trying to sway him to choose the White over marrying Cersei. I thought the show did a great job contrasting her method of getting her (grand)children to do what she wants (have Loras take the White, but not bc Tywin ordered it, to get out of marrying Cersei), with Tywin's method of yelling at Tyrion to "do his duty" in the bedroom (which he didn't end up doing anyway). It was subtle, but clever, IMHO.

    I thought the whole work up to this was one of the best workarounds the producers have contrived so far. Cersei or the White was a great way to develop Loras and Cersei, Tywin's relationship to his children, the iron fist he is using to keep King's Landing in check and develop Lady Olenna's character while still moving the plot forward. I have been paying very close attention to these scenes since Willas dropped out. They're great adaptation work and GREAT TV!

    Edit: Oh, did I mention how much I loved the short scene with Cersei and Loras? How else would an independent woman with children react to her young, naive, queer, and unwilling fiance?? :bowdown:

  9. I watched this episode at a bar viewing party and found myself all alone screaming, "SLAYER! SLAYER! SLAYER!" at the end of the episode. There were a lot of funny looks. :dunce: I LOVED the scene with the Titan's Bastard, I take it from his head that he won't be back for Mhysa...

  10. I love the books.... but I am no Purist. Purists clearly need to pay attention to the episode. Sansa saw Joffrey, that maniacal little prick, take the stool away from Tyrion. She stood there fully aware the stool was taken away... knowing Tyrion couldn't reach with the cloak.... hearing the crowd laughing at Tyrion... and she kept her back turned to him. It was only when Tyrion tugged on her like umm hey please kneel down that she actually obliged. Then later he mentioned consummation and she breaks out the alcohol (which she only drinks when it is necessary). Then she goes on to say what if she never wants him in her bed and watches him pass out. Maybe she wasn't a blatant bitch about it but as far as I saw she knew very well Tyrion was being laughed at and stood her ground until he pleaded. Relax purists!

    Exactly, she made her point. Any further and the audience would have hated her. I thought it was handled well.

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