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  1. Lady Char

    Tommen's fate

    I disagree. I think there are several references to her loving her children fiercely, so the reader gets confused. But in her POV Cersei only shows passion for her children in a selfish way. She loves the power they bring her, and she loves her claim to them. When she feels like her claim is threatened (both to the Throne and to her children) then she acts in rage. But otherwise, she never thinks of Myrcella, doesn't respect or appreciate Tommen, and either did genuinely like Joff (because he is crazy like her) or only now reflects on him in admiration because he is deceased. Her care for them is one of her biggest delusions.
  2. Lady Char

    Purple wedding crackpot

    You are right. The more I think on it, it wouldn't make any sense. The plan was definitely to smuggle her out to Littlefinger. So he must have promised them something else as payment.
  3. Lady Char

    Tywin's corpse?

    I'm a big theory person so I'm opening to anything. BUT, my personal interpretation is that the corpse is just a corpse...that wasn't prepared properly. I think its purpose here is more subtextual. It shows that, in the end, Tywin was just a regular person doomed to an embarrassing death.
  4. Lady Char

    Will Dany's Dragons lay eggs?

    If Jon is going to ride one of the 3 dragons, it would be Viserion. Viserys was likely to be his name if R+L=J is true, and Vis' pale coloring is reminiscent of Ghost's
  5. Lady Char

    Purple wedding crackpot

    My crackpot theory is that it was Tyrion's pie that was poisoned. Littlefinger and The Tyrell's were intending to remove Tyrion so they could marry Sansa to Willas. Its less risky than murdering Joff, in the sense that though the Lannister's would be angry that they lost Sansa's claim, neither Cersei or Tywin would be devastated by the loss of Tyrion. Joff intercepted the pie.
  6. George writes complex and layered female characters that develop and change. Sometimes they are victims of their circumstance, and he is not shy about portraying them that way because he does not want to sugar coat their predicament. I think its wonderful .
  7. Lady Char

    So, what's your head canon?

    I don't really think "headcannon" is the same thing as "how I think the story will play out in the future". Like my headcannon is R+L = J. Its what I take to be true based on things present in the text. Or things that I fill in the whole for like... my head cannon is that Cersei lied to Jaime and had more of a hand in sending Joff to hire a catspaw to assassinate Bran.
  8. Lady Char

    A Theory With No Name

    what is happening?
  9. Lady Char

    Who did Robert really fight at the Trident?

    I firmly believed this on my second re-read. There is enough evidence to believe that Rheagar was not the man Robert slew - but several re reads later, I no longer subscribe to the theory. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy pondering it, though. Edit: I don't think its possible for whoever impersonated Rhaegar to have escaped the battle. Whoever wore that armor died at the Trident and was most likely cremated. In Lyanna's case, I can't imagine how she would have gotten back to the Tower of Joy with mortal wounds or *why*. And I certainly can't imagine that she would have gone to battle just weeks after childbirth.
  10. Lady Char

    Plot hole book1?

    Definitely several days later, as (after leaving the library) - Tyrion goes and suggests Joff pay his respects to the Starks about Bran's condition. The earliest it could be would be the day after Bran's fall, still making it possible for Tyrion to have read all night after hunting.
  11. Lady Char

    Jaqen, Rorge and Biter in NW

    Jaden Smith's alter ego
  12. Lady Char

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Well we don't get to see all the posts that are submitted. He has mentioned filtering out comments before. So I imagine his inbox is full of show talk.
  13. Lady Char

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    I think there are other likely alternative explanations. That he doesn't want us discussing the show on these posts or because he is switching over to a new platform soon. But when I walk away the more I start to agree that he would have dispelled the rumors by now. I am on board with the theory that he is close to finishing - and we will have our announcement next month.
  14. Lady Char

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    The more he posts, the less hyped I get. But then I will distance myself from it and my imagination will take me on a trip via the hype train again