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About Me

When did you start reading the series?


Favorite Major Character?

Dany is probably my favorite character and the one I relate to the most (her fear of herself). But my favorite POV to read at the moment is probably Theon.

Favorite Crackpot?

Syrio is Jaqen is Pate.

I also had a theory that Lady Stoneheart is actually Robb.

Which character do you think has changed the most since AGOT?

Sansa. Most of the other POVs from AGOT only changed as a part of their coming of age and learning to yield skills they already had. Dany and Jon, for instance, are struggling with leadership and compromising sides of themselves that were already at conflict. I think Sansa has experienced the most disillusionment and has changed her world view the most.

To a certain extent this is true of Tyrion as well. He was on a really dark path for a while and I don't think that gets enough attention from the majority of readers.