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    most tragic character

    Tyrion. He experienced serious childhood trauma via Tywin forcing him to rape his wife. He represses this and tries to repent it with compassion towards whores, bastards, cripples, and broken things. Then he finds out that not only did he rape his wife but that she was innocent of even the accusation that placed her in Tywin's wrath. Her only crime was loving Tyrion. He now feels betrayed by Jaime, the one person he ever felt like accepted him for who he was. Going to exact his revenge against his father, he sees that not only did Shae betray him for the promises that Cersei made her, she was even sleeping with his father. He becomes a kinslayer, accused of being a kingslayer. He sinks lower than ever before. When in Essos he not only becomes suicidal but becomes abusive towards the type of people that he would have once thought of with pity at the least. He becomes the monster that people have expected him to be. He convinces himself that no one could love him because he is a dwarf. When the truth is that he wouldn't allow himself the chance at love because of the feelings he has suppressed around his trauma. When Penny comes along and essentially does express love to him, he rejects it and projects his own self revulsion onto her.
  2. Lady Char

    Tommen's fate

    I disagree. I think there are several references to her loving her children fiercely, so the reader gets confused. But in her POV Cersei only shows passion for her children in a selfish way. She loves the power they bring her, and she loves her claim to them. When she feels like her claim is threatened (both to the Throne and to her children) then she acts in rage. But otherwise, she never thinks of Myrcella, doesn't respect or appreciate Tommen, and either did genuinely like Joff (because he is crazy like her) or only now reflects on him in admiration because he is deceased. Her care for them is one of her biggest delusions.
  3. Lady Char

    So, what's your head canon?

    I don't really think "headcannon" is the same thing as "how I think the story will play out in the future". Like my headcannon is R+L = J. Its what I take to be true based on things present in the text. Or things that I fill in the whole for like... my head cannon is that Cersei lied to Jaime and had more of a hand in sending Joff to hire a catspaw to assassinate Bran.
  4. Lady Char

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    It's difficult for me to reply because I relate so much. I don't feel like digging into my own story at the moment, so, for now I will just say that I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. No matter how old we get, we never stop wanting our parents to be our parents- and when we have to take care of them (especially when it is much sooner than we ever imagined ) it feels so isolating. Like all your energy has to go towards worrying about and protecting this person (often from themselves). I'm glad you can come here and talk about this. Hugs.
  5. This is some pretty convincing evidence to me that Lyanna is Jon's mother. During my first read of AGOT, the only thing I was 100% convinced of is that Ned is NOT Jon's father. When you pair that idea with how often Ned thinks about Lyanna, and his comment comparing Rheagar to Robert when it comes to brothels, and I feel sure that this is what George had planned - for the first 3 books at least. On later reads, I started to pick up on the thematic repetition and symbolism that further backs up this theory. Now I think there are many other possibilities to his parentage (and I agree that the mystery surrounding Dany and (F)Aegon's births are meant to further derail us from being certain ) but still, none has more evidence to me that R+L=J. As to OP's point about how much can we trust prophecy, I know RadioWesteros made a point recently that it sort of depends on where the prophecy is coming from. A prophecy by the GoHH is probably fairly reliable. I imagine the more straight forward the prophecy, the less we can rely on its accuracy - but maybe that is an over simplification. In the case of TPTWP and such, we are hearing different snippets from so many directions, I believe it will come true in an unexpected way.
  6. Lady Char

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    I was going to echo this. Even when people (and often loved ones) are trying to help, they say or do things that are dismissive of our mental illness or generalized struggle. This is because to be truly empathetic, you have to sit with those same uncomfortable feelings. People are either not equipped for this, or do not wish to turn towards those dark corners. Its hurtful and creates loneliness. I totally get this. Sometimes I'm accepting that this will always be a struggle. I keep hoping that one day I will just look back on this is a "dark time". Glad to hear that you are making progress and on a medication that works for you! I had such a bad time with my first medication that I'm too scared to try something else. Its nice to hear that there really are cases of the right fit ! It sounds like you are going through a lot right now, and its totally understandable that you are feeling overwhelmed on top of everything else! And taking care of parents is never easy, no matter how old we get. I'll never stop wishing I could be the kid for once - even in my mid twenties. I can't say much to help, except that I read your post and I am thinking about you!
  7. Lady Char

    Fan made songs

    The Radio Westeros podcast has used some great songs. "An Album of Songs" for a few -