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  1. I think Jon, Stannis, and Sandor will all be back. Stannis and Sandor simply because they didn't show them die on screen. We all know this show has no problem with gory content, so if they're really dead... Why not show it? Jon will be back cuz they can't lose such a big player like that. I know they've killed big players before, but none from THE trio of Tyrion, Dany, and Jon (Arya's rising too). With the Red Priestess back in Castle Black, that seems the most likely route. If not her, I'm sure something else will come up later where Jon comes back.
  2. It was absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best eps. 10/10
  3. I never even knew this forum existed. Yet alone this thread. Anyway.... I'm still pretty new..... Don't want to miss a free welcoming..... Hi all!
  4. You know how much I love Charles, so of course I agree to more of him! :D But on a more serious note- I also saw a comment like that. He skins a stag, he defeats Stannis. He goes fishing, he defeats the Tully's. I loved that symbolism and cleverness. And it made Tywin even more bada$$ cuz he saw through the Maester's disguise. I understand them cutting it- for time needs and everything, but still... I love me all the Tywin I can get xD
  5. Awesome. Gonna start going through some now.
  6. O___O I can't believe they (Dave and Dan) actually posted here.... Wow.... And look at all the people recommending Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean for their roles. Smart people. Lol.
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