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  1. I just can't get over it. I whined about the exact same thing one page of comments earlier, but just to emphasise it even further, these five words right here sum up the extreme disappointment I'm currently feeling. Unbelievable.
  2. 3/10. Cersei's walk and Sam's departure were pretty good. And the Dothraki got a nice piece of the budget which is cool. Otherwise... How they can take powerful story events such as the Battle of Ice and Theon's redemption arc and crush them into a couple minutes-worth of screen-time is beyond me. I hated how the Watch's mutiny didn't have a final trigger to it, too. They chose the most idiotic, inopportune moment imaginable for their revolt. Meanwhile Doran remains completely pointless, and whilst I wasn't seriously expecting it by this point, they went to great lengths to troll us with the Stoneheart stuff. Really they did. There's a beautiful song on Ramin Djawadi's soundtrack called "Atonement" and I'm pretty sure it didn't get used at all. They went out of their way to create a separate track called "Mother's Mercy" and used that instead. Honestly though, whilst all of these things are problems that will each bother different groups of people, I'm mainly doing that thing where a person becomes angry/upset over one thing, and proceeds to make a big angry list condemning as much as possible. For me that thing was Theon's story. Why the hell could they not just do a godswood rebirth/confession scene. Put him alone "in a room" with his sins and have Alfie Allen work alongside Ramin Djawadi to make us feel like we've never felt before. But no they went with the "weak guy finally snaps and pushes somebody over a cliff" cliché. Felt rushed as fuck. Really hoping GRRM finishes TWOW before S6.
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