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    What are rich TV viewers like?

    ABC draws most upscale viewers Are they too squeamish for Game of Thrones? If ABC made a sci fi space adventure or fantasy epic for just one season to show their viewership how good stories in other genres could be what kind of show would you make? Gritty military space opera? Or a space adventure featuring an interstellar law enforcement agency or espionage organization like a future space Quantico? Fantasy castle drama with backstabbing? Epic Dragon Age style adventure? Heck Final Fantasy style story with airships?
  2. I have heard of a rich girl who parties, goes shopping, and gets drunk who made fun of her sister for watching Game of Thrones several years ago. What would you think of her? Would you tell her that she is too dumb to watch Game of Thrones or play a video game? Would you tell her she is inferior to Emilia Clarke?
  3. Sadly The Expanse has not turned out to be sci fi's Game of Thrones. The Expanse’s third season will be its last on the Syfy channel What will it take for a space opera show to become as big as Game of Thrones? These are dark times. Is the average TV viewer as well as American too cynical to imagine humanity becoming a interstellar civilization? If we showed the average Joe Mass Effect would they laugh? Would they find the idea of such a future ridiculous? Would it need to be as Graphic as Game of Thrones? Is there a perception that sci fi is more about technology than character development?
  4. Perhaps in these dark times we do need the optimism! Jon Favreau to Executive Produce and Write Live-Action Star Wars Series Apple Orders Ronald D. Moore Space Drama Series Amazon, Dennis Kelly to Adapt the Culture Space Opera ‘Consider Phlebas’ for TV Your move HBO! Let the space opera revival begin!
  5. Or do the people think when they see a spaceship or an alien they think it is a kids movie? What would you think of an adult themed space opera with serious themes? Serious themes like war, politics, slavery, cloning, artificial intelligence etc. Would a scene in which a human psychically "embraces eternity" with an Asari like female from a beautiful biotic space elf race be a cheap way to attract viewers or should it be done? Would adult viewers be freaked out or bored by such a scene? Is the movie world ready for it? And by the way I don't want this movie to be Mass Effect! Time for movie producers to create something new!
  6. Not everyone has Syfy as part of their cable package and Star Trek is on a streaming service. We are in a golden age of space adventure but you have to pay for it! Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore returns to space with new Apple TV series J.J. Abrams Developing Space Drama ‘Glare’ With HBO We are living in times of economic inequality! Sadly the only good thing about this movie! Do you think the average person is too cynical for this type of optimism?
  7. http://variety.com/2013/tv/ratings/abc-leads-premiere-week-in-affluent-younger-viewers-1200688724/ How horrified are they of Game of Thrones and The Expanse? Would they balk at feminist sci fi like Ancillary Justice or The Stars are Legion? Would ABC ever dare to make a space sci fi series for the AOS timeslot once Agents of Shield ended its run? Or do you think they would better off with a cheesy soap opera or cop show?
  8. https://i.imgur.com/yKMt2n3.png How horrified are the older generations of this generation of entertainment? How would these type of people feel if they turned on the TV and it showed a TV show that showed a humanity 200 years in the future that has united under freedom and democracy, achieved interstellar travel, and became an important part of an intergalactic community? There would be epic space battles and intergalactic politics. PG-13 level action with soldiers in powered armor. The main character is basically an American soldier with powered armor and a spaceship and his loyal crew will follow him into the bowels of Hell! The show also shows civilian life in the future. In this future humans still enjoy sports and having fun. In this spectacular vision of the future first contact with an alien species ended with a war. This war was a huge mistake on their part and our first interstellar enemy ends up becoming one of humanity's greatest allies. Humanity is granted a seat in the intergalactic equivalent of the UN. In 20 years we are the 3rd most powerful interstellar civilization in the galaxy. 30 years after the first contact war the most advanced military spaceship built is an act of intergalactic cooperation between humanity and the first contact alien race. The spaceship is named after a key battle in American military history. The spaceship is commanded by an All American military commander. A few years later humanity leads and unites the galaxy and defeats an ancient menace that threatens all life in the galaxy. Would Americans think such a future silly and too idealistic? Would the "real Americans" be offended because we think Jesus will come back before 2050? Would Americans think this show is a tool of Satan? Would people on the Left think this is space war glorifying propaganda? Have you ever met a person who thought Game of Thrones should be banned? Have you ever met a person that was horrified by even Babylon 5?
  9. In this sci fi universe there would be huge interstellar powers that are like America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, etc. Along with these huge interstellar empires there would be lots of solar systems that are independent of these superpowers. One of the solar systems is in chaos and is experiencing a civil war fought by different factions. The show would focus on a rebel cell with a spaceship in a rebel group funded by one of the superpowers. Star Wars Rebels for adults! Firefly with a touch of Game of Thrones? Mass Effect meets EVE Online? Also the ending would be the interstellar superpowers space nuking each other into oblivion or the galaxy or human space would be more united and freedom and democracy would flourish! What would you think? Bad idea? Boring? Would it be controversial?
  10. Star Trek is back! Syfy has returned to space with The Expanse. Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise hit. Star Wars broke box office records. Jupiter Ascending and Valerian bombed. No Man's Sky and Mass Effect Andromeda have disappointed gamers. The space opera resurgence or revival happened and it was nothing spectacular. So once GOT is done with would you be interested to see what HBO can do with this genre?