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  1. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    I will be late in afraid... I would try draw it right now on this train (not as a medium, they frown on graffiti, I have paper) even though I'm half asleep, but then I'm not convinced I'm going to figure out how to usefully upload it using my mobile.. May try, but no promises of success!
  2. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    ...and done
  3. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Awkward... sorry, I've been distracted, and it's a tricky sentence. Will give it a go after dinner!
  4. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Will try describe mine this evening when hopefully my melted brain has recongealed into something usable.
  5. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Sent my pic! Pretty pleased with it
  6. Hm, I came here to check on the TitanCon 2018 thread, and although I can see a 2017 one, and a 2019 one, I couldn't find one for this year.... All info is over at http://titancon.com/2018/index.php and it should be an excellent time! With a whole extra day! Who's attending? I'll start off the list: TitanCat williamjm Targh Coincidentally, it's my birthday on the 23rd, so I was looking to maybe arrange a big meal somewhere tasty in town, if there's any appetite? (see what I did there?)
  7. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Sentence is in! I'll not show my pics/sentences to TCCB, in case anyone needs a back up, so I can prod him to join in
  8. TitanCat

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Hello! I'm here! And wow, the site layout changed since I last visited... (that reflects badly on me, doesn't it?) Sending a sentence of unknown calibre now.
  9. TCCB and I now also have a reservation in the Fairmont, Thurs - Mon. Ouch for the price though!
  10. TitanCat

    Pictionary Round XXXVIII

    Yeah, I'm pretty surprised that your witches were the only ones that were clothed! And so much <3 for the TitanBirdSong! <3
  11. TitanCat

    Pictionary Round XXXVIII

  12. TitanCat

    Pictionary Round XXXVIII

    Sorry to miss out on this round, just been super busy! I'll be back on for the describe
  13. TitanCat

    Pictionary Round XXXVIII

    Description in!