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  1. Hi! For some reason I can't send you any messages... you still interested in subbing for a Pictionary round? If so, send me a DM?

  2. TitanCat

    Board Issues 4

    Sorry I took so long to reply to this - yeah, you guessed it, it went into the Spam folder... Some emails started going to the inbox, so I stopped checking spam so often, but then it turns out half of them are still going there. Still so confused!
  3. TitanCat

    Board Issues 4

    Gmail seem to always give the following message on emails from the board: "Why is this message in Spam? It is in violation of Google's recommended email sender guidelines." As far as I can tell, without changes to the settings on the mail sender, this will always go to spam, no matter whether the email address is in the safe sender list or how many times the person receiving the email marks it as not spam. I don't know if anyone more technical on me can advise on any way to make gmail stop doing this from my end? But there's also good news! The receive notifications when I receive a message option is no longer greyed out, woo! So hopefully I'll start receiving emails for messages now, I'll just have to remember to check my spam
  4. TitanCat

    Board Issues 4

    I've seen a few posts from people about notifications/messages: 1) After turning notification settings back on for topics I follow, I thought I wasn't receiving emails, but then thought to check my spam. Gmail seems to be overzealous with the new forum in a way it wasn't with the old one. Just in case anyone else is having that particular problem. 2) In notification settings, it won't let me select to receive notifications when I receive a new message (it won't let me select either Notification List or Email). Is there something I need to do to be able to enable this? I am finding the new layout very pretty, but still getting used to finding things, I would not be surprised if 2) is entirely my fault, but any help appreciated!
  5. :grouphug: AmeriKat!!!!!! Thank you @King Tyrion I and @Jon Weirgaryen :)
  6. Hello! I thought I should come and say something over here, since I'm still pretty new post-wise, though I did register a while ago... Still trying to figure my way around all the various different topics and things going on, but would like to become more involved :) And I obviously picked the wrong moment to do this, as there's no way I'm going to be able to look good after @Alia's post, though I also do not own a pet lion.
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