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  1. [quote name='Branfangd' post='1640087' date='Jan 6 2009, 20.18']He may be legitimized but he would still be behind the legitimate kids[/quote] Not if Robb specifically states Jon is his heir in that letter.
  2. [quote name='LugaJetBoyGirl' post='1294264' date='Mar 31 2008, 00.20']He also had Long Claw strapped across his back, which is one of the reasons Thorne backs down. And I don't think it is Jon's habit to wear that thing to breakfast :) He knew there might be a fight coming.[/quote] :drool: awesome!!! i can't wait to see more of jon with Longclaw..hope he has improved as a swordsman.But,what a chapter!! And its great news that Jon is gonna be a grey character from now on..he has so much bad-ass potential,that it is impossible to bring it out unless he steps out of Ned's shoes and stop the whole honour BS(atleast to some extent).
  3. so you must be in your 5th sem? i am in 3rd sem, doing engg in electronics. so what else have you read apart from asoiaf?

  4. Hey!! I'm from Bombay. Doing engineering at Tanjore.

  5. hi, nice to know there are fellow Indians on this board!! which part of India are you from exactly?

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