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  1. I don't know... I kind of bought part of it. I mean, the way the fires rose so quickly, and caught everyone inside the Dosh Khaleen temple was quite rediculous, But her self confidence in that situation made sense. It was as if she already knew what the consequences would be (Just like the season 1 finale)? And that they would be favorable to her. Perhaps she had had a vision beforehand? And like others have said: I expected Drogon would do it. I like surprises. 8/10
  2. Or perhaps Roose just has more to lose in terms of consequences for killing off the LC? Making it unwise for him to kill Jon Snow, even if he wanted to? And his son Ramsay is less of long-game player than his father was? I don't care much for Allisers way of seeing things, but I do believe that he at least genuinely believes he is doing the right thing. It is not really power hunger or hatred for Jon that drives him, or at least not just that. He generally does what he thinks is best for the watch.
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