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  1. Lord Buckethead

    Other endings for Dany

    Is it too late for that though? As long as she herself comes to reason, and realizes how horrible some of her actions have been (and not just in the last episode BTW, there have been other more minor transgressions earlier on.) Then the ending you are describing could still happen. Not sure it will though. I am more inclined to think Daenerys will die showing the same kind of crazy determination we have seen her succumb to this final season.
  2. Lord Buckethead

    Why the bells?

    The way I interpreted her response to the bells was that she felt Cercei (and her lackeys?) were being let off the hook too easily. She wanted them to suffer for what they did to Missandei/Rhaegal/etc... and for not keeping their word about sending armies north to fight TAOTD. So it was not the bells themselves that made her crazy it was the lack of suffering she had been able to inflict up until that point upon the people mostly responsible for her suffering (i.e. Cersei). One thing that led me to this conclusion was how her eyes were seemingly fixed upon the red keep for a second before her destruction spree with Drogon commenced. Notice how the red keep was more or less untouched up until that point. (But yes, she did slaughter innocent citizens as well, which can only be explained by her insanity I suppose.) I am not sure that her feeling herself not being loved by the people was the real reason, although I could see that kind of agenda too, in a paranoid mind, that is.
  3. Lord Buckethead

    What will Jon do?

    I was also one of those who believed this was going to happen. But to introduce it this late would just annoy me. Even a pregnancy at this stage would be bothersome, but a death in childbirth now suddenly would be just plain wrong. However: Everything happens for a reason, and I am pretty much certain that Danys bleeding in the books, will have some sort of implication on her story there, one way or the other, which has been skipped by the showrunners.
  4. Lord Buckethead

    Drogon's demise

    I think Daenerys dies, but not so certain about Drogon. If he survives he will either be Jon's dragon (since dragons obviously can have many riders riding them in turn), or just fly off to the Dothraki sea or wherever. Then again it would make sense to rid the world of magic at the end of the story, which would necessitate Drogon's death as well as Bran's. We have seen a couple of ways a dragon can be killed though, so I am not entirely sure Drogon is that invincible either.
  5. Lord Buckethead

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I liked his ending. Also liked the fact that they both fell into flames. I've always pictured Gregor in particular as destined for a fiery death. (So now mountains actually do blow in the wind like leaves, huh?) But it absolutely makes sense to me that the hound dies with him, being so focused on revenge, and almost nothing but revenge, his whole life.
  6. Lord Buckethead

    The difference is the rider

    We were meant to believe that having the sun behind her would help defend Daenerys and Drogon from the Scorpions. (Which is why we see Euron looking up using his hand to shield his eyes from the sun.) Of course that strategy only makes sense on the first charge. As soon as the dragon has descended, other scorpions would not be bothered by the sun. Anyway, that was Daenerys' strategy, and D&D needed it to work, so it worked. I am actually more bothered by how easily they shot down dragons from the sky in earlier episodes. Hitting a flying dragon should not be such an easy task.
  7. So Tyrion stands at the city gates of KL and loudly discusses Cercei's (alleged?) pregnancy with her. He never mentions that Jamie is the father, but still... Euron stands grinning by Cersei's side. Shouldn't he really be asking her how Tyrion could know about "their" baby?
  8. Lord Buckethead

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 604?

    I don't know... I kind of bought part of it. I mean, the way the fires rose so quickly, and caught everyone inside the Dosh Khaleen temple was quite rediculous, But her self confidence in that situation made sense. It was as if she already knew what the consequences would be (Just like the season 1 finale)? And that they would be favorable to her. Perhaps she had had a vision beforehand? And like others have said: I expected Drogon would do it. I like surprises. 8/10
  9. Lord Buckethead

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Or perhaps Roose just has more to lose in terms of consequences for killing off the LC? Making it unwise for him to kill Jon Snow, even if he wanted to? And his son Ramsay is less of long-game player than his father was? I don't care much for Allisers way of seeing things, but I do believe that he at least genuinely believes he is doing the right thing. It is not really power hunger or hatred for Jon that drives him, or at least not just that. He generally does what he thinks is best for the watch.