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    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    I read GRRM's use of the word "smudge" as his way of saying "the answer" almost as if he wrote the name of the POV chapter (with a quill and ink on parchment) in response to that person's question, then quickly 'smudged' the ink so as not to give a real answer. i think he was being playful. and also, because i couldn't resist: https://asearchoficeandfire.com/ the word "smudge" six times in the first 5 books: Catelyn VIII - AGOT catelyn refers to the Direwolf of House Stark appearing on an approaching banner as "... a dark smudge in their center that could only be the direwolf..." Sansa IV - ACOK smoke rising from the southern shores of the blackwater rush "...its sooty fingers smudging out the stars." Tyrion XIV - ACOK Tyrion describes Ser Balon Swann's appearance as "...spattered with gore and smudged by smoke." Sansa V - ASOS upon inspecting her hair net after the Purple Wedding, sansa notices "There was a dark smudge in the silver socket where the stone had fallen out." Cersei II - AFFC reflecting on Lancel's appearance and his "mustache," while engaging physically with him, cersei notes "It looks like a smudge of dirt on his lip." Daenerys V - ADWD musing on the fate of the cities in her wake, Daenerys states "...yet it still seemed to her that the sky was darker to the southwest, smudged and hazy with the smoke of the Red City's passing."
  2. Ser Didymus

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    i appreciated Ramsay giving a shout out to one of the books they are adapting this season.
  3. Ser Didymus

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    i'm beginning to think that D&D are aware of the intended ending to GRRM's story, and they are electing to offer this alternate plot as a way to preserve the "true conclusion" to ASOIAF for readers. there have been several "doffing the hat" moments in the show that give me more faith in D&D as book purists who have no choice but to make a compelling TV show out of an essentially un-film-able series of events. "keep reading, Samwell Tarly" was as much of a breaking of the 4th wall as we're going to get. i am finding this season far more interesting and clever in the way they are combining plots/characters; vs. previously just eliminating/inventing stories for the sake of expediency and budget.