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    My ratings of all the Game of Thrones episodes

    Season 1- 10/10 Season 2- 10/10 Season 3- 9/10 Season 4-10/10 Season 5- 8/10 Season 6- 10/10 Season 7- 9/10
  2. Dragon in the North

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    1. The Americans season 6 2. Daredevil season 3 3. 12 Monkeys season 4. 4. The Good Place season 3 5. The 100 season 5 6. Agents of Shield season 5 7. Jack Ryan season 1 8. Brooklyn 99 season 5 9. Luke Cage season 2 10. A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 11. Better Call Saul season 4 12. Westworld season 2 13. Iron Fist season 2 14. Jessica Jones season 2 15. Star Trek: Discovery season 1 16. Legion season 2.
  3. Dragon in the North

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    The Hound vs. Brienne wasn't fanservice. It was a natural way to end the Hound and Arya's journey with one another, while giving Brienne something to do. In the books, her arc is filler and she is just wandering around the Riverlands aimlessly. The showrunners certainly respect the source material, as they've adapted the books relatively faithfully through seasons 1-4. When they hit season 5, they ran out of good material and had to cut a lot of the fat from AFFC/ADWD. After that, they didn't have any source material to work with at all. Olly and Karl were minor supporting characters that took up very little time. Cutting them wouldn't leave much room for other plots from the books. Jaime's revelation wasn't needed for Tyrion to kill Tywin, we don't know the relevance of the switching of the babies yet, Lady Stoneheart is a one dimensional filler character, and Show Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor, so not exactly a saint. Martin is more than a part culprit. If you're upset that D&D diverged from the source material, you have only Martin to blame. He's the one who failed to complete the series before the show caught up. ASOS had a lot of material, so splitting the books into two seasons was the right call. In fact, it wasn't quite two seasons, as some material from AFFC was adapted into season 4, so your next point is also wrong. Material from AFFC/ADWD was adapted throughout seasons 4,5, and 6. Of course, they still cut a lot of material, but most of it was filler and bloat. 8 seasons and 73 episodes isn't rushing by any stretch of the imagination. Remember, it was Martin that failed to provide D&D with adequate material, so they were forced to forge their own path. How would delaying GOT a year have helped? Martin still wouldn't have released Winds of Winter, so they would have had to diverge from the source material anyway. Martin couldn't work the five year gap in the books, so why do you think D&D could make it work in their show? Dance and Feast simply do not have enough proper material to create two full seasons.
  4. Dragon in the North

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Daredevil’s been canceled: https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2018/11/daredevil-canceled-netflix-3-seasons-1202511521/amp/
  5. Dragon in the North

    R,I.P. Thread

    RIP Stan Lee https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/stan-lee-marvel-comics-legend-721450
  6. Dragon in the North

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Based on those interviews, it seems that D&D are working towards an ending that Martin gave them, though Martin may change his mind and go a different direction. To be honest, I don’t really care. I’m sure I’all be perfectly content with the show’s ending. As for the books, I’ll read them regardless when/if they come out.
  7. Dragon in the North

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    The general consensus is that the ending is the same, but the journey is different. Besides, some people don’t like speaking in absolutes. I always say “I think” even when I’m 99% sure just to leave myself some wiggle room.
  8. Dragon in the North

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Fair enough
  9. Dragon in the North

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Uh, no. Both Show Dorne and Book Dorne failed in every possible way. The only difference is the show knew when to cut their losses.
  10. Dragon in the North

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Yes, he had two. The first was to marry Arianne to Viserys. The second was to marry Quentyn to Danerys. Both failed miserably because Doran is an idiot.
  11. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Yeah, you’re both right. I guess I’m overthinking Saul’s line from BB. It wouldn’t be too hard for Vince Gillen to kill Lalo off without Saul learning about it.
  12. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Oh yeah, that’s true. Maybe he died offscreen at the pool party.
  13. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    In Breaking Bad, doesn’t Saul say, “Lalo didn’t send you,” indicating he’s still alive?
  14. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Man, what a waste of a season. Forget about winning, I don’t think BCS even deserves to be nominated for an Emmy. Odenkirk does, though. He had several great scenes these past few episodes. Perhaps Seehorn, as well, but it depends on performances from other actresses.
  15. Dragon in the North

    Unpopular opinions

    Some people prefer characters that they can relate to. Likability plays a big part of that.
  16. Dragon in the North

    Best Season Ending

    Season 6 was my favorite ending.
  17. Dragon in the North

    Dark Phoenix -- the FoX-Men finale

    It’s been delayed again
  18. Dragon in the North

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    For starters, The Winds of Winter is probably my favorite episode of any television show ever, so there’s that. The Battle of the Bastards was an amazing episode as well. Some other plot points I loved were the Night’s Watch standoff, Jaime’s siege of Riverrun, Walder Frey’s return, the Hound’s return, Sansa and Jon visiting the northern lords, Theon reuniting with Yara, Arya’s training and her conversations with Lady Crane, Tyrion visiting the dragons and his negotiations with the slavers, Danerys taking over the khalasar, the siege of Meereen, the High Sparrow’s rise and fall from power, Tarly family dinner, and Bran’s training/ the attack on the cave. Overall, I would say my only true disappointments were Euron’s portrayal, though felt he was much better in season 7, and Arya’s stabbing.
  19. Dragon in the North

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    Season 6 was my second favorite season of the series.
  20. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    I think what the workers really need is to get laid.
  21. Dragon in the North

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    It was an ok episode. I’m still bored with Mike’s storyline, but Kim and Jimmy’s storyline seems to finally be ramping up. At first, I thought the church scam was ridiculous and would never really work, but then I thought about it and realized that Huell’s case really wasn’t that big and probably wasn’t worth the potential hassle, so I can strain belief on that one. I liked the result of it, anyway, and how Kim is now adopting Jimmy’s bad habits. I can’t help but feel that this may be Kim’s final season in a starring capacity.
  22. Dragon in the North

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    Well, I certainly haven't seen any evidence that proves your point. The fact that the Emmy voters keep changing which actors to vote for proves my point and contradicts yours. They didn't vote for these men because their show is the most popular, they voted for them because, in their opinion, they gave the best performance that year. The Big Bang Theory is still one of the most popular comedies on tv right now, so people didn't move on, Emmy voters did. Again, this is evidence that Emmy voters are basing their votes off of their opinions, and nothing more. Otherwise, The Big Bang Theory would continue to be nominated. No need to apologize for having a conflicting opinion. I have bias as well. Yes, I agree with all of your points about what makes "START" such an amazing hour of television. However, the flaws I mentioned still stand for me, especially my disappointment that Yes, battle episodes in GOT are written very well, but it's really the technical aspects that would have elevated it above The Americans finale rather than the written ones, which is why I left it off my list. I loved how the other episodes on my list were written and fully believe they contain some of the best written scenes on television, but that's just me.
  23. Dragon in the North

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    Oh, I disagree. "START" was an amazing episode, no doubt about that, and I believe it was better written than every episode of season 7 of GOT, but there were some flaws. The Americans finale spoilers: There are several GOT episodes that I believe are just as well written or maybe even a little better than "START" such as, Baelor, The Laws of Gods and Men, Mockingbird, Two Swords, The Children, The Winds of Winter, The Broken Man, possibly a few more. I assume you are speaking strictly on writing so I left out the big battle episodes.
  24. Dragon in the North

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    I see this every year. Some people say Emmy voters only vote for those shows that are the most popular, others say that the Emmy voters take bribes, etc. There's always some excuse as to why someone's favorite show doesn't win. It never holds up. This year, for instance. Let's say that GOT only won because "thousands of members" didn't bother watching The Americans, how did Matthew Rhys get the votes necessary to win Best Actor? If Emmy voters engage in sheep mentality and only vote for the most popular shows/actors, why didn't Sterling K. Brown win again? Why didn't the Handsmaid's Tale sweep the awards again this year? Why did GOT lose in directing and writing? Why has The Big Bang Theory stopped receiving nominations. I mean, your explanation doesn't make sense. It has never made sense. There's not a shred of evidence that this is how the Emmy voting system works. Quality is subjective, so the Emmy voters are only giving their opinions when they vote for a particular show. GOT winning doesn't mean that it's better than The Americans, it only means that the Emmy voters think it's better.
  25. Dragon in the North

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    This isn’t an unusual occurrence after an Emmy show. People always have expressed their disappointment if their favorite show didn’t win. I actually agree that Peter Dinklage didn’t have much competition this year, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve the win. I, for one, really enjoyed his performance this year and thought he was amazing in his reunions with Jon, Jaime, and Cersei. His expression at the dying Lannister soldiers in Spoils of War was very well done as well. His performance in season 7 was definitely much better than his performance in seasons 5 and 6. I don’t quite understand what you mean about the best drama award. Should the Emmy voters simply pick a random show just to be different, or should they choose the series they believe put on the best show that year? For the record, even though GOT didn’t win as many Emmys this year as they did the last time they were eligible, I am glad that other shows/performers had their chance to shine. I simply don’t begrudge GOT for the awards they did win.