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  1. Since there are people who actively try to avoid the spoiler chapters, I think it unfair if they come across this info accidentally. I've looked at the Aegon page and definitely think it would benefit from being two separate pages - although I'm not sure how you title them. Either that or it needs a complete rethink. The format just seems somewhat cluttered and disorganised. I'll have a think about how to change a=it and come back with my ideas. The thing is, every single page has TWOW spoilers.
  2. It's sort of because a wiki format makes it much easier to see the arguments, refutations, and rebuttals than reading an entire thread.
  3. Yes, there should be criteria on which theories are accepted or not. For instance, HR=HS is widely considered a crackpot but as it is (in)famous and believed to be true by many posters, it should be included IMO. But Tywin=Dusky Woman is obviously a joke that should not be included. So where do we draw the line? Should we include Benjen=Daario? What about theories that are confirmed to be wrong but are still believed by many, like Fire-resistant Targaryens or R+L=J+D?
  4. No, because WMF wikis are all about facts and education, not theories.
  5. Can't think of a good one. It needs to be a simple but controversial theory.
  6. The current way the theories are organized on the wiki are, to be frank, bad. I propose that we change theory articles to this format: -Theory: Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna -Theory: Howland Reed is the High Sparrow This is how things are done in most wikis, such as WP (where there is Wikipedia:blah or Help:blah), WT (Thesaurus: Blah, Wiktionary: Blah), and indeed the vast majority of wikis. And change the content to 1. Introduction 2. Argument for Refutation Rebuttal 3. Another argument for Refutation Rebuttal 4. Argument against Refutation Rebuttal 5. Another argument against Refutation Rebuttal 6. Unanswered Questions
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