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  1. Question about the name "The Red Wedding." Is that a term from the books, or was it dubbed that by fans (a la Purple Wedding, UnCat, etc.)?
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    READ FIRST: Rules

    Great idea, thanks!
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    READ FIRST: Rules

    This seems to be a common problem, mostly due to the lack of a functioning search feature. Is this disabled on purpose, or is it part of an update or something? It has been down for a while now. It also hampers the "My Content" feature.
  4. This appears to be true. What I would like is a way to subscribe to HBO only. Going through cable providers is not the way to do that, however (they would never let me pick and choose what programming I want in a package, not to mention subscribing to only one channel). I would gladly pay for an online version though (HBO GO). My current options right now for watching the show (I am in the U.S.) are to download illegally (which I don't want to do, for multiple reasons) or to make friends with somebody that has HBO and hang out with them every Sunday night. Anybody got any other ideas?
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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='Auburn Dragon' post='1617807' date='Dec 12 2008, 19.26']Even if the actors who come out on top in the polls aren't the actors selected, I think that polls offer important insight into what the fans are looking for in the character. Just listing the suggestions alone implies that an actor suggestion that most of the board disagrees with gets equal consideration with one that is universally liked. To illustrate this point, I could recommend Orlando Bloom for every role in the pilot and make a stink if Adelle didn't include them in the index. He would then be listed for every character, with no indication to D & D that all fans hate Orlando Bloom, and would enjoy him on the show only if his role were "head on pike #3". That is not to say that they will think he is right for the role-- but without spending hundreds of hours reading every post, there is no way for them to know whether or not he is legitimately what the fans envision as any given character. By including polls it will give D & D a sense of which actors and looks the majority of fans (who are board members) want to see in each role. At the very least it will offer some sort of ranked preference among actors suggested for roles (for some characters there are more than 20), and imply some sort of group preference where there is a large disjuncture between the look of suggested actors.[/quote] Seconded, you make a great point. I see it more of a survey rather than an election. Not that us fans would be able to decide who will play the part, but more for D & D to get an idea of what the general preferences are.