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    This book is quite boring....

    I read all books before that in 2 months too, but then I took a whole month to read AFFC. Luckily DWD stepped up a notch too. I have to say though, there were some standout chapters (Irion Island chapters)
  2. Vlaars

    Is Melisandre scared of Patchface?

    Some random crackpot theories I've came up with, but this is pretty weird. I doubt it has anything to do with Ser Richard Lonmouth (or his house), but it's a coincidence. There's a House called House Lonmouth. It's coat of arms is a checkered shield with red lips and skulls on it. This is linked directly to the quote and, very strangely, it is covered in a motley pattern (of black and yellow). Patchface has a face painted in motley too. Now, Ser Richard Lonmouth was a squire to Prince Rhaegar and was at the Harrenhal Tourney. No one really know what happened to him. Perhaps he died? Or was he exiled/escaped and found by Steffon Baratheon? Anyway, I think Melisandres is scared of him. And she should be. He seems like a simpleton but he's obviously seen some stuff or has changed for the worse, but for what reason/what did he see? I have a feeling Patchface will play a large role in revealing some huge twist.
  3. Vlaars

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    I would bend the knee to Stannis, since he is actally the rightful heir, but I don't think I could cope with the amount of R'hllor followers; so I ain't bending nothing for Stannis. It would have to be Robb. He was raised well by a good father, knows how to fight battles and is, in my opinion, fighting for the good of the realm. As for Dany, no. I hate Targaryens. Mance is epic, but I prefer Robb. Lord Beric once again is a fervent believer of R'hllor so no. I also don't like the idea of sleeping in caves. Joffrey is just a general B****. Balons a bad***. He's that guy who does what he wants, but I wouldn't fit in with the lifestyle of Balon, nor would he be a great king.