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  1. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Exactly. It was the tyranny of Aerys and Rhaegar that started the rebellion. A better name for Robert's Rebellion would be The War of Westerosi Liberation, or The Lord-Paramounts Uprising.
  2. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    He's like Paris of Troy, only without an annoying older brother to kill his buzz. "Can you be the man who carried off a beautiful woman from a distant land and warlike family, to be a curse to your father, to the city, and to the whole people? Are you too cowardly to stand up to the brave man whom you wronged? You will soon find out the kind of fighter he is whose lovely wife you stole." -Hector of Troy Ugh, nothing ruins the romance of a Star-Crossed Ship like a sibling who thinks too much!
  3. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Well why didn't you say so? And here I was worried about unimportant things like Jory Cassel growing up without a dad, Barbary Dustin never seeing her beloved again, the Glovers losing Ethan, the Wulls losing Theo, the Ryswell's losing gentle Mark, Jon Arryn losing his cousin Denys, the Martells losing Lewyn, Elia being brutally murdered through no fault of her own, her two children being murdered through no fault of their own, Brandon dying because of an attempt to save his sister Taken Style, Rickard burning alive for having the gall to expect an actual trial-by-combat, the people of Kings Landing being massacred, untold tens of thousands of peasant smallfolk dying, and causing bitter rivalries between families that once-upon-a-time were steadfast allies. Clearly Silver Hair (caused by excessive inbreeding), being a Good Jouster (expecally against people loyal enough to throw the match and let him win), having purple eyes (again, inbreeding), and good with a harp (though he's probably not as good as Tom O Sevenstrings) make up for causing such widespread destruction and chaos.
  4. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Yep, it bugs me how many people ignore the fact that Rhaegar was a horrible human being.
  5. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Do you think Viserys would have risked losing his crown over a hook up? If not, then that's one quality he has over Rhaegar. In any case Viserys was not shown to be aroused by torture or obsessed with fire; having a bad temper does not make someone the next Aerys. Being able to keep a child alive for 13 years of desperate poverty shows that he knows how to manage money (at least on a small scale), which is a good skill for a king to have. While his mental instability would have prevented Viserys from being a great king, he had it in him to be an ok king. Robert was a dysfunctional drunk, but that does not necessarily make him a bad king. He mostly stayed out of the way and left things in the hands of the competent Jon Arryn, and as a result the realm was at peace for most of his fifteen year reign. When he was needed, he answered the call and crushed the Savage Ironborn under heel. He didn't legitimize all his bastards like Ageon IV Targaryen, he didn't use slave labor to construct impractically elaborate building projects like Harren Hoare, and he didn't feed any of his siblings to an animal like Ageon II. Compared to both of these people we have Rhaegar, who didn't even wait to be king before pissing off 4 of the 7 Lord Paramounts, causing a bad civil war, hiding in Dorne during most of it, and overestimating his battlefield strategy abilities during a critical battle. He doomed himself to never become a king, but he died having earned the proud title of "family fuck-up".
  6. TimJames

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Rhaegar was reckless, irresponsible, and probably mad. He's not fit to reign over a sandwich, let alone Seven Kingdoms. Even Viserys in his Begger-King years would make a better king than Rhaegar; at least Viserys kept himself focused on his goal instead of getting side-tracked.