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  1. Told ya all yesterday. Sansa is so deeply rooted in the North, she actually got the pattern of the Weirwood tree sawn into her dress.
  2. Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell and will be. She is now deeply rooted there and will protect the North‘s interests no matter what. Actually - Dany was convinced and ready to do anything to get the IT and Sansa is exactly as convinced and stubborn and pledges her entire being into one goal, to secure WF and the North. The two of them have different agendas, one an offensive and the other a defensive, but they are equally set onto achieving this.
  3. rayarts

    Bran's Final Purpose

    Tyrion: You are the Lord of Winterfell, you should sit on the throne. Bran: I do not want to sit on a throne. .... Varys: We need someone who does not want the throne. —> Conclusion: Since every human on the throne got corrupted by their desires one way or another, it will seem the best choice to choose someone who literally „do not want anymore“(Bran). I know - I hate that, but thats gonna be it. They will put an empty shell, a not-human, a puppet on the throne. That does not make sense, since in reality no folks would follow someone like that. On the other hand: What folks, they all burnt.
  4. rayarts

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Seriously. Before this Dany never killed an innocent person. She killed those who were cruel themselves and/or acted against her. I ask you - what else did Tywin do? What did Littlefinger do? What did Ramsay do? And what - wtf - did Cersei do??? Cersei actually blew up the equivalent of the Peter‘s Dome with the Pope in it and hundreds if not a few thousand ppl. Her own damn people. She tortured and murdered ruthlessly. So how the hell should Danys behaviour before the Bells be so extraordinarily outstanding cruel and mad compared to these villains‘ doings? It does not. Dany was forceful but not even close to the ruthlessness and sadistic doings of the rest. And now she just got nuts and threw everything out of the window. Fine. But do not give me the crap that she showed signs of this before. Because there were others who did way more.
  5. rayarts

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Yeah, great. So they can shoot and cut great battle scenes. But you know what? A great show surprises its audience. Every single thing in this episode I (and many others) predicted at least 5 episodes ago. Where are the twists??? Plotwise it has become a hot mess/snooze fest. I don't care how good their equipment is. I don't need another Braveheart or LotR-Battle. I WANT A GREAT UNPREDICTABLE INTELLIGENT STORY
  6. rayarts

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    For me, it's basically Rhaegar or Bob - and yeah, I'd prefer Rhaegar. Whatever that would have meant for following events, I don't care, Asoiaf is a world of chaos, anyway
  7. rayarts

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I wonder whether the whole Loras' sexuality will play a bigger part here than in the books, cause in the books it was no big deal, but here it is and so far we haven't seen Cersei take any action against Margaery. So far it is really hard to detect where the producers take it from here, but I smell differences coming up. Cant wait cant wait cant wait