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  1. I too remember being a bit nonplussed by Dylan's win but, on reflection, once you delve into his lyrics and listen/read to the quality he has put out over decades, it seems to me a perfectly deserved win. I'd be happy for the prize to be awarded to Rushdie or Ngugi. Or course, my true wish is McCarthy wins it, but exceedingly unlikely. I cannot truly connect with Chinese writers. Mo Yan and Gao Xingjiang are both writers I have been through out of obligation rather than anything else. I believe that is due to an inherent difficulty translating Chinese to English (I cannot read pinyin); more gets lost than in other translations making the translated work inferior to the original.
  2. What is ridiculous is you constantly repeating this even though I'm sure you know it's not true. Plenty of people have turned against the show because they think it's a poor one. I resent this implication that the only people who could possibly dislike RoP do so due to nefarious, ulterior motives.
  3. Not a guy though. Or the actor isn't at least. 'The Dweller' is played by actress Bridie Sisson.
  4. It's funny how we watch the very same things yet see them so differently. Arondir's battle had zero stakes as we all know, you too I'm sure, not only how it would end but *exactly* how. This show is so cliche-ridden I don't think the writers deserve a salary. I have disliked the Southlands story from the start. It's basically a cheap romance (and a terribly poor use of Cruz-Cordova). Anyway, the subsequent cavalry charge that we've seen a thousand times before is so predictable and also so entirely implausible. At this stage I cannot recognize anything Tolkien in this show, really, other than them using names from his works. It's a brash fantasy melodrama of mediocre quality. Quite where all the money has gone I don't understand either. Everything feels so small-scale.
  5. It really doesn't. It would barely work on CW. I agree there is even worse writing than that.
  6. Well, Elves in this show appear to me as wholly human, just with added pointy ears. They do seem impoverished, the poor bastards, only having one set of clothes each, so I suppose some allowances need to be made. And when it comes to Gil-galad, I just don't know what to say. We have junior supervisors at my firm with more gravitas than he has. Though that goes for most Amazon Elves.
  7. That infamous 4chan leak does seem to be pretty spot on so far and it also names Sauron:
  8. What the actual fuck? The entire elven race will perish without mithril? And "by spring" to boot! And Numenor is rescuing Middle-earth with three ships and 300 men?
  9. You make a good case and I can live with her single-minded obsession with Sauron. As well as a deep-seated anger fueling that fixation (not that she has to be angry at everyone, at all times though). Galadriel being stupid and simple, however, is where I draw the line.
  10. Maybe this is now a case of you doing the projecting? For a scene you think is so trivial you've spent an inordinate amount of time defending it. Even if you were to concede that scene was silly, it doesn't turn you into a republican, you know.
  11. OK. I don't do social media so don't really pick up on those things. I just mean that Galadriel should be an enormously impressive character. How old is she here? Several thousand years at least. I expect immense gravitas and wisdom from her and none of that is on offer.
  12. I'm not sure what her gender has to do with it although I suppose you are free to make it about that. Do you think she has the demeanor and likely behavior of a centuries-old being? I think she comes across as astonishingly immature for her age. And I'd say the same if it were a 50-year old human - male or female.
  13. No objections to that, really, but if the show wanted us to believe in this Galadriel, the uber-uber elf, they have made a mistake in the casting. P.S. I don't blame the actress for her centuries-old character behaving like a snubbed teenager all the time; that must be on the showrunners.
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