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  1. Well, catching up on this thread has certainly spoiled my day. My ambition now is to avoid the show altogether but I fear when the time comes, I'll succumb and, almost certainly, get much more upset.
  2. Against my better judgement, I really do enjoy Yellowstone and finished season 4 a while back. It's ludicrous, over the top, and completely unbelievable. Lots of compelling characters and a very strong cast, filled with manly-men and tough-as-nail women. Unless you are from out-of-state, in which case you are a wimp. I did read somewhere it's been called Succession for red-state America. I can see how an argument can be crafted if you are so inliced but I think it's unfair. Or, if it is, then it is for old school, small-c conservative, red-state America. PS. I did not know that Tyler Sheridan was that handy with horses (I actually had to look it up to confirm it really was him). Impressive.
  3. Marco's end is one of the few things that annoyed me in both book and show. Too quick, too easy. No time for the fact he has lost to sink in. Most unsatisfying.
  4. EW interview with Naren Shankar. I chose to believe in a continuation based on that. The Expanse showrunner answers series finale burning questions
  5. Happy they stuck the landing and I will really miss this show. It ended well but it somehow seems inconceivable there won't be a continuation of some sort.
  6. Just noticed a Ray Donovan film is out. I had no idea one was even in the making. Anyone seen it and, if so, is it a worthwhile effort? I liked the show but last couple of seasons weren't great.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Great, great TV. Probably the best show I've seen since Chernobyl.
  8. The show is great. Outstanding even. It's very much an adaptation, though, so some significant changes from the source material but, to my mind, it's done exceedingly well.
  9. Why wouldn't they? Due to the wages? If he is successful, the negotiated buy-out clause is supposed to be £35-40m which is hardly an obstacle. Seems a good deal for Villa. Try-before-you-buy and pay less than 50% of his current wages.
  10. Yeah, it's gets more and more pulpy but it's a guilty pleasure of mine, I can't help it. Men are men, and tough as nails. Women are women, and also tough as nails. They sure breed 'em differently up there in Montana. Anyone seen the prequel, 1883?
  11. "Live shamed, and die empty". Loved it so much I kept rewinding.
  12. I keep seeing this here and elsewhere. Does Moiraine die in the books? I'm asking because it seems strange she'd be killed off when Rafe has bascially said Moirane and Lan are the main protagonists of his show (as opposed to in the books). This is also the reason for her stilling; creating a S02 storyline that is not in the books. I.e. the examination of what the stilling does to M&L's relationship and so forth.
  13. Mmm. Maybe the showrunners are onto something when trying to distribute the great deeds more evenly across the cast, after all. I would not want to watch some sort of Mary Sue* fantasy-fantasy. * or whatever the male equivalent is.
  14. Who are the showrunners for this? What have they done before? I suppose what I'm asking is whether optimism or pessimism is called for?
  15. I think you are right. It's the battle scenes and the fact none of them make any sense that really has me bothered. The other stuff I can kind of live with (except for Moiraine's "tell"). This is also symptomatic of the show as a whole. Much of it *does* work but the the writers keep letting themselves down for no good reason. I just don't understand it. We are left with a show that, in my mind, is OK-ish (good enough for me to watch season 2) but that, with frankly very little work, could have been really quite good.
  16. I agree about Perrin and Egwene but I think Rand is alright. Nynaeve is great which is astonishing really given some of the dreadful lines they've forced on her, but it is clear the show is putting a heavy burden on Moiraine and Lan to carry it going forward.
  17. I am bit confused about the power scaling so far. Rand needed a figurine to kill(?) Ishamael and he is supposed to be orders of magnitude more powerful than any other channeler if I've understood it correctly. Yet 5 Aes Sedai nukes an entire trolloc army in a few seconds. Completely obliterates it. I grant that Egwene and Nynaeve are very powerful too but this is godlike powers. It seems too much. And Rand's seem too little. I'm not quite sure why armies or soldiers even exist if any little band of Aes Sedai can take them out wholesale. Why don't the Aes Sedai rule the world completely?
  18. I should probably rewatch this episode because it felt like a lot of things happening because the show required them to happen. A bit of a mess. Or possibly me not being quick enough on the uptake. Anyway, with the first season wrapped up: Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve and Rand are all characters I'd like to see more of. Not so Egwene and definitely not Perrin. I would like them to instill some sense of scale to the show and improve the production (lighting!) values and get someone to sort out the costume desing. Lastly, a show starring Lews Therin and Ishamael... now that is a show I want to watch. Only Moiraine brings comparable charisma.
  19. Not as laughable as their studded ships or their decision to tsunami an empty beach.
  20. Frankly, I have zero sympathy. Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd are given such huge advantages by the referees, in every game, it is just not an even playing field. And why is time wasting somehow worse than endlessly diving for penalties (and getting them!)? When these four clubs get a penalty they have somehow "won" that penalty by being "clever" or through "contact", no matter how tenous, or imaginary, the "contact". If other clubs dare to do the same, they are immediately accused of cheating by the pundit machine. It's nonsense and just another result of the whole Sky shit and gloryhunting, global TV audiences (as opposed to the delightfully insulting term 'legacy' supporters) where the only thing that matters is making sure the brands at the top are successful. Referees are only human, it's impossible for them not to be affected by this relentless media focus and the resulting, unavoidable bias is played out on the field every weekend, for everyone to see.
  21. I know what you mean but did you watch that video Ran posted? It's less about good/bad lighting but type of lighting and the ramifications of that choice. It did make sense to me and explained the misgivings I shared but, because I know nothing about the subject, could not articulate.
  22. It's funny because I finished that episode thinking it was, on the whole, quite good. Then I come on here and I start to think maybe it wasn't I thought the initial fight sequence was well done but also overdone - that was pure superhero stuff and there is no need for it - but hey ho, you know. The Ways looked like the set it was though I was wondering when the Balrog would appear. I really did not like the love triangle or the silly stand-off between Rand and Perrin. But most of all I don't think I can stand any more of Perrin's mopey face. He needs to come up with a different facial expression sometime soon. He is so dull. I had no problem with the Rand reveal despite some hand-weaving being required. It's just the price we had to pay for them introducing it as a mystery. Also thought the actor did well so hopefully he can step up into a more central role without too much problem. Fine with Lan and Nynaeve as well but maybe that is because I think they are both convincing characters even if they are very different perhaps from the books. I wouldn't know. It does not come naturally to me, but I will try to adopt an approach similar to karaddin's because if I want to find fault with the show it's just too easy. But here I am still kind of enjoying it so it must have something going for it.
  23. Connor could not be party to that. It was a stipulation in Logan’s divorce agreement with Caroline that allowed the other three to overrule via supermajority. If it had stood, that is.
  24. Fair enough and fits with what karaddin said too. Nothing to do with the show, but I think I might have been triggered (hah!) by the implication that stoicism itself is inherently toxic. I would disagree with that. There is a time and place for everything but I certainly acknowledge that not dealing with severe trauma post-op demonstrably leads to poor outcomes.
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