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  1. I don't believe one minute it's a question of money. It's doing the things he enjoys. And finishing ASoIaF has become extremely complex and difficult. But Yeah, ASoIaF without his end, is like LOTR without ROTK.
  2. Mostly a wild guess. There is something Lovecraft in GRRM's universe and ASoIaF. Worshipers of a stone/god fallen from the sky, creatures from the deeps of the sea, breeding with humans, necromancers... Some readers believe all this is garbage to populate the maps and ridicule maesters. But the Seastone Chair is made of the same Oily black stone than Asshai by the Shadow, Yeen or the Toad Stone. All near or connected to the sea. The places Euron would visit. There has been plenty of warmongers in Westeros. But those sitting the Seastone Chair had more than their share of it. As it seems. In all known Planetos, the places with the Oily stone are the worst. So I'm wondering if the ones living near the Seastone Chair are not suffering from its influence. Some readers also believe the gods do not exist. And every magic is done by powerful wizards. I don't think so. There are otherworldly creatures, the Others, the dragons. But are the dragons not hybrids of Firewyrms and natural Wyverns? And the mysterious Shadows of Asshai. Others are barely unnatural, like the CotF. As it seems, the humans have only very specific and limited powers by themselves. Granted either (or both) by blood shared with the CotF (or maybe dragons for the valyrian dragon lords) and excedingly rare talent. Mind transfer to other bodies and prophetic dreams. But everything big, like resurrection or death saving, healing is done by invoking the assistance of something supernatural. And this assistance is not cheap. So if Euron is that powerful, as I believe he is, he must have assistance from something. And these things seem to work more for themselves than for the invocator pleasure. So why I'm guessing Euron is either possessed by something, or is nothing but the slave of some power seeking dominance of the World. As in Lovecraft stories if I'm correct. The concept of possession is not foreign to ASoIaF. The skin changers, the wights. So it would not be out of style to have Euron possessed. The story could do without. Maybe Euron is just a fool. Or he could do a lot with luck and the little power he has. But the other question is: Where could he have learned so much by himself? Or why such wizard so powerful would care to teach him rather than crush him? How could he be threatened by puny Euron?
  3. I didn't say I didn't like Alayne chapters. I don't see where the Vale and Dorme are going. But I'm interested. Victarion, Barristan, Tyrion released chapters are excerpts, not full chapters. Victarion had a longer reading at Miscon 2012. I don't think the battles will have lengthy chapters. None had so far, the Blackwater (mostly 2 Davos and Tyrion chapters), the Wall, Robb conquest, the Riverlands rampage. GRRM is all in preparation and aftermath. I'm not a fan of battle packed books. For me AFFC and ADWD were as good, if not better, than the previous 3.
  4. Books 4 & 5 were moving characters, having them experience things that redefine them. Drawing the background of the Ice & Fire war. What would have been the five years gap. The pace should accelerate. Ok, not with Arianne or Sansa preview chapters (but they are old chapters). The Frosaken was different. Victarion too.
  5. Storylines can end abruptly. Ask, Ned, Robb, Tywin, even Joffrey. Their end was not rushed. It was great moments, logical. I think ASoIaF can end in two books.
  6. He doesn't want anyone to write in his universe. Or to finish the story for him. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin rules out sharing Westeros Whether he wants or not, there will be an end, if not by him. So if it happens, better he leaves as much material as possible. So it is not as HBO did it, but as he wanted it.
  7. Mereen/Dothraki sea I think Dany will be sent to Vaes Dothrak, to the dosh khaleen. Against her will. But somehow she will fulfill the "naked crones, kneeling shivering before her" vision. The Dothrakis only bow to force and promise of rampage. I don't think one dragon would be enough to cow them. Maybe the crones will acknowledge her as the Stallion. Or they will follow her on promise of Fire and Blood. Anyways, they will not follow her for freeing slaves and protecting the weak. I don't think she will return to slavers' Bay in time to win the battle. Barristan and Yunkai forces will mostly annihilate each other, helped by the Pale Mare. Victarion and Moqorro will bind the remaining dragon and finish the battle. With the sell swords left and the slavers defeated at Meereen, Volantis slaves will rebel and burn the city. Before or after Dany return to Meereen and the mercenaries join her forces. Between Ironborn and Volanteen, Dany will have enough ships to return to Westeros. Meereen and the Slaver Bay is decimated. No need either to stop at Volantis for a battle and conquest. The North Manderly will betray the Freys. And holes in the frozen lake. Stannis remaining forces will disguise as victorious Freys. Maybe with Stannis an apparent prisoner. Doing so, they will gain access inside Winterfell and surprise attack the Boltons not ready for battle. More or less the same trick Ramsay used to win Winterfell. Inside the "mummer show" will end. Many of the Northmen, Lady Dustin at their head will be revealed as part of the conspiracy. Ramsey will use the confusion to kill his father and flee. Davos will find Rickon at Skagos. With Benjen. Rescued and sent there by Coldhands and BR. Probably Benjen who collected Rickon at White Harbor. Rickon will become Lord of Winterfell. The Wall and beyond Jon Snow is dead and returned to life. Or not exactly life. I don't think Melisandre will do it. Anyway, something changed. I'm not sure he will be a POV and we will know what he is thinking. The Night Watch is ended and the Wall is in the hands of the Free Folk. Jon still leads them. But if he goes somewhere, it ill be North, to meet the Others or something that can help. The Vale Sansa will marry Harold. Not a happy marriage. Not sure he and Sweet Robin will live long. I don't think LF will see the end of the book either. Sansa would finally have the ruling of the Vale, as Ned's and Cat's daughter. In defiance of Cersei. Faegon Aegon is Illrio's son. But neither he nor Jon Con know it. After a quick and clean conquest of the Stormlands, he will have Dorne's support, thanks to Arianne and the Sand Snakes rushing Doran precautions. He will also gain the support of the Faith and everyone's discontent of Cersei. She will finally have Maergery's head. Tommen will be dead, poisoned by Varys. The Tyrell will have no other choice than siding with Faegon. I don't know how, but I believe Cersei will still hold KL at the end of the book, with Myrcella queen. She will hold it until Dany is there. Someway, Jon Con will also spread Gray Scale. Euron Euron is one big enemy. The other major player with BR. I believe in his far voyages he got possessed by an evil like there are in Asshai and beyond or Sothoryos. He is not the old Euron. Not to be confused with the other Greyjoys and ironborn losers. I believe he is playing another side than the Ice (Old Gods or the Others) and Fire (R'hllor, Shadows and Red Priests).
  8. Jon after. He can't be the same. Euron. What the Others want, will do.
  9. And to kill the "Stallion Who Mounts the World" before it started. Saving uncounted millions of lives.
  10. There yes, absolutely. He is the best swordsman, god of the battle field. Arrogant, everything, in this sphere where the better wins. No rule other than the sword during combat. Combat is where he is his own master, free. Where nothing else matter. But Cersei dominated sexually or otherwise? Never! IMO she plays a role. She is ashamed, maybe unconsciously, by her relationship with Jaime. So she imagines he controls her, force her. It's part of their lovegame. She plays the victim, to put the shame on him. But she could stop things anytime she want.
  11. Yes. Most people in GRRM story are not really bad. They turn bad because something happens to them. While other resist hardship. But I believe Cersei was born bad. Like a few others, Ramsay, Walder Frey ... in a weaker way. She was dominative, alpha Jaime was shaped in the underdog, the subservient. Strong only with his sword. Jaime was loving his sister, loving his little brother, despite his sister and father. Jaime is vulnerable to those he loves. I like him for that. And for "fuck my honor".
  12. Not a psychologist. Should ask Ramsay. But I think there are things about manipulating people, especially young children. Yes, pushing Bran was a violation of the Guest Right. I don't remember everything he did. But most were no worse than killing a ward if the father breaks his oath. Another one of my "unconventional". Oaths and honor are bad more often than not. You swear to something, believing it's something grand. And then you discover you've been cheated. You served the father who was OK, but the son is mad, or a monster. Or you discover the goal of your master is not yours. And because you or your ancestors bent the knee to save their skin and their people, you have to obey monsters. Oath = Slavery. Only slaves are bound for life and their children too. Or like Barristan, it gives you excuse to stand still while a man abuse his wife. Volunteer to be Aerys' slave. Jaime was one of the few who questioned it. He forsworn his honor to save innocents. Cat was one of the few to had it right with Brienne: I vow that you shall always have a place by my hearth and meat and mead at my table, and pledge to ask no service of you that might bring you into dishonor. I swear it by the old gods and the new. ... When the time comes, I will not hold you back.
  13. One point I believe I'm "unconventional" is in thinking Jaime is Cersei's victim. She dominated him. She schemed for him to be KG. She killed a girl who wanted to marry him. How many others did she deter? She ruined his life. "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Tyrion was Tywin's killer because Tywin let, encouraged, his other children, even Joffrey, to abuse Tyrion. Jaime will also be the one swinging the sword for Cersei. The only thing changed is, he is no more doing Cersei's dirty work. Exactly
  14. There are quite a few of these unconventional opinions I'm sharing. Most important for me: The Others are demons, angels of Death. They will not be defeated in a great battle. They are invincible. Humankind may survive only by getting rid of its evils: greed, evil magic and worshiping of other gods like R'hllor and its creature like dragons and Shadows. Rhaegar was driven by his prophecy. BR was already in business and was watching, influencing Lyanna. R+L=J was as much hers and BR ,than Rhaegar's. The prophecies and gods are basements of ASoIaF. The conflict between Westeros great houses for the IT was just the last of the petty wars. The things that matter happen after.
  15. when Dontos says "He choked on his pigeon pie", he doesn't mean he believes the pie was poisoned. Only that, according to all appearances, he choked on his pie. Appearances, as he also says "No murder". Cressen experience suggests the strangler is best melt in wine (taste, color, whatever). If the poison was in the pie, it was meant for Tyrion. It's unlikely someone, Oberyn in particular, would start his revenge by poisoning him. Even Balon Swann says it, "No one was watching the wine cup". A servant could come and refill the cup, no one would notice. Maybe Lady Olenna was truly expecting to leave the next day with Sansa. But is was unlikely Joffrey drank the poison and eat the pie at the same time. And that it passes for an accident. That Tyrion and Sansa would not be accused. I rather believe it was all LF plan to bring chaos. That he planned to spirit out Sansa is a hint. It even contributed to the suspicions against them. Was Lady Olenna part of it? Possibly, but I don't think she knew of LF plans for Sansa.
  16. I don't think Bran will leave the cave. Like BR, only by fusing with a weirwood can he become a full greenseer. Maybe become one with the old gods. Alone he will have a short life, shorter than most. No more abilities than the ghost of High Heart (and warging for what it's worth). I don't know how Jon will come back to life. But it doesn't mean BR, Bran and the old gods will not have a hand in it. Melissandre and her god R'hllor, may revive him. If Jon is AAR. They may sacrifice Shireen. But she has the Grey Scale and IMO, as Val hinted, she has to contaminate someone, Selyse possibly, before being burned.
  17. I don't think he did much between the 150 something pages he had at the end of ADWD and early 2015. He never had time enough to write something useful. And 4 years after... Yes, but he was shaping 2 books, the end of a very very complex story. Not too long IMHO. And he was still having other projects. Yeah. I don't know how long the virus will last. I'm not sure it will pen GRRM long enough to finish Winds. I don't think he would change something because the show spoiled it. Or the show used his story and it didn't work. They made changes. It didn't work. But it wasn't GRRM's and he doesn't have to make changes himself. It's just he had new ideas along the way.
  18. In 2015 GRRM was under the pressure to release TWOW before season 6. It was probably pushing him to write a story he was not fully satisfied with. The deadline missed, the pressure gone, I suppose he discarded most of his work. Probably better TWOW will not be this stuff. We don't know where he is now. Last year he was believing he could finish this year. Not the first time we hear that. But maybe the virus is a better incentive than anything else. Better than a joke threat of imprisonment in NZ. But for how long? With his habit of constantly reworking what he has already written (like Tolkien it seems), I don't understand how he can publish a book. And then work on the next. My feeling why TWOW is taking so long is because he is also working on ADOS and constantly reworking TWOW while ADOS is taking shape. He said he had not started ADOS. But maybe he has a draft or detailed plan of what it will be. Anyway, he seems confident he will finish both.
  19. A) Who is the "Hodded Man" in Winterfell? 3) Don't know. Someone waiting for the end of the mummer's show. Name doesn't matter. B ) Who wrote the Pink Letter 3 Someone else: Mance C) Rickon Stark, Shaggydog and Davos return alive from Skagos and Rickon is presented to Stannis and/or House Manderly 1 Yes. Expect to find Benjen there too. D) Jon Snow after the mutiny at the Night Watch 1 is dead and needs resurrection. But not by Melissandre E) Arya's killing of Raff the Sweetling (or someone from the entourage of Harys Swyft) was done on the orders of the Faceless Men 2 No F) Arya hears of or meets fArya (Jeyne Poole) 1 Yes. I expect at some point fArya dies and Arya uses her face. To kill someone. Ramsay for example. G) Jamie/Brienne Lady Stoneheart 1 Brienne and Jamie meet Lady Stoneheart and Jamie survives the meeting H) The boy with Jon Connington landing in Westeros in ADWD is Aegon Targaryen, the second child and only son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell 2 False, he is the son of Illrio and Serra, sister of Varys Blackfyre. I) Jon Snow’s true parentage 1 Rhaegar+Lyanna = Jon Snow J) Grey Scale will be transmitted by Jon Connington and/or Shireen Baratheon to other people 1 Yes. Both I believe Val was right. K) The outcome of the Battle of Ice (at the Crofters Village), the capture of Winterfell is not included 1 Stannis wins and survives. The Freys are all dead or prisoners. The Manderlys return with Stannis men disguised as Freys. When inside Winterfell, the mummer's show end. The Bolton, surprised and without allies are slaughtered. Ramsey escape, but not before killing his father. L) Who is the Harpy in Mereen? 2 Galazza Galare. Not that everyone else is not conspiring against or playing Dany. M) Robb’s will disinherits Sansa 1 Yes. But who care? Rickon is the heir. N) If Victarion orders the dragon horn (“dragonbinder”) to be blown, Victarion himself gains control over at least one dragon 2 False. Would have. But it will be Moqorro.
  20. Jon has been raised by Ned. Has the reputation of honor of the Starks. I not the name. Is the prince promised. Some way has the backup of the Old Gods. who gave him Ghost There is no one more "gifted" than him. A bit of the same for Daenerys. Her dragons came from her magic. Not something everyone has. Some who did great starting from low: Davos and Mance.
  21. Dothrakis are the worst. They prey just because they can. They contribute nothing, care nothing. Ironborns (but not all) are just as much parasites. IIRC the children of their slaves are free and they have some laws. A step better. Some wildlings are as bad as the dothrakis. But otherwise they only aim to live free. The problem is how to be free and grant others their freedom too. Or accept others thinking differently. My feeling is the wildlings, the Free Folk, are at least seeking a better society. They need just the right rules to achieve better than the 7K feudal system.
  22. I'm afraid it's only that. But I would prefer there was some logic behind. Or GRRM used another way, without such flaw, to grant Arya with 3 deaths from Jaqen.
  23. I don't think Varys knows BR is still alive. Or would know enough of his plans to feel threatened. My understanding is Yoren customarily visit the castles and ask for recruiting the prisoners. For Jaquen and his pals, it was probably a death sentence or the NW. So not much of a choice. The prisoners are granted, unless special cases. Like Tywin wanting an example. Or Ned, unless he confesses his betrayal. In both cases the decision was taken by the Small Coucil. This case is narrated by Sansa GOT, Sansa III: So I don't think Varys has anything to do with it. IMO, an interesting question is what Jaquen was doing in KL. Was he caught trying to kill someone? Who? And surprising given the skills he demonstrated at Harrendal, and the FM in general. Or did he went to the Black Cells all by himself? For example, taking the face of the Lorathi criminal. Ned was the only important person in the BC. To kill him, or to have him evade? Anyway, it must have something to do with stealing something in the Citadel.
  24. I believe one treason will be Daario. Should be for gold. The last one, maybe Jorah (or someone else loving her). Killing or betraying her because she went mad in her path of Fire and Blood. Or Euron or the Red Priests did something to her and she must be stopped.
  25. Illyrio and Varys Blackfyre / Brightfyre is not just a theory of mine. And how to explain Illyrio strategy with crazy Viserys and dothrakis savages, while he has fAegon in reserve? And the greatest care for the plight of Westeros commoners?
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