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  1. This is IMO one of the important things GRRM is telling: At some point, power always ends up in the wrong hands. Except maybe the Manderlies, no house of the North has armies enough to engage in significant warfare. Not the Starks. Ned had no more than 50 men to bring to KL.This is mostly because the North has no food (except the Manderlies) to sustain idle armies. Minor powers mean minor unrests. The Starks can keep the peace so long as a few houses respond to calls and provide a bit of assistance. In fine, the peace is guaranteed by Winter. Anyone unprepared will die when it comes. In another story GRRM said: Related to this question of power is Varys riddle. People have power mostly by the support given to them. Aerys endured because too many people were giving him their swords. The rebellion is the result of those like Rossart who supported him for personal reasons, not for the greater good. ETA: personal reasons, including an inflated sense of honor.
  2. Yes. Tommen and her sister are real good kids... despite what their father, mother and brother were... and these royals inflated ego. But their fate is sealed by prophecy. They're the blood price of others. I'm sorry.
  3. Of the main characters, I don't really care if they live or die or become something not of warm blood and flesh. They are essential to GRRM story and their fate will be defined by the story. I care for the story and the purpose of it. But there are plenty of secondary I wish they survive: Davos, Sam and Gilly, Mance, Tormund, Val... But if I chose one, it would Edmure and Roselin.
  4. I agree. We try to reconstruct the chronology of events. Time wise, it's conceivable Rhaegar left Lyanna before Hightower reached him. On his own, because he would have something important to do elsewhere. And Hightower would reach the ToJ and decide he would serve best Aerys by staying there and wait for Lyanna's child. Not my best guess. But you're welcome to it...or to not guess at all. It's me, not happy if I'm not drawing lines between dots. But this is not absolutely important. It only serves to determine who these dead characters were. The bottom line is the PtwP was born there (if you agree on that). And that the fact escaped Robert and all these ignorant mighty lords who would smother him. Exactly. More likely for him to join Rhaegar's team, if he met him some place, and Rhaegar did the convincing. Whatever Rhaegar asked him, Hightower didn't see it as a dishonor or a breach of his vows, even if Aerys would be furious. The "certain circumstances" would be something really exceptional, something of utmost importance. Like protecting the PtwP who is the only hope of surviving the Long Night.
  5. Not an evidence of: I never said Hightower admitted any fault or that he would do thing differently if he could. Even if it meant Rhaegar and Aerys death.(no, I'm not talking about your magic emails, back in time). Of course. He was at the ToJ (or was there later when Ned found him). But not at the RK. After. Read the A World of Ice and Fire reference. But doesn't much matter. Doesn't really matter who found who. They meet. You agree on that? Or you consider Rhaegar returned by himself to the RK while Hightower decided to stay at the ToJ, without ever talking to Rhaegar? Not excluded. But I don't think it matches Aerys attitude with Rhaegar. To put Hightower and the KG under his unrestricted authority, even if it seems to participate to the rebellion. This is I think the main disagreement I have with you. Plus the autonomy of a LC to determine how best to serve the interests of his king, not deferring to Rhaegar as soon as Aerys is not in sight. Not now and not before. I mean Hightower is the commander. And so he is expected to have autonomy and initiative and be able to act in the best interest of the king without having to return to him every hour to know what next he should do.
  6. Why? No evidence, no support for that. A KG is not limited to, but is primarily, a king's bodyguard. When Aerys send a KG somewhere, he would expect him to return. No? The fact, is Hightower found Rhaegar and the missing KG. And if Hightower had then the mean to ask further instructions from Aerys, he knew for sure Aerys would not let him and 2 other KG stay and keep safe a pregnant rebel. And let Rhaegar return alone. He knew Aerys would be fucking displeased at his return if he let that happen. It is no good for a LC to act the idiot. Maybe Hightower was not there breaking the letter of his orders from Aerys, but he was breaking the spirit. And obey Aerys's orders was part of his vows.
  7. Hightower, Jaime and probably all the KG but Dayne and Whent were in KL when Aerys burned Brandon & Co. Beside Aerys as it would nominally be. What let you think Hightower was elsewhere when Aerys gave him orders?
  8. The usual way, just talking to him, face to face at the RK Who could send Hightower anywhere but Aerys. "Find" may mean: "just find where he is, do as you wish after, no need to come back and tell me". But the rebellion was turning bad for Aerys and he was seeking every possible assistance. No one could expect 3 of the best KG take their leave in the south... indefinitely. Of course not. Some hard evidences are needed. I said it before. I don't think Rhaegar or the KG would believed that. I don't think what they believed included Aerys to survive, as a man or a dragon.
  9. No magical emails. Just Hightower order to end this fucking mess, take charge of his men, and deal with the rebellion. Most likely orders. No way to wiggle around this. Hightower is the commander, not a simple soldier, a dumb robot, only executing basic orders.
  10. If Rhaegar was mad, then these three most puissant warriors had the same madness. Very unlikely. Therefore, all 3 and Rhaegar shared some knowledge GRRM so far keeps for himself. BTW, Aerys believed the Starks and Barathons were traitors. He didn't give a buck for them and still less for Lyanna. He was suspecting Rhaegar to complot with them. He would have specifically warned Hightower against Rhaegar dealing with the Starks.
  11. You're assuming the KG were considering Rhaegar was Aerys' heir until Aerys death. And Jon became the legitimate heir (after Aegon death). Nothing Aerys said before dying changed that. This is the most straightforward explanation. OK.... But what if Aerys gave the KG the explicit order to come back and fight the rebellion? You're assuming Aerys commanded only Rhaegar. You're assuming Aerys didn't order the KG directly, thinking they would follow Rhaegar. This is IMO quite stretching. Aerys was their direct commander and he was displeased by what Rhaegar and 2 of his KG had done so far. No less than disappearing in nature after fucking with an abduction, a lord's daughter, and betrothed to another lord. Aerys was mad, but still. IMO so much straightforward is not enough.
  12. They said things would have been different if they were at the Trident or King Landing. Not that it was a failure of their vows. Ser Gerold pointed out. “The Kingsguard does not flee.” “Then or now,” said Ser Arthur. He donned his helm. “We swore a vow,” explained old Ser Gerold. They didn't try to explain. Probably thought Ned would not understand, would not believe (Ned believed nothing of what Gared said either). Maybe this vow was one related to the new situation. Then why Hightower was still at the ToJ and died for Lyanna and her child? For what higher purpose?
  13. You give your oaths one day to one guy who seems sane. You believe in the value of what you're doing. Then this guy becomes plainly unsuited. You don't understand why only a few are seeing that. The son of this guy, the heir, should be your new boss. Whatever, that's not your call. But the son tells you that something, irrelevant of your oaths, need to be done, or everyone will die. Need some evidence this is not madness too. But suppose you believe it. You just believe that is possible.Then what you're doing? What's the purpose of obeying the mad king if you believe everyone will be dead in 20 years? And no one will be there to care. Everything depends on how much Rhaegar (and Lyanna) were convincing. Not knowing, we can't judge.
  14. Aerys was truly paranoiac after Duskendale (maybe he had a bit of it before). Varys came not long after, feeding Aerys' madness. Relaying or maybe creating rumours suiting his plans. Which were now evidently ruining the Targaryens and preparing for the Blackfyres return. Varys could have put suspicion on anyone, any of Aerys own children if it was advancing his plans.
  15. Sauron was not evil before being corrupted by Morgoth, Saruman before being corrupted by the one ring. Boromir briefly too. Galadriel did not succumb to the ring, but she shares responsibility in the Noldor banishment. Thingol was an asshole... Not everyone is born full black or white, or do not evolve during life. But some become black without any excuse for it, without other purpose than doing ill, while others stay white beyond sainthood, whatever happen to them. D&D did it wrong. But I don't think everyone will think Dany evil by the end. GRRM has some cardboard evils like Ramsay or Euron, smart and conscientiously doing evil. But it's the exception while IMO it's rather the norm for Tolkien. It's the feel of the story anyway. Difficult with GRRM to point exactly when the things gone wrong.
  16. I'm sure not. I believe it's a relatively common theory. Maybe as much as Ashara's.
  17. Was ironic of me. I've no complaint with prophecies and gods intervention or big magic. Each one his/her taste But contrary to Tolkien, GRRM is not cardboard good versus evil. Rarely, things are like they look I don't think the Others are Sauron and the men will end up united against them. And will defeat them in the mother of wars. If anything GRRM is anti war. Little good did they achieved in Planetos history.
  18. I've really no idea. I'm not sure she is someone we know by another name. Even if I admit it would be "stunning" if she was. Just that Elia, Ashara, Mellario or Tyene's mother are not striking any credibility for me.
  19. Gregor most likely killed the real Aegon (only way of making sense of Illyrio). So he most likely killed the real Elia too. Besides, if GRRM plotted doubts about a positive identification of Aegon, there was none for Elia. Lemore is probably not Ashara. Certainly not Elia.
  20. They could also have done without the Long Night and the Others altogether. For what's worth they made sense of GRRM story. Same for Dorne and Euron. Just keep the contest for the IT and a few non magical villains like Ramsay and Cersei.
  21. Believing she could reform the practice of slavery in a few weeks. While it was present everywhere, from the Free Cities to Asshai, the only system in existence,from the dawn of history until now.
  22. I'm not one of you, Starks or Jon haters. But I agree with you, Jon, Bran, Arya are dark characters. Potentially they will serve the purpose of the Others. Possibly as Lady Stone Heart will do too. Punishing the violations of guest's rights and other crimes and profanities. Reading Fire & Blood and Westeros history of wars and massacres just inspire me wishing the eradication of the Aegons, Maegors, Brightfires, Tywinws, Ramsays and others of such a long list. Wishing that no such individuals could arise again from a lack of wisdom of the general population. I hope the Others will see to it. And the Starks to help. Arya and LSH are sort of executioners. Bran probably serves the same Old Gods as the Others. I would not be surprised or disappointed if Jon was a sort of Night King after his return. Even Rickon could contribute by rallying Old Gods followers. Why the Others are coming now and not before? For example, at the time of Aegon's conquest or the Dance of Dragons? Because before it would have only led to the extinction of Men on Westeros. And it's not the objective. It's not (I hope) a beating to death. Men cannot survive something able to shut down the Sun (or changing climate) for as long as necessary. The Others and the Old Gods are not an enemy you can defeat in a war. The existence of Bran and Jon could be a bridge between what the Old Gods and the Others want and what the men could understand and reform to. This is not really a theory. Just a reaction to the shit world GRRM is serving us.
  23. I'm here following Septon Barth, who speculated the bloodmages of Valyria used wyvern stock to create dragons. The World of Ice & Fire: This is echoed by the kindly man of Bravos: Valyria is much, much older than Dragonstone. But even so, some maesters believe the dragons existed before Valyria. This is likely. There are different legends about the origin of dragons. But each time the dragons came or were created in some unnatural, hostile to life place: The Shadow, the Fourteen Flames, or fallen from the sky. The Qarth legend is somehow echoing the story of the Bloodstone Emperor: There are different stories about the dragons. IMO, the way to make sense of these stories would be. Something (I suppose a fragment of comet) fell in a place which became the Shadow Lands. Someway Blood Mages created dragons there which came to strive in the Fourteen Flames. Some of these Blood Mages became the Valyrian lords. To this day, dragons still live in the Shadow (Or so the stories say.)
  24. The Children, the Giants, the Mammoths are all gone or disappearing. ADwD, Bran III: I would like the world that is remade after the Others would be different. With men more caring for these species. But I fear it's too late. This is some of the "bittersweet" for me. The dragons, however, are intruders. I believe they are the creation of dark magic and blood sacrifices, Blood Mages or necromancers mixing Firewyrms and Wyverns. They are the Fire, what destroyed the Childrens. And part, I believe, of why the Others have returned.
  25. I didn't say the Blackfyres are important. Here. So long as Dany doesn't believe Aegon is legit. It's GRRM way of entwining threads in different places. Giving depth and complexity to the story. Having readers arguing about things that don't really matters, while matbe missing important ones. He could, but then we wouldn't have this argument, this doubt. Or he did, but it was not reported by whoever wrote the epilogue.
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