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  1. Stannis made bad choices. Did a lot of harm (and some goods) and will again. Probably will pay it with his life. But is not a big villain like Euron, the Blood Mages and those dealing with Shadows. He is an ordinary man with a tragic story.
  2. Many and most of Freys will die. But at some point it will not matter if it is by LSH, the Brotherhood, the riverlanders, the Others, the Cold or Hunger. Some are good people, innocent of the RW. Some may even become heroes of the Long Night. The Frey people are not that much different from everyone else.No one has to pay for those bearing the same name.
  3. Maybe D&D understood the gist of the story better than any of us. Argh
  4. Ahh. I now understand the title. Winter, OK, we're entering Winter. But Winds ... was puzzling me. Thanks.
  5. Obviously. But he lost interest in his next book, which he planned to name Winds of Winter. Instead, he uses all his time doing tricks for his new master. Who pays him a lot.
  6. In "weird category" I also have much liking for Fat Walda. She is a happy, trusting, little big thing. A pleasure even for the dreadful Roose Bolton. Too sad, Ramsay is around.
  7. All this A+J=T was (still is?) popular. But only a fan's fantasy of Tyrion riding a dragon. And the 3 main characters being the 3 Heads. This speculation is in fact masking A+J=C+J. IMHO, a great trick of GRMM: Making us believe what we want and ignore the hard facts all around us. Tyrion is 100% like Tywin. While Cersei and Joffrey have all the traits of the worst Targaryens. And unpopular as it is, Jaime is much like Rhaegar, sacrificing his honor for what he believes was necessary (I'm not referring to Bran here, but to Aerys). Genna was striking more to the truth than she thought when she said (I can't restrain to cite again): Imagining 2 daughters of Aerys fighting for the Iron Throne ... awesome. Possibly, the 3 Heads are Dany, Cersei and fAegon. A dance with 3 dragons. And Tywin proud of children not his own, and despising his own: I like it! When Cersei and Jaime were born, Aerys was not the crazy dirty man he was at Tyrion's time. IMO, Joanna was more than consenting. Rhaella didn't revoke her without some cause, she was not Aerys only whore.
  8. I like Edmure and Roslin. OK, their marriage was horrific. And they had no choice. But I feel they are 2 good persons sharing the same horror and needing each other. Even if their ordeal is not yet finished.. I like Sam and Gilly, Jon and Val (maybe doomed). I also think Sandor and Sansa would do well together. Arya and Gendry.
  9. The best place for that would be the Gift. But I feel neither the NW nor the northern lords would tolerate Free Folk there. There is a hatred, cultivated by the raids, by NW deserters joining the Wildlings and by incidents such as with Osha's band of refugees. Sure there are! Hands for working fields, or captive girls to get married.
  10. LSH, Arya, her wolves, the Riverlanders, the Blackfish, the Brotherhood, the North remembers, the Others ... everyone is after the Freys. Olyvar may be dead already. Hope Roslin and Edmure survive.
  11. The North could have resisted more or less like Dorne. The North is bigger, even harder to hold in winter, and of less importance for KL than Dorne. Soon the Tagaryen would have lost interest. But why resist? They lost interest anyway, just after Thoren bent the knee.
  12. Because Tyrion would have them fight for Dany against Sansa? Not sure who Tyrion will support by then. Or if the clans would bend the knee to Dany. Or if there could be other concerns that the Others by this time.
  13. Val in white/Ice, Melisandre in red/Fire. They certainly serve or follow different, opposite gods. Val looks like a priestess of some sort. I don't think weirwood is heraldry. But some religious symbol or link to her gods.
  14. Dorne is likely to ally with fAegon and be drawn into a war with Dany or Cersei before her. Maybe Euron also. I don't think Dany will have time to conquer the Vale. But the Vale may have trouble with the Others. The mountain clans must also have some role to play. Maybe take over the Andals. Or fight with them for their lives and get their lands back. Maybe they will be for Sansa what the Free Folks are for Jon.
  15. Agreed. They can't carve a kingdom, south. They don't want kings and bend the knee anyway. Beyond the Wall is the freedom they want. Life is hard but there is space for all of them.
  16. There are different factors. The North should be hit harder by winter. But they are more used to it. They have rather been spared by the war. And should have prepared (harvests and so on). Same for the Vale. The riverlands are the worst. And KL depends on the South for food. Stannis army in the North is the example of how bad it is when you are at war and unprepared for winter. So for the South, it will be how bad the war is with fAegon, Euron, Cersei Dany, when Winter will come. And how far south the Others will reach. I expect King Landing to be utterly destroyed, and much north and south of it. With heavy casualties everywhere, I expect a return of small kingdoms. And not much willingness to go to war again each other.
  17. I can't agree more. She was drawn to Drogo and Daario. A peaceful and crippled man like Willas is not for her. She was not interested by Quentyn either. Euron is more her style. There was this tinfoil theory: Euron = Daarion, because they are quite alike.
  18. What triggered the return of the Others is a good question. Bloodraven was watching young Ned and Lyanna, then their children. A wood witch (or a CotF) told Jaehaerys that the Prince that was Promised would come soon. The coming of the PtwP and the Others are related. Possibly BR going to the greenseers is related also. These prophecies (PthW and Azor Ahai) are thousands of years old. I don't think the return of the Others is the direct consequence of recent events. Ice and Fire are like two armies marching to the battlefield, from a long planed time. Both these magics are mounting their forces in preparation to the battle to come. I believe events like the return of the dragons, BR and Bran powers are telltales of the approching Song of Ice and Fire, not the cause of it. GRRM's world is unrelenting wars and murders. The last 300 years have been the worst, at the whole Westeros scale: Maegor, the Dance, Aerys unchecked craziness... If Aegon's conquest has been no so much bloody, it's no thanks to him, but to the wisdom of his opponents. Peace is ephemeral. Maybe Dany could achieve peace, after much bloodshed, but it would be ephemeral. Because men are always contending for power. And the end justifies any means, the saying says. I don't see the Others as another force contending for power. Or with more moral ground than any man or woman. I believe they are the servants of the gods who created humankind and the CotF before (like Tolkien's humans and elves). And I think the gods are saying "enough is enough". I don't think the man who wrote Tuf Voyaging, who was a conscience objector, would want to leave a message saying: "war and blood are the normal, expected way of life for men". GRRM amply demonstrates that men cannot limit their ambitions by themselves. So it needs supernatural forces to do That. If Jon and Bran will do the control, they have to be outside the Human Nature and Wanting. Craster was despised by all the North. The Others took Craster's sons, but we don't know what for. They didn't help him or protected him. The left him to the justice of men. BTW, as amoral as he was, Craster didn't kill many people by his hunger for power.
  19. Someone will have to deal with the Others. I would not be surprised or freaked out if Jon was to return as something like this infamous NK. The Others are coming for something. For this Song of Ice and Fire. I guess they are Ice, sent by the Old Gods (the demons of the Lion of Night). Their grudge is with the Red Priests, their fiery god, the blood mages and the dragons. I believe humankind best chances of survival is if the Others finish their business quickly and leave. This business possibly includes punishing unjustified wars and never ceasing revenges, abuses like torture and slavery, and so on. Plenty of cases to be angry with humankind conduct. And requiring correction. If Jon is to guard the realms of men and avoid another 10K years of mindless and petty wars and abuses, he has better to be freaking out for anyone trying. I would prefer to have a nice and soft Jon. But we have to be realistic. If GRRM killed him, it was not to leave him unchanged.
  20. I may be completely delusional here. But I believe it's the goal of GRRM (and the Others punishing force) to have Westeros going there (or else die). There and many other things utopic, even for us. We're reading fantasy, remember.
  21. If Robert and Harry die without legit heirs themselves (quite possible), the succession seems open. Who is next? Lisa's blood seems as good as another. Or was she to be dumped as soon as Robert is dead? Not my impression. Anyway, Stark line has some value too. Olena much wanted her. Maybe Sansa will need to marry a Royce or who ever has influence, maybe not even. ETA: Or is it GRRM meaning? You become "owner" of some place by your line, by your blood. Not by your deeds, by what you did to help people?
  22. I believe Barristan is GRRM's twist and he will betray Dany for fAegon. He will die someway. One too many wrong choices of kings (and queens). I think Daario has already betrayed her. He was there only for sex. Some way he will die too. The Dothrakis are just beasts in human form. Winter will kill them unless they change. If they survive, the Unsullied could join the Night Watch or what will replace it after the LN. No other way to integrate Westeros IMO. The Red Priests and Blood Mages and whoever is on R'hllor's team will die in their war against Ice. The sellswords, those surviving the war and not sentenced for rape or banditry may find new lives in Westeros. Wrong decisions always have a price with GRRM. But I hope those who tried their best for good, like Missandei, will find a safe way out of this nightmare.
  23. Wolves are a pack. They do no fight each other. Not to endanger the pack. Besides, Bran has duties, becoming a greenseer, becoming wood, dealing with the Others, nearly immortal, having the powers of gods. He never had and never wanted to be Lord of Winterfell. Why leave his powers for an ephemeral live in a castle? Jon is currently dead. And when he'll come back, I guess he will be a bit different. Like Bran he is committed to the fight (or peace?) with the Others. Anyway, he will not want Winterfell while Rickon is alive. Less so when his true parents will be known. I don't see Aria plotting, murdering, to become Lady of Winterfell. She doesn't want to be a fucking Lady. Remains Sansa. I believe she is going to be the Lady of the Vale. Heir to her aunt. Protector of little Robert while he lives. She will naturally become the heir of the Vale. She can't have or want both the Vale and Winterfell. Rickon is the logical, uncontested heir to Winterfell. I don't see any other Stark going against their little brother.
  24. I hope Sybell dies by the hand of LSH. But children should not pay for the faults of their parents. I hope even LSH will remember that. But yes, LSH is rather blinded by her grief.
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