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  1. The IT was destroyed. And the 7K now 6. But I was expecting everything made by Aegon erased. King Landing, destroyed and the kingdoms returned to their former self.
  2. Reading TWoIaF, and about Barth's Unnatural History (and its destruction by Baelor), I have the feeling the dragons are an "unholy" creation, by Ashai or Valyria sorcerers. Likely paying R'hllor and the Shadows an insane blood price. And these creations intensely displease the Others and the old gods. By name at least, the Maiden-Made-of-Light and the Lion of Night. So I was expecting the destruction of the dragon to be part of the LN resolution. Not the weapon to defeat the Others. I also believe Daenerys was on the wrong side, since at least Astapor. Cheating Kraznys has sent a very bad message to all her enemies: that she could not be trusted in negotiation. From this point on, no slaver expected a deal with her. It was only "win or die". OK, Kraznys was a shit. But if your enemy can't trust you, he will never believe you. He will not hesitate to betray you, because he expects no less from you. Quite a "stark" opposite to someone else. Also, she was, later (in the show at least), the only character to dispose of an obvious superior fire power. Even Tywin, at his strongest, had to compose with his allies and his just abdicated enemies. Not Daenerys. With Dragons, Unsullied, Dothrakis, and "mad vengeful women", she had the feeling she didn't have to compromise with anyone. All in all, her failure was expected.
  3. Daenerys incinerating KL. No awful death, no shit moment for D&D... Or the Long Night. One hour max, what a shit! One good dagger stab to end every thing.
  4. Yes Euron is a cartoon character, like Ramsay. Evil without an ounce of normality, depth. But he is a "game changer". He is raising the stakes. Some are gambling for petty prizes, sometime as low as getting a bit of land. Him is gambling for even more than a mortal's throne.
  5. I expected something along the line. LF and Varys are the players of the game for the IT. They are the players and the kings and queens are their pawns. A petty game, for something which will be destroyed by the end. BR (and Bran) are, with Euron, the players of a greater game. Or they are the pawns of the greater game, by the gods. D&D are unpredictable. There is no logic in their telling. But not GRRM. It is just we have to sort witch telling is accurate and important. And not be blinded by what we want to happen.
  6. There has been "Bran is evil" speculations. Based IIRC on the fact that Bran was using Hodor's body, without real need, while Hodor was obviously reluctant to it. And Bran not caring. As other characters slipping from "good" or "neutral" to "evil" (Daenerys, Arya, Stannis...) And the assumption that NR and the CotF were at the Others' service. But something about Bran king of the 7K? I suppose, about everything has been speculated at some point. But how common was it? IDK
  7. D&D made a promise not tell what the differences are. So now, they would tell, Bran is end king at KL, is from GRRM? One of the 2 (or both) is a lie. But did you see it in D&D own words? Or could it be some interpretation by IHW of something ambiguous D&D told him? Anyway, I don't think they would break this promise, less than 2 weeks after the show ended. Always telling things are from GRRM is like not telling which one is. Besides, I have more confidence in GRRM writing (so far not disappointed), than in D&D telling (did you read how many are complaining?) It is not D&D who will ruin my hopes.
  8. There are speculations like this one: Why did Bran become king? That Bran E3R manipulated events so he became king. Very clever, depressing. I don't think BR design was so dark, wanting to be king like everyone else. But I could imagine they manipulated people like dumb sheep, to lead them where they should be. But even if so, IMO they would remain behind the scene. With a more charismatic person at the front. A leader, a shepherd, but not a king. They too often forget they are to serve, not to be slave masters.
  9. Yes, in the cave. His identity mingled with the other greenseers. But not before a very long time.
  10. OK, we don't know yet what a GS can do exactly, with or without the tree, in or out of the cave. BR knew and did things while he was in KL, but I doubt it was to compare with what a greenseer can do. OK, BR had a full life before entering the cave, not Bran. But IMO Bran's fall was not an accident. As he said in the show, to have him where he had to be. It was necessary for his metamorphose. His body is broken, of no use to him now. He is invited to leave it. And I don't think the cave is just a place of training. It's more than that. It seems the place of the Old Gods. Again, things have a price. You can't have something of value without giving something for it.
  11. Bran traveling north and seeking the CotF rather matches the Last Hero. But the CotF are nearly extinct and Bran seems more the provider of help, their successor, than the seeker. Jon doesn't match much of Azor Ahai. Except for "arose to give courage to the race of men and lead the virtuous into battle". Agreed, he killed Daenerys (in D&D adaptation). But it was after the battle. As if she was the enemy, not the beloved. She didn't exactly "bare her breast" either. The books have Val. He has learned the Free Folks ways, about freedom of choosing your leader. I know many expected it, but I don't see how he could love such a woman. Jon and Bran are components of the Long Night savior, hero, How much they will match the legends, how much of these legends is accurate, IDK.
  12. It is Jon (again) who comes back to life, indeed like Jesus. Quite supernatural too. Bran is the connection with the Old Gods and the Others I suppose. Both are strongly related to the Old Gods. Jon is the Last Hero and Bran the CotF he sought to get a peace with the Others. Yes, I believe so. Jon or Bran will get the power to impose a peace in the realms of men, because they will be what prevent the Others to return and finish the job. Maybe they are the Shield against the return of the Others.
  13. I don't think the Great Council or democracy is GRRM's endpoint. There has been some GC before, and some places have voting system. But they don't work much better, don't chose wise rulers (corruption, wrong choices, trickery...). Choosing the king on the battlefield, or by blood right has plenty of disastrous examples in Westeros history. I think so. It was the case before the first LN, according to the Yi-Ti legends. Would the 2nd LN fix what was left broken after the 1st? Maybe. But Bran is not TPTWP (not of Rhaella and Aerys line). IMO, not a king but a humble "shield that guards the realms of men".
  14. I don't believe he will be king. Maybe something more like a god. Something with a lot of influence anyway. Being physically located in a cave doesn't mean he can't interact. All other greenseers exist because they melted their physical form with the trees. I feel Bran has the choice (or it is already too late), either become what he was expected to be, and have the role he has to be. Or staying a cripple, and not being of much more help. His body is damaged, meaning he is invited to leave it. In GRRM's world, everything has a price. I feel Bran's, to get immortality and a purpose (Valar dohaeris) is not expensive.
  15. Bran can see everything from the cave. Could be GRRM POV in places we would not see. Fill the books with images and prophecies. Probably could change a few things too. To be in the cave is not limiting him. It is expanding him.
  16. No, read my previous post. Just the last. Bran is akin to an alien debarking from his ship and telling: "since you are unable to govern yourself, I've decided to be your king and your god." And everyone, but the North, saying: "OK, fine, go with it."
  17. I'm aware of that, both sentences. If GRRM just said "king", but not where. And then D&D made him king of 6 kingdoms, but not the North. I hesitate between stupidity and lying. I rather believe D&D keep to their promise, not telling what is GRRM's and what is theirs. Everything they did is GRRM's, whether they know it's true or not. The only way to keep their promise.
  18. I would not even agree with that. Wars were most of the time won by the wrong people. The day of the defeat the starting day of the next war. The answers of people like Tywin, Cersei, Ramsay or Daenerys to any of their enemies. I believe the Others, in books mind you, are sent by the gods. To force men to a more virtuous path. A good old war is not the answer to the LN. Otherwise Rhaegar would have strengthened, not weakened, the kingdom.
  19. Theon's chapter was on GRRM web site on December 28th 2011. First chapter after ADWD.
  20. I remember D&D saying they would not tell what is right from GRRM and what is their plot. None the less, I still don't believe Bran will leave the cave. I still think it shitty to have him king of the south kingdoms. I will not believe it until GRRM says it squarely and how and why.
  21. We are missing information. It would be hasty to conclude the story is flawed. Why the KG were still there? They insist about their wovs, being not at the Trident with Rhaegar, not at KL with Aerys, not at Dragonstone with Viserys. The LC is with them. He sent back Rhaegar, but he didn't return with him. My belief is Rhaegar told them something, about his prophecies and the Long Night to come. Something that superseded any order Aerys could have given. Like Jaime killing Aerys to save KL. They had the choice between doing Aerys command, and possibly dooming mankind. Or believing Rhaegar. And apparently dying there, as a blood sacrifice for the PtwP.
  22. They did not hear because the horn was in the Iron Islands and the dragons at Meereen. This is why Victarion and Moqorro are going to Meereen. Moqorro, or the High Priest Benerro, knew the Selaesori Qhoran would not reach Qarth, but her wreckage would cross Victarion's path. So I expect they know their business and will not waste their time chasing after dragons.
  23. I don't see Bran leaving the cave. The weirwood is growing thru Bloodraven. Bran will need the same to become a greenseer. They gave him seeds to eat. They gave him a throne. The cave is his place. The cave is a place of power. Where all the greenseers are. The place from were the Old Gods power can be used. Bran is a cripple. But I can become much more than a king.
  24. Sailing west, where no one, even the best mariners with the best ships, have returned. Or found only a sea without end. Seems stupid. And the Starks are not mariners. I could understand this of Theon, but not of Arya. If she wanted to "explore", she could go with Jon. To the far North. And Nymeria could go with her. No way the 2 will not be reunited. And if she doesn't marry Gendry, some Stark girl will marry one of Robert's bastards. As Bobby promised Ned.
  25. I've not much faith in the show telling. But if fAegon will be the one contesting Daenerys' heirloom, she will still find Cersei entrenched in KL. This part seemed right to me.
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