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  1. Where did you read he hope for Worldcon 2020 2021? Visiting Wellington next year could be little more than 6 months from now (or 18 months). Of just wishful thinking.
  2. He is not polishing. It is not near done. He would not say: "I still have a long way to go" and "next year, when I hope that both Covid-19 and THE WINDS OF WINTER will be done" It was another book, with a deadline imposed by the show. IMO he trashed most of it, written under the pressure.
  3. Yeah. Maybe 2 or 3 chapters per week. But how many times revisited, rewritten? "but all in all I am pleased with the way things are doing". IMO the positive point, he is pleased with what he's writing. But as long as it is not done, he may, at some point come to the conclusion he must trash that many chapters.
  4. Some years ago GRRM said he had a new idea for one character. It was speculated by some it was Barristan, deserting Dany for the new apparent Targaryen's heir. I was expecting him to survive Meereen and find his death later. Probably then by Dany. This guy served too many kings without questioning their suitability.
  5. That was what we (I suppose many of us) were thinking. Of course the Long Night was still to come.
  6. If after Winds he is still far from the end and still bogged in too many threads. I don't think we will see another book. If the path is clearer (for him) to the end, we may have the 7th and last in a not too long time. But it was what we were saying after ADwD and the Meereen's knot... The hard part is behind us No me. I've difficulties with never knowing the end of the story. At this point, I could do with someone, GRRM or his assistants, telling the gist of the story.
  7. Bran is certainly beyond petty things like wanting Theon dead. In fact Theon saved Bran by chasing him of Winterfell before the RW. And we don't know the Old Gods or BR need sacrificing, even if it was for Jon. I believe Bran will stay in the cave. Theon will be his presence, his voice, south of the Wall. Between Theon and Asha my guess is there is one too many. And IMO Theon is better suited to lead the IB in the world after the LN. Asha is still a bully like Victarion. I expect her to die somewhere along the way. Half the released chapters are too short to be complete. But it's already too much. Each one reduces the experience of reading TWOW for the 1st time.
  8. There is only one Bran's vision. And we don't know what it means. The Boltons had awful practices. But those who followed them died. Only fools like Ramsay want to resume it. But to stay in this thread's theme, because we're derailing it. Any theories that proclaim the Targaryens as the rightful kings. Masters and slavers of all, by their Valyrian blood.
  9. I didn't count the Baratheons in the good kings. But Robert killed less of his people than Maegor or the conqueror. Yes I know. You did no doubt.
  10. 1,2. It depends how far south the Others reach. IMO it makes no sense if the south houses do not pay for their errors. They could suffer worse than the north, from both Ice and Fire. The north and the Vale have been relatively able to prepare for winter and are used to extreme winters. If the south suffers the same winter than the north, it will be devastating. 3 Jon is the one by whom the Free Folk will find a place south of the Wall. Maybe help surviving the Winter. Someone must be the "Last Hero", the PtwP, AA. Or the LN will stay and all mankind will die. I'm not sure fleeing south is the escape. Living underground, in caves like the CotF may be better. 4. Grey plague Possibly. Shivers and Winter Fever barely touched the north. Count also for the Pale Mare. 5. Not sure what is the connection between the Others and the Old Gods. But thanks Bran, Jon, the Free Folk, the probable uselessness of the 7 and the death of their followers, I expect a return to the First Men values, the faith in the OG and their weirwoods. 6. IMO every place will be depopulated. Not just the north. The climate will be different after, the winters milder. Some FF may chose to live south, others will return far north because it was their home and life will be easier now. 7 In 200 years, Bran will be like BR is now. The Old Gods and the weirwoods everywhere. There could still be fools like Fomas. But I don't think the lesson of the Others will be forgotten soon. 8,9 I believe Winterfell will still be there with a Stark, part why Rickon is in this story. But KL will be no more. Something ephemeral, created by the Targaryens, the most stinking city of the known world. No more than the forced 7 kingdoms unification. Smaller kingdoms whose wars could not endanger the whole Westeros. And those wars prevented by people without crown or lands. Maybe founded by Jon and remnants of the NW, by FF volunteers, maybe remnants unsullied and sellswords of Dany armies. A new NW who like the Starks would "call the banners" if matters were going beyond their ability to handle. Or like Ned when he asked Dondarion to assist against the Mountain.
  11. Yes, she cares. She always believes it. She even shows it by going to the diseased. But it doesn't help. The plague was the consequence of her abandon of Astapor. She feels bad. But she intents to reclaim the 7K anyway. If she was really caring she would have stayed at Astaport, to build a system without slavery. Her desertion generated the plague. And she is willing to repeat the experience with Meereen. And probably bring destruction to Westeros even if fAegon is at this stage a decent king. Bring Red priests against the Faith. Bring dothrakis, sell-swords, ironborns (the brute or the monster?), living all for rampage and slavery.
  12. I have more faith, hope, in BR and Bran to help Jon, than I have in Melissandre. But to be of use they need the cave, where to power of the Old Gods reside. The only place they're useful.
  13. It's the things "you can't see happening". Kingslaying and kinslaying finding redemption, forgiveness. I don't see that happening. But kingslaying supposes a real king. IMO, someone who put his people before himself. Like Mance or Torrhen Stark who refused battle to save his people. Mance didn't have the choice. He came to Winterfell and saw what these men were. He had to fight to pass. All would die north of the Wall otherwise. Without Jon it would have been easy. Dany pretends Westeros is her people. But she doesn't care how many will die in her conquest. Her birthright first. Fire and Blood like most Targaryens.
  14. I don't think Bran needs to be saved from the cave. But Meera and Jojen (I don't think he is dead yet) are still there. And would need rescue or assistance. Dark Sister is possibly there too, waiting a good swordsman. IMO the only one who could bring someone here is Coldhands. Someone will go north. And this someone is likely to pass by the cave. Would be good to have Jon or Jaime meeting Bran there. Jaime preferably. But I don't imagine Bran leaving anyway other than in Summer's body.
  15. I also believe he can finish in 7 books if he wants. And I believe he tremendously wants to finish in 7. There are plenty of arcs, yes. But some will join, others may die quickly meeting the Others or Dany. Plenty of stuff was to justify why people are not ready or dead bent on their idea of conquest or revenge. One book for Dany to return, fAegon to control the 7K or the south at least. Maybe a Stark in the North. Then the last book, Dany conquest while the Others are coming down. Don't know how it will finish. But GRRM battles didn't take many pages so far. Don't think it will go better than the Fist of the First Men. This was the NW and Stannis showed how good the Southron are in winter. GRRM is more in talking and plotting. There could be some room left for a taste (dream) of the aftermath.
  16. But one thing that history has shown us is eventually these literary rights pass to grandchildren or collateral descendents, or people who didn't actually know the writer and don't care about his wishes. It's just a cash cow to them. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin rules out sharing Westeros
  17. There is already one. I don't like it more than you.
  18. I may never change his mind. But he can't control what will happen after. If he has not himself put an end to the story. HBO can't be the only end.
  19. Honest answer yes. GRRM had not much alternative. Robert could lead separate search. But it would not make sense to have him search North when the hints say South. Robert was the fresh new king. Even if not wounded, he could not leave the throne yet. Wandering there and there without a precise destination. Not without an army of followers slowing him.
  20. Jaime or kingslaying in general? Would agree with you for kingslaying and kinslaying in general. But this supposes a "god's will". Which I believe exists in ASoIaF. But these kings, the Targaryens, Dany in particular (so far only Mance impresses me), are no king or queen. They are monsters, killing others to get what they want. Not chosen by gods and men. Gods are enjoying their death.
  21. Theories I don't subscribe: Euron is a fool and will die soon. Dany becoming queen. Anyone becoming king or queen of Westeros. The bullshit restored after a big heroic battle against the Others. The 7K and the throne still there. Tyrion is Aerys' bastard. But Cersei and Jaime are. Bran not leaving the cave. Aegon is a legitimate Targ.
  22. The North is harsh and unforgiving. If someone starts a war at the time everyone should gather food for the winter, everyone will die. This is a place where people chose to die so their children will live the Winter. This is the opposite of feeding on someone else live, killing someone for his food. There are bad men everywhere. How about Gregor Clegane and those who used his services? The Boltons? Not likely all, but certainly Roose and Ramsay. The Starks? Some were hard men. But was Brandon Ice Eyes a bad man when he recaptured the Wolf's Den from slavers, then gave them to the ex-slaves? Or was he sending the right message to all slavers, that there is no such thing allowed in the North? Violence is a tradition everywhere. Less in the North I would say. If only because the Winter doesn't forgive it. I don't know about blood fertilizing practices. But from everything written by GRRM, I would say the word "tradition" is an overstatement. Nothing is formally stated about a widespread practice.
  23. I believe the weirwoods are more than trees. There are like symbiotes for the greenseers. I would not be surprised if they need something human to become what they are. Maybe human (or CotF) blood or life. But maybe it's not sacrifice. It could be a way, for those without the gift, to achieve something equivalent of the extended life of the greenseers. What would be such "sacrifice" when old men go to die alone in Winter; to leave the food for their children? And like the Black Gate, the weirwoods have faces. Not as impressive. But their eyes are seeing. And their mouths... what if not for takling? If only to the mind of those who can listen.
  24. What make you believe the greenseers feed off of human blood? This speculation of Jojen paste? The sacrifice in Bran's vision? Yes. But it's not the case here. Weirwoods are everywhere in the North, without blood sacrifices. This is their nature. The GS spirits, not their bodies, endure because grafted in their wood. The bodies are gone or dead.
  25. The last slaver I'm aware of is Jorah. His father took the Black by shame. It doesn't seem slavery is rooted in the North. Nothing to compare with Valyria, slavery or sacrifice, at any time. The North had its monsters, yes. The Red kings (the Boltons ancestors), the Warg kings (skinchangers are despised, particulary when using humans). The Starks fought them all. Other wars, we don't know the hows and the whys. The Night King was probably a Stark. Other Starks probably fought him. It seems the Starks are mostly appreciated. No one, as everywhere else, sided with the Andals invaders to overthrow their overlords. These days, maybe ever, the Stark don't even have a significant army of their own. IIRC, Ned only had 50 men to go to KL. We have one case of sacrifice in Bran's vision. And we don't know who is the Stark, the victim or the killer. And why. Not something you could say of many places now or before.
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