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  1. Cersei was a monster long before she married Robert. Lyanna would have been different. Don't know if she could have made a better king of Robert. Maybe she would have ruled in his place like Cersei did. Somehow. Lysa Arryn was to marry Jaime at some point.
  2. It was not Robert who killed the children. Who sacked the city. With the war won, and 2 children before him. Could Robert kill them? If there was alternatives? Ned would oppose. Jon Arryn likely too. The decision would then be Tywin's.
  3. Rickard had planned to marry her to Robert. And she disagreed. Maybe it was her wolf thing. Maybe she thought she had the right to refuse the choice of her father. Maybe something more common in FM culture than for the Andals.
  4. Is betrothal at young age something of the North too? Or is it specifically Andal? By Alys Karstark and Barbrey Dustin, we learn girls sometime try to seduce the Stark heir. Not their father proposing. Maybe it is more the usage in the North to let the children choose their partner. Lyanna also was rebel to marry Robert.
  5. How good it did to Viserys! Illyrio and Varys were more likely preventing Rhaegar to depose his father and stop the madman raving. fAegon is why they did it. Including the plot of debarking mad Viserys with a band of savage dothrakis while they had "true Aegon" in reserve.
  6. There have been enough Starks LC for one to be the NK. It didn't preclude other to become LC. I suppose there has been enough Snow bastards in the NW to raise bad memory in the Free Folk. The Red Priests, the Blood Mages are sacrificing lives to the Shadows. Slaves and enemies. Craster is giving his sons to the Others. But is it sacrifice if they become Others? Anyway, it's not something well perceived by the Free Folk and the Northmen. There seem to be some cases of sacrifice related with the CotF or the Old Gods. But it is imprecise, out of context. I refer to documented facts, not wild speculations. Unclear what is the relation between the Old Gods, Others and sacrifices.
  7. Only Aegon was a problem. Elia could be sent to the Silent Sisters or married to someone. Rhaenys married to someone too, Renly for example. Aegon would remain at Winterfell. To be executed in case of rebellion And to join the Wall when in age. Not even Viserys managed to get a rebellion for him. No one really cared for a Targaryen restoration.
  8. Qaithe is a Blood Mage. Nothing hinted Elissa could be one. I would rather believe Qaithe is Shiera Seastar. IMO sailing the Sunset Sea to reach east Essos and Asshai will remain a speculation. The ship Velaryon saw could be Sun Chaser or another ship of the same build. And even if so, it doesn't prove she came from the Sunset.
  9. Euron claims to have gone there. He has relics. But maybe he found them somewhere else. Or something, maybe from Valyria, gave them to him. Anyway, Euron knows things about Valyria. Others too, the Red Priests I suppose. The Faceless Men I'm sure. We may learn more, if it contributes to the Ice and Fire story/song. But I don't think anyone will travel there.
  10. Yes, to remain in the 7K. If he declared independence. There is no dragon to have the Starks bend the knee again. The kingdom is divided. No South army could conquer the North. Not any winter. Dorme would not join Joffrey. Neither Stannis or Renly. I believe the 7K would explode then.
  11. Going or staying would not have saved Ned. Joffrey (and probably LF behind it), wanted him dead. Not going would have saved a lot of Northmen however. But Robb's and the Starks' honor requested retaliation. Most would die anyway, when the Others will come.
  12. Walder has enough daughters to have one real pretty. Emmon Frey is a fool, his hold on Riverrun will be contested. A true heir by Edmur is a better chance for Walder to keep a grandson in Riverrun. Pissing his sons is part of Walder everyday fun anyway. Walder could have given one real ugly to humiliate Edmure. But Lothar was all in the suggestion, telling nothing, not giving the choice. Instead Walder showed Robb he had real pretty daughters, worthy to be queens. Roslin's tears are understandable. She is forced in the most shameful, reviled, betrayal. To her husband, to the house she enters by marriage. And tears for her son too. For his life will be a reminder of the RW.
  13. The Stanger place and the coins suggest a Westerosi man. Not definitive proof, but by far the most likely. I don't see how Tyrek could end up dead in the HoWaB. But the curly hair is also pushing toward him. Plot wise, the purpose would be to give his face to one assassin. The victim would be someone know by Tyrek. Arya and Cersei come to mind... Have seen much worse theories. I like this one.
  14. Those with Stannis know Ned didn't betray Robert. Ned humiliation is another reason not to surrender. Shortlived, yes. Forgiven, no. The Others will change the priorities.
  15. I don't think killing Robb would have help peace, if Tywin had survived. Not the way they did, violating the Guest Right. Killing thousands of others. They antagonized the North by killing Ned. Worsened it by killing Robb and Cat. Giving the North to their slayers, the Bolton and his Frey wife. Joffrey had to die. He was a liability, even worse than Aerys II. They could put all the blame on his head. An unfortunate accident. Then mary Sansa to Tommen and have them rule the 7K. That would have helped... maybe
  16. D&D made a mess of ASOIAF ending. It was not GRRM's story anymore. I watched anyway. Not liking, except a few bits there and there. But by morbid curiosity of what they were doing of GRRM's story. I'll give new writers the opportunity to fix things. To be creative. But if they continue with their stupid NK, unheard of before weapon of the Children, with nothing relating to GRRM history... I won't watch much.
  17. Of course. My point was LSH is not Beric. Not Cat either. Maybe more wight, zombie than even Coldhands.
  18. But Cat seems less herself than Beric was. Beric was the same, but dead and converted to R'hllor. There was less and less of him. But Cat seems all gone. Anyway neither LSH nor Beric were POV. So we don't know for sure. I would not like to loose Jon's POV. But if he is really changed by his death, some of him may remain hidden. He is the central piece of the story, but it's doesn't mean he will keep a POV.
  19. GRRM resurrected Cat. I don't see such a thing as mundane. She is probably not important by herself now. Her resurrection possible only a point of comparison for Jon's. But her real state of mind, is she still Cat? Or something with Cat's memory? Something about her remain hidden so far. And may tell about Jon's further state. Her story with the Starks is certainly finished. She is no more one of them. BTW, Jon, Bran and Arya are not much Starks themselves anymore. The story has moved on beyond the houses war of the beginning.
  20. I believe POV or not has more to do with GRRM needing to hide things. LSH has become a mystery, so her removal of the list of POV. Could be the same for Jon.
  21. I think Jon is the most likely to travel to the Heart of Winter. Possibly he will not be POV again. Then someone will have to follow him. Mel is the most likely.
  22. Feast, but more so Dance, are a different story. No more the petty war for the IT. In Dance, the true Ice and Fire war is taking shape. About everything before looks distraction, secondary, shallow. Besides, Davos and the Manderlys chapters are my preferred. The more I re-read the books, the more the 1st 3 look boring in comparison of the latter.
  23. Or is he shaved, because like Egg, his hairs would be silver?
  24. The back door will not necessarily be used by Bran. Someone may come, Jon or Benjen, for example. Or his companions will become useless, unnecessary there. They will have to leave, to be his eyes and voice and hands outside.
  25. Varys is not a fool like most maesters. Between red priests like Moqorro, Valyria's doom and its great magicians, tales of the Others, Varys knows magic exist. Whether his personal experience is true or not. But I would rather believe he is an unsullied bought by Illrio. Either before or after Serra. One leading to the other. The last Maelys Blackfyre relatives, sold to slavery after the rebellion.
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