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  1. Why not? The hightowers have tended to be pretty ruthless, ambitious, and they've shown an interest in magic. Joining Euron could protect Oldtown from being raided, which could be ruinous even if the Ironborn are incapable of holding it permanently; and would let them combine their magic with his to put one of their own on the thrown again. If Euron feels confident that he can steal one of Dany's dragons with the knowledge in Oldtown & Hightower magic; then he doesn't need to marry Dany, or expend any men sacking Oldtown after he whips out the Redwyne fleet. With the fleet destroyed and Oldtown joining their forces to Euron's, the Arbor could swiftly fall as well; giving Euron a significant foothold in the south that would actually be able to hold off the coming Tyrell armies forces for long enough for Euron to pick up his dragon and swing his men up the narrow sea ...beating Aegon into Kings Landing. Then with Euron on the throne Aegon could nobly continue to fight to free the kingdom from the increasingly horrible monarchs they've suffered since the end of Targaryen rule...right up until Dany shows up to murder the balls off of him with her dragon, without even bothering to try to figure out whether he's her nephew or a blackfyre/bittersteel/brightflame imposter. or more likely, Aegon will get enough the reacher lords like Rowan & Tarly to turn to his side, to wipe away Mace before marching right into Kings Landing and then having to deal with Euron...which leads to his getting dragon'd hard once again.
  2. This would fit the theory that the shadow of a women with pale fire coming from her hands in Aeron's second vision is Malora Hightower and that the Hightowers will throw themselves in with Euron rather than having him loot the city. With the mysterious and mystical nature of house Hightower, Malora & Lord Leyton locking themselves in the hightower with arcane books (supposedly to raise krakens from the deep), and their scheming during the previous dance of the dragons; them joining up with Euron doesn't seem that far fetched...especially if the mad maid becomes Euron's queen.
  3. Not my favorite this season but a lot I liked. Compared to the great episodes they've done before it's just an 8, but that's by game of thrones standards, still thoroughly enjoyable and well done.
  4. Clearly we don't since we're still dealing with it as large chunks of our planet are plagued by it every day even now; plus our largest anti-terrorist actions in recent history have spawned more terrorists and pro-terrorist sympathies than when they were started. But that's a different point because you are mistaking me. I'm not defending Dany's way in the slightest. It is absolutely disgusting brutality and my believing that it fits the story in no way contradicts that. I'm not saying it makes sense to me to react that way or that I would do so to. But for Dany, it made sense for her arc for an enraged Dany to decide to do what she did after losing her voice of restraint...just like it made sense in the books when finding out that the 9th victim of the harpies on that night was the magnificent harpist sparked Dany's targ fury into telling the Shavepate to make the Wine Seller watch his Daughters get tortured...but that is completely different than if I was arguing that it would make sense to nuke half the world just because we see terrorism in parts of latin america, the US, europe, asia and africa. And is the exact opposite of the point I was trying to make. Cutting off the head of the snake doesn't work when doing so creates two new snakes to worry about, because that process can only end with the snakes ultimately winning or your having to exterminate every single snake in existence. But I tend to generally dislike pointless action just to satisfy people's impulse that something must be done.
  5. I don't think that's what Daario was saying at all, nor do I think she actually could've just wiped them out. Even if she had somehow magically found every single Son of the Harpy and only Sons of the Harpy so she could execute them; she still would've birthed a whole new generation of Sons of the Harpy to pick up their masks. And realistically there's no way she could've rounded up everysingle one without harming a lot of innocents. It's the fundamental problem with fighting terrorism that has some local support with terror, you can't win that battle that way unless you're willing to wipe out the whole population. Which is why I think Daario was actually talking about the entire Meereenese nobility when he talked about eliminating all of the rats while staring at Hizdahr. It was an abrupt shift, but we've seen that targ temper in the books to, where someone goes from calm to fire coming out of their eyes in an instant, and the loss of her last voice of caution makes sense as the trigger for that kind of mindless lashing out...like Aegon flipping the cyvasse board.
  6. I think that's where her character is going in both the books and show. The Fire and Blood has always been a big part of her struggle since she watched her brother get "crowned" after having grown up hearing him talk about burning the usurper's dogs for what they'd done; and I think that before the end of this series she will give up on trying to respond to an unjust world with justice and will instead burn down however much of this world she has to so that she can start a new world that will be more...manageable/malleable...at least that'll be how she sees it. In the show in particular they are setting up a parallel between Ramsay and his marriage to Sansa with Dany and her marriage to Hizdahr.
  7. Dany is showing that a Targaryen alone is a truly terrible thing now that she no longer has ser Grandpa to temper her thirst for Blood and Fire, and instead has the rage over his death to feed it. Crazy isn't logical, or are we supposed to start attacking Ramsay's castration of Theon as illogical? Her feeding the noble to her dragons was much less vile than her making the Wine Seller watch the Shavepate torture his daughters, and she's actually there to watch over the punishment she has handed down, unlike in the books where she just lets the Shavepate go nuts on those poor girls. Whereas after she had some time to calm down and think, she realized that opening up the fighting pits and marrying Hizdahr on her terms is a lot more logical than beginning an organized extermination of the Meereenese nobility like Daario proposed, if she wants to actually bring peace to her city and start building something that isn't tearing itself apart.
  8. Show!Hizdahr is capturing Hizdahr's hyper-honesty while also making him a lot more likeable and sympathetic. Serving and then having to marry the Queen who crucified his father, made him watch as she fed another random noble to her dragons, and made him believe that he would be next before letting him stew in that terror for a day...Hizdahr's ended up in a really interesting position.
  9. In a sense, but there her savviness was in the deceitfulness of her plan; what's being suggested is a whole different level of perceptiveness and in the moment thinking. I agree Barristan hasn't been that good of an advisor to her, and that Jorah was much better when he was there, but who's better than Barristan right now? Hizdahr? Daario? Grey Worm? She really doesn't have any good advisors anymore and Barristan was the best of a bad bunch I really loved that scene, first for making me also think along that same line, and then for just how deftly Ramsay has absolutely broken Reek. Like the scene were he gave him a bath those two are just acting out this absolute power relationship beautifully. Twisted and Dark, but magnificently done and truly evil genius shit from Ramsay.
  10. I'd much rather see Jon leading the Others against Dany's Dragons...
  11. I wanted it to be a nod to the Ramsay didn't physically castrate Theon theory.
  12. Agree with much of this, though with how often they've mentioned the winter snows coming I can't see Stannis marching down to winterfell without those snows devastating his host, and putting him into more of an underdog role by the time any confrontations occur, so that if he does succeed it would have to come either through collaborators on the inside (Sansa, LF, Pod and if she can do it unwittingly Brienne) or through guile. But this may just be me really wanting Stannis to live so that Shireen can teach everyone to read.
  13. This seems to be giving dany credit for much more savvy than she's shown; especially when enraged after losing her best advisor.
  14. I was just this morning talking with my father about being disappointed with them cutting the wine seller's daughters; and they replace it with the random nobleman. I still don't like it as much from a story perspective; as dany snapping over Ser Grandpa's death is less indicting, her punishment is less cruel than forcing the wine seller watch the shavepate torture his girls, and she's actually there to see the punishment delivered rather than shying away from the ugliness her wroth wreaked; but cinematically I get it. The strength of the medium is the visuals it can deliver and this was a change that played to that strength. And with Dany being older I can get why this way fits better. Plus we still had that final scene of her forcing Hizdahr to marry her to remind us that Dany is still the daughter of the Mad King.
  15. When 10 men can grab you, you're not gunna be doing your best soldiering in tight quarters.
  16. So do you have a problem with the fact that Oberyn and Ned had different accents? Westeros isn't a country, it's a continent. The North isn't a state, it's a country of it's own, and even within individual nations you have massive swings in dialect. There's germans who I simply can not speak with unless they know proper german as well as their local dialect, even without accounting for migration and the mixing of linguistic patterns. I currently live in Chicago, and you'll find changes in pronunciation based on which neighborhood you are in. So what y'all're suggestion would feel a lot less authentic and would get griped about as well.
  17. Show thorne isn't just capable, he's also a lot less utterly dickish/bitter. Him stepping aside for Edd after the looks he and jon shared while Jon was handing out duties showed a great deal more respect than book-Thorne ever did. The character we see on the screen seems the type who will gripe about not being LC; like clever cunts are want to do, or the people's champion Stannis does; but not the type to actively scheme to supplant Jon with the way Jon's treating him. I can definitely see the backstabbers doing so with the intention of Thorne taking over as LC, but this Thorne actively scheming against Jon would be out of character.
  18. Because the schadenfreude some of us get from reading their gripes is wonderful?
  19. Do people really think this Thorne will be in on the Ides of Marsh? That shot of Olly after Jon says "there's little love for the free-folk here" and looked over to him seemed to make it pretty clear that Olly would be the one sticking the first knife in Jon's back. If Thorne is around CB when it happens it seems more likely for him to try to defend Jon than join in on the conspiracy given where they've gone with that relationship.
  20. Well what's the big problem with making the change? Does Cersei's paranoia make less sense if there isn't that stark contrast between beautiful young cersei and horrifying Maggy? To be honest I kinda liked the change, but I really like the more meta lines they include for book readers when they note the changes they're making, like "they said your noes had been cut off, it's not as gruesome as all that", "all your books and you don't know what people will do" and "they said you were terrifying; you're not terrifying, you're boring".
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