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    [Spoilers] EP609

    This. I think we all knew the Vale was coming. But it would have been great to see Jon, Tormund and Davos working together and developing a brilliant strategy that actually shows the protagonist to be an intelligent commander for once. They still would have faced overwhelming odds, but it would have been so brilliant to see, and make the arrival of the Vale (and survival of all major characters) more of a reprieve and final blow at the end of the battle to break a close stalemate, and less of a complete deus ex machina. That Jon faced overwhelming numerical odds, a large terrain advantage, and superior tactics, it's shocking they survived as long as they did. One of the major reasons is because the infantry took their time annihilating what was left. Maybe it's just me, but I'm so sick of the good guys winning just because they are the good guys, and not because of any tangible advantage.